"It seems like there's not much to worry about the Deity Stage fight."

When Hai Yunfan returned to the office with a stack of materials, he saw Wang Lu seemingly having a card up his sleeve.

"What do you mean?" Hai Yunfan asked wearily.

"They are not of one heart and mind." Wang Lu succinctly said, "It's fine if it's a one on one fight, but no one would want to die in a team fight."

Hai Yunfan wanted to ask how do you know, but considering that Wang Lu had just gone to meet one of the Earth Immortals, perhaps he had gained some important information. Thus, he didn't ask anymore questions.

Moreover, the Earth Immortals having divided hearts and minds was absolutely a good thing. Meaning that it could effectively reduce the intensity of future work, and thus could avoid something like the recent overtime work. Thinking of this, Hai Yunfan's heart was slightly relieved.

"So, can the pension plan be suspended?"

Wang Lu thought for a moment and said, "Better be prepared than not. Make one first."

Hai Yunfan sighed, showing his disgust as a secretary. If the leader had an idea, the subordinates had to round around left and right.

But of course, he must not let himself be dragged alone in this. Hai Yunfan nodded his head and took over the work that Wang Lu had left, and then turned around and asked, "What about your team fight plan? The situation has changed, do you want to redo your plan?"

Wang Lu thought for a moment. "Pick up the one that was previously scrapped and look at it again."

Hai Yunfan said, "You burned it with your own hands."

Wang Lu said, "I know, so I'd like you to redo it for me. In any case, you also participated in the making of that plan, so you should be able to do it right?"

Hai Yunfan really wanted to vomit blood. To say that he could do it, of course he could do it. The problem was that how many things that have already been in his hands?

Wang Lu thought for a moment and said, "How about you call your wife here to work overtime together, this could also solve the problem of you husband and wife yearning for each other."

"If there's a hardship I alone would bear it, in no way I would drag Feifei into it with me!"

"You have no spirit of loyalty." Wang Lu despisingly said, "Since when a couple can't share trouble? You're going to derail the rhythm."

Hai Yunfan had had enough of this. "If you talk nonsense again, I'll take a sick leave."

Wang Lu shook his head and said, "Let's not talk about it then. Back to work." With that he buried his head in sorting out the battle plan.

A day later, the plan came out and was sent to all concerned parties.


This deity stage group battle had attracted a lot of attention. Everyone attached great importance to it, but at the same time they were very nervous. Several of the participants secluded themselves after receiving the plan, even if it was just a short time before the start of the competition.

The only one that was relaxed was Daoist Master Feng Yin, the team leader of this Deity Stage group fight. He neither secluded himself nor went out to clear his mind. Instead, he lived and cultivated as before. He also served on the Organizing Committee of the Grand Competition, but spent most of his time on Spirit Sword Mountain, watching the stars and practicing his swords, seemingly relaxed and comfortable. Wang Wu, who occasionally returned to the mountain, saw this as the double standard by the old man, being harsh on others while indulging oneself.

Feng Yin really did't care much about this fight.

Because as early as before Wang Lu made his judgment, he had judged whether the fight was dangerous or not through Stellar Star divination and thus needed not be so nervous to the outside world.

Of course, the result of the Stellar Star divination was not absolutely correct, thus Feng Yin did not disclose it to outsiders. He just sat alone at the Stellar Peak and laughed at the hustle and bustle of the world under him. The Jade Mansion and Immortal Heart reflected the world of mortals, becoming more concise and condensed.

Feng Yin squinted his eyes and before his eyes the world under the mountain was divided into countless lines, infinitely extending to the distant beyond his sight. Feng Yin tried to make his heart calmer and clearer, but at this moment, a ripple was raised from behind him, disturbing his calm heart.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Senior Brother, I see that you're actually playing at the top of the mountain, are you in a good mood?

Feng Yin's mood suddenly turned bad. "Why are you here? Didn't you go to Wang Lu to help him?"

Wang Wu spread out her hand. "I am helping him to look for you."

Feng Yin was surprised, thinking that unexpectedly this fellow was actually doing serious things. "Why are you looking for me?"

Wang Wu said, "Let me think about it."

"..." Feng Yin took back his previous thought and at the same time had his mood worsened.

"By the way, I have a question, how is your preparation?"

Feng Yin said, "This fight should not be a major obstacle."

Wang Wu said, "What if there's something unexpected? Have you considered the aftermath?"

Feng Yin replied. "... Are these what Wang Lu asked you to ask?"

Wang Wu said, "These are what I came up with by myself with my subjective initiative. Don't change the subject, answer my questions first. In case you die on the arena, who will be the head of Spirit Sword Sect? Although as the lead disciple, Wang Lu is the proper successor, he is too young and his cultivation is too low. Why don't you let me take the burden by leading from behind the curtain?"

Feng Yin sighed and then laughed out loud. "Get out of here."

"Hey, Senior Brother, your 'get out of here' words seem dispirited, it's better for you to have a good rest for a few days while I'll take charge for your post..."

Feng Yin said, "Do you want to offer me something?"

Wang Wu sneered. "Senior Brother, you're at it again, did you forget what I am now? Would it be rare to see me have hundreds of spirit stones?"

