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 "Master, you let me win."

In the City of Immortals, the fight between the Master and the disciple ended in a calm state.

As if in the blink of an eye, the winner was determined. Luo Xiao's arm penetrated the chest of Four Element Supreme and dug out a beating heart.

There was no joy or sadness in the face of Four Element Supreme, but blood continued to gush out of his mouth. There was a hint of ridicule in his eyes.

The next moment, Four Element Supreme collapsed without a word. Luo Xiao chuckled and leaned down to close Four Element Supreme's eyes.

"Master, rest in peace."

After he witnessed the whole process, Shu Si was stunned and his heart was filled with shock. His mind could not work at all.

As a person involved, Shu Si saw the entire process of the fight clearly... First, Luo Xiao threw him out like a hidden weapon, and then he made his move. With a single step, he appeared in front of Four Element Supreme faster than Shu Si and stabbed Four Element Supreme's chest with his right hand that had turned blood red.

Luo Xiao defected to the enemy first so he got the most benefits. When he stretched out his right arm, it was as if he also brought out the violent huge waves of the ocean of blood from the ninth level of hell. Countless wandering spirits and fierce ghosts flew and roared around his arm with astonishing power. However, Four Element Supreme was fearless. With a wave of his hand, he let out the black whirlpool to absorb the ocean of blood. He then increased his power and instantly broke up the blood color around Luo Xiao's hand and then suppressed it.

However, the next moment, Four Element Supreme turned to look at Shu Si, who was still coming at him from mid-air. Suddenly the whirlpool in his hand couldn't help but stagnate.

This momentary stagnation completely turned the situation around. Luo Xiao relentlessly seized this moment. After he freed himself from the repression of the whirlpool, the blood color on his arm appeared again, and then he directly dug out the heart of Four Element Supreme.

The fight ended in such a hurry.

In Shu Si's view, the result was totally unacceptable. Because it was illogical, unreasonable, and completely incomprehensible. Four Element Supreme clearly had an overwhelming advantage, so why did he make a fatal mistake, which was akin to a suicide, at the last moment?

... He was distracted by Shu Si, but why? What was his worth? He was just an instant Jindan cultivator, so even if he was used like a hidden weapon to explode, it could not hurt even half of Four Element Supreme's hair...

"But it will disturb everyone around and lead to the pursuit of the patrol. Luo Xiao was going to forcibly detonate the golden core in your body. Once it erupts, the City of Immortals will be shocked. It's not easy for a Supreme to reverse the self-explosion process of the golden core through external force. Thus, Four Element Supreme hesitated for a moment and revealed his weakness."

Xuan Yinzi's voice sounded quietly in Shu Shi's mind.

Shu Si was shocked and said, "Dead Face, why did you come out? Luo Xiao is still nearby!"

Xuan Yinzi sneered, "Because it seems that there's no need to hide."

At this time, Luo Xiao also sneered, "Oh, it's you? I really didn't notice your small-insect existence... But, since a trash that hides its head and shows its tail like you dare show yourself up, that means you just heard it?"

Shu Si said, "Heard what?"

Xuan Yinzi said, "I heard the key lines that he relied on to win. If I remember correctly, just a moment ago, you, Luo Xiao, said it to Four Element Supreme the moment he showed his flaw and caused him to subconsciously give up the resistance, which allowed him to be killed at once. Am I right?"

Luo Xiao snorted, "Sure enough you've heard it... I said to him, Master, I'll take it from here, you can go in peace. Thus, he truly felt at peace and forcibly lengthened the flaw, so that I had a chance to kill him."

Shu Si was baffled when he heard it. 'I'll take it from here, you can go in peace...' Because Luo Xiao said so, did Four Element Supreme really go in peace? Wasn't that a bit too unreasonable?

"Nothing is unreasonable. Because that sentence can make Four Element Supreme realize which side the person in front of him is standing on. And then, in addition, I'm afraid the poisoning of Four Element Supreme is not complete, so he was willing to let himself be killed, that's all."

Shu Si was stupefied for a moment, unable to understand. But soon he opened his mouth wide and looked at Luo Xiao in disbelief.

"Dead Face, you mean... Could it be that this guy..."

Before he finished his sentence, Luo Xiao's face changed.

"Shut up, my master will be back soon. Xuan Yinzi, later..."

"Less nonsense, I haven't fallen to the point where I need you to command me."

Just as their voices fell, suddenly, an atmosphere of terror that caused people to stop breathing and freeze came down from the sky. Shu Si involuntarily fell to his knees, his body trembled endlessly, and the concentrated black starch in his body continued to roll as if it was boiled. At the same time, Xuan Yinzi temporarily hid himself in the deepest part of his body.

Beside him, Luo Xiao gritted his teeth and stood upright on the spot. However, the burst sound of bone compression and collision continued to come from his body.

Then, Shu Si heard a voice, which was not too strange to him. Most of the people that had lived for a long time in the City of Immortals and watched many matches would not feel strange about this voice.

The indifferent voice of the man in black of the Earth Immortal.

"Why did you kill Four Element?"

The tone was dull, and the happiness or anger of the source of the voice could not be heard. However, when the voice fell, the pressure on Shu Si and Luo Xiao became even greater.

