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 Unlike the last visit to Xuan Mo at the vortex of the galaxy, this time, Wang Lu was ready for the fight.

The last time they met, Wang Lu and Xuan Mo had a very happy conversation. That was because each of them grasped the sense of the conversation and didn't go out of the line, so the atmosphere was harmonious. At the same time, Wang Lu's departure was not informed to anyone beforehand, therefore even the Earth Immortal side was also caught off guard.

However, in the aftermath of Deity Stage Group Fight, the Earth Immortals lost two people and 1500 points. As one of the contestants, Xuan Mo's conversation with Wang Lu was really impossible to explain.

According to the logical way of thinking, the Earth Immortal camp would never allow Wang Lu to talk to Xuan Mo in such a big way.

However, Wang Lu had too many problems that needed to be confirmed by Xuan Mo, so the second meeting was imperative. And Wang Wu, as the bodyguard, was also dutybound to accompany him.

Among the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, there was no expert who could act as the bodyguard. The red-robed Elder was one of the forces that could be borrowed. However, according to the normal application process, it would take at least half a month before one could use an expert at the level of Supreme. Therefore, Wang Lu picked the second option. Since the level of Supreme could not be invited, then the Number One Jindan in Nine Regions should make do.

In Wang Lu's opinion, the strength of this Number One Jindan in Nine Regions was not much of a difference to that of a Supreme, because she inherited his own inheritance. If it was him, after experiencing the catastrophe in the Savage Land, one hundred and fifty years of time would be enough for him to become the top cultivator in the world, and even if Wang Wu was worse than him, the gap wouldn't be too big. Because of her amazing insight and perseverance, the only limit to her immortal cultivation was her spirit root. However, judging the future of immortal cultivation according to the rank of spirit root was only the old path of the predecessors. There were three thousand paths in the world, so it was not necessary to insist on a path. If there was any way she could circumvent the limitation of her spirit root, such as the way she was now, then there was no limit to her future. At present, Wang Wu's strength was about the same as that of Peak Deity Stage, but no one dared say that this was her limit.

Wang Lu also didn't think that this was her limit. He had full confidence in Wang Wu, so he brought this cheap-but-excellent bodyguard and directly went to the Heavenly Earth of the Tomb of the Immortals.

However, to his surprise, the journey was safe, and no one came forward to stop them, nor did he step on any sinister trap. Along the way, they were unimpeded in seeing the master of the Heavenly Earth Xuan Mo, still as before in that elegant palace. This female Earth Immortal sat quietly in the palace hall, somewhat entranced.

Seeing the two of them, Xuan Mo nodded, showed a far-fetched smile, and then ignored them. Wang Lu thought it was strange. Since her recovery from her schizophrenic state, Xuan Mo had always been knowledgeable and reasonable. But now, since there were guests coming to her place, how could she not even offered a few cups of tea?

It was not until Wang Lu sat down in front of her, ready to ask questions that Xuan Mo, seemingly woken up from a dream, said in a surprise, "Ah, you guys are here?"

Wang Lu angrily said, "Your condescending divine ability has reached the realm of fairyland."

Xuan Mo smiled apologetically. "I was somewhat distracted." Then she got up to prepare to serve tea for the guests. However, her posture was shaky, her gait was unsteady, her cheek slowly flushed, her forehead was filled with clear beads of sweat, and her vision was blurry.

Upon seeing it, Wang Lu was shocked and he immediately asked Wang Wu, "I want to ask the advice of a professional, do you think she's enjoying a certain taboo pleasure?"

Wang Wu fell into deep thought. "Unexpectedly, the ancient Earth Immortals could be so bold, they do adultery out in the open in plain daylight like it's normal. I think you should take this opportunity to have a deep exchange with her, which will help to promote the cooperation between our two sides."

"I think this precious opportunity should be left to the professional. Your Telepathic Finger would definitely make her enjoy a different kind of pleasure."

"Telepathic Finger is old news now, currently I'm developing a new technique..."

"When you withdraw money from the public account and say that you want to develop a secret weapon, is this what you refer to?"

The two were whispering in secret, but suddenly saw Xuan Mo staggered and, as if she couldn't suppress, belched. In an instant, the entire hall reeked with alcohol.

Wang Lu was dumbfounded, "Was that just because of drunk?"

With that, his eyes turned toward the futon where Xuan Mo previously sat. What he saw was abstruse texture in which contained a calming mind array. Clearly, Xuan Mo was using the help of the futon to try to sober up... This showed the unknown amount of wine that she consumed such that she could not even suppress the effect of alcohol by herself and had to rely on the aid of external thing.

However, now, in order to get up and welcome the guests, Xuan Mo had to leave the futon. Suddenly the alcohol rushed up which turned her mind into chaos and her figure became even more absent-minded and uncertain. However, her face showed a lazy smile. "Ah, how did my home turn around?"

While talking, Xuan Mo swayed her waist, stretched out her sleeves and then began to rotate. She lightly danced while humming a lively folk song. It was just that, how could the dance of an Earth Immortal be ordinary? As soon as she lifted her hand, the hall was immediately filled with turbulent wind. The Yin and Yang elements were twisted with both of her hands to form a hurricane. The rustic furniture and utensils in the hall were whirled and torn to pieces. Even the impregnable hall itself was slightly trembling.

The Earth Immortal cultivator had already reached the peak of immortal path, so there was already great power just by lifting their hands and feet. The hurricane in the hall was enough to blow away the primordial spirit of a Yuanying Stage cultivator in an instant. In the presence of two Jindan Stage cultivators, it might be suspected of murder intention.

