"Of course."

Wang Wu nodded her head vigorously, not wavering in the face of the majestic presence of Four Element Supreme.

The number one Jindan in Nine Regions was indeed a well-deserved nickname.

The gatekeepers had to admit that the old saying was too accurate. There were only wrong names in the world, not a wrong nickname.

In the face of the wrath of a Supreme, which Jindan cultivator in this world would treat it so lightly? Some of the gatekeepers were also some of the best Jindan Stage cultivators within Four Element Sect. However, for them, just looking at the back of Four Element Supreme already made their bladder a bit fuller.

They asked themselves, even if they had a big breakthrough in their cultivation in ten or twenty years, it would likely still be hard for them to face the anger of a Supreme.

However, Wang Wu seemed at ease, her potential was completely bottomless! Such a person could not be measured by the standard of Jindan. She was a monster that looked like a Jindan.

A monster who dared to speak out in front of a Supreme.

"I am here to challenge you!"

At this moment, the anger of Four Element Supreme was suppressed to an even greater shock.

'She wants to challenge me?'

Although Four Element Supreme had seen a lot of things in his life, he really did not expect to encounter such a strange thing. Could it be that Wang Wu, the number one Jindan in Nine Regions, who was highly praised in the high-level circle, had a fire deviated which affected her mind?

She dared to challenge a Supreme who had been famous for many years and was good at fighting?

Was it because the Grand Competition over the past six months had overemphasized the system of tiered fight, making her forget her place and think that she was omnipotent? However, even if Wang Wu's confidence was over-inflated, her disciple was very famous, so what was the reason for her to challenge a Supreme?

Thus, Four Element Supreme remained silent under the challenge of Wang Wu, waiting for her further explanation. If the explanation did not satisfy him, then he wouldn't mind using painful and unforgettable means to teach his opponent the insurmountable gap between the Unity Stage and Jindan Stage.

There was always the calm before the storm.

The next moment, Wang Wu opened her mouth. She seemed to have expected such a question long ago. Thus, she calmly said, "I came to protect the moral standard of Nine Regions."

"What did you say?" Four Element Supreme widened his eyes in surprise. And the majestic brewing wrath that covered his mind gradually dissipated due to excessive shock.

Wang Wu, who was famous as the holder of the title of how low someone could scoop to in Nine Regions, actually claimed that she came to protect the moral standard?

For her, the best way to protect the morality of the Nine Regions was to commit suicide!

However, after saying those absurd words, Wang Wu seemed a lot serious as she said, "I'm not joking. Although there are many who misunderstand me, deep down, I cherish the people in the whole world. I'm known as the number one Jindan in Nine Regions. This moniker contains Nine Regions in it, so naturally, I want to do something for this land that I love deeply."

Four Element Supreme was forced to endure the tumult in his stomach and replied, "That's good. But, even if you have the world in your heart, why in the world would you come here?"

Wang Wu said, "I'm here to challenge you. As we all know, you are the most famous reproduction expert in Nine Regions..."

"Humph." Four Element Supreme nodded slightly, and the anger caused by Wang Wu's rude challenge was slightly reduced.

He was not a straightforward person who was easy to be coaxed, but anyone who praised his most proud expertise would always make him happy. Moreover, apart from Wang Wu, few people would praise him as an expert in reproduction.

This title made Four Element Supreme overjoyed.

However, the next moment, that joy disappeared.

"But also the largest *** in Nine Regions."

"You're the largest ***!" Four Element Supreme blurted out in anger. If he did not have the Supreme level immortal heart to suppress his impulse, he would've made his move to kill Wang Wu on the spot!

"Since you know that I am the foremost expert in reproduction in Nine Regions, you should understand that I hate those mating behavior that has nothing to do with reproduction. For example, those shortsighted people of Yin and Yang School who only know how to have sex but refuse to think about the next generation of Nine Regions, I have always despised them to the extreme! What I am engaged in is a great cause!"

"That's just your smugness and narcissism." Wang Wu rudely said, "In fact, the way of reproduction that you advocate will only become a hotbed of sex! The cultivators who live in the present will not think about the future thousands of years later. The way of reproduction will only be an excuse for them to enjoy sex! To promote reproduction is to promote sex! When you seriously advocate reproduction, have you ever thought that if your children lose their virginity at a young age, they would sink themselves in the joy of sex..."

Four Element Supreme angrily said, "Each of my children is an upright person, and none of them has fallen!"

Wang Wu's face remained firm as she said, "But there are still tens of thousands of parents in Nine Regions. Perhaps, because of the way of reproduction that you advocated, you have to painfully watch your children degenerate into sex addicts! In this regard, you, this reproduction expert, are responsible! Whether it's your subjective will or not, you are the largest *** in Nine Regions!"

