"Alas, as people grow older, they get more muddled."

Wang Lu shook his head and scolded himself for losing his keenness.

Actually he should've thought of it. A kind of strange poison that was highly infectious and could make people lose their rationality and be controlled by others... Was this not an evil cult?

In addition, in those years, when the Earth Immortals gathered together, and their power reached the peak, they were powerless to such strange poison. One possibility was that the technical means of the Fallen Immortals had exceeded the Nine Regions so much that it was hard for the Earth Immortals to catch up even if they did their best. However, if there was such a technical gap, how did Sun Buping and the others fight for so many years without suffering annihilation?

The second possibility was that the Earth Immortals had misunderstood the nature of the poison and truly treated it as a poison. Naturally, they ended up using twice the effort for half the result.

Based on the current clues, the second possibility was probably the right answer. The so-called strange poison of the Fallen Immortals was actually a kind of mind-drug, i.e. evil cult... The poisoned people were just being fooled by a religion, so what was the use of feeding them with elixirs?

Of course, the assertion that the strange poison was equal to an evil cult was just Wang Lu's guess. However, with the evidence from Faceless, he was confident that there would be no mistake in this guess.

"But there's a hole in the logic here." Wang Wu's voice appeared in Wang Lu's mind at the right time and asked, "The strange poison of the Fallen Immortals has more than ten thousand years of history-the Earth Immortals suffered from it more than sixteen thousand years ago. But, the rise of your Holy Light Religion is only a few thousand years, right?"

Faceless smiled and said, "It seems that you misunderstood my meaning. I am not saying that this so-called strange poison was transmitted from the Western Continent. But, there is something in common between the two."

Wang Lu explained, "Any religion or belief that goes to the extremes is in fact no different from poison. Western Continent has the Holy Light Religion, while in the Nine Regions, don't we also have a variety of religions, cults, and sects?"

Wang Wu smiled and said, "Like Wisdom Sect you mean?"

Wang Lu seriously said, "Wisdom Sect is not a common religion. From the start, it stands for the productivity advancement of Nine Regions..."

"Come on, stop that nonsense." Wang Wu interrupted her disciple's Wisdom Sect's slogan and then turned and asked Faceless, "In short, do you have a way to neutralize it?"

Faceless said, "It's not a poison, so there's no neutralization. Those who are infected are just like those who are brainwashed by an evil cult and couldn't help become loyal believers. This process is irreversible, so it's impossible for them to completely recover. However, there's indeed room for maneuver."

"Oh? Since the process is irreversible, how can we have room for maneuver?" Wang Wu was a bit curious.

"Wang Wu, you're not perceptive enough. When it comes to this kind of thing, don't you get it?" Wang Lu smiled and said, "Since this is something to do with an evil cult, how could you forget what I did in those days?"

Wang Wu stared blankly for a moment and then immediately shocked.

Talking about dealing with a cult, Wang Lu was indeed an expert! At that time, Spirit Sword Sect kicked down the mountain disciples that it accepted during the Immortal Gathering for experiential learning. During that time, Wang Lu's Wisdom Sect stirred up the entire Blue River Region, and Wang Wu was very impressed by that!-because of Wisdom Sect, she was charged with misconduct of not giving discipline for more than ten times by Fang He, and her stipend as an Elder was also deducted for three years. Fortunately, at that time, her stipend was already deducted for ten years, so the punishment was irrelevant to her.

In less than a year after Wang Lu went down the mountain, he founded a huge sect with hundreds of millions of believers from scratch. The core development mode was precisely to accept the existing believers from other sects. Simply put, it was a conversion of faith.

It was very difficult for those who had a strong natural will and independent thinking to join the sect and give their faith. However, for the common people in the world, many were ignorant and easily incited, and moreover stubborn. Even with Wang Lu's ability, they could not be convinced to be wiser... Eventually, Wang Lu made up his mind to develop the Wisdom Sect.

First, he used another religion as a basis and then refined more inflammatory doctrines. From there, he built a more reasonable and meticulous management system and then cooperated with the elite talents and appropriated opportunities. With these steps, it would be natural for Wisdom Sect to soar to the sky.

"... Do you want those poisoned people to end up believing in your cult?" When she finally understood, Wang Wu wanted to laugh. Wang Lu was really bad. Being controlled by the Fallen Immortal was indeed terrible, but she believed that believing in Wang Lu's Wisdom Sect... Didn't seem that good either. It was truly a coming out of the dragon pool but ended up entering the tiger cave situation."

Wang Lu said, "I repeat, Wisdom Sect always represents the productivity advancement of Nine Regions..."

"Are you confident that you can complete the faith conversion?"

Wang Lu smiled and said, "Let's not talk about my past achievements. Don't forget that at present, the Wisdom Sect has gradually merged with the Holy Light Religion..."

Faceless also said with a smile, "It's still the same sentence: What we used is a bit more advanced than this."


"... Isn't Black our goal? What is this for then?"

In the City of Immortals, Shu Si followed Luo Xiao in a daze while he glanced nervously at the streets around him.

The two of them were walking on the spacious road in Immortal Two Area. ... At this time, Immortal Two Area was filled with a grim atmosphere, which was totally different from the bustling scene in the past. The level of security of golden armored men had been put to the highest and could be seen everywhere. From time to time, patrols that consisted of every big sect in the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals also appeared in every corner of the city.

