Senior Gem Emperor was really a master at disrupting other people's rhythm.

Since she strangely woke up, Wang Lu found out that his rhythm couldn't come back anymore.

At first, Wang Lu hatched a plan to close the relationship between Earth Immortals and his camp through Xuan Mo. As a result, just as he was about to take action, Senior Gem Emperor launched a coup d'etat to oust Xuan Mo and other people from power. The original work plan had to be scrapped entirely.

The second time, Wang Lu went to the Mysterious Frost World alone and witnessed a fierce battle between Senior Gem Emperor and the World Dragon. He originally planned to leave quickly while Senior Gem Emperor recovered her strength. However, his opponent actually blocked his exit. Since then, Wang Lu had judged that Senior Gem Emperor's ability to control rhythm was absolutely top-notch. She was very good at judging the actions of her opponents. Like someone who could predict without being a clairvoyant, at a crucial point, she could put on a bit of strength, making her able to lift heavy weights with just little strength. Let alone, her strength was enormous.

The third time was when Wang Wu, bringing a bouquet of flowers, proposed a marriage. She also had the intention of destroying the opponent's rhythm with an oblique move. As a result, a group of fanatics easily destroyed her calculation. Wang Lu didn't think that this was deliberately instigated by Senior Gem Emperor, but also did not think that she would not know about it. A wise emperor must know how to control people's hearts. It was a necessary skill to let the cannon fodder to go to the front. This understated move really showed the strength of Senior Gem Emperor.

The fourth time was this counter marriage proposal, which was really unexpected, and made people slap the table and shout with praise. The counter marriage proposal seemed absurd as if it was a revenge on Wang Wu's previous attempt. However, how could a majestic Senior Gem Emperor make such a silly joke?

She was truly serious. Seriously considering Wang Wu as a wife, a political marriage to draw the cultivators of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals.

And exactly because of the seriousness of Senior Gem Emperor, Wang Lu felt that this fellow was really a top player in destroying people's rhythm.

Because her method was feasible. Very feasible! With one person's strength, she would wait in the Immortal One Arena, waiting for any challenge from the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals. If she could win in a row, her reputation would soar high. As for the marriage with Wang Wu... If she really wanted to marry Wang Wu to be a couple cultivator, she could calm many people's doubts.

Wang Lu would do the same thing if he changed places with her!

The framework of Grand Competition was disadvantageous to the Earth Immortal camp, no matter how it was calculated. Senior Gem Emperor's ability to integrate the Earth Immortal camp would certainly cause them to have a renewed energy. However, after the loss of Xuan Mo and others, her team had been very thin. Facing such a comprehensive competition such as the Grand Competition, it was inevitable that there were difficulties. And Wang Lu had done enough to make sure of this. He planned a number of tactics for the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals to take advantage of their numerical superiority in the field.

On the whole, Grand Competition was more advantageous to the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals and less advantageous to the Earth Immortals. Earth Immortal camp was willing to agree to this competition because Bai Ze lost to Wang Wu in a bet, and he represented the Earth Immortal camp at that time. Later, the two sides jointly concluded a contract, more than one hundred Earth Immortals placed their Immortal Spirit on the Nine Regions Map. Thus, there was no room for regret...

However, Senior Gem Emperor did not wake up at that time and did not put her Immortal Spirit. Therefore, she was not restricted by the contract and was qualified to overthrow the Grand Competition.

If it were Wang Lu himself, he could also fully exploit this point. It was just that it would not necessarily as decisive as that of Senior Gem Emperor-her actions were so fast.

From the perspective of onlookers, Wang Lu appreciated the means and execution of Senior Gem Emperor. However, now as an opponent... Wang Lu began to miss Bai Ze and men in black.

After taking a deep breath, Wang Lu began to face his opponent.

The first step was to avoid direct confrontation.

Senior Gem Emperor's style of doing things was extremely overbearing, which could be seen from how she treated Bai Ze and Xuan Mo after she had awakened from her long sleep. She was able to unite a large number of Earth Immortals and make them her loyal supporters. However, for Bai Ze and others, it could be seen that her style of doing things was radical.

Now she talked with civility with him, but the unquestioned tone of her voice was barely veiled. Of course, Wang Lu would not agree to simply end the Grand Competition, let alone to let her marry Wang Wu. However, direct rejection was obviously not a good method.

Therefore, Wang Lu used the politician's solution: push the problem down the road.

"... It is not my place to end the Grand Competition, nor let Wang Wu marry you. I'm just the chief planner, not the person in charge."

Senior Gem Emperor laughed and pressed forward step by step. "But I only ask about your attitude."

