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 The Non-Phase Method had long been famous in Nine Regions for its outstanding defensive prowess, an unbreachable fortress, and an impregnable wall... No matter how hyperbole the language used to describe Non-Phase Method's defensive capability, they were all justified.

Although the user of this method was only a cultivator of Jindan Stage, so far, there had never been a case in which the Non-Phase Method had been directly breached through by people.

Many people attributed it to the fact that Wang Wu was smart enough to never provoke opponents that she could not afford to provoke. However, in fact, she had already provoked enemies that were far beyond her in terms of level and power not once or twice. The fact that she could live to this day couldn't be explained simply just by luck or shrewdness. At least the wise person wouldn't doubt how powerful her Non-Phase Sword was.

Similarly, wise people would never try a frontal attack. Even Supreme level cultivators or even higher would have to use some tricks to deal with Wang Wu.

There was no invincible method in the world. The almost absolute strength of Non-Phase Method's defense was based on sacrificing almost all other attributes, therefore...

Faced with this black cloak, Wang Wu instantly realized the means of the other party.

This black cloak undoubtedly belonged to a certain well-known black-clothed ancient Earth Immortal.

This was not the first time that Wang Wu saw this black cloak. Before this, he had used this black cloak several times in the Grand Competition arena.

The cloak was not a lethal tool, but it could form a closed cage, which could shrink and expand freely, and was very strong. Once enclosed by the cloak, it could not be broken through with the power of Non-Phase Method alone.

Wang Wu did not have the ability of both offensive and defensive like that of her disciple. She only has the defensive ability which was unparalleled in the world. Once the cloak trapped her, Non-Phase Method could only protect her from death. However, the total loss of freedom and the loss of contact with the outside world, these were no better than death.

\"Ha, as an Earth Immortal, you don't even have the courage to fight me face to face. Instead, you went through all the trouble to set up this kind of despicable trap... This painstaking effort is worthy of admiration. Unfortunately, you think of me too simple. Would I not know my own weak point?\"

Wang Wu then took a deep breath, and the golden core in her purple mansion rapidly rotated. Then, the output speed of her true yuan suddenly doubled and in an instant supported the Non-Phase Sword Defense.

This time, in one breath the golden shield was thrusted out hundreds of meters by her! Several rows of buildings around her were crushed, and the smooth stone road under her feet was turned upside down by hundreds of meters.

The next moment, the spherical sword shield was suddenly elongated, as if it was a golden sharp sword that reached the sky. It stretched to thousands of meters in an instant.

Non-Phase Sword Defense shield was not necessarily round. While Wang Wu had made the Great Heart Demon Oath, making it unable to hurt people, it could break things. This transfiguration of Non-Phase Sword Defense shield might not hurt Black, but it could undoubtedly pierce his cloak.

This was not a life and death battle. With how many people in the City of Immortals, as long as Wang Wu could delay for a while, could they not handle Black? And moreover, this time, he made his move in public, if he could not succeed, he could only die for his cause.

Of course, Wang Wu didn't mind sending him to die for his cause.

However, on the other hand, when the dark hand that hid behind the scene decided to show up, of course, it was when he was ready to make a thunderous move.

The black cloak that encircled Wang Wu suddenly expanded to hundreds of meters, thousands of meters, and tens of thousands of meters... In an instant, it seemed that the entire world was filled with darkness. By contrast, the long and narrow sword shield looked very small.

Wang Wu didn't expect this sudden change. She was a little shocked and quickly made a change. But the next moment, she felt that she had lost contact with the world. The move that she hurriedly changed, making the sword shield suddenly stretched to tens of miles and its shape changed to that of a long spear, completely failed.


Until it was completely dark all around her, Wang Wu still maintained her posture of stabbing with one hand forward. She watched as the dozens of miles of sword defense shield being engulfed in the dark, unable to say a word for a long time.

\"... Damn it, I was so well prepared. I even used my hidden card, but I was still tricked and kept in prison.\"

Wang Wu looked around and determined that she had been banished to an absolute pitch-black special space. It was completely empty and boundless, not even the air that sustained normal living beings were there.

Of course, for Jindan Stage cultivators, internal breathing was nothing out of the ordinary, while the golden core in the Jade Mansion could generate True Yuan by itself, and there was no need to absorb the surrounding spiritual energy. Wang Wu had no worries about her life here. The only problem was that she couldn't get out.

The black cloak was undoubtedly an immortal treasure, and it was also an immortal treasure with more power than expected. Previously, he had used this cloak several times in the Grand Competition, but only to create a black cage of several miles in radius. Thus, Wang Wu was sure that she would not be trapped... However, in fact, the real purpose of the cloak was to open a channel to banish people from a closed empty space. On this point, this hidden card was indeed great.

Because it was the most effective and decisive way to deal with the Non-Phase Method. Wang Wu's Non-Phase Defense shield never had a precedent of being broken through, but it did not mean that she was invincible, nor she was unkillable.

