Wang Lu's words were a premonition.

In one day, Senior Gem Emperor really toured all the five super sects of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals. Whether she was just making a quick judgment from cursory observation or have an ulterior motive, in short, she accomplished this feat audaciously.

Naturally, this action could not be hidden from people. The action of Senior Gem Emperor was too high profile. In Spirit Sword Sect, she still showed her true body, a thirteen to fourteen-year-old looking girl. However, from the entrance of Shengjing Sect, Senior Gem Emperor appeared with her majestic purple sphere. It was as if there was a purple sun in the sky, so bright and eye-catching.

At this point, people all over the world knew that Wang Lu was accompanying the leader of the Earth Immortal to tour Nine Regions. During this period, naturally, gossips raged on. There were rumors of Wang Lu's defection to the enemy and deep speculation that Wang Lu used the opportunity to spy the secrets on several sects... There were, of course, Wang Lu's fans who claimed that Wang Lu had a big heart that ordinary people could not understand. And that although it seemed a bit inappropriate to accompany Senior Gem Emperor to tour the five super sects, it must be for the overall interests of Nine Regions.

At present, the most credible guess was that Wang Lu was going all out with his male charm to succumb others without fighting. Of course, this speculation made many women fans of Wang Lu grieved. However, many of them said that even if Wang Lu was lost, after all, it was for the sake of Nine Regions, so they would never change their love for Wang Lu...

Naturally, there were also cynical bystanders. This resulted in a big debate about whether Wang Lu was worthy of such love, with supporters and opponents alike sticking to their arguments.

Not to mention the public opinion war caused by the five sects tour over a day of Senior Gem Emperor, from the point of view of the parties concerned, the day was really terrible.

Wang Lu didn't mind being a tour guide. As a present-day native of Nine Regions, it was proper for him to show hospitality to his predecessor who had slept through sixteen thousand years. The problem was that Senior Gem Emperor was not a good tourist.

This fellow was a terrible talker.

On Spirit Sword Mountain, she refused to sit at the same table as the Nine-Tailed Fox and said that the heart of other races must be different. When she came to Royal Soldier Sect, her words became more and more intensified. As soon as they entered the Royal Soldier Sect area, she frowned and said, "Why is this place so rough? This is obviously a sacred place for immortal cultivation, but it's more like a barbarian tribe. It is not difficult to understand that after the Age of Chaos, the sky was closed and the surrounding spiritual energy was exhausted. So it's not difficult to understand the loss of cultivation methods and the decline of the path of immortal cultivation. But how did the present cultivators lose their cultural content as well?"

Wang Lu thought about it and felt that the topic was too complicated. The rise of Royal Soldier Sect was at least from the time of the War of Immortal and Demon. Thus, it had to be said in a nutshell, "Because it is poor."

After the Age of Chaos, Nine Regions was so poor that such high-end cultural content should not be demanded from it.

As a result, Senior Gem Emperor accepted this explanation very seriously as he nodded and then said, "So that's what it is."

However, when the two finished circling the Royal Soldier Sect once and roughly skimmed over the situation, Senior Gem Emperor made a concluding speech, "You say that Royal Soldier Sect is a sect that promotes the Martial spirit and reveres military skills and that its military prowess is prominent among the five uniques. So why do I see that its military strength is just so, and nothing special about it."

Wang Lu was immediately shocked, "Girl, do you usually speak so loudly?"

Senior Gem Emperor's comment was as loud as a thunder in the spring, shocking everyone on the mountain. Originally, the two of them circled around the mountain. Although the purple sphere of Senior Gem Emperor was very high-profile, the cultivators on the mountain had already received a notice in advance that this was a special case, thus they ignored the two. However, after that comment from Senior Gem Emperor, which sounded so arrogant, it immediately ignited the anger of Royal Soldier Sect. At that time, a group of Royal Soldier Sect men flew out to find Senior Gem Emperor to argue with her. Fortunately, they were stopped by Xiang Liang in time. Otherwise, the consequences were difficult to predict.

Actually, the view of Senior Gem Emperor could not be counted as wrong. Royal Soldier Sect was famous for its military strength, but it was by no means the first in the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals in terms of military strength.

Because above Royal Soldier Sect, there was Shengjing Sect.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

The number one in the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals in terms of wealth, power, influence, and comprehensive combat ability... like a true giant, Shengjing Sect occupied the top place of almost all the lists. Although Royal Soldier Sect was strong, it could only accept the second place. However, this situation was common sense for the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, which Senior Gem Emperor did not know. She had just seen Shengjing Sect and then Royal Soldier Sect. Thus in her view, Royal Soldier Sect's big name was not true. She was just outspoken about it.

In regard to this, Senior Gem Emperor was unfazed. "Emperor's words are like thunder piercing the ear, don't tell me I have to conceal my opinion from others?"

Wang Lu willingly submitted to her logic. "May I ask your majesty, when you enjoy your sexual life, is it so frank and honest? Is it earth-shattering?"

"..." Senior Gem Emperor was stunned upon hearing the words, but she was not angry. Instead, she showed a puzzled expression, as if she was thinking about how to answer Wang Lu's question.

Seeing this reaction, Wang Lu was shocked again. Why would she need to ponder over this kind of question? Don't tell me, such a majestic Emperor, like you never experience this kind of thing?

