"Daoist Master Yunhe?"

Outside the poison containment array in Immortal One Area, the Red Robed Elder looked at the female cultivator in front of him suspiciously... If she didn't claim to be entrusted by Wang Wu and possessed the symbolic emerald green bamboo sword, the old elder would've already tried to suppress her and treated her as a spy and tortured her.

It was indeed too suspicious.

She claimed to be from the city of Zhucheng in Eastern Border Region. Zhucheng was a world-famous grand city, a glorious place. There were at least three high-ranking Sects in Eastern Border Region that set their headquarters in Zhucheng and its surrounding areas. Although Red Robed Elder was not an Easter Border Region person, he was familiar with Zhucheng. But he had never heard of such a person in Zhucheng.

Of course, since Nine Regions was filled with a hidden dragon, crouching tiger, it was normal for someone powerful but not well known to exist. However, when the world's heroes were at a loss in the face of the strange poison of the Fallen Immortals, and an unknown cultivator came out and said that she had the cure for saving the world, normal people would think that there was a fraud in it.

"Whether it's true or not, it will appear once I try it." Li Yunhe smiled gently and then walked toward a white jade coffin outside the poison containment array.

Sealed inside the white jade coffin was the eldest brother in Flowing Cloud School, Hong Feng. Because he was delivered late, he could not be put inside the poison containment array. But it was difficult to suppress the spread of poison by relying on the white jade coffin alone. At this time, Hong Feng's dark mark had grown big, and his eyeballs rolled rapidly as if he was about to stir.

This was the precursor to the full outbreak of the poison. Once the poison was fully released, it meant that Hong Feng would lose all his reason and become the dog of the Fallen Immortals. At that time, death would be a gift to him. Besides the white jade coffin, the sect leader of Flowing Cloud School and some of its elders had been waiting with solemn faces, ready to personally send the eldest disciple on his way.

When Li Yunhe approached, these several people showed a complex and alert look.

They also doubted Li Yunhe's identity. However, at this moment, she was the only straw stretched out to a drowning person, leaving them with no choice.

The elders quietly gave way. After Li Yunhe nodded, she went to the coffin, took a deep breath, and then pressed her hand on the coffin lid.

Suddenly, a gentle familiar light flowed out from her fingertips, which then easily penetrated the coffin cover and shone on Hong Feng's face.

"Hey, isn't that... the Holy Light of Western Continent?"

Distinguished people and heroes indeed gathered in the City of Immortals. Among the people that guarded the poison containment array, there were some experts that participated in the battle in the Western Continent. At a glance, they could see that it was the Holy Light of the Western Continent that flowed out of Li Yunhe's hand.

The person who uttered this didn't think much about it. However, the elders of Flowing Cloud School seemed to react as if they were a triggered mechanism. Subconsciously, they extended their hands toward Li Yunhe.

In the eyes of the people of Nine Regions, things of the Western Continent, after all, had a heretical taste. Since a strange female cultivator suddenly showed the heretical power, how could it not arouse people's vigilance?

However, these elders didn't notice that although Li Yunhe seemed to be light, she needed to go all out to maintain the Holy Light without any distractions. If she were to be disturbed by others at this time, the consequences would be unpredictable.

The next moment, an emerald green light cut through the space and appeared beside Li Yunhe out of thin air.

Swish! Swish!

After two crisp sounds, the two elders who moved subconsciously took back their arms in pain, and then looked at the woman in white who suddenly appeared in front of them.

"Wang Wu!"

"In any case, you guys are elders of a prestigious upright sect, don't just grope a woman at will, okay? Especially when that girl was already taken."

"Em..." The elders of Flowing Cloud School couldn't adapt to the rapid changes. Subconsciously, they asked, "Who?"

Wang Wu proudly patted her chest and said, "Of course it's me. Who else besides me deserves the Holy Woman of Holy Light Religion?"

With that, she no longer paid attention to the elders of Flowing Cloud School. Instead, she turned her head and watched Li Yunhe release the Holy Light and quietly grasped the other hand that Li Yunhe hung on the side of her body.

After a while, Li Yunhe raised her hand on the coffin lid and wiped off the sweat on her forehead. She then said, "It's done."

"It's done?"

The Elders of Flowing Cloud School couldn't wait any longer. They hurriedly gathered around and were surprised to see Hong Feng opened his eyes. He was a bit sleepy and murmured confusedly, "Where-where is this?"

The next moment, the heavy coffin lid was lifted. While he was still confused, Hong Feng was hugged tightly by his Master. At this time, his Master, who had always been strict, said with a trembling voice, "Hong Feng, thank-thank the heaven you're okay..."

Soon, the news that Daoist Master Yunhe of Eastern Border Region could clear the strange poison of the Fallen Immortals spread like wildfire in the City of Immortals.

However, while people were ecstatic, they didn't notice that those whose poison was neutralized by the Holy Light looked at Li Yunhe and Wang Wu more than usual.


"Is that... Thunder Reservoir?"

In the whirlpool of stars, Wang Lu suddenly stopped, shocked by the spectacle in front of him.

Around the blinding river of stars, they could see myriads of stars converging into a reservoir, which dazzled the eyes. The thunder in the reservoir meandered like a snake, and every burst of light was as if there was a tribulation thunder, which caused the heart to tremble.

Faced with this situation, no cultivator would be indifferent. The Thunder Reservoir contained the truth of heaven and earth, but also contained the great terror of extinguishing heaven and earth. The more one went on the path of cultivation, the deeper one resonated with it.

The instinctive fear stopped Wang Lu on his track. However, after a pause, Wang Lu continued again, "What a beautiful place."

