With Xuan Mo's shocking the heaven and earth cry, a deluge of vast immortal spirit surged out from within her body and madly stirred the battlefield's surrounding spiritual energy in the Thunder Reservoir, forming a monstrous immortal technique.


The name of the immortal technique contained only one word, but its power was endless. Open and the door was open, open and the mountain was cut open, and open and the sky and earth were split open! Xuan Mo's great immortal technique smashed into the endless darkness in front of her. Then the darkness rolled over and suddenly a thin crack broke out from it. Within the crack, there was a white sun on a blue background and also warm winds, just like there was heaven in purgatory.

The power of Earth Immortal could indeed change the world. Compared with this earth-shattering great immortal technique, the heavenly tribulation thunder seemed to be eclipsed. Black that relied on favorable position and time, created the huge dark sky didn't look so invincible anymore. Although the light in the dark was weak, it was like a spark of fire that ignited endless hope.

At the same time, more than ten rays of light erupted in the dark area. They were the Earth Immortal who had been submerged by Black but once again worked vigorously to burn the last of their energy in response to the crack in the dark.

"Wang Lu, hurry!"

Golden blood continued to gush out from Xuan Mo's seven orifices. In order to maintain this great immortal technique, she had overworked herself, the immortal flesh and jade bone began to break apart under pressure. Although the fire of hope in the dark was burning, the fire of her life was weakening...

At this moment, however, Wang Lu stopped at his track as if he was stupefied. Xuan Mo opened her eyes wide and urged again, "Hurry up! I can't hold on much longer..."

Before her voice fell, Wang Lu's complexion changed and his hand began to extend forward. However, the movement was still a tad slower.

In the front, the darkness, which was divided into two parts. It was suddenly converged and the crack was swiftly extinguished. Above the sky, countless rays of thunder bloomed in the blood cloud, converged into one point, and then struck down. The diameter of the huge thunderbolt was thousands of meters, which completely swallowed Xuan Mo.

The thunderbolt struck for only a moment. When the light dissipated, there was a circular hole with thousands of meters in radius within the blood sea, and the bottom was not even visible. The blood sea was surging, and the waves were roaring. When they passed through the hole, they made a spontaneous detour without contact. It seemed that the space here had been distorted; that huge thunderbolt created a special area that could not be passed by foreign objects.

Such power and might, let alone when Xuan Mo was like a lamp where the oil was running out, even when she was in perfect condition, it was still difficult for her to match it. This was the wrath of the Thunder Reservoir, which was no longer a match for a living creature.

However, Xuan Mo was not dead.

At this time, Xuan Mo was standing atop of a dry mountain. Wang Lu held her in his arms. She was trembling and weak, and the pale golden tears continued to flow down from her eyes.

It was Wang Lu who rescued her. At the critical moment of life and death, a thin black sword appeared in her original position, while Xuan Mo was teleported to Wang Lu's arms... Wang Lu had sacrificed his spiritual treasure, flying sword in exchange for Xuan Mo's life.

"Fortunately, I can guess it."

Wang Lu said in a cold voice. He let Xuan Mo go and let her rest on the ground. The peak of the dry mountain was washed by the blood rain and covered with blood plasma. Soon, Xuan Mo's entire outfit, which was like immortal clothes, was stained with red and black color. However, she suddenly fell asleep on the ground without realizing it.

"I'll give you five breaths' time to adjust."

Just now, Wang Lu exchanged his spirit sword with Xuan Mo. This kind of human sword exchange was based on the unity of person and sword. The sword spirit of the black sword, at the critical moment of life and death, forcibly resonated with Xuan Mo and swapped places with her instantly, allowing Xuan Mo to escape the lightning strike. At that moment, Xuan Mo was indeed saved, but she was also severely injured, her spirit was tantamount to being thoroughly wrecked.

She felt the pain and resentment of the sword spirit of the black sword before it died. Unfortunately, she had no time to slowly recover. She could only launch her immortal heart and forcefully suppressed the palpitation in her heart to regain calmness.

"Very well, I can do that again later one more time."

Wang Lu was silent for a moment and nodded, "Ok, one more time."

When Xuan Mo attacked for the first time, Wang Lu, with his superior judgment and intuition, guessed that Black was probably trying to 'lure the snake out of the snake hole,' and thus he was able to escape the trick. Then, Wang Lu guessed that there should be no way to brew another huge lightning strike.

After the huge lightning strike just now, the blood cloud on top of them was now much thinner, and there were also fewer lightnings that sneaked in it.

However, the situation did not become favorable because of this. After her one strike failed, she was on the verge of collapse. The golden blood kept pouring out of her seven orifices, and large cracks appeared at her flawless skin... as if it might fall at any time.

However, Xuan Mo did not want to give up.

She took a deep breath and opened her eyes, showing the now turned-red pupils. The golden blood flowed back through the seven orifices and their color changed from gold to red.

Wang Lu raised his eyebrows and knew that Xuan Mo was no longer fighting for her life but was sacrificing it.

She was compressing her immortal spirit, condensing all the remaining power in her body, hoping for the strongest explosion. Thus, the blood that was originally suffused with immortal spirit now turned red again and the blood loss was pulled back to the body by this suction.

