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 Central Arena, Immortal One Area. The noise was deafening. As soon as one entered the arena, one could feel the rolling sound waves forming a resonance, making all the fine hairs on one's body stood on end. A rushing heatwave hit their faces, reddening people's cheeks while their foreheads grew sweaty.

This was a place where they regulated the airflow and the temperature kept constant and pleasant. At this time, it was ignited by the enthusiasm of millions of spectators, which felt like a flame one could not help but melt into it, laughing and shouting aloud with the surrounding people.

Even if the contestants did not play at all, the atmosphere on the arena was already warm.

Since the admission of the Grand Competition wasn't by ticket, they based the good spots on a first-come-first-served basis. Thus, many people came here in advance to wait-for cultivators who were used to closed-door training and had a long life, waiting for three to five days was nothing. At this time, the fight was about to begin, and the several days of dull waiting seemed to have finally come to a close.

After two hours of noise, the atmosphere in the arena didn't stop increasing. Many people who came later could not find their seats and could only stand. Those who were later than that couldn't even find a place to stand. The arena did not allow them to float or stand on their flying sword; thus, they had to use their magical powers. Some of them wanted to open up a spatial dimension using the same technique as that in mustard seed bag. As a result, the arena protection array expelled them out of the arena immediately after they began. Some were clever enough to come up with a way-by directly morphing themselves into something like flies or mosquitoes, suddenly felt the vastness of their surroundings.

Of course, although this kind of miscellaneous skills could solve the problem, few would want to do it, even if they could. As cultivators, most of them have reputations to uphold, so they had no patience to be so cruel to themselves. Therefore, they could only sigh.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Finally, a few people came up to the empty rostrum. This immediately aroused the attention of countless people.

They were the bigwigs of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, He Tu, Kuqin, Zhuri, Tianlun...

Feng Yin did not attend because he would be on the stage in a few minutes, so there was no need to go to the rostrum. Besides the leader of the four super sects, other high-level leaders followed closely from behind. Among these people, Wang Lu's figure was particularly noticeable.

Jindan Stage mingling among many Supreme level cultivators, Wang Lu was truly a one of a kind in Nine Regions in recent time. This odd one was extremely popular. After appearing, the audience exploded into thunderous cheers that were greater even that of when He Tu and the others appeared.

Wang Lu waved his hand to the crowd with great pleasure, and especially his eyes stayed on many hot girls for a while. However, that was when he saw Wang Wu arrived; he settled down and looked straight into the arena.

At the same time, the last few individuals who appeared roused the audience.

They were the several Deity Stage cultivators who were contestants in this fight. Including the substitutes, there were ten of them. Led by Feng Yin, they entered the fighting arena slowly.

Just as the audience was about to welcome them in with their warmest applause and cheers, a thunder-like sound burst from the audience stand.

"Union of Ten Thousand Immortals' Immortal Method Is Limitless, Unifying Three Realms!"

"Daoist Master Feng Yin Is Invincible! His Might Dominate The Whole World!"

"General Feng Tian's Remarkable Ability Is As High As The Sky, Triumphing In Every Battle!"

"Fairy Ling Yin Possessed Great Magical Power, Her Power Shook The Immortals!"

Their cries drained the colors out of the faces of millions of spectators outside the arena. They were all thinking of the same thing: 'What in the world is this?'

Starting from Feng Yin up to the last substitute, every contestant had their personal slogan. It could make people tremble with sweat just by hearing their whispers. Much less now hear countless people shout in unison. It was like a hundred claws scratching their heart and their blood flowing in reverse.

When people had become as good as dead, that rousing sound became increasingly louder and clearer, shocking the entire place into a faint rumble. People's heart fell and withered in the wind and rain. After a moment, the audience began to leave, first a little, then like a landslide, and then it surged like a tsunami. As if the dam had collapsed, countless audience members fled the audience stand, leaving out many empty seats unoccupied.

Many people on the rostrum who saw this also looked unnatural after exchanging glances before turning their eyes to Wang Lu. Obviously, this was Wang Lu's doing.

Wang Lu seemed somewhat proud of this as he replied, "What do the Elders think about this? This is the cheerleading team specially hired for this group fight. Aren't their voices powerful and full of spirit?"

The Red Robe Elder who was personally close to Wang Lu coughed. He looked at the now only a fifth of the audience and asked, "Where did you find these strange people?"

Wang Lu excitedly said, "There's a place called Ocean Star Constellation, I wonder if Elder had ever heard of it? Although the strength of the cultivators over there is just average, they are fantastic at tooting horn! When I went there, the current leader personally showed me their abilities! It was a gorgeous mess! If Elder wants it, I can ask them to write a paragraph for you."

The Red Robed Elder repeatedly waved his hand. "Don't want it. I can't afford to lose my old face."

"What a pity, I have even asked them to prepare paragraphs for Supreme He Tu and Supreme Kuqin."

The nearby cultivators from Shengjing Sect and Royal Soldier Sects looked very uncomfortable. Fortunately, their leaders were sophisticated enough that they could still maintain their calm demeanor.

While Wang Lu and the Red Robed Elder were talking, the cheerleaders of Ocean Star Constellation finally began to hold their breath.

Since the opposing party had also begun to enter the arena, the people of Ocean Star Constellation could no longer cheer, and since they were not supposed to cheer for the other party, they had to sit back and rest in their seat.

