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 Inside the office of Daoist He Tu, the long silence made the atmosphere appear a bit chilly. In the room, there were only Daoist He Tu, Qiong Hua, and Wang Lu. They were all expressionless and petrified. The river of time seemed to bypass these three people, making them independent of time and space.

After no one knows how long, Wang Lu coughed and opened his mouth to break the silence.

"I'm sorry to trouble you, but could you repeat that? I feel like I was just hallucinating."

Daoist He Tu very earnestly repeated his words, "I am a practitioner of the virgin technique."

Wang Lu pressed his lips tightly and stared dead at the old man in front of him. After a while, he asked with a somewhat trembling voice, "Virgin technique... Don't you think that's a waste?"

Daoist He Tu blinked his eyes. "What waste?"

Wang Lu said, "With such a big tool as yours, don't you think it's a pity not to use it?"

Daoist He Tu said, "I have been using it all along, how could I abandon it? If it does not provide innate true yang energy, how could I practice this virgin technique?"

Wang Lu inwardly agreed, the virgin technique was not castration technique, there were very real differences between the two... But still, he still thought that it was a waste.

The grand Sect Leader of Shengjing Sect, the head of the millions and millions of Nine Regions cultivators, an exceptional expert fantasized by countless girls, actually practiced the virgin technique! It was no wonder that Four Element Supreme always had a cold attitude toward Shengjing Sect, especially toward Daoist He Tu. This was simply recklessly wasting of natural resources!

However, Wang Lu also thought that there were numerous cultivators who practiced virgin technique in Nine Regions. Thus, Daoist He Tu was hardly a maverick here-Indeed, the leader of Spirit Sword Sect also didn't seem to make full use of his own tool.

Wang Lu felt uncomfortable because if Daoist He Tu practiced virgin technique, it would be more troublesome to encourage him to marry Senior Gem Emperor.

"... That being the case, Senior Gem Emperor said that the marriage is only in appearance, she won't be having sex with anyone. So you don't have to worry that it's going to ruin your virgin technique. You can rest assured."

Qiong Hua, with an angry face, yelled, "Wang Lu, who do you take Supreme for?"

Wang Lu earnestly said, "Of course, he is the model of the Nine Regions, the leader of millions of millions of cultivators, fully deserved to be number one in this age... Therefore, only Daoist He Tu who has the qualification to marry Senior Gem Emperor. No one else can do it. Supreme always cherishes Nine Regions, so presumably-you would not-because of private interest, prevent the alliance with the Earth Immortal, which affects the rise and fall of Nine Regions."

When he heard his words, Daoist He Tu was stunned. "These words seem to have..."

Qiong Hua hurriedly interrupted Daoist He Tu and angrily said to Wang Lu, "A gentleman could deceive by a pretense of reason, but you're not polite at all! What you said is so high-sounding, but I think you're actually the source of calamity! Since Senior Gem Emperor wanted to get married, why didn't she go directly to my Master, but find you first? Doesn't she know who is the head of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals? If she found you first, it could only mean that in her opinion, you are the more suitable person!"

Wang Lu confidentially said that inwardly thought that she was indeed the lead disciple of Shengjing Sect and that her inference was really wonderful. Although the conclusion was neither right nor far away. Senior Gem Emperor's first priority was not him, by his Master... Unfortunately, he could not concede this problem in any way. Even if he had to exhaust his throat until it dried, he had to fool the old man He Tu to obediently marry Senior Gem Emperor!

As a result, before he could open his mouth to show his prowess, He Tu said, "Marriage is a matter of great importance and must be carefully considered over and over again. And the premise of the marriage is to end the Grand Competition first, which I have no objection to, but it would be very difficult to carry out."

Wang Lu inwardly felt that indeed the older the ginger, the spicier it was. In just two or three sentences, He Tu had already changed the topic.

Among the older generation of cultivators, Daoist He Tu was considered to be a simple and upright person. Previously, Qiong Hua said that a gentleman could deceive others. The premise was that Daoist He Tu had the character of a gentleman. As a result, the old gentleman also resolutely began to play tricks on the marriage proposal, sacrificing his character for virgin technique excuse.

As for the resistance to end the Grand Competition, Wang Lu had already anticipated it.

From preparation to execution, the Grand Competition mobilized almost all the forces of immortal cultivation in Nine Regions. Even international friends from the Western Continent came to help. Such a grand event was like a chariot that weighed more than ten thousand kilograms, unstoppably rolling forward. Even the driver could only adjust the direction slightly. It was impossible to stop it abruptly.

Especially in recent times, through the efforts of Wang Lu, the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals had finally reversed its declining trend and started to make great strides towards victory. If the Organizing Committee suddenly claimed that the Grand Competition had lost its significance at this time, perhaps, the instantaneous anger would be enough to collapse the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals.

Thus, even if they all agreed to end the Grand Competition, it had to be done gradually. Today he met with Daoist He Tu, this could be classified as upper layer information release. To really carry out the proposal, there would still be many meetings to hold, and many discussions to debate.

"However, if our action is too slow, Senior Gem Emperor might not be willing to wait. From my observation, Senior Gem Emperor is a decisive person, she either not do something, or if she does, she would do it swiftly and decisively. Often, she doesn't even care whether the people around him could keep up with her or not. So, we can't follow the normal process to end the Grand Competition.

