Wang Lu had speculated long ago that the immortal dream world within the Tomb of Immortals could be roughly divided into two categories: one was completely randomly generated, with varied content and varied reward. In the early days of the exploration of the Tomb of Immortals, most of the Immortal Dream Worlds experienced by the cultivators were of this kind.

The other was that the content was relatively fixed and unique, and its existence had a very clear purpose: inheritance. Wang Lu's participation in the Five Blood Spirit Crown was a typical example. The entire immortal dream world was designed so that the winner inherited the Five Blood Spirit Crown. Later on, the Heavenly Earth was also the same. Essentially, it was the mausoleum of Xuan Mo, which stored the life-long savings of Xuan Mo. Immortal Sword Rouge Tear was one of them. At the same time, the treasures of the second kind of Immortal Dream World did not need to follow the principle of equivalent exchange because they were not forged by condensation of the Nine Region's spiritual energy. For example, the difficulty in solving the trial in the Heavenly Earth by Wang Lu and his Master was a lot worse than the level of obtained treasure, Rouge Tears.

After experiencing the second kind of Immortal Dream World, Wang Lu had already judged that the existence of the Tomb of Immortals was not to provide training grounds for future generations-that was just an additional function of the Tomb of Immortals. The real purpose of the place was to select the right heirs and pass on the real precious treasures of the Earth Immortals so that they could fight against the Fallen Immortals in the future.

After the awakening of the Earth Immortals, this conjecture was confirmed. However, the core treasures of the Earth Immortals had never appeared-Rouge Tears and several such immortal treasures of the same level were precious, but far from being able to compete with the core treasures of the Earth Immortals.

These core treasures had been in the collection of the Earth Immortals for thousands of years and they regarded them as the only hope of turning the table around. Thus, there would never be just several immortal treasures-there were even more of these things in the hands of Fallen Immortals. The higher the cultivation level was, the more abundant the resources. The treasures would, of course, crush you. The Earth Immortals would certainly not be confused by this. So, what was their real card then?

It had been half a year since the beginning of the Grand Competition. In terms of points accumulated, the gap between the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals and its opponent was not big. It was possible to reverse the gap at any time and surpass it once and for all. The dawn of victory could already be seen in the distant... But up to now, no one knew exactly what would they obtain if they win in the end.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

This was simultaneously normal and not normal. It was normal because, since the real treasure was the thing that the Earth Immortals relied on to turn the table around and of course, they could not expose it at will. In case something unexpected happens, who could afford the responsibility? Even if in the end, the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals win, the Earth Immortals would only share their real treasure in a limited way-unless, from the beginning, the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals completely steamrolled the Grand Competition and were unable to left any points to the opponent.

The not so normal thing was that, even if the Earth Immortals wanted to hide their real treasure, how could they hide it? So far, no Earth Immortals had ever walked out of the Tomb of Immortals, plus the Tomb of Immortals had been widely opened after a long period of exploration. Almost all the Immortal Dream Worlds could be freely entered. At least on the star map, most areas had already been visible... However, no one had ever found anything remotely suspected of possessing precious treasures.

There was really no need to enter this kind of place. One would immediately know as long as it was founded in the swirl of the stars, but it could not be entered and was also strictly guarded. Or perhaps it was far away from the others, but so far, nothing had been founded.

In light of this, presumably, the map in Zhong Shengming's hands was not complete. In the beginning, the Earth Immortals invited Zhong Shengjing to join. However, Zhong Shengming showed some hesitation, so the Earth Immortals did not give him their full trust and left the real secret behind. The location of the real treasure was not shown on the map at all, so it was impossible to find the relevant areas according to the existing clues. After inwardly guessing until this step, Wang Lu gave a question to sound it out, "Your real inheritance is placed in the body of the first kind of World Dragon, right?"

Sure enough, Xuan Mo did not suspect anything and merely nodded. "This is..."

Halfway through, Xuan Mo abruptly stopped. Her reaction was very fast, but she shook her head helplessly after she stopped talking. Just now she realized that she had already 'confessed without being pressed.' Wang Lu was really insidious, completely catching her off guard when her mind was in a little trance, which led to her disclosure of the big secret.

The real treasure hidden in the deepest was the biggest secret. Only a few people knew Of its existence even among the Earth Immortals. In her careless moment, she was tricked by Wang Lu to reveal the secret!

This was simply a disgrace of a lifetime! And it was all because she had always trusted him!

Wang Lu, the main culprit, looked at her with a smile. "The way I see it since we have violated the taboo, taking the first step, it would be better to just go all the way, you and your secret come over to our side."

How impudence of him to say such brazen words!

However, on second thought, Xuan Mo had some self-abandonment thought: After the battle against Senior Gem Emperor, she was totally not allowed to be in the camp of Earth Immortals, so she might as well...

However, Xuan Mo soon thought that, if she really did that, what would the reaction of Senior Gem Emperor be like? Would the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals be regarded as mortal enemies? In that case, it would be a disaster for the entire Nine Regions.

