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 No one would intentionally wish to die here. Those cultivators who had experienced the war of Fallen Immortals should especially be more appreciative of the value of life and should do everything possible to prolong their lives rather than seek their own death.

However, it was difficult to understand why Flesh Massacre and Thousand Illusion Child died like this if they were not seeking for their own death.

The way both of them died was almost similar-First, Feng Yin left them alone, and then he ambushed them almost instantaneously. They then failed to struggle after a hard blow had hit them. Finally, General Feng Tian beheaded them.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

There were three unreasonable points in this process. The first concern was why they were left alone. The rule of this five-on-five fight was to pot the two teams in a vast space, and then they had to face each other eye-to-eye before they commenced to fight. This kind of exchange should be more advantageous for the Earth Immortals who could cooperate tacitly and had rich experience in battle-they could distribute their forces more appropriately. Not to mention, they could choose the right person to scout, ambush, and so on. However, in the end, the actions of Flesh Massacre and Thousand Illusion Child did not respond to the troops' deployment at all. As soon as the fight started, they parted ways with the other three men and moved independently.

This basically left them open for an ambush. Otherwise, if the five Earth Immortals stayed in one group, how could Feng Yin find the opportunity to attack? They could deflect and stamp out the Stellar Star Sword with ease.

Moreover, in the presence of Earth Immortals, Feng Yin's Stellar Star technique would be seriously disturbed, and there would almost be no possibility of a successful ambush. However, it was obvious that Calculation Immortal did not care about both of these people and let Feng Yin struck them.

Secondly, Flesh Massacre and Thousand Illusion Child had fallen swiftly after a successful ambush.

When Feng Yin trapped them on top of his palms, it was inevitable that both of them would fight each other-no matter how vigorous the Earth Immortals were, it was absolutely impossible to fight alone against five opponents after a successful ambush. However, even if they couldn't fight, they could at least hold on for at least a moment. With this, they should be able to support themselves barely for a while under the encirclement of five people.

Nevertheless, it would be unlikely for it to go so far as to say that Flesh Massacre and Thousand Illusion Child were not as good as a Deity Stage Feng Yin, right?

However, the fact of the matter was, their performance was really not as impressive in comparison. Having their primordial spirit nailed on the spot by Feng Yin, they were as good as unarmed soldiers. If it struck them again, their primordial spirit would have no resistance. In the end, General Feng Tian's ax fell upon them, and there was no response thusly.

How could this be the performance of an Earth Immortal?

Apart from both of them, the three remaining combatants did not perform as well as they expected. They knew calculation Immortal as someone who could compute what the future lies regardless if they were plants or humans, but in this ten-person fight, he completely failed to do any comprehensible computation. He did not calculate the possibility that Flesh Massacre and Thousand Illusion Child would die. Since they had lost both, the three of them couldn't possibly compete with the opponent. Not to mention, even if Feng Yin was being merciful, the blood of their corpses would still stain General Feng Tian's ax.

Bai Ze was also not in his best state. Right after the fight started, he allowed both men to leave the team without persuading them. In the three people team, he seemed as if he was sleepwalking. In the fight, after Feng Yin wounded him, he raised his spirit and frequently used his Negation Seals; however, they were without rules and regulations. He seemed absent-minded and totally lacked the elegance an Earth Immortal should have.

Xuan Mo was the only one who had done her best. However, she was not strong enough to fight all five of his opponents alone, and they could also see that the team's situation dissatisfied her very much. She couldn't fight while having two deadweights on her back.

Hence, the current result.

The five-person team had lost two of their members, and the remaining three had lost their fighting spirit... The end of this fight had been decided and the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals had won a great victory. However, for this result, people felt more incredulous rather than euphoria.


The victory was, of course, a good thing, but there was always a reason for it. This victory of unknown origin was really worrying.

Thus, even if their team had an overwhelming advantage, people would still worry if there were any conspiracies lurking behind and whether the two corpses would suddenly come alive. Furthermore, would they not worry that Bai Ze, Xuan Mo, and Calculation Immortal have some kind of powerful cards that could turn the table around?

In the arena, millions of people watched nervously as the advantages of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals accumulated. Streaks of lightning crisscrossed in the field, occasionally bringing blood along with it, leaving a tragic wound on the side of the Earth Immortals.

Finally, when the seventeenth attempt to interrupt Feng Yin's flying sword failed, she helplessly sighed, "We concede defeat."

At the end of the fight, the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals won a great victory, having zero casualties while giving two to the opponent. The more joyous thing was that they got one thousand and five hundred points from the Grand Competition, reducing the difference between the two camps to less than one thousand points in one stroke.

Finally, the tsunami-like cheers came and overflowed the arena.

They had truly won the match.


It was a great joy to win the Deity Stage group fight. Thus, the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals once again experienced festivities that lasted for many days. Many cultivators who had nothing to do with the match were going crazy about it. After the news of the victory came out, local rich people immediately started scattering money in the big streets of the first two areas. It was as if there was a rain of stones, hitting countless civilians.

