There were too many things hidden behind that terrible fight.

How did Flesh Massacre, who had always been good at self-preservation, lost his life in the match? Why did Thousand Illusion Child's performance looked so horrible? Why was it that after the defeat, Calculation Immortals seemed to feel relieved? Why would Xuan Mo look so disinterested this time?

The answers to these questions boiled down to the fact that the internal strife between the Earth Immortals had reached a state of unbridled despair.

This was an easy-to-guess answer, but Wang Lu was curious about how no one would interfere in such a serious situation.

"What's that hard-hearted Black doing?"

Xuan Mo grinned bitterly and said, "He is the focus of this contradiction... Many people questioned his inappropriate strategy in the early stage which created the current situation. Later, some people still supported him, while others fiercely opposed him. At that time, the quarrel was so awful that it even descended into a big fight."

Wang Lu asked with interest, "Did Black win?"

Xuan Mo said, "He has done nothing and this entire thing hurt him instead. He has been restraining himself... Otherwise, he would have appeared in the match."

Wang Lu was even more curious now. "Have there been any casualties? So, Flesh Massacre and the others..."

Xuan Mo had no choice but to laugh bitterly. "He and the others were injured; otherwise, they wouldn't have performed so badly in the match."

"Does that mean they forced you guys to go to the match injured? That's simply inhumane..." Wang Lu frowned and thought about what it meant.

At this time, Wang Wu said in a deep voice, "Who are you talking about?"

"... It's Senior Gem Emperor."

Wang Lu asked, "Who is he?"

"He was one of the generals under our former leader. His inheritance has some connection with your Royal Soldier Sect. He is fierce, obstinate, and self-opinionated, but his power is strong. In those days, he was also one of the people that gave a headache to our leader."

"I've never heard you mention him before."

"Unfortunately, we are still in a hostile relationship, is it necessary for me to tell you everything? However, considering the current situation of his group..." Xuan Mo shook her head and explained, "He just woke up a short time ago. We thought he would sleep forever, so naturally we did not talk about it. After this unexpected awakening, he was very dissatisfied with our situation, accusing us of losing the dignity of Earth Immortals, especially Black and Bai Ze, and then..."

A sad expression appeared on Xuan Mo's face and she didn't want to continue speaking about this any further.

Wang Lu had also guessed what happened later. Obviously, in his anger, Gem Emperor launched a purge of those he considered a failure, sweeping them with a powerful force. Naturally, during this period, factions appeared, and they sharply enlarged contradictions.

The Earth Immortal camp was at a disadvantage. It had a very high level of cultivation, but they could not help but despise the later generations of cultivators. Therefore, most people obviously hold a fiery emotion within their hearts. Gem Emperor's hegemonic means catered exactly to this sort of mental gymnastics. Thus, the original leadership of the organization all stepped down, and Gem Emperor took over the power with a tough new team. Then they forced Flesh Massacre and the others to appear in the Deity Stage fight, resulting in their disgraceful performance.

Of course, the snowstorm of shame was just an excuse. To put it plainly, it was their way of clearing up dissidents. The Gem Immortal and his team were so ruthless in their actions that after so much suffering, there was not much left. His action resulted in injuries and casualties.

It was ironic to say that this kind of person would relate with the inheritance of Royal Soldier Sect because, although the way Royal Soldier Sect conducted their practices was rough and straightforward, it paid particular attention to the feelings and situation of their fellow sect members. It was absolutely taboo to lay hands on people in their own side. If someone dared to violate it, they would severely punish the perpetrator.

This Gem Emperor, who was the ancestor of the Royal Soldier Sect, was really merciless to his own people.

It was reasonable to say that when the enemy was fighting with themselves and someone that could stir up trouble appeared, the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals should celebrate. However, how could Wang Lu's vision be that low? How could he not be broad-minded? Thus, there was no sense to rejoice after hearing this news at all. Instead, he said earnestly, "Do you need us to help you eradicate the tyrant?"

Xuan Mo was silent for a long time. "This is an internal matter of the Earth Immortals; if we introduce outsiders to intervene, we would not be able to face ourselves anymore."

Wang Lu said, "Everyone on your side should know that we are here to have a private meeting with you. What else do you care about?"

Upon hearing this, Xuan Mo felt a bit startled and frowned as he thought out loud, "When you guys came, did you encounter any trouble?"

Wang Lu also thought about this problem. He did not know that the internal strife between the Earth Immortals could be this serious. He thought the reason why there was no defense at the door was because of Xuan Mo's hospitality. Now, it appeared that it wasn't Xuan Mo's original intention. Even when she was drunk at home, she had to rely on the magical putuan to sober up, and others also calculated that.

"It seems that someone intentionally wants to create a scandal between you and me in order to further push you out of the circle... Wasn't that Senior Gem Emperor a reckless man who lacks intelligence? How did he come up with such an intrigue? Isn't it humiliating for you?"

