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 On the way back, Wang Wu constantly reflected on what was wrong with her series of actions.

Until the last step, she didn't feel that she had done anything wrong. Although many of those actions were judged entirely by subjective reasoning, there was no better way except subjective guess at that time. As for the Four Element Supreme's ghost antics, it was likely that even the Fallen Immortals could not predict it, and it was normal for them not to expect it.

\"But... that old man is really a master of reproduction. It's just a short time, right? How could he gather forty to fifty female cultivators with the best physique and talent to sleep with him?\"

Wang Wu clenched her fists with envy.

\"It's very simple. Because I started it all hundreds of years ago. Then, I contacted hundreds of female cultivators from the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, all of them are good-looking and have good reproduction tools. I agreed with them that when I was in an emergency and needed to have the last reproduction chance in my life, I could immediately call them to appear at my side. As the price, they would inherit a considerable part of my inheritance. Of course, there are also some of them who sincerely recognize my ideas and are eager to bear my children.\"

The Four Element Supreme's voice appeared almost silently behind Wang Wu. However, Wang Wu was not too surprised by this. Instead, she smiled a bit and asked back, \"You're indeed a Supreme that comes from real combat background, always being cautious. I thought you had put your heart and soul into the way of reproduction. It seems that Supreme still left a separate avatar outside.\"

Four Element Supreme found it somewhat inexplicable, \"What avatar?\"

\"... Wait a minute. You're not an avatar? You're the real one? Then the one in your residence is the avatar? No, you would not use an avatar for reproduction, right?\"

Four Element Supreme found it even weirder, \"When did I create an avatar? I've always been alone.\"

\"...\" Wang Wu was silent for a while, then she opened her eyes wide, feeling even more strange, \"From the time we just met until now, the time is at most ten to fifteen minutes. Also previously, from when we parted away at the arena is the same... Don't tell me you and those dozens of ladies already...\"

Four Element Supreme looked a bit proud as he said, \"Yes, I am done.\"

\"...\" Wang Wu didn't know what to say. If she were any other Jindan cultivator, right now she had to consider her personal safety. After learning this sensitive secret, it was really possible to be silenced at any time. Of course, as the number one Jindan in Nine Regions, she didn't care much about that. However, after she learned about this secret, Wang Wu still had the feeling as if she had just eaten in the Misty Peak Cafeteria.

Nevertheless, Four Element Supreme was a senior cultivator. In a single glance, he knew what Wang Wu was thinking. He shook his head and put on an elder looking at the junior smile, \"Daoist Master Non-Phase, it seems that you have yet to understand the way of reproduction correctly.\"

Daoist Master Non-Phase didn't want to understand!

However, at this time, Four Element Supreme was obviously in a good mood as he explained, \"Reproduction is not about enjoying sex. This is an arduous and just mission, which does not need to be tempered with pleasure and vanity. Especially when my reproduction is in danger, I should treasure time. If I can complete all the procedures in one breath, I will definitely not waste more time.\"

Wang Wu was going to applaud his conviction. To be able to be so straightforward to say that the time was already long enough... He was indeed tempered by actual combat!

But then she thought of a serious problem.

\"... Are you saying that you don't have much time?\"

Four Element Supreme nodded seriously and said, \"I'm afraid... it is.\"

Then, Four Element Supreme began to give a succinct explanation, \"I did not see Luo Xiao after I returned to my residence, but he left me a letter.\"

Wang Wu immediately asked, \"You didn't immediately destroy that letter?\"

Four Element Supreme was silent for a while and then shook his head.

\"... Supreme, how could you be indecisive at a time like this?\"

The suspicion on Luo Xiao was so heavy, what good things could he leave behind? Of course, it could be a threatening letter like \"Your daughter is in my hand...\" But, rationally speaking, the best way to face such letters was to destroy them on the spot.

Never negotiate with a lunatic. It was better if his wife and children were to die than if he were to die with his wife and children.

Four Element Supreme was also an old veteran, how could he not understand this truth?

It was just that, his heart just couldn't bear it. He pulled Luo Xiao up from Huayan School. Perhaps, he just liked Luo Xiao's talent, but he got along with him for a while, so there would always be feelings.

Luo Xiao was the true successor disciple of Four Element Supreme, prepared to inherit his mantle, and was more likely to take charge of the Four Element Sect in the future. This position actually had more importance than that of the Four Element Supreme's children. How could he not have feelings when he had placed so much hope on Luo Xiao? Knowing that he had betrayed them and joined the Fallen Immortal camp, would his heart not feel hurt?

Under this heartache, it was understandable for him to be confused for a moment. But, the cost was too high.