Inwardly, Shu Si was shocked. His heart and spirit seemed like a lonely boat swayed in the rainstorm. At this time, he thought of what Luo Xiao said to him previously: As long as they were also the dogs of the Fallen Immortals, there would be no big difference between them... What a joke!

"I killed Four Element..." After a long time, when Luo Xiao finally gathered enough strength to answer, he said, "Because as a chess piece, he has a fatal flaw. If he wasn't getting rid of as soon as possible, it would cause an irreparable and significant impact on the plan."

The man in black was silent for a moment, and then said, "You are lying."

Luo Xiao paid no heed to the assertion and continued to explain, "When I converted Four Element, either I made a mistake because I was not proficient in the technique, or as a Supreme, he had some unknown unique arrangement, which made the conversion ceremony not perfect. In short, he has not been completely converted, and still retained a trace of self-consciousness... So when he carried out the order, it was difficult for him to be perfect, and he always left flaws. He clearly has the ability to open up a killing field in the City of Immortals, but he was satisfied with a guerrilla tactic that was neither harmful nor itchy. Because he still regarded himself as a humble Nine Regions man deep in his heart and thus refused to kill his own kind. I think this is a crack in the wall, which might expand at any time, leading to the collapse of the whole wall-I'm afraid I can't afford the loss if one day he loses control and exposes our secrets."

The man in black was silent once again. He then said, "You are still lying."

Luo Xiao said, "In addition, I have another reason to kill Four Element: I can do what he does, so the credit does not need to be distributed to other people, and master also doesn't need to keep too many dogs."

"..." Black was silent again. After a long time, he raised his hand and said, "Master doesn't need a dog who acts on his own initiative. You're not a good dog."

When his voice fell, the ghost-like shrill and desolate scream of Luo Xiao could be heard.

Luo Xiao, who was standing still under the heavy pressure, curled up into a ball on the ground. Every inch of skin on his body began to melt and from under it, black blood plasma flowed out.

Fortunately, the skin melting lasted for only a moment before it was taken away by Black.

"I will give you one last chance. Finish the work left by Four Element, and don't waste my time."

Luo Xiao gasped violently on the ground. His body uncontrollably trembled. However, he still struggled to respond, "I-I understand."

Although the pain in his voice was obvious, Shu Si, who was also kneeling on the ground, saw the joy in Luo Xiao's eyes.

No one knows how long it took, but finally, Shu Si felt that the pressure on his head gradually dissipated and he dared to raise his head.

As expected, Black had disappeared.

Beside him, Luo Xiao took a long breath-his flesh was still in a half melting state, which was too horrible to look at, but Luo Xiao seemed to look as if the victory was already within his grasp.

"I have already won half the victory." Luo Xiao explained. His voice was blurry because of the melting of his vocal cords. "In the end, Black still came back. This proves that he really can't let go of the things here. Next, as long as I force him back again at the right time, my task is done."

Xuan Yinzi appeared in time and responded, "What is Black doing now?"

"I don't know. I only know that he's not in the City of Immortals, and he's doing something very important. It seems to involve the fundamental secret of the City of Immortals, and it's related to Senior Gem Emperor and the others. In this case, as long as I keep holding his steps and force him to waste his time in the City of Immortals, I will definitely be able to disturb him. When the time comes, either he was killed by Senior Gem Emperor while in a hurry, or he comes back here and is killed by me who will be waiting in ambush. Of course, it doesn't matter if he insists on not coming back. All the killing arrangements that he set up in the City of Immortals will be nullified."

After he heard this, even Shu Si was sure that this guy apparently...

"Don't get me wrong, I'm not interested in being your companion. I'm the dog of the Fallen Immortal, this is beyond doubt. Four Element Supreme might not be perfectly converted, but I have been perfectly converted, and my position will never waver."

Shu Si's eyebrows wrinkled. He thought since he was the dog of the Fallen Immortals, why did he clearly hinder the interests of the Fallen Immortals?

"I don't mean to hinder my master's interests, but..." Luo Xiao said and showed a horrible but brilliant smile, "It's natural for a dog to bite another dog."


At the same time, in the whirlpool of stars, Wang Lu suddenly stopped moving forward.

Far away behind them, it was as if something important had happened. Although it was only a hazy premonition, Wang Lu could not ignore it.

However, as soon as Wang Lu stopped, behind him, those who couldn't immediately stop themselves from moving suddenly suffered.

"The... hell! Wang Lu, did you do it on purpose? If you want to make an emergency stop then so be it, but you still stretch your body tightly! When I crash into you, I almost turned into a flat person!" Wang Wu covered her nose as she denounced Wang Lu.

"So you can see the power of dual-vector foil (The term from the science fiction novel Three-Body Problem-a cosmic law weapon that makes a three-dimensional object into two-dimension)..." Wang Lu shook his head and was about to tell the truth, only to be met with ridicule.

"If you want to take a pee then just say it..."

But then, as her voice fell, they saw that the galaxy shattered and two people hurriedly flew out of it.

"Wang Lu, please, quickly save Senior Gem Emperor!"

Wang Lu narrowed his eyes.

"Xuan Mo?""Bai Ze?"