However, both golden armored men and the patrol of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals turned a blind eye to Luo Xiao and Shu Si. Sometimes, even when Luo Xiao bumped with the person opposite of him, and stumbled to the side, the other side acted as if nothing had ever happened.

This was, of course, the means of the Fallen Immortal, which was far superior to the means of the present Immortal Cultivators of Nine Regions.

As Luo Xiao said, once degenerated into a dog of the Fallen Immortals, the benefits were indeed endless. Previously, Luo Xiao fed Shu Si a purple-black elixir and Shu Si immediately felt that the Jade Mansion in his body expanded rapidly, and a lot of thick-as-paste True Yuan crammed into every corner of his body. After that, they shrank and gathered and condensed into a perfectly round golden core. Not surprisingly, Shu Si had reached Jindan Stage.

To the best of his knowledge, there had never been such a cheap golden core in the world. The steps from Xudan to Jindan involved not only the accumulation of magical power but also the refinement of primordial spirit and the integration of the surrounding Main Path. In short, no one could accomplish these steps in a single move purely with the help of external forces. That was why the Jindan Stage cultivator was called a Daoist Master-only a master of Daoist could be called a Daoist Master.

Now, however, this common sense of Nine Regions had been broken by his own experience. One pill resulted in one golden core. Such a beautiful thing indeed existed in the world! Moreover, his golden core was obviously different from the common golden core. Also, there were all kinds of wondrous things. For example, as long as he recited the mnemonic chant according to Professor Luo Xiao's method, he would become an invisible person who could walk freely in the city.

However, when someone always walked on the river bank, would their feet not get wet? There were so many talents in the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, and the City of Immortals was also the home of others. What if they were found? At least, to walk outside like this was always a risk. So, why would Luo Xiao take this risk?

"I want to find someone." Luo Xiao replied. As he said that, he pinched his fingers and calculated something. From Shu Si's perspective, Luo Xiao's calculation method was extremely brilliant, far beyond the scope of his original stage, which was Peak Jindan Stage.

Most likely that it was also the benefit from the Fallen Immortals... He merely became Luo Xiao's dog and he already reached Jindan Stage, so how much benefit did Luo Xiao get? And Luo Xiao claimed that after he became the dog of the Fallen Immortals, he couldn't be much different than Black. Did it mean that he had the magical ability of an Earth Immortal?

However, if he had the magical ability of an Earth Immortal, how could it be hard for him to find someone?

"Four Element Supreme."

"Four Element Supreme?" Shu Si was shocked again because after he walked on the street of Immortal Two Area for a while and listened to the conversation of the people around him, he already knew what kind of role Four Element played in the City of Immortals now. Four Element Supreme was the lackey of the Fallen Immortals who had killed numerous people. What did Luo Xiao want to do with him?

"I am going to kill him."

"Kill him?" Shu Si didn't understand and asked, "Isn't he on our side? Why would you want to bother with him?"

Luo Xiao sneered and said, "On our side? What a ridiculous idea. I will not be on the same side with anyone. Other than myself, other people are only strangers and enemies. Moreover, killing Four Element Supreme is more beneficial to me. If he can't finish his work, Black will have no choice but to do it himself, which will surely reveal his flaws..."

"But, aren't what Four Element Supreme do now is consistent with our interests? With him here, I don't think the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals could hold on for long..."

Luo Xiao's smile was even colder as he said, "But if the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals collapse now, what good will it bring to me? Black will take all the credit, then what will I do in the future? Did you forget what I told you before?"

Of course, Shu Si didn't forget the saying, when the cunning rabbit dies, the dog is cooked. This was the reason why Luo Xiao secretly planned to kill Black. Now, that was also the reason why he wanted to kill Four Element Supreme! Luo Xiao had truly become an expert of betrayal. Now that he had defected to the Fallen Immortal camp, he only considered his own interests and ignored the cause of the Fallen Immortals. In essence, his behavior was equivalent to betrayal. It was also unknown whether after they realized this, the Fallen Immortals behind the scene would directly destroy him.

"As long as I don't touch the fundamental, and can show that my value is no less than that of Four Element Supreme, the Fallen Immortals will not kill me. They don't care about the bite between their dogs." Luo Xiao said, and then his middle finger suddenly trembled. He said, "Hah! I found him."

The next moment, he grabbed Shu Si's hand. Shu Si only saw a blur. The scene before him distorted rapidly. When it became clear again, they were already in the Immortal Five Area.

Not far away was the building of the famous organizing committee of the City of Immortals. At present, there was no news about its master, which made it seem like a deserted place. The target of Luo Xiao's trip right now stood in front of the courtyard door.

"Master, long time no see."

Luo Xiao walked toward him with a strange smiling expression. Then Four Element Supreme turned his head and frowned. He asked, "What are you doing here?"

While he said that, Four Element Supreme had raised his arm, and a dark vortex slowly coagulated in the palm of his hand. This was a hostile sign.

Four Element Supreme had been reduced from being a cornerstone of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals to a lackey of the Fallen Immortals. Luo Xiao's contribution to this was indispensable. Right now, although the two of them had stood on the same side, Four Element Supreme naturally did not trust Luo Xiao. After being tricked once, he would not let himself be tricked for the second time. After all, in the face-to-face fight, he was much stronger than Luo Xiao, so he would not lose.

However, Luo Xiao also knew this. Thus, this time, he brought a helper.

"Shu Si, now."

The next moment, Shu Si felt a buzzing voice in his head and couldn't help but pounce on Four Element Supreme!