When a person was completely isolated from the world and could no longer contact the world, then that person was basically dead for the world.

\"... Alas, it's information asymmetry. After racking my brain, I still lost one move to him. Sure enough, this kind of not-my-forte job would not end well.\"

In the dark confined space, Wang Wu shook her head helplessly, but she didn't seem to be too depressed.

\"I have done everything that I could do. What happens next has nothing to do with me. No one could say that it's my fault. It just so happens that I can use this to slack a bit... A pity I brought you here too.\"

After she said that, Wang Wu turned around and looked at the person behind her. In the dark, Wang Wu was no longer alone. With a warm and cheerful smile on her face, a fit woman appeared behind Wang Wu.

\"Hahaha, why are you still pretending to be a good person in front of me?\"

The Chief Military of the Song People in the distance, Red Wave Lake of Min Region enthusiastically slapped Wang Wu's shoulder. A clear sound of bone impact was heard coming from Wang Wu's body with that tremendous subconsciously-released force.

Wang Wu rubbed her shoulder and asked her, \"... Youyou, are you ready?\"

You Jiu of Song smiled brightly, \"Of course. Seriously, little Wu, I've been waiting for this day for a long time.\"

\"What about your Song People?\"

The smile on You Jiu of Song's face slightly disappeared, \"In fact, I lied to you on this issue. I didn't finish all the things there before I came here.\"


\"Song People is already no more in this world.\"

\"Youyou!\" Wang Wu was surprised, \"... You really leave no room to maneuver, we don't have this in our original agreement.\"

\"But there's no doubt that this result is more favorable.\" You Jiu of Song said, \"I'm a barbarian woman, so in doing things, I should be barbarous. With my Song People eliminated, I will not worry about anything anymore. Come on, it's time.\"

\"... Well, since you say so, I won't argue anymore.\" Wang Wu shook her head and smiled bitterly, \"A pity, I initially wanted to slack a bit. But hearing you say it like that, I don't think I need to touch it. The other side wants to isolate us? In his dream!\"

With that, she held Youyou's hand and looked up. Her eyes seemed to have penetrated the thick darkness.


At the same time, in the whirlpool of stars, Senior Gem Emperor suddenly stopped her hunt.

Wang Lu, who was following behind her, nearly ran into her.

\"What's the matter?\"

Senior Gem Emperor looked back with some confusion and said, \"Something seems to have happened in the City of Immortals.\"

Wang Lu sighed and said, \"Every day in the City of Immortals, there are accidents. From the political struggle at the top, down to the *** scandal of celebrities. Sometimes, some celebrities got their tongue loosened after drinking and got exposed publicly. Thousands of things happen, big and small, so what's new?\"

Senior Gem Emperor ignored Wang Lu's nonsense and turned around seriously. She then looked through the vast sea of stars and concentrated on a certain point in the whirlpool of stars...

\"... Black appears.\"

Wang Lu was surprised and asked, \"Black? Didn't you turn him as if he's a lost dog in the whirlpool of stars? How could he appear in the City of Immortals?\"

\"I don't know.\" Senior Gem Emperor shook her head, \"Under my eyes, I'm sure that since he was exiled here, he never had the chance to return to the City of Immortals.\"

\"... Then according to the current actual situation, you have rolled your eyes a lot?\"

Senior Gem Emperor said in silence, \"Go back.\"

\"Go back?\" Wang Lu was puzzled by this and asked, \"Are you sure?\"

First of all, in the City of Immortals, there was the avatar of Senior Gem Emperor. However, Black dared to show up in front of the avatar. This was simply a provocation. To return to the City of Immortals this time meant that they would walk straight into the trap.

Secondly, about that dangerous strange poison, could they just let it go? They had just traced the source of the poison and were ready to eliminate it once and for all, but now, they had to leave everything and return to the City of Immortals?

\"I'm sure.\" Senior Gem Emperor seriously said, \"I found that strange poison in the City of Immortals.\"

\"F*ck.\" Wang Lu couldn't help but curse. He said, \"Fine, we'll go back, but... Are you sure the other side will let us go back so easily? If it's me, I would arrange an opponent that we couldn't ignore to block our path, so that we can't move forward nor move back...\"

Before he could continue, a dragon roar came from the river of stars.

Senior Gem Emperor looked at Wang Lu with some annoyance and helplessness. 'Why is this guy unable to control his mouth?'

However, Great Emperors would not care about someone's mouth control.

The next moment, the river of stars shattered, and from the void, a black dragon broke the space with its teeth. Senior Gem Emperor pulled Wang Lu back and hurriedly retreated hundreds of miles back to avoid it. Then they saw an enormous object. Its two dark golden eyes were bloodshot. Its gaze was ice-cold as a knife, which made one's hair stand on end.

\"Ancestor Dragon!\" Senior Gem Emperor was shocked.

Ancestor Dragon, the ancestor of the thousands of World Dragons in the Tomb of Immortals.