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 "About Four Element Supreme... Are you sure he can't be saved?"

"Alas, even if there is salvation, with so many people dying in his hands, how could this account be settled?"

"This method of Fallen Immortal is really fierce. In all his life, Four Element Supreme has been righteous. Now he would die in shame. If he knew that this would happen, I'm afraid that he would jump out and kill himself..." The speaker shook his head vigorously and said, "The Fallen Immortals are indeed terrible. I now understand a little bit about why the golden generation of Spirit Sword Sect was almost destroyed by the Fallen Immortals despite them rising with great momentum at that time. It was not really because of the incompetence of the Spirit Sword Sect."

"Oh? What happened to the Spirit Sword Sect in those days that have been declassified?"

"At this time, everyone already knows that the Fallen Immortals had made their move, what else could they hide? And who dares to question the Spirit Sword Sect now? The survivors of the cataclysm have become the famous Elders of Heavenly Sword Hall. Several of their successor disciples are also exceptional in each competition. So there's no need to worry."

"What do the Earth Immortals say?"

"What else could they say? They're now dragons without heads. A few of them who are reasonable have already agreed tacitly about the result of the Grand Competition and offered to help. For example, Earth Immortal Luo Xue just now took the initiative to personally come to try to alleviate the toxicity of those being poisoned. But most of them are still in the wait and see stance. While Senior Gem Emperor is unable to appear, they don't even have a person who could make a decision... Moreover, I think there are many who want to surrender."

"Surrender? The Fallen Immortal hasn't even shown up, and they're already scared of the puppet Four Element Supreme? Calling themselves Earth Immortals are ridiculous."

"There's no need to laugh at them... They've faced and fought terrifying monsters. Not everyone could be the same as the Elders of Spirit Sword Sect."

"... Then what should we do next?"

"Find Four Element Supreme first. Supreme He Tu has already communicated with the Earth Immortals. Right now, there are nets inside and outside of the City of Immortals. We must catch Four Element Supreme. Even if we can't catch the person behind the scenes, we can't let him continue to be so arrogant. Now that the old veterans are ready to make their moves, the question now becomes how long Four Element Supreme could last."

"Although Four Element Supreme is strong, now that many Supremes are joining hands, and with the help of Earth Immortals, this should be settled soon... What I'm worried about is what happens after that. After solving the problem of Four Element Supreme, the person behind the scenes must come out. At that time... Alas, I thought that the Fallen Immortal crisis would not arrive in this lifetime. And the biggest opponent of our Union of Ten Thousand Immortals in the next one hundred years ought to be the recovering Earth Immortals. I didn't expect the crisis to come so soon."

"Speaking of which, where is Wang Lu? Right now, what we need the most in the City of Immortals is this guy with his endless clever ideas."


"... Well, this is not a surprise at all."

In the whirlpool of stars, Wang Lu abruptly stopped his momentum, shook his head, and then sighed.

In front of them, the light of the City of Immortals in the whirlpool of stars had been faintly visible. They could reach it in about two hours. However, as expected, someone had already blocked the path ahead of time.

With a full black outfit, the person who blocked them was the man in black that they had been searching for a long time.

If it was assumed that everything that happened before was someone's plan, then this part of the plot was simply logical.

The first was to use the Fallen Immortal poison to draw Senior Gem Emperor away from the City of Immortals and then used Full Red Ancestor Dragon to plot against Wang Wu. Afterward, regardless whether Senior Gem Emperor killed Full Red, and at the same time crushed the trapped inside Wang Wu, or whether Wang Wu broke the containment and destroyed Full Red, the results were still the same: Senior Gem Emperor, Wang Wu, and Wang Lu were lured away from the City of Immortals, leaving it in the state of chaos.

Of course, the most important one was Senior Gem Emperor. It was she who could really suppress the scene and make the Fallen Immortals dared not act rashly. As for Wang Wu, although her depth was unpredictable, in terms of her enthusiasm for doing things, she was not too threatening. Much less Wang Lu. He was indeed a talented genius, but with so many people in the City of Immortals, was there really no one who could come up with ideas? Was Wang Lu really that indispensable?

However, on the other hand, Wang Lu would not undervalue himself. For the Fallen Immortals, his existence must be a thorn in their side.

If there was no Wang Lu, there would be no Grand Competition. Without the Grand Competition, the Earth Immortals and the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals would've lost a stage of peaceful dialogue. Afterward, in the Grand Competition, Black instigated the Earth Immortals to kill. It was also Wang Lu who used the strategy of killing to stop the killing so that things did not get out of control.

Couldn't these things be done by others? Not necessarily. But since it was Wang Lu who came forward to do these things, for the Fallen Immortals, naturally they wanted to get rid of him quickly. What's more, a cultivator who could easily break through the Peak Jindan Stage to reach Yuanying Stage in just over half a year could not be overemphasized.

Now it was the best time to nip him in the bud. Senior Gem Emperor was completely lured away and the City of Immortals was in a mess. Only the Jindan Stage Wang Wu was by his side...

If they didn't kill him at this time, when would it be?