Senior Gem Emperor was very powerful, not only individually. More importantly, he now represented the Earth Immortal Camp and was followed by most of the Earth Immortals. If the Gem Emperor refused to cooperate, then the cooperation between the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals and Earth Immortals was just empty talk.

So far, Senior Gem Emperor had not excluded the cooperation with the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals but merely stressed that they must hold the dominant power-thus the reason why he expressed his anger at the successive defeats of the Earth Immortals not long ago. At the same time, Senior Gem Emperor was not a person who would go back on his word. So he was willing to abide by the basic rule of the Grand Competition. That was to say, Senior Gem Emperor would strive for victory, but if he really loses, he would not cheat and break the contract-in fact, the contract could not be broken. At the opening ceremony of the Grand Competition, almost all the Earth Immortals put their immortal spirit on the Nine Regions Map. Once they breach the contract, Senior Gem Emperor would become a lone commander.

However, if Senior Gem Emperor believed that the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals had violated the agreement and interfered in the internal affairs of the Earth Immortals, it would be reasonable to stop the Grand Competition and then regard everyone in the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals as enemies.

Senior Gem Emperor's character had always been either black or white, completely ignorant of compromise... When their leader was still alive, that was the case of Senior Gem Emperor. Now, after his unexpected awakening, his personality seemed to have become more extreme. If the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals was included in the hostile entity list, it would never be withdrawn.

And that must be the situation the Fallen Immortals most happy to see.

Thinking of this, Xuan Mo's idea of changing sides faded again. Looking at Wang Lu, she helplessly said, "I can't be with you."

Upon hearing this, Wang Lu smiled and said, "Who would prevent us?"

Xuan Mo looked at Wang Lu with an obvious guilty look.

Wang Lu then changed the topic, "Are you worried about Senior Gem Emperor? In that case, we might as well continue with what we have just said. What kind of person is Gem Emperor?"

"... Sorry, I'm not in the mood to talk right now and it's not the time to speak. Senior Gem Emperor is not a very patient person. He might come back at any time, so you better leave early."

Wang Lu thought that this was indeed the truth. This time's harvest was already rich enough. From understanding the situation of the Earth Immortal camp; to see the fierce battle between Senior Gem Emperor and the World Dragon while determining the existence of Earth Immortal's secret treasure. He must bring back these news to the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals as soon as possible.

"In that case, I'll take my leave. I hope that when we meet again next time, we can be in the same camp."

Xuan Mo said, "We have always been in the same camp-the camp against the Fallen Immortals."

"Well said."

Wang Lu cupped his hand toward Xuan Mo and then summoned out Rouge Tears; rose up to the air and then left Xuan Mo.

When he flew across the sky of Mysterious Frost World on his flying sword, he could clearly see that the once smooth ice world had been full of cracks and was filled with the color of death and decay... Xuan Mo said that each and every small world in the Tomb of Immortals was a universe inside the body of a World Dragon. Now that the Mysterious Frost Dragon had died, the world died with it.

No wonder World Dragon couldn't be used as a living weapon. Not to mention the lack of fighting ability of this creature, the cost of dying in the fight was also a bit too heavy. Fortunately, the Mysterious Frost World was only a refuge place of Xuan Mo. If it was her treasure-house if it became like this...

At this point, a flash of inspiration crossed through Wang Lu's mind and he thought of a very important thing. However, just as this thought began to take off and before he even had time to think about it deeply, he heard a cold voice coming from the front.


Upon hearing this, Wang Lu was shocked. He immediately put all his reverie away. The golden core in his Jade Mansion madly rotated and exported out his entire True Yuan to Rouge Tears under his feet. His primordial spirit was connected with the Sword Spirit Autumn Beam and together with the sword-Rouge Tears; the nimble and light characteristics of Rouge Tears were brought to the limit.

Although limited by his Jindan Stage, Wang Lu's current high speed was enough to dazzle the eyes of Deity Stage expert... Unfortunately, in the river of stars, there was no such a weak existence as Deity Stage cultivator.

Although Wang Lu's reaction was quick, he still could not get rid of his opponent. He only felt that the stars blurred before his eyes and then he returned to his original place at the next moment.

Wang Lu was silent for a moment. Stopping his True Yuan output, he said, "Is there anything wrong?"

With that, he turned his head to the source of the sound. However, he did not see any purple light, just a small and exquisite figure of a girl.

She looked about thirteen or fourteen years old teenager and her facial features were obviously still immature. However, her frosty indifference made her look a bit more mature. However, in any case, it was just a pretty girl.

Is this Senior Gem Emperor?

Wang Lu put down his guard a little but soon realized that he seemed naive.

"You're the one who leads us into this mess?" The girl slowly spoke, "You have some skills."

Wang Lu's heart slightly sank. "May I ask who you are?"

"I am Senior Gem Emperor."