Fortunately, the current Jindan was not ordinary Jindan. Wang Wu immediately lifted up her hand and created a golden shield to protect the two of them, while ignoring everything else. A moment later, the hurricane disappeared and Xuan Mo had also sobered up a bit. When she saw the mess in the hall, she shook her head and grinned bitterly. "It's really ugly."

Wang Lu nodded and said, "It is indeed."

Xuan Mo was shocked. "How come you're here?"


A moment later, Xuan Mo apologized and said, "I was just really confused... forgive me."

"It's okay. Moreover, looking at your performance, I have also determined a lot of conjectures, which is of great significance.

The fact that Xuan Mo was heavily drunk was of great significance in itself. In theory, she was not an indulgent cultivator, her manners, words, and deeds were all according to propriety. Even such a person drink wine, she would only taste it and rarely get drunk. Unless there was a special circumstance.

For example, the Deity Stage level group fight not long ago.

Wang Lu went straight to the point, "Do you guys have internal dispute?"

Xuan Mo smiled bitterly. "Yes."

Internal dispute should not have been said to outsiders at will, but after that awful group fight, people who use their heads could immediately guess about this internal strife. It was basically could not be concealed at all, and thus, Xuan Mo would not hide it.

Wang Lu said with a smile, "The few of you were pushed aside right?"

The several people who participated in the Deity Stage level group fight actually had one thing in common if one were to think about it: They were all the losers in the Grand Competition.

In the opening battle, Xuan Mo lost to He Tu, then Calculation Immortal was defeated by Supreme Tian Lun, and although Flesh and Blood Massacre was better than Zhu Shiyao, it was defeated by Zhou Ming in Yuanying Stage level fight. Not to mention the Illusionary Child who was beaten around in circle by Wang Wu. As for Bai Ze... even the position as the deputy leader was already lost; among the Earth Immortals, he was already a disgrace.

These people were not weak, but their experience was really unbearable, and thus it was extremely gloomy to put these five people into a team.

"Being pushed aside is one thing, but squeezing out people's live is too much-don't look at me, we don't want to kill anybody here. Who would've expected that your people would be so incapable of holding back from fighting each other, the Grand Earth Immortals die as quickly as rabbits. As the person involved, could you even say that there's no one from your side that started it? I thought you guys are brothers and sisters who share life and death together, how could, within six months of Grand Competition, you guys quickly turn into enemies with each other?"

Xuan Mo stared at Wang Lu in dismay. She was silent for a long time and could not speak. Obviously, she was not willing to say more.

Wang Lu also had the patience for it. While Xuan Mo kept her silence, he moved back and forth in the hall, searching for an inheritance from the Earth Immortal from the ruins caused by the drunken hurricane-he did find several methods that Xuan Mo read every day. The product of Earth Immortal was naturally of fine quality, so Wang Lu looked at it with gusto. While he was at it, he also copied several so that he could bring them back with the intent to sell.

Wang Wu was more direct, whenever she saw something valuable in the ruins, she unceremoniously grabbed it and put it into her mustard seed bag.

Xuan Mo was stunned for a while. Seeing these two, who were professionals in acting as host while being the guest, she shook her head helplessly. "The situation is very bad."

Wang Lu immediately stopped writing and asked, "Specifically? What is the root of the internal strive?" After a pause, he added, "In the final analysis, we are not enemies. In the face of the threat from the Fallen Immortals, we should cooperate more than compete. We certainly hope to win the Grand Competition, but we don't want to win but lose the teammates that we ought to unite with."

When Xuan Mo heard that, she sighed and put down her reservation. She then opened her mouth and said, "The dragons have no leader."

"The dragons have no leader? Even so, it shouldn't develop into the situation of killing one another right?"

Xuan Mo said, "I also didn't expect things to be so serious... But in fact, when the team was first formed, in order to join forces, the composition of the Earth Immortals was somewhat complicated. As you can see, even the Demon Race was included, even the Massacre Devil. However, when the boss was still alive, these problems didn't show up. In order to show the sincerity of the union, even Bai Ze took the initiative to abandon his human form-he was the only Earth Immortal who was degenerated into devil without being infected with much evil."

Wang Lu was slightly surprised. "Unexpectedly, he actually has some good points."

"When he was the deputy leader, Bai Ze has always been competent. It was when the boss left that he became at a loss. The rest of us are the same. When the boss left, most of his loyal and reliable partners went with him. The remaining of us, are indeed like scattered sand. If there's no one who restrains it, the contradictions would inevitably accumulate. Thus, in the beginning, we built the Tombs of Immortals in accordance with our wish, placing our hope on the people who came after us... Now I think that it's really a mistake for us to wake up."

Hearing this, Wang Lu roughly understood the problems of the Earth Immortals.

As Xuan Mo said, in the absence of a strong leader, infighting within the organization is almost inevitable. Without this Grand Competition, they would've probably already begun killing each other. How could those who cultivated overwhelming righteousness coexist in harmony with the Massacre Devils?

The devils live on killing, and they killed people for no reason. Should the righteous cultivators stop them when they saw it? Would there be enmity after that obstruction? Would they want to retaliate after having enmity? In the absence of a strong personality to mediate and resolve the contradictions, this team was certainly unstable.

At this time, the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals' Grand Competition gave them a chance to unite... In the early stage of the competition, the Earth Immortals' momentum had somewhat suppressed the outbreak of the contradictions.

Until Wang Lu began to lead the counterattack and turned the situation around and the contradictions broke again.

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