With a sigh, Wang Lu's eyes showed a trace of appreciation. He then took a deep breath and the speed with which she moved forward became faster and faster.

Xuan Mo who followed Wang Lu from behind looked at his back and suddenly felt that she couldn't catch up with him.

Not long ago, when Xuan Mo first witnessed the spectacle of Thunder Reservoir, her mind went blank for about twenty to thirty minutes. If Bai Ze didn't wake up in time and pat her awake, it was likely that she would be shocked for a long time.

However, how long did it take for Wang Lu to wake up? One breath? Two breaths? Moreover, after he sobered up, his will was so firm that he completely ignored the Thunder Reservoir's terror and that his movement speed became bigger and bigger.

When Xuan Mo saw this, she was slightly stunned. Faster and faster? Wang Lu was already moving at full speed before, so how could he become faster now?

Xuan Mo thought for a moment and suddenly understood that Wang Lu was cleansing his immortal heart by using the pressure from the power of the Thunder Reservoir, and then using the clean and clear immortal heart to promote the growth of Yuanying. This guy was cultivating while flying! No wonder he was getting faster and faster! When he entered Yuanying Stage, coupled with his deep foundation, it was the fastest with which his cultivation base had ever advanced. But at this time, with the help of Thunder Reservoir, it was like a leap.

However, the seriously injured Xuan Mo could not keep up with Wang Lu...

At this time, however, a hand suddenly appeared in front of her.

Wang Lu didn't look back as he said, "Come on."

Xuan Mo smiled, grasped Wang Lu's hand, and borrowed his strength to speed up.

"No wonder Senior Gem Emperor looks at you differently."

Wang Lu narrowed his eyes and asked with a smile, "... Because I'm fast enough?"



Not long after, Wang Lu and Xuan Mo followed through a hidden path to avoid the wild thunder and went deep into the Thunder Reservoir.

Inside Thunder Reservoir was no place of charm and beauty.

But rather, like a huge Asura killing ground.

All around them, the sky was ash gray and boundless, and from it dropped red rains toward the ocean of blood which looked like starch.

Wang Lu believed that once upon a time, this place was a beautiful mysterious wonderland. From a corner that the light could still reach, one could still see the mountain of immortals that towered above the ocean of blood. And that the mountain was lush with green trees and filled with birds and other animals.

However, at this time, the beauty of the mountain of immortals was washed away by the blood rain. The trees withered, the animals dead, and the mountain of immortals turned into a distant hell. The hillside was soaked with a thick sea of blood, which was like a prison. And sometimes, it stirred up and ink-like pitch-black color appeared as if it was a great terror was brewing.

Seeing this scene, Xuan Mo's body trembled slightly and said, "It has worsened so fast... Ah, over there!"

Wang Lu looked at the direction where her finger was pointing at and saw a purple shadow thick as an ink cloud of blood.

Although the color was dim and the light was weak, Wang Lu never doubted the purple emperor aura. Senior Gem Emperor was over there!

"Okay, one of the goals has been found, let's proceed to the next goal."

Since Senior Gem Emperor was present, of course, Black was also there.

Around the purple shadow was pitch-black darkness. Within it, from time to time, light flickered. However, it was soon swallowed by the darkness, like a spray within the ocean wave.

"Ah..." Xuan Mo gently covered her mouth as her eyes exuded sadness.

The flash in the dark was her Earth Immortal fellows who rushed to this place after they heard the news. Most of the people who were exiled by Senior Gem Emperor came here to fight against Black. However, these rare powerhouses who once raised their hands to change the color of heaven and earth now seemed unable to withstand a single blow in front of Black who had occupied a favorable position.

Now, her companions were fighting to the death. It was not easy for Earth Immortals to die, but in the darkness, they could only give their final struggle.

Black alone fought against many Earth Immortals at once and even suppressed Senior Gem Emperor. However, he was still able to do it with ease. Wang Lu and Xuan Mo felt their bodies cold as if they were being stared at by something cruel and powerful.

"I feel a bit of regret now for not bringing Wang Wu along."

Obviously, when Wang Lu and Xuan Mo saw Black, he also found them. And in the face of such a sky destroyer powerhouse, the two of them looked incomparably insignificant.

Although Wang Lu still had his marvelous weapon arsenal and Xuan Mo still held an ace that she prepared to make once in a life and death fight, they were not worth mentioning in front of this turbulent situation.

"... But, at this stage, all that we can do is to go forward bravely." Wang Lu took a deep breath, put on a smile once again, and then set off for the darkness at a faster speed.

The aura in Thunder Reservoir allowed him to cultivate and at this time, the powerful terrifying pressure of the darkness naturally could achieve the same effect. As he kept on cultivating like this, the brightness of Wang Lu's immortal heart inside his jade mansion continued to increase, and its lights shone on his Yuanying. The basic three-color Yuanying vaguely burst forth with the fourth kind of light!

Of course, at this time, even advancement to nine-colored Yuanying was still insufficient. However, at this time, it was also too late to turn around and run away. They could only trust Senior Gem Emperor's judgment.

She exhorted many people to call for him, naturally not let him come and throw away his life, right?

"Wang Lu." Xuan Mo's voice came from beside him, "Senior Gem Emperor wants to see you, there must be a plan to turn the table around. Later, I will find a way to get rid of black, even if it's only for a moment. I will definitely get you the opportunity."


The next moment, Xuan Mo suddenly broke out and came to Wang Lu's front in one step. And then, like the flow of light, she threw herself toward that pitch blackness without looking back.