However, before people could relax, they saw that these cultivators of Ocean Star Constellation had taken out a variety of medicines and concoctions from colorful and beautiful bottles used to maintain their throats. After taking the medicine, they drank the concoction, contentedly taking care of their throat. These cultivators had no special strength, but they had reached their peak in this evil path. At this time, in order to recharge their batteries for the following fight, they showed the greatness of their professionalism. Besides medicines and concoctions, they also set up an air-purifying array and used aromatherapy from a pot of delicate dew and flowers that overflowed the air with hazy water mist. When people around them smell it, they felt a lucid, cold and unspeakable comfort in their throats.

The Ocean Star Constellation was in a remote corner in Nine Regions where they often saw the cultivators as natives. The strongest among them was only at Yuanying Stage and that was weak a Yuanying too; it meant the real strength was only about Yuanying-3 or -4. Based on strength alone, it was impossible for them to stand on the stage. Today, Wang Lu invited them to shine in the eyes of all people. Thus, these cultivators were highly excited, rubbing their hands and murmuring from their throats from time to time, which frightened the audience sitting close to them.

Before long, the match officially started, and the cultivators of Ocean Star Constellation showed their mettle, displaying their achievements of throat care to the fullest extent!

"Daoist Master Feng Yin, dominate the universe, crisscrossing left and right without equal!"


For this match, the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals had devoted everything. Everyone knew that the odds were slim, so did everything they could to increase the odds. Even if it seemed absurd, people would still do it to the extreme.

For example, the cheerleaders from Ocean Star Constellation, the mysterious small bottles the Kunlun Sect contributed before the competition, the enthusiastic, cheerful women Yin and Yang School provided, and the exotic foods a friend from Western Continent who had a Dragon race lineage offered-according to Wang Lu, should the contestants lose the competition, they should eat those exotic foods until they were satisfied...

At the same time, the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals was better equipped to prepare themselves from paying a heavy price-although Wang Lu had communicated with Xuan Mo in advance that in theory there should be no major casualties, the fight in the arena transformed rapidly, so who could guarantee that accidents would not occur? Thus, at the beginning of the fight, the eyes of countless cultivators in the audience gathered in the arena, nervously praying for the people on the stage.

In people's expectation, what would happen was more or less like the following: The Earth Immortals crushed the individual strength and the team cooperation of the backward Union of Ten Thousand Immortals easily, and Wang Lu's battle plan made it difficult to turn things around. Perhaps with them lacking in strength, the cultivators persistently bracing themselves managed to turn things around at a critical moment, narrowly and dangerously securing the victory. There's also a possibility that they could rely on the personal strength of Daoist Master Feng Yin who would constantly look for opportunities to stir up the rhythm and ultimately won them the battle.

However, regardless of the possibilities, the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals would still face a very difficult situation. After all, the gap in strength was obvious.

Two hours later, however, the audience was almost silent. People couldn't believe what happened on the stage. They were tongue-tied and their hearts were in shock. Their feelings were indescribable.

In the fighting arena, five cultivators suppressed their opponents in the corner of the stone forest. From the original five, right now there were only three opponents, barely forming a three-pronged fight, and falling into strained circumstances under the fierce attack.

Such a situation, in fact, perfectly met the original expectations of many people. They killed one or two people on one side because of the difference in strength. The remaining three people tried their best to protect themselves and prolong their fight. Then they defeated all of them miserably after persisting for several minutes.

However, no one expected that it was not the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals team who would suppress in the corner, but it was the Earth Immortals team instead.

Calculation Immortal, Xuan Mo, Bai Ze... were squeezed by storm-like spells, and from time to time had to cope with Stellar Star Sword attack by Daoist Master Feng Yin. The scene was truly miserable.

Near to the three of them were the corpses of Flesh Massacre and Thousand Illusion Child.

These corpses were real corpses; one that could not be resurrected. Even if Earth Immortals had enormous magical abilities, they could still die, and after that, there was the corpse which was the scene before everyone's eyes right then.

Both of them were well-known figures in the Earth Immortals camp. Thousand Illusion Child once fought against Wang Wu in a big fight. Although he was defeated, he showed his amazing accomplishments in illusion. In the battle between Flesh Massacre and Zhu Shiyao, although he was beaten by her, it was still a close match. The two were undoubtedly among the strongest in the Earth Immortals camp. And even the most optimists would not predict their death at the start of the match.

However, they indeed died. Less than an hour after the start of the match, Feng Yin attacked the Flesh Massacre that was a bit far from his team formation. The Stellar Star Sword circled the human skin apron to get to the key point, perfectly nailing the primordial spirit of Flesh Massacre. The heavily wounded Flesh Massacre tried to escape. Although Feng Yin could finish him, he held his hand back. However, General Feng Tian from Royal Soldier Sect showed no quarter. He chopped his head off with his ax where Flesh Massacre truly fell.

When General Feng Tian discovered that they could not resurrect the corpse, his astonishment made him touch his forehead with his bloodied hand. "Why couldn't these grandsons fight hard?"

After the death of Flesh Massacre, Daoist Master Feng Yin made a similar move, dealing a major blow on the Thousand Illusion Child. This Earth Immortal who had a perfect illusion somehow showed a flaw in the fight. The ax of General Feng Tian also nailed and then finished his primordial spirit. Finally, General Feng Tian asked with a puzzled expression, "Did they do this on purpose?"