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In Shengjing Sect section of Immortal Four Area, Daoist He Tu stared at the documents presented by Wang Lu in astonishment and blurted out a word.

With Daoist He Tu's experience and temperament, there were not many things in the world that could shock him. However, at this time, he was shocked by the terrifying topic on the document in front of him. Even the cup in his hand shook and drops of tea sprinkled down.

The reaction of Daoist He Tu shocked the people around him as well.

Two delicate-looking children cultivator attendants stared in surprise. They had been serving Daoist He Tu for more than a hundred years. Such a situation was rare and could be counted. They were very curious about what documents could make the Supreme in charge shook like that. However, because their duty was to listen to the command of Daoist He Tu, rather than to listen to the information that they should not be listened to, they suffered under the weight of their curiosity.

In fact, although the personality of Daoist He Tu was simple and rigid, he was not a very strict and demanding leader. He would not care if his subordinates occasionally overstep their post in front of him. At this time, however, in addition to Daoist He Tu and two child-like cultivator attendants, there was also a stern Senior Sister of the sect.

Qiong Huo.

"Master, please pay attention to your manners."

The flawless-looking girl frowned slightly and pointed out the improper behavior of Daoist He Tu without mercy. However, after castigating Daoist He Tu, she turned her eyes to the document in his hand.

As the lead disciple of Shengjing Sect, she had the same authority as Senior Elders. The documents in He Tu were eligible for direct reading by her.

As her eyes scanned the document, Qiong Huo gently read out the title.

"On the request for the marriage of Supreme He Tu and Senior Gem Emperor, the leader of the Earth Immortal!"

Upon hearing the last few words, Qiong Hua's intonation became higher because it was so fantastic. Even if it was just a headline, people would like to go straight to the Immortal Five Area immediately to pull Wang Lu out and ask him what tricks were he playing at.

After Qiong Huo read out the title, the two childlike cultivator attendants stood on the edge of the room and tacitly flashed away. There were some words that they should not listen to. Even if they were deaf.

A moment later, Qiong Huo looked up and said, "Master, please allow me to read this document with you."

He Tu nodded.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Not long after reading the documents, both Master and disciple fell into deep thoughts at the same time.

Although the title was frightening and absurd, Wang Lu's statement of facts in the document was rigorous and serious. He wrote all the things that happened during his meeting with Senior Gem Emperor and her requests. And then he put forward his own suggestions in a logical way.

Senior Gem Emperor intended to stop the Grand Competition and put forward an irresistible alternative. In order to show her sincerity, she was willing to marry someone from the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals. And the most representative character of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals was the current number one person in Nine Regions. As it happened, Daoist He Tu had never been married, so he was a natural fit with Senior Gem Emperor.

"Although Senior Gem Emperor is a woman, she is more upright than a man. She does things clean and tidy. Which is exactly in line with the style of Supreme He Tu. In addition, although she is an ancient figure, she looks like a young teenage girl, with a beautiful and delicate face, and a slightly graceful body. To sum up, it is recommended that Supreme He Tu agree with the other party's marriage proposal and marry Senior Gem Emperor as a Daoist Couple. If it's all right, please let me know."

After reading the whole report, Daoist He Tu was silent, while Qiong Huo softly sighed. "The change in things is really unexpected. Unexpectedly there is such a person as Senior Gem Emperor on the side of the Earth Immortal, and unfortunately... Master, how should we reply to Wang Lu?"

Daoist He Tu said, "Call him first."

Upon being summoned by Daoist He Tu, Wang Lu appeared in front of him a moment later.

"Greetings, Supreme He Tu." After a casual ceremony, Wang Lu smiled and asked, "I suppose Supreme had already seen my report. I wonder what would Supreme response be? Senior Gem Emperor is such an exquisitely beautiful girl. I wonder whether she fits your taste? Or do you prefer someone slightly more mature?"

"Don't talk nonsense!" Cried Qiong Huo.

Daoist He Tu did not mind Wang Lu's teasing and said, "It's indeed about Senior Gem Emperor that you were called here. This person suddenly woke from her sleep and made an astonishing noise, which really disrupted our position... However, you mentioned in your report that after meeting you, she proposed to end the Grand Competition. As an alternative, she will fight alone against anyone from the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals in the competition arena for a month. On the other hand, she is also ready to make a marriage alliance with the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals... Your report only asked for my consent in marriage. Does it mean that you have agreed to the request of ending the Grand Competition?"

Wang Lu answered it with a straight face, "That's right. In my opinion, the Grand Competition can indeed end."

Qiong Huo asked in a deep voice, "In this Grand Competition, we have worked hard to gradually turn the situation around from the originally desperate situation. Now that we have the upper hand, why should we give up halfway because of the other side's words? Do you think her strength is simply irresistible or do you think her proposal will be better for us?"