However, this kind of compression method was based on the fact that she would be gone forever after this. Immortal spirit, primordial spirit, jade bone, surrounding spiritual energy... After they all mixed together, it would certainly be difficult to separate them again. However, if this was not the case, how could the seriously injured and dying Xuan Mo use the great immortal technique for the second time?

When he realized Xuan Mo's intention, Black immediately responded. Although the lightnings that sneaked in the sky were small, one by one they roared down from the clouds. From the sea of blood came out all kinds of magical beasts and demonic spirits, ready to encircle and annihilate.

Seeing this situation, Wang Lu immediately opened his divine weapon arsenal and arranged the spiritual treasure according to their rank in a row beside him.


Wang Lu stretched his index finger and middle finger forward together and aimed at the cloud and shouted. Suddenly, a dagger turned into a flash of light and collided with the incoming lightning, and both of them disappeared.

At the same time, another three flaming flying swords flew towards three demonic spirits from the sea of blood, which then exploded, evaporating these powerful demonic spirits in an instant.

His Yuanying Stage cultivation base was not enough for their self-preservation on this battlefield. Only by relying on the arsenal of divine weapon could he delay the enemy with extravagant and cruel means.

Xuan Mo clearly perceived this, and her heart was filled with grief.

After a short resonance with the sword spirit of the black sword just now, she knew how painful and hopeless they felt being treated as consumables. And Wang Lu, as the main messenger... he was not born cold-blooded and cruel. He drove those flying swords to their deaths with his fingers, he must also be under great pressure.

Thus, she couldn't waste this precious opportunity. However, just as Xuan Mo was about to mix everything, she was suddenly caught by Wang Lu.

"Wait a minute."

Xuan Mo's eyes widened incredulously and said, "Are you crazy?"

Didn't you realize the terrible price that you paid to win the moment? How could you wait? For what? Couldn't you see which party in this battlefield that had the advantage?

"Wait a minute." Wang Lu emphasized again, and this time, his voice was a bit heavy.

Xuan Mo endured with great difficulty; the pressure to burn in her body and decided to listen to Wang Lu's advice, but...

"What are you waiting for?"

Wang Lu was silent for a while before he replied, his voice trembled a bit, "I don't know... But, I think it's Black who wants us to act."

While he talked, he suddenly stretched out his right hand, propped up the golden-bright Non-Phase Sword Defense, wrapped the two of them within it, and pointed his left hand to another direction.

The next moment, the two of them, within the protection of the sword defense, disappeared from the top of the mountain and appeared in another place.

A place full of stars, where there were icy and fiery areas.

A place out of Thunder Reservoir.

"Fortunately, I was cautious enough to set up a road sign before I came."

The so-called road sign was naturally a flying sword arranged in advance to be used to swap places with him. However, before Wang Lu's voice fell, Xuan Mo grabbed his collar, stared at him with blood-shot eyes, and asked, "Wang Lu, what exactly do you want to do?"

"I'm just using a simple logic here." Wang Lu held Xuan Mo's wrists and pulled her slender hands away a bit so that he could speak clearly, "The more the enemy wants us to do, the less we should do it. Black seemed to urge us anxiously to launch the second attack, but in theory, he has no reason to be anxious, and time is more beneficial to him."

Xuan Mo calmed down a bit and said, "And then?"

"Then I guess that he is in trouble. He needs to settle us as quickly as possible so that he is free to settle his other problem. In other words, he can't do two things at once."

"So, what you mean is, now time is on our side?" Xuan Mo asked, "These are all your guesses, but how sure are you?"

"Not one hundred percent sure." Wang Lu shook his head and said, "But, at the time of the second attack, we didn't even have one percent of a chance to succeed."

Xuan Mo gritted her teeth and realized that Wang Lu was right. At that time, Black could drop lightning from the sky and summon demonic spirits from the sea of blood. They didn't know how many cards he still kept in his hand.

"So, we need to wait a moment, I think an opportunity shall quickly come."


"Black... probably will come soon."

In the City of Immortals, Luo Xiao raised his head high and looked at the thick dome of the city, as if he was seeing an infinite and distant place through it.

"Are you sure?"

Luo Xiao shook his head and said with a smile, "The Mind Disorientation Powder has been neutralized, and the hidden card has been lifted. If he still doesn't come back because of this, I will kneel down and call him dad. Moreover, for me, there's no need for such a high degree of assurance. I can still put my bet even if there's only a ten to twenty percent chance. Even if things fail, how much can I lose? By clinging to the thigh of the Fallen Immortals, Black can't possibly kill me."

After a pause, Luo Xiao said, "However, I think he will come back. The Mind Disorientation Powder failed to work, perhaps he can still endure it, but if he loses this thing, he would surely die."

Shu Si looked at the small blue bottle in Luo Xiao's hand and curiously asked, "What exactly is that? Why is it so important?"

Luo Xiao confidently threw the small blue bottle toward Shu Si and said, "The source of the Mind Disorientation Powder, the Vortex of the Fallen."

"Ah!" Shu Si was startled and flustered. He almost dropped the small blue bottle to the ground.