Xuan Mo said with a bitter smile, "Senior Gem Emperor is just a man of fierce temperament, not a rash man. Otherwise, it was impossible for him to merge his position in the Earth Immortal camp so quickly... Alas, I merely borrowed wine to relieve my worries, but unexpectedly, I was caught up in such vicious intrigues. I think, by now, the news of my private meeting with you has spread far and wide."

Wang Wu enthusiastically suggested, "In that case, why don't we make it real? I have Telepathic Finger, and it had superb capabilities; it can help you get high. It would save you from being depressed for being framed."

Xuan Mo simply acted as if she did not hear these words. In order not to fall into other people's trap, one immediately determined the accused. Only Wang Wu would imagine this kind of thinking. Fortunately, Wang Lu was the one in charge of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, not Wang Wu. Thus, Xuan Mo looked at Wang Lu and looked forward to his statement.

Who knew that Wang Lu seemed to be inspired by his Master and likewise suggested, "I also think it's better for you to change side now. There's no future for the Earth Immortals, so why don't you come and join us. As the first person from Earth Immortal camp to defect, you will enjoy a very high level of treatment; it's far better than suffering from exclusion here."

Xuan Mo helplessly said, "Impossible."

"Nothing is impossible. Eventually we will merge. The difference lies in which side dominates. Now it seems that if you let Senior Gem Emperor gain the upper hand, you guys might as well lose to the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals. So, why not defect now? Although we are divided into two camps, Union of Ten Thousand Immortals and Earth Immortals, aren't we all not cultivators of Nine Regions?"

Xuan Mo paused for a moment and said, "No, I can't. If I go with you now, nobody in the camp will be able to control Senior Gem Emperor... He owes me a debt of gratitude in the past, so he dared not be too rude to me."

Wang Lu said, "Since you are the only one who can hold him in check, then you're basically the thorn in his side. If you stay here, you would only suffer all kinds of crafty plots and machinations from him, and end up having your reputation swept away, so why bother?"

"I know, but I have no choice. You don't know what kind of person he is and what kind of things he would do. If no one is holding him back, it would cause disaster to both of us."

When Wang Wu heard this, she waved her hand, annoyance clearly seeping through her face. "Why are you being so difficult? If it was me, I would immediately issue him a challenge, invite him to fight a duel, and kill him on a stage."

Wang Lu sneered. "If he really had the ability and courage to fight him in a one-on-one fight, he would have entered the previous deity stage fight. Unfortunately, he's just pushing the wounded into battle."

Xuan Mo said, "Don't underestimate him. Of course, he would come forward to fight. He would wait for the next fight... In a way, he's more cruel than Black, so you guys have to be careful."

Wang Lu continued to sneer. "Rest assured, as long as he dares to come forward, I promise to help you solve this hidden internal danger."


Afterwards, the three of them had some small talks. Wang Lu tried several times to persuade Xuan Mo to defect, but she always rejected the offer. With that, both gave their farewells and left. Xuan Mo's interest waned; it saddened her that her former comrades-in-arms had turned into enemies and had no intention of keeping Wang Wu and Wang Lu.

After leaving the Heavenly Earth, Wang Lu thought and said, "This is really weird."

Wang Wu nodded and said. "It's really strange that a woman would refuse my Telepathic Finger."

"... I think it's far-fetched for an awakened Senior Gem Emperor to cause a stir all of a sudden. It's definitely not a coincidence."

Wang Wu said, "If it's not a coincidence, was someone deliberately running to where he slept and woke him up with a passionate kiss?"

"... You're disgusting. What's the benefit for returning him back? The Earth Immortal camp is in turmoil and killing each other. It's totally beneficial for us."

Wang Wu was about to make a joke, but when she saw Wang Lu's serious face, she also earnestly said, "Perhaps people just wanted to bring back a strong support at first. They didn't expect so much debate would stir up after the awakening of Senior Gem Emperor. As the old saying goes, there must be great rule after great chaos. This Senior Gem Emperor acted so aggressively probably because he thought that even if he had to fight for a tragic sacrifice, it is necessary to integrate the camps' forces completely. If the Earth Immortals could really create complete order, it's not a good thing for us."

"Besides Wang Lu's efforts, the disorganized power of the Earth Immortals is also an important reason why the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals has a slight advantage over the Earth Immortals. The leadership of Xuan Mo and Bai Ze is not strong, while the man in black rarely leaves. The Earth Immortals fight alone by virtue of their superior cultivation level. After the initial dominance, the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals would gradually find out the number of ways to make some targeted arrangements, which is inconvenient for the other camp."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

However, if this Gem Emperor could unite the power of Earth Immortals and mold them into a united force, then the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals would not see better days.

"We'll see. This Senior Gem Emperor is just like a double-edged sword. Before hurting us, I'm afraid they might not withstand it... So I still feel strange." Wang Lu touched his chin and said, "I used to think the number one enemy is that man in black, but now there's this inexplicable Senior Gem Emperor suddenly. This development is too strange"

"The awakening of the Earth Immortals was originally inexplicable." Wang Wu spread her hands and said, "They said that they would leave a legacy for future generations, but now, after they awakened, they regretted it and wanted to refuse the deal. It's not strange that such a person would appear."