Feng Yin said, "Hundreds? This time your offer is five million."

Wang Wu was stunned. "Senior Brother you have truly fire deviated, you're mentally confused, when did I ever have five million offering? What is the annual revenue of our Spirit Sword Sect?"

"Didn't you win a key match in the group fight? Later, Wang Lu approved a five million bonus for this reason."

Wang Wu was stunned. "When did this happen? Why didn't I know about it? Moreover, since it's my bonus, how can it go to your hand and become a sect offering?"

Feng Yin said, "Wang Lu directly authorized to be sent to the sect, so of course it's in my hands. Others won't want this stone, so I'll definitely send it to you in the end, but if you insist on neglecting your duty, then I'll have to confiscate it."

"You must never do it!" Wang Wu quickly interrupted and then gnashes her teeth with hate. "This cheap trick must have been made by Wang Lu! I suggest to cancel his lead disciple qualification!"

Feng Yin said, "... Then what are you doing here?"

Wang Wu was silent for a moment and said with a laugh, "Can't I just come and see you?"

Feng Yin scolded, "Get out of here and stop giving me trouble!"

After chasing the plague god Wang Wu off, Feng Yin finally breathed a sigh of relief, but a smile slowly appeared on his face.

This fool is as foolish as ever.

When their Big Brother was still alive, she was very bad at expressing herself, everyday looking like a puppet merely doing cultivation after cultivation. After their Big Brother died, she had had a huge change of temperament. She looked warm and cheerful, but she was still bad at expressing herself.

Just now she clearly came to see him to look for his condition. After all, the Deity Stage group fight was imminent. And no one dared to say that they had a full assurance. However, Wang Wu's way of visiting people was quite special, and it really infuriated people...

After Wang Wu left, Feng Yin was not upset, but it was difficult for him to restore his previous calm heart. The fine lines that led to the infinite depths were tangled with each other and thus the future could not be seen by the Stellar Star divination.

Since it couldn't be seen clearly, he couldn't see it any more. Feng Yin's dependence on Stellar Star divination was becoming less and less and thus wouldn't be so determined toward the result.

Even more, this time, whether or not there was a divination for this Deity Stage group fight, he firmly believed that there would be no danger in the end.

Because after all, he would personally participated in it, so how could there be a failure?

Spirit Sword Mountain was good at challenging beyond their level. In the Western Continent, not only the two on Non-Phase Peak who showed their capabilities, but also Feng Yin. Nobody really regarded him as ordinary Peak Deity Stage cultivator. However, how much level beyond that he could still overcome? Judging by the standard of a Supreme, was he at the top level along with He Tu and the others, second level, or lower?

These things, even Wang Lu himself was not clear. Of course, this was because he didn't want to know too much. The Elders of Spirit Sword Sect, seriously speaking, were his Masters, Martial Uncles and Martial Aunts but also his Martial Brothers and Sisters, so their relationships were delicate. Over the past one hundred years, on the bright side, he had sacrificed himself to win time for Spirit Sword Sect. But on the other hand, Spirit Sword Sect was in its most difficult time in that one hundred years. It was his Martial Brothers and Sisters and the others who relied on themselves without him to support the Sect from scratch.

So far, Feng Yin's strength was quite mysterious. When Wang Lu made his plan, he only conservatively labeled Feng Yin as "Peak Deity + 10" according to what he saw on the Western Continent, acquiescing that he was a high level Supreme.

However, although other people didn't know his actually strength, how would Feng Yin himself not know?

"... But, why am I starting to feel a bit uneasy?"

Feng Yin returned to his bamboo chamber and unintentionally pursued the previous calm heart. However, after being visited by Wang Wu, he always felt that something was wrong. He took out the Kunlun Mirror and looked at the future again. The innumerable lines became more chaotic, and the place where the lines entangled themselves seemed to contain ominous omen.

The strange thing was that this ominous omen didn't point to himself-Stellar Star divination was truly ambiguous and biased that it couldn't even predict the user's own bad luck.

Did this mean that in the Deity Stage group fight, nothing untoward would happen to him, while others might encounter misfortune?

Thinking of this, Feng Yin wrote a letter to Wang Lu, who was far away in the City of Immortals.


"What, there's an ominous omen ahead? What is this old blind man thinking?"

In one of the courtyards in Immortal Five Area, Wang Lu soon received the accelerated flying sword message from Spirit Sword Mountain. He was perplexed to see what Feng Yin had seen in his heart.

According to Wang Lu's current information, the most that could happen was to lose the match-which was of course serious. However the meaning of the letter was that, the result of this fight seemed worse than that of losing.

This caused Wang Lu to have mixed feelings. The information that he just found from Xuan Mo recently probably meant that the fight should not be dangerous. And in the twinkling of an eye, Feng Yin could probably win it.

However, Wang Lu simply could not ignore the letter. Feng Yin was a very reliable person. Although he sometimes failed to pay attention to details, in matters of great importance he was mostly reliable. Otherwise, he would not have appointed him to take over Spirit Sword Sect. Hence, he could not ignore Feng Yin's solemn warning.

The question was, what should he do about it?

Holding the letter in his hand, Wang Lu became more and more confused.