The more he saw the response of Senior Gem Emperor, the more Wang Lu felt that he was right and he couldn't help but be awe-struck. No wonder she could stand out in the glorious era in ancient times. As an Emperor, she did not think about building a harem of handsome males, which meant that she did not attend to her proper duties. Looking at her age and cultivation, presumably, her virgin technique had also been practiced to the hundredth layer, and could be compared with others such as He Tu and Feng Yin.


After the lesson in Royal Soldier Sect, Wang Lu certainly did not want to take her to Kunlun Sect and Ten Thousand Arts Sect to find trouble. However, who could stop what Senior Gem Emperor insisted on doing?

"If you don't go, I'll go by myself."

Considering her temperament, Wang Lu had to keep up with her for the peace and development of Nine Regions.

Naturally, the result was unexpected. In Kunlun Sect, Senior Gem Emperor said, "Is this the oldest and most orthodox sect, also known as the origin of immortal cultivation?"

Wang Lu's heart skipped a beat. As if he had seen a domineering chef who had run to a specialty restaurant in a different place to complain, he hastily explained, "The immortal cultivation should keep pace with the times and act in a timely manner. We should combine the excellent parts of traditional culture with modernity and give full play to our strength..."

Before he could finish his words, Senior Gem Emperor had turned and left, leaving Wang Lu feel extremely uncomfortable...

After another turn, Senior Gem Emperor said again, "Since you said that Kunlun Sect is a combination of tradition and modernity, why do I only see deep suffocation in the mountain? Where is your so-called progress with the times?"

Wang Lu thought for a moment and said, "Recently, the new disciples of Kunlun organized a spring outing, leaving all the old guys in the sect. That's why it's easy to feel suffocated."

In the end, Senior Gem Emperor didn't accept this explanation easily.

When they came to Ten Thousand Arts Sect, Senior Gem Emperor still went on her own way, "This is the most complete library of cultivation method in the present Nine Regions?"

Wang Lu's affirmative answer was replied with an 'oh' by Senior Gem Emperor.

This reply was too insincere, and everyone knew that. Though Wang Lu hovered high in the clouds, he could clearly feel the burning gaze of countless cultivators from Ten Thousand Arts Sect.

Thus, he had to ask on behalf of the people below, "Do you think they don't have a rich collection?"

Senior Gem Emperor unceremoniously said, "In the case of ancient books alone, it is not as good as what I have in my memory."

Wang Lu said, "Isn't it a bit unfair for you to compare the stock of ancient books with that of modern people? I think you also haven't seen some classics written by later generations such as Golden Lotus (Ming dynasty vernacular novel, formerly notorious and banned for its sexual content) and the others, right?"

After that, Wang Lu felt that the gaze from below was more intense, but he was too lazy to pay attention to it.

After completing a round trip around Ten Thousand Arts Sect, Wang Lu concluded, "Ten Thousand Arts Sect has a very special position in the immortal cultivation world. Besides exceptional strength, they are the strongest driving for the technological progress of today's immortal cultivation world. They invented and improved more skills than Shengjing Sect."

Before he could continue, Senior Gem Emperor asked, "Could it directly improve the main path of soaring to immortality?"

Wang Lu sighed. "You're just arguing for the sake of arguing. After the Age of Chaos, how could there be such a thing?"


On the whole, during this day, Wang Lu was tired of dealing with the endless provocations from Senior Gem Emperor. After sightseeing the scenery of the five super sects, he was tired both physically and mentally.

Fortunately, Senior Gem Emperor did not go any further, such as seeing the next rank sects. After seeing Ten Thousand Arts Sect, she returned to the Tomb of Immortals.

Wang Lu finally couldn't help but ask, "What is your purpose in today's tour?"

Senior Gem Emperor was just about to leave. When she heard his question, she stopped and said, "In order to confirm the situation of the Nine Regions with my own eyes. Before that, I merely listened to those who had awakened earlier to convey about your performance. But they have never walked out of the Tomb of Immortals."

Wang Lu asked, "In your opinion, what about the current Nine Regions?"

Senior Gem Emperor was silent for a moment and said, "When I was awakened, Bai Ze was the first to find me and told me the current situation of Nine Regions. He said that the current Nine Regions were weak and decaying. And we have to expect the future generations to be like clouds and mud."

"Then what about your opinion?"

Hearing this, Senior Gem Emperor smiled slightly. "Although Bai Ze is a traitor, his words at that time are not wrong. The current Nine Regions is declining and weak. Even if we inherit our heritage, it is absolutely difficult to resist the coming Fallen Immortal... In the end, we were the losers, so how could the layout of the losers easily determine the winner?"

After listening to Senior Gem Emperor's comments, Wang Lu shrugged his shoulders. "So what you saw today has strengthened your determination to command the overall situation?"

Senior Gem Emperor laughed and said, "Whether or not I see your current situation, or whether Nine Regions is strong or weak, it would not change my determination to rule everything. I am the Emperor, destined to rule the world."

After a pause, Senior Gem Emperor said, "Today, however, I have witnessed the current situation of Nine Regions... And it strengthens my determination to protect and help you."


Senior Gem Emperor explained, "The Emperor's presence in the world means both supreme power and supreme responsibility. I admire and bless all living beings."

After that, she looked at Wang Lu and said, "Nine Regions is very weak. You alone can't fight against the Fallen Immortals. You need my help, and I will do my best to help you. I will also share with you the inheritance from the depths of the Tomb of Immortals."

"Of course, the premise of all this is that you need to submit to me."