Sure enough, the next moment, Four Element Supreme said, \"On that letter, Luo Xiao explained to me in detail the reasons for his betrayal, what kind of stage and what kind of opponent his God of War Blood needed to grow, and why he made such a choice. In the end, he said sorry to me, but he would never regret it.\"

With that, Four Element Supreme raised his hand and said, \"After I read that letter, it self-ignited, turning into a green smoke. At the time, I didn't think about it too much, but the green smoke stayed in the room a bit longer than it was supposed to. There's always an active cleaning array in my residence, so the filth would not last forever. This means...\"

Four Element Supreme paused for a while, and then said, \"I think I was poisoned.\"

\"Do you have late syphilis?\" Wang Wu reluctantly asked.

\"...\" Four Element Supreme was silent for a long time. For him who should strive for every minute left, it was obvious that he had received a great shock. He then said, \"I don't know exactly what kind of poison it is, or even can't completely confirm whether I am really poisoned. But, I think that green smoke should not be just a useless thing left behind by him.\"

Wang Wu thought about it, took a deep breath and then rearranged everything in her mind.

She was certain that her previous speculation was correct... The Fallen Immortal did make their move while she was not with Four Element Supreme, and that their means were very... exquisite. Leaving a highly toxic letter to a still in trance Four Element Supreme.

The design itself was not strange, but at this time, it was as if the person who designed this trap almost expected everyone's reaction, which was truly terrifying.

What was even more frightening was the response of Four Element Supreme after that...

\"You... mating with dozens of female cultivators, perhaps even hundreds, knowing that you are very poisonous, what kind of offspring do you want to leave behind?\"

Four Element Supreme explained with some dissatisfaction, \"Of course I have security measures in place!\"

\"... Security measures for reproduction? It sounds really awkward.\"

Four Element Supreme sighed, \"I am the great master of the way of reproduction. Can't I expect that when my life is about to end, I will probably be in a state of disability and can't leave healthy seeds? So, I started to prepare for it a long time ago... When I'm sure I am about to make my last step, I will have my moment of 'final radiance of setting sun'... At that time, you ought to have sensed it right?\"

Wang Wu thought about it. When she last saw Four Element Supreme, she really felt that this guy's libido was truly outrageous. She thought that he had a violent ***. Unexpectedly it was this guy's final radiance of setting sun.

\"At the last moment of your life, you are still immersed in the way of reproduction, you are indeed true till the end... But, Luo Xiao's trail, does it just end there? In any case, he is your Successor Disciple, don't tell me you didn't leave behind any mark on him?\"

Four Element Supreme said, \"... No, I've always trusted him.\"

Wang Wu had nothing to say.

How could this Supreme, who enjoyed considerable prestige in the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, make such a low-level and stupid mistake? Trust? Did he know Luo Xiao that well?\"

\"Daoist Non-Phase, although my life is not long, thank you very much for coming to help me, so...\"

Wang Wu's eyes brightened slightly as she said, \"Are you going to give me your inheritance?\"

Four Element Supreme paused for a while and then said, \"I mean, I just recalled everything that happened since I met Luo Xiao... I think I got the clue of the person who seduced him to betray.\"


Four Element Supreme said, \"Luo Xiao's betrayal must be led by someone. No matter what changes have taken place in his heart, he can't do it by himself if he wants to get in touch with the Fallen Immortal. Someone must have secretly observed all this, and then actively appeared to lead Luo Xiao astray, and this only happened in the past few months. Because if this is the previous Luo Xiao... I can be sure that even if he has even bigger problems, at least he would not commit such a big mistake. After I recalled Luo Xiao's movements in the past few months, the only suspicious thing was when he had contacted a strange person.\"

\"Strange person?\"

Four Element Supreme said, \"He said that he was a friend of Huayan School, and that person really showed the aura of a Huayan School's disciple, but... I don't remember Huayan School having such a person.\"

Wang Wu was stunned for a moment and then realized that since Four Element Supreme had pulled out Luo Xiao from Huayan School, he ought to have investigated the environment in which Luo Xiao grew up. And with his Supreme level power, it was likely that he could see through the top to bottom of Huayan School at a glance.

\"At that time, I thought that person was the new disciple of Huayan School and didn't think too much about it. But looking back, there was a strange smell on that man.\" Four Element Supreme said, and then stretched out his hand, \"I can't find that person exactly, but... I still remember his strange breath. I'll copy that breath to you and you can follow through with it.\"

Wang Wu thought about it. Although he didn't give the final result, it was good to have a direct clue. Thus, she moved forward to accept the gift from Four Element Supreme.

However, just as she stepped forward, a great warning came from her heart!

The next moment, the face of Four Element Supreme suddenly became blurred, and a black cloak covered Wang Wu's head. In a moment, it completely covered her!