Four Element Supreme was angered, then turned speechless by her rogue logic. Wang Wu, on the other hand, took advantage of the victory and pressed on, "I, the moral of Nine Regions, the promoter of the concept of chastity, the great anti-sex fighter, should set up a correct outlook on life for the cultivators of Nine Regions by defeating you! I will let them know that the so-called reproduction heresy is not feasible! Anyone who dares to be sex degenerates on Nine Regions will be firmly rejected!"

Before she finished, she was interrupted by the roar of Four Element Supreme.

"Wang Wu, go to hell!"

The next moment, the Supreme level battle officially began.

However, Wang Wu still treated it lightly.

"Wait a moment!"

As she said that, she drew out the emerald green bamboo sword from her waist and pointed at a space in front of her. Suddenly, there was an extraordinary expansion and contraction of space within the radius of tens of meters, which made several cultivators of Four Element Sect feel very uncomfortable.

Four Element Supreme showed a slightly surprised look. Just now, in anger, he made a move. Although he did not do his best, and it was not his killer move, in theory, it could definitely hurt Wang Wu. Four Element Supreme had carefully estimated Wang Wu's strength. He didn't treat her as a Jindan. Just now, the invisible Four Element Break made by Four Element Supreme was calibrated to deal with a Deity Stage cultivator. However... although it took some time for Wang Wu to neutralize it, in the end, she did it.

"What else do you want to say?"

Wang Wu shook her sour wrist and said, "If we do it here, it would be too good for the Earth Immortals. Let's go to the arena."

"... Ok." Four Element Supreme gritted his teeth, temporarily holding back his anger.


In the City of Immortal, the most important thing was the competition arena. Outside the main arena in Immortal One Area, there were countless arenas, large and small. Among them, there were many large venues that could accommodate a supreme level battle.

When Wang Wu and Four Element supreme had gone halfway through, Four Element Supreme suddenly asked, "What exactly do you want this time?"

Although at first he was really angered by Wang Wu, he understood that Wang Wu would never come to challenge him for no reason. Especially after she deliberately led him to the arena. There must be a reason for these strange acts.

"Supreme's perception is like a torch, I do have something to say" As expected, Wang Wu really became serious and said, "There's a problem with your Successor Disciple."

Hearing this, Four Element Supreme was startled. Fragments of memories flashed through his mind. He then understood why Wang Wu inexplicably came to provoke him into anger.

Because not long before Wang Wu came, Luo Xiao suddenly came to him and said that he had something important to discuss. Of course, Four Element Supreme attached great importance to Successor Disciple. However, he couldn't turn a blind eye to Wang Wu's provocation. Thus, he had to send Luo Xiao away first and deal with Wang Wu.

Now it seemed that this was exactly intended by Wang Wu.

"What's wrong with Luo Xiao?"

Wang Wu was silent for a while and said, "My next words will be unimaginable. Based on our relationship, I don't expect you to believe me. But you should at least consider it."

Four Element Supreme said, "With the move that you received from me, I can at least listen to your story, no matter how absurd it is."

"Very well then..." Wang Wu frowned and began to formulate her words.

Being a lobbyist was really not her forte. In particular, the object of persuasion was a rather eccentric reproduction expert. In particular, she was not ready to speak at all!

Just now, she was forced to make a provocation. Because Wang Wu didn't expect Luo Xiao to move so fast! It was reasonable to say that Xuan Yinzi had just been killed, so he ought to spend at least some time on the follow-up work. He also had to consider whether his plan might leak.

But unexpectedly, he came directly to look for Four Element Supreme! If it wasn't for Wang Wu who came in time and interrupted, it was likely that he would have succeeded!

At that time, Wang Wu and Luo Xiao both realized each other's existence. Wang Wu and Four Element Supreme had no friendship, so it was easy to shut her up-Luo Xiao could definitely think of words to hold Four Element Supreme from meeting her.

Therefore, Wang Wu had no choice but to provoke. Acting as an anti-sex fighter, she forced Four Element Supreme to appear.

The only problem was that her actions seemed a bit too obvious. Would Luo Xiao realize that he had been exposed? Would he rethink about the secret of Xuan Yinzi?

However, right now, she couldn't afford to care about this...

At this time, Wang Wu suddenly became a bit distracted. Because she thought that if Wang Lu was here, perhaps there would be some way to make the best of both worlds. It could prevent Luo Xiao from dealing with Four Element Supreme, but also arrange all these things in a reasonable way so that Luo Xiao could not see through its logic. Wang Lu had too many marvelous ideas.

"Wang Lu that little sh*t, he chose to slack on his job right when I need him! Where the f*ck exactly is he?"