The only surprise was that Black actually appeared in person-Although it didn't appear to be the real Black, certainly it was not an avatar that could be discarded at will. The power ought to be on the level of Supreme.

But this was also good.

"It's less of a hassle." Wang Lu chuckled, "This should be quick. Wang Wu, go get him!"

Wang Lu was very self-aware. To fight a Supreme level opponent in Yuanying Stage was only a pipe dream. Only Wang Wu could deal with it.

"Damn you, you're treating me like a dog!" Wang Wu scolded Wang Lu for his lack of conscience. At the same time, without restraint, she pulled out his Rouge Tears and yelled, "Ha! An Immortal Sword!"

Wang Lu sneered and thought. 'Look at your greedy face!' However, after he thought about it carefully, although she inherited his legacy, after one hundred and fifty years of painstaking cultivation, she had a deep and powerful cultivation, but the poor woman specialized in sword cultivation, yet she was often forced to fight empty-handed. That iconic emerald green bamboo sword was really detrimental to the dignity of Spirit Sword Sect...

Fortunately, although Wang Wu was poor, Wang Lu was rich. There were not many immortal treasures on him, because he couldn't use them himself. However, the ones in his mustard seed bag were enough to arm several weapons to Wang Wu.

However, Wang Wu didn't seem to have too much interest in it at this time. Perhaps it was because she already had the Immortal Sword Rouge Tears, or might be that she was facing an unprecedentedly strong enemy. In short, Wang Wu had no time to spare to blackmail Wang Lu.

Let's settle this account in the City of Immortals!" Wang Wu said with a fierce look on her face. The slender Rouge Tears in her hand suddenly burst into a dazzling bold red light.

From behind her, Wang Lu let out a soft surprised voice. He thought: Non-Phase Sword Technique always used golden color, this red sword light is indeed rare.

The next moment, an even greater surprise followed.

Wang Wu let out a deafening shout. The sound wave caused Wang Lu's entire Jade Mansion to tremble. His Yuanying's colorful light suddenly flickered... And that was just the prelude.

The Rouge Tears was held high above her head by Wang Wu, and in an instant turned into a huge mountain!


A girl dressed in apricot-yellow gown appeared beside Wang Lu and shouted out in pain. Wang Lu took a glance and found that the girl was indeed Autumn Beam...

"Wang Wu, what are you doing? Why would you use the Immortal Sword but not the sword spirit, forcing her out?" Wang Lu was very surprised, but he also understood her intention.

Normally speaking, Rouge Tears, which emphasized lightness and swiftness, could not be used this way... Expanding the two fingers wide Immortal Sword to hundreds of feet was totally against the basic principle of Rouge Tears. As the core spirit, the sword spirit obviously couldn't cooperate.

On the other hand...

"What kind of trick is this?" Wang Lu couldn't help but feel confused. Unlike him, Wang Wu's demon heart oath was still on her back. The inability to take the initiative to hurt people with cultivation skills was still effective on her.

Since she couldn't hurt people, what was she doing with a mountain? Did she want to use it as a meteorite and rush back to the City of Immortals with both of them hiding inside the meteorite?

The next moment, the answer was revealed.

In front of him, the corner of Wang Wu's mouth curled up into a strange smile.

Above her head, the hundreds of feet tall mountain shook undetectably.

Half of her arms were exposed from the loose white robe, which appeared like jade pillars. One end was upward, supporting the lofty mountain, and the other ended on her smooth shoulders.

As the mountain trembled, her arms went from up to down, which created a beautiful arc.

The towering lofty mountain followed, drawing a terrifying arc from top to bottom.

On the top of the mountain, there was an invisible sword qi that stretched for an unknown length, which ripped the space from top to bottom.

An ear-piercing crackling sound could be heard.

Without saying a word, the dark shadow blocking their way disappeared in an instant, as if it had never even existed. However, the fallout of the sword qi was not limited to that, as it extended all the way to infinity. The stars in the distance trembled and flickered. From time to time there was a small light that dimmed forever after it flickered.

The power of this sword strike made the sea of stars silent. Everything began in silence and ended in silence also.

"Star destroyer sword!"

In silence, such a line appeared suddenly in Wang Lu's mind.

Wang Wu was not the type who shouted out the name of her strike, but this sword strike... was indeed too breathtaking. It crushed everything with absolute power, which brilliantly displayed its might.

As a sword cultivator, Wang Lu, it was impossible for him not to recognize this sword strike... Perhaps it might not be as good as Xuan Mo's great immortal method of Yin and Yang Divide, but this sword strike was almost perfect!

The scene in front of him was indeed a bit beyond his imagination. How did she actually cultivate in the past one hundred and fifty years?

However, Wang Wu herself didn't care about it. After she sent out that sword strike, the Rouge Tears changed back to its original slim shape. Wang Wu threw it back to Wang Lu and then stretched her body.

"Phew-I'm beat."

Wang Lu took the Rouge Tears back. He wanted to speak but didn't know what to say.

Since there was nothing to say, he didn't open his mouth. However, at this time, on the Rouge Tears, a black mist rose from the sword and suddenly caught Wang Lu's wrist along the hilt!