Wang Lu remained silent for a moment and did not know how to answer. At the same time, he knew that if he continued to be led by Senior Gem Emperor like this, he would never be able to find his rhythm again.

So, then... what should he do?

In fact, there was only one answer. Senior Gem Emperor was a master of rhythm, but was he not?

Who did Wang Lu fear when he fiercely controlled the rhythm of the Grand Competition? Creating miracles out of deadlock was his specialty.

Instantly, Wang Lu had cleared his mind and then shrugged his shoulders.

"Then forgive me for being blunt, I am against it."

Senior Gem Emperor was not surprised. "The reason?"

Wang Lu opened his mouth, thought for a moment, and said earnestly, "Wang Wu is my wife, she is already taken. Naturally, she could not marry more than one person."


The purple sphere in front of Wang Lu was quiet for a while.

"... Since she is your wife, why did she propose to me some time ago?"

Wang Lu said, "Because she is a slut that has no moral integrity and limit on how low she could stoop down."

"..." Senior Gem Emperor was once again disturbed by the rhythm of this unconstrained words. From within the purple sphere, Senior Gem Emperor carefully examined Wang Lu. The eyes of the Earth Immortal easily penetrated all disguises and reached the depth of the soul.

There, she found that Wang Lu did not lie. At least when he said that, it was from the heart.

What was going on here?

Senior Gem Emperor looked in disbelieve at the opposite side again and again. A slut that had no moral integrity and limit on how low she could stoop down? Even if it was a joke, that kind of insult was simply too much. What's more, if Wang Wu was really that bad, why would he marry her?

No... This condition had its own problem. They were Master and disciple. How could they marry?

It was true that after generations, the ethics of cultivators were quite different from those of the past. However, a Master and disciple relationship was still very special no matter what.

There were countless surprises in the heart of Senior Gem Emperor, but she quickly suppressed them.

Spending too much thought on these issues was the same as falling into the rhythm of the other side... It didn't matter what the relationship between Wang Lu and his Master was. Since Wang Wu could not be a candidate for marriage, she would simply change it.

Senior Gem Emperor then said, "Since Wang Wu is out of the question, then why don't you be my wife?"

Wang Lu was surprised. "Me? You might not understand, Wang Wu is my wife. That means I am her husband. So I also could not marry again. Unless you want to be my second wife... But, since childhood, I have for visiting.

Senior Gem Emperor said, "Since you proposed Daoist He Tu, then I will marry him. According to what I said earlier, I will end the Grand Competition. For a whole month, I will be ready for any challenge in the Immortal One Arena. If I can win all the challenges, you will submit to me according to the contract. At the same time, I will marry Daoist He Tu after that. That's it."

"Wait a minute. According to normal logic, you should firmly oppose the marriage with Daoist He Tu. That kind of old man, you still..."

Unfortunately, Senior Gem Emperor no longer paid attention to what Wang Lu said. The purple sphere flashed and disappeared without a trace, causing Wang Lu's voice to stop abruptly.

"Damn it, just like that? What in the world is happening?"


The brief confrontation with Senior Gem Emperor ended in the defeat of Wang Lu.

This verbal confrontation of defeat was rare for Wang Lu. However, in retrospect, Wang Lu sincerely accepted his loss.

The lower limit of Senior Gem Emperor was truly deep and immeasurable. She was even willing to accept an old man like Daoist He Tu. The dignity of the Emperor had been humbled ever since. What else could Wang Lu say?

Of course, the lower limit was only a joke. From another perspective, Senior Gem Emperor was just showing her consciousness: the consciousness of building alliances.

With her cleverness, would she not know how much damage the marriage do to her? In order to get married, she was not even picky in choosing her partner at all. This was simply like a prostitute.

Yet, Senior Gem Emperor was willing to do it.

Because she wanted to end the farce as soon as possible, build a real alliance, and face the threat of Fallen Immortal together... It had nothing to do with self-interest. For personal gain, she had too many means to use.

After realizing this, Wang Lu abandoned his intention of continuing to entangle Senior Gem Emperor.

Since even she had done this, the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals could not be too small-minded, right?

In a sense, Senior Gem Emperor was a much more difficult opponent than Bai Ze, Xuan Mo, and others. However, after talking with Senior Gem Emperor, Wang Lu felt that it was good for such a fellow to wake up.

Thinking of this, Wang Lu sighed and put down his writing brush.

What he needed to do next was to report this matter to Daoist He Tu, but how?

Boss He Tu, congratulations! I just successfully sold you out and found a young girl to be your wife! Please enjoy yourself!(In TCM, kidneys correspond to ability in bed)