Wang Lu said, "Actually, it has nothing to do with the alternative plan of Senior Gem Emperor. I agree with her plan, the most important reason is that the Grand Competition has no more value to continue." After a pause, Wang Lu explained, "My original intention in designing the Grand Competition is not just to win the competition. I hoped that through competition, we can promote the internal communication in the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, and at the same time close the distance between the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals and the Earth Immortals. In this way, no matter who wins or loses in the future, at least we can converge as much as possible. Only in this way can we hope to compete with the more powerful opponents. However, the effect of the Grand Competition is not ideal. Instead of closing the distance with the Earth Immortals, hatred was brewed by killing each other. At the same time, the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals only barely showing cohesion under high pressure, and the internal contradictions increasing instead of decreasing. From this point of view, I failed to fulfill my obligations as the chief planner."

After listening to Wang Lu's words, Daoist He Tu was silent for a long time.

"No wonder you..."

Before he could finish his words, Wang Lu already nodded and said, "Supreme, please be wise, you really can't blame me for this."

Daoist He Tu suddenly felt as if he was choking. He was stunned for a while and unable to speak.

Wang Lu explained, "The Grand Competition had already been turned into a carnage early on by the Earth Immortals that even if I have thousands of ways, I could not do anything about it. Cooperation is based on mutual understanding. They did not cooperate. So we can only unilaterally use force to rub the bleeding. Later I planned the revenge against the murderers, there was no other way-if I couldn't unite with the Earth Immortals, I should at least unite my own people and not let others lose confidence. However, in looking back to our original intention, the Grand Competition already has very little value, and the two sides are already covered with each other's blood. To what extent can a contract alone constrain the Earth Immortals?"

Daoist He Tu sighed and remained silent.

What Wang Lu just said was, in fact, already known by the Senior Elders for a long time. From the start of the competition, the Earth Immortals acted with a heavy hand, so the Senior Elders realized that this Grand Competition was destined to be unable to be completed successfully.

In the competition, Daoist He Tu delegated as much powers to Wang Lu, whose qualification was still shallow, just to take control of the situation. There were more or less reasons for this. If something was doomed to fail, let Wang Lu dealt with it. Maybe there would be a miracle?

"Of course, things are not without room for maneuver. Previously, my consideration was to pull the two camps together. On the one hand, I would use the channel of Xuan Mo to gradually establish friendships with the more moderate Earth Immortals. On the other hand, I wanted to eliminate the Flesh Massacre and Little Poison Immortal. Although the implementation would be very troublesome, and the effect might not be good, but it's a kind of an impossible solution." Wang Lu quietly said, "But now the situation has changed. Xuan Mo and the others have been banished by Senior Gem Emperor. We have lost the way to establish personal friendships with the Earth Immortals. The original plan is no longer feasible. Hence, the value of the Grand Competition would be further reduced... However, the emergence of Senior Gem Emperor actually allowed me to see a turning point."

"According to the original plan, because the Earth Immortal camp is like scattered sand, we should try our best to make friends with everyone on the Earth Immortal camp. But now that Senior Gem Emperor has unified them, we only need to deal with her alone. How to unite the Earth Immortal camp, that is Senior Gem Emperor's task."

"Originally, we needed to win over a hundred Earth Immortals in thousands of intricate events. The resources required during this period are enormous-and this has led to many internal contradictions. However, now we only need to focus on one person and within one month, we can compete with her in any competition. We only need to win once."

Hearing this, He Tu interrupted, "If she dares to make such a condition, she must have something to rely on. According to what you said in your report, Senior Gem Emperor's strength and mentality are unprecedented, almost omnipotent. So, how could you guarantee that in a month, we would win even one competition?"

Wang Lu said, "It doesn't matter if we can't win. If Senior Gem Emperor is really strong enough to sweep the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, what else can we do besides to accept the loss? We would lose our face if we don't admit defeat by then. Moreover, the marriage proposed by Senior Gem Emperor was precisely prepared for this situation. If we can't overwhelm her in the arena, we can only expect the person who will marry her to do the duty well."

At this point, Wang Lu turned his attention to the document in Daoist He Tu's hands.

"Supreme He Tu, you are the number one person in Nine Regions, the most worthy in the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals. You have great strength and high morality. No one else can afford this task except you."

Speaking to this, even Qiong Huo felt speechless. Daoist He Tu, on the other hand, had been thinking for a long time, and his expression changed from moment to moment.

Finally, after a long period of thinking, Daoist He Tu gave his answer,

"For this matter... I am afraid I can only say sorry."

Wang Lu was shocked. "Why?"

"Because... I am a virgin technique practitioner."