Outside the major casinos, people laughed until they suffocated. Some people jumped from the height of dozens of feet on the spot. Large restaurants were so full of traffic that they needed to transfer the stock liquors to meet the needs of customers. The streets and alleys were full of drunks lying on their backs. Within the shops, several authorized merchandise related to the Deity Stage contestants were swept away.

All the rooms in the inns were full, and every room had the same 'ah-ah' and 'uh-uh' sounds, like a symphony that even the soundproof array in the room could not contain. This day was the carnival day of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals. Many men and women who had never met each other, just because they shouted the cheers of victory or supported the same Deity Stage contestant, could be found kissing together out in the open. They then joined hands to spend time in the inn.

The Elders of Kunlun shouted that morality of the world had fallen, and thus when the Grand competition ended, they must reshape the overall moral standard of Nine Regions with the immortal treasures from the tomb. Meanwhile, these festivities overjoyed Four Element Supreme. He repeatedly praised the Nine Regions for its great achievements. He wished the contestants in the competition to win in succession to provide more opportunities for mating and breeding.

In any case, most people were euphoric about this victory. However, there were always a few exceptions in the big picture.

Wang Lu was one of them.


"This victory is so odd that we still can't identify where it came from, so I don't think it's any different from losing."

In one courtyard in Immortal Five Area, Wang Lu said to his secretary Hai Yunfan with a straight face, "Since it's a lost, in fact, we need not issue the victory bonus. Of course, during this period, we have to prepare for hard battles ahead, so we should still issue the bonus. However, we would exempt tardy men who exhibit mediocre behaviors."

Hai Yunfan smiled and said, "For example, you don't have to send a bonus to your respected Master, right?"

Wang Lu nodded, "The child can be taught."

"Child can be taught my ass, I'm right here you know!" Wang Wu slapped the table angrily. "Do you guys think I don't exist!? Who told you I don't work hard? If it weren't for me, how could they have won so easily?"

Wang Lu immediately asked, "Please explain in detail your half-a-cent connection to this victory then."

"I'm your Master, and you are the master planner of this match. Is this connection not enough?"

Wang Lu thought for a moment and said, "I haven't cut off the Master-disciple relationship with you yet?"

"... How could you be so bold to me? All right, all right, what do you want from me, just say it? Don't make a joke about this sensitive topic okay?"

Wang Lu earnestly said, "There's indeed one thing. I want you to accompany me to the Tomb of Immortals. I want to talk to Xuan Mo."

This shocked Wang Wu. "You still want to find Xuan Mo? Do you really not want to surrender until death is upon you? First, you find her before the match; now, you want to meet after the match. Do you really think that's not suspicious? It's rare for us to have close contact with someone on the opposite camp, so it's not good for anyone to force her out of her comfort."

After a pause, Wang Wu expressed a more surprised look. "Or do you really have a romantic relationship with that woman? Oh, my little Wang Lu has suddenly grown up, he has begun to look for women. Xuan Mo is a good woman. Once you're tired of playing with her, remember to call me."

Wang Lu sighed and ignored his Master's nonsense. "I still can't figure out what happened to that match. The Earth Immortals lost too much."

Wang Wu laughed and said, "What's strange is that the Earth Immortals don't want to win. They gave away the victory just like that. Everyone who has seen the scene understands it."

"The question is, why did they relinquish the victory? The score of the match is as high as one thousand and five hundred, which is something you just can't let it go. Moreover, let's say they can give up the points, what about Flesh Massacre and Thousand Illusion Child? Do they even care for their lives?"

Wang Wu said, "Isn't that obvious? They offended people, and they simply targeted them."

Wang Lu said, "Flesh Massacre and Bai Ze are fine, but how could Xuan Mo, with her temperament, offend anyone?"

Wang Wu replied. "Probably because she is pregnant with your flesh and blood, so she is being treated as unclean."

Wang Lu said, "... If nothing else, these Earth Immortals are all comrades-in-arms who used to fight against the Fallen Immortals. They lived and died together. What contradictions do they have to let their comrades die in the match? When all is said and done, the Grand Competition is just a competition. So what if they lose? They just merely lost control of the next step. Is it because winning the competition is not so important? Do they think the peace among their team is a better bet than their comrades' lives? Now that they don't even care about the overall situation, to what extent has this internal contradiction accumulated?"

Having listened to Wang Lu, Hai Yunfan said, "Aren't these all your assumptions? Do you have any proof to support those assumptions?"

Wang Lu said, "That's why I want to ask Xuan Mo about it. This matter involves the overall rhythm of the Grand Competition, so we must not be careless. Therefore, to whom it may concern, but you're dilly-dallying by my side in the name of part-time jobs while receiving high subsidies... Don't you think you should do something good sometimes?"

Wang Wu sighed. "Okay, okay, fine. Tell me the time, and I will accompany you to this dangerous place."