"So, what are you going to do?" Seeing that while talking about those words, Wang Lu remained calm and composed, Daoist He Tu knew that Wang Lu had already thought of something. Thus, he directly asked.

Wang Lu said, "There's no need to tell people the truth. Just say that the Earth Immortal camp requests to change the form of competition, but it is still a kind of Grand Competition. In fact, Senior Gem Emperor's solo challenge invitation had something in common with the Grand Competition to a certain extent."

After a moment of thinking, Qiong Hua said, "But the specific organizational form of Grand Competition was finally determined and accepted by people after many discussions at the beginning. Sudden changes always require a reason. Especially since this matter is put forward by the Earth Immortal side, the resistance will surely even be greater."

Wang Lu said, "So we need a story that can convince everyone."

Qiong Hua replied, "I would like to hear more about it."

"I've tried to think about it, so here it is. It might be said that the purpose of the Grand Competition is to enhance communication and friendship. However, at the start of the competition, a few Earth Immortals, led by Bai Ze and the man in black ignored the overall situation. They stirred up a storm by dealing with a heavy hand, thus creating deep hatred between the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals and the Earth Immortals, destroying the great situation of unity and friendship. Senior Gem Emperor was once a respected leader of the Earth Immortals who fell into eternal sleep because of her heavy injury. After an unexpected awakening, she soon learned what had happened and felt angry and ashamed of Bai Ze's actions. Thus, she set out to put things right and banished Bai Ze and the others. Later, she felt guilty for the mistakes made by her fellow Earth Immortals and decided to redeem herself in her own way, which is to fight all the competition by herself."

After those words, Wang Lu looked up at Daoist He Tu and Qiong Hua and said, "How do you think about this story? Is it convincing enough?"

Daoist He Tu murmured, "You want to put the blame on the exiled Earth Immortals? Whether or not Black is guilty, that is still up in the air, but Xuan Mo is nevertheless innocent."

Wang Lu said, "There's no other way. Compared to Senior Gem Emperor on the stage, Xuan Mo had no use of value. Senior Gem Emperor hates those people very much. As long as she is still on stage, Bai Ze, Xuan Mo, and others would not come back.

Daoist He Tu was silent for a while again and did not speak anymore. This could be considered as tacit approval.

Qiong Hua sighed and said, "This is just your statement. What if Senior Gem Emperor refuses to cooperate with you in telling this story? I think if Senior Gem Emperor is as proud and arrogant as you said, then she should disdain telling such a lie."

Wang Lu said, "So back to the original problem. Please Supreme, marry her quickly and make use of pillow talk to let her give up the principle."

"... I'll think about it again." He Tu frowned tightly and seemed vaguely affected."

Wang Lu knew that speed was not enough. It was hard to fool He Tu in one go, especially when there was Qiong Hua who was smart and intelligent beside him. Currently, having managed to talk He Tu into thinking about it was already a success.

Thus, Wang Lu did not waste his time. He directly said goodbye to He Tu while Qiong Hua rose to send him away. When Wang Lu was sent out of the place, a girl's cold voice came to Wang Lu's ear,

"Now you're in a whirlpool, don't lose your way."

Wang Lu was shocked when he heard that. He then smiled and said, "Don't worry."


From the Shengjing Sect quarter to Immortal Five Area, Wang Lu felt much more relaxed, smiling all the way.

But, when he got to the door, that smile froze on his face.

A young girl, still with a child-like face, leaned against the windowsill and watched the decorations in the courtyard with interest.

Seeing Wang Lu, she slightly hooked her mouth, as if greeting with a smile. Seeing this, Wang Lu was shocked.

She was the leader of the Earth Immortal camp. Instead of basking in the glory in her own place, what was she doing here?

Senior Gem Emperor almost always surrounded by the majestic purple light. This meant that she was playing the role of the emperor when she was inside the purple sphere. When she showed her true self, it meant that she wanted to deal with personal matters. However, the problem was... Her marriage was already set to be with Daoist He Tu. So, what personal matters she needed to deal with Wang Lu?Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Take me out for a walk." Senior Gem Emperor was always straight to the point.

Upon hearing her words, Wang Lu was startled. "Go out? You mean..."

Senior Gem Emperor replied, "I have been sleeping for more than ten thousand years. I want to see what the Nine Regions looks like now."

Wang Lu grinned bitterly. "Probably there's nothing good to look at."

It was actually not ugly, but rather inconvenient. The leader of the Earth Immortals suddenly stepped out of the tomb and set foot in Nine Regions. The meaning of this was enough to cause countless shocks."

Senior Gem Emperor completely ignored it. Instead, she pulled Wang Lu's hand and said, "Let's go. Take me to see your sect first."

Wang Lu bitterly said, "You promised to marry He Tu before, so now you are a bride-to-be. How can you tangle with another man?"

Senior Gem Emperor looked at him and said, "In that case, you can be the groom."

Wang Lu immediately changed his words, "Spirit Sword Sect is located on Spirit Sword Mountain in Blue River Region. It has beautiful scenery, beautiful birds and flowers. I will take you to see them..."