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 "How are you feeling?"

In the residence of Four Element Supreme in the City of Immortals, with interest, Four Element Supreme watched Luo Xiao, his newly received Successor Disciple, who was slowly walking toward him.

Not long ago at the ceremony, he sat beside Luo Xiao, and Luo Xiao's reaction was also seen by him.

The initial anger, unwillingness, and ultimately calm resignation... This caused Four Element Supreme to feel more or less gratified.

"You can't do things too quickly. Now, you should have a deeper understanding of this principle." Four Element Supreme said, "When everyone in the world bow to Wang Lu and worship him, you have the courage to challenge his authority. This thing, I appreciate it very much. But courage alone can't do anything, you need more accumulation. However, you don't have to be discouraged because of the setback. Your talents are not under anyone. The God of War Blood is unrivaled as long as you take your time..."

Luo Xiao interrupted, "If everything is used as an excuse to take time, it's impossible to do anything... When Wang Lu confronted the Yuanying Stage elder from Beast Master School in Grand Cloud Mountain, he was only in Xudan Stage. Did he say he would fight that elder only when he reached the same Yuanying Stage as that elder?

"Moreover, the divine effect of God of War Blood is based on setting up a target and then advancing bravely through torrential current toward said target. Only by facing difficulties can the potential of the bloodline be stimulated. If we are afraid of the strength of the opponent and chose to retreat, not only the God of War Blood would not take effect, it would bite me back instead. I started my immortal cultivation road in Stern Flower School from an obscure part-time worker, and then step by step rose up by challenging people that are outside my rank, from the lead disciple of the outer court to the lead disciple of the inner court as well as the lead disciple of the sect. Which brought me to this day. At that time, regardless of strength, qualifications, or resources, I was far inferior to my opponents. But if I also thought about taking my time with those challengers, today I'm afraid I would still be a nobody."

"Moreover, if someone wants to defeat Wang Lu, the best time is when their strength is far inferior to him and they need to overcome that gap... Wang Lu's fame relies on his ability in cross-level challenge. If I win in the field that he is best at, my God of War Blood would really boil."

After listening to Luo Xiao's words, Four Element Supreme frowned and fell into silence for a moment. Just as he was about to speak, he was again interrupted by Luo Xiao. "I know that what I had just said is very whimsical. I am not Wang Lu, so I might not be able to do what he can do. In other words, I can't compete with the Yuanying Stage Elder from Beast Master School when I first reach Xudan Stage. It's impossible for me to leave trails of blood in the Western Continent under the converging attacks of many Holy Ones. His achievements are beyond my imagination, and I am not as good as him. I know that... But the goal chosen by the God of War Blood will never change. Now, the only thing I need to do is to constantly challenge him until I win."

"God of War Blood..." Four Element Supreme murmured, "This kind of bloodline left over from the Age of Desolation is remarkable, but the side effects are too strong. If people with this bloodline always choose to fight stronger enemies, no wonder this bloodline is ultimately extinct. If we can do things methodically, step by step..."

Luo Xiao said, "If it's methodical, step by step, then it loses the original intention of the God of War Blood."

Four Element Supreme sighed. "So the owner of the God of War Blood needs a powerful controller to suppress their completely inappropriate target, for a long time... But, how could people with the God of War Blood tolerate being controlled for a long time? Sooner or later, there would be a clash... Luo Xiao, you should know why I accepted you as my Successor Disciple. My only regret is that I didn't meet you a few years earlier."

There were all kinds of rumors about why Four Element Supreme accepted a zen disciple from Stern Flower School as his Successor Disciple. Some say that Four Element Supreme was not satisfied with his own sect's Successor Disciples, especially over their internal struggle. Thus, he simply found an outsider to come over and stimulate them to return to the right path. It was also said that Four Element Supreme inherited an immortal level ancient legacy but the requirements for the qualifications were too high, thus he could find no successor in Nine Regions to impart it. Hence, Four Element Supreme broke the convention and recruited Luo Xiao as a Successor Disciple. Of course, there were also people who speculated that it was because of Luo Xiao's handsome face and figure...

The truth of the matter was only known by the Master and disciple. Not long ago, when Four Element Supreme had a talk with Wang Lu, he did not tell him everything.

The reason why Four Element Supreme thought highly of Luo Xiao was not only that he had a great ability and a talent, but also that Luo Xiao needed a Master like Four Element Supreme.

A master who could suppress him, support him, and completely ignore his future rebellions.

Luo Xiao was silent for a moment and said, "I will never forget Master's great grace and virtue."

"I don't need you to remember my kindness, I just need you to do your best to fulfill the obligation of the inheritance. The God of War Blood has been extinct for more than one hundred thousand years since the Age of Desolation. Even though I don't know why it awakened in you, but I hope it could continue to multiply."

As Four Element Supreme said that, his gaze inevitably fell on the spot between Luo Xiao's legs and showed his approval with a nod.

Luo Xiao suddenly felt his legs tighten and said with great embarrassment, "Master, although I have now left Stern Flower School, my basic is still zen cultivation."

Four Element Supreme disapproved, saying, "What's wrong with zen cultivation? Isn't Happy Zen not a Zen?"

"Stern Flower School doctrine is not Happy Zen..."

"Stern Flower School has never been involved in the zen idea of God of War Blood. Ninety percent of your abilities come from this mysterious and unpredictable bloodline of the Age of Desolation. What could a mere Stern Flower School teach you? Even your core method is self-improved, do you think I don't know about it? If you really adhere the zen doctrine, then you ought to stand aloof over all the worldly things like the other baldies, why bother trying to compete against Wang Lu? Moreover, everyone now calls you Daoist Master Luo Xiao, but how many call you Zen Master Luo Xiao? I have accepted you as my Successor Disciple for quite a while, but I have not heard you mention your zen name in Stern Flower School..."

Before Four Element Supreme even finished his words, Luo Xiao already knelt down and begged for mercy, "Master, I understand, I will listen to your arrangement!"

"Very good." Four Element Supreme nodded in satisfaction. "First, you should try to spread your seed to a hundred girls..."

"Wait a moment, a hundred? Isn't that too..."

Four Element Supreme said, "Your bloodline is too rare. How to awaken and inherit it are still unknown. Hence, you can only win by quantity."

"Isn't winning by quantity the same as... rushing things too quickly?"

"If you have enough time, you might as well study it slowly, but the spirit of your God of War Blood has locked on Wang Lu, so you have to challenge him. In this, there's no step by step advancement, you can only advance bravely through the current... I don't know when your bloodline will snap back if you hold it too long, hence, there's not much time left for you and your bloodline to multiply."

"..." Luo Xiao was tongue-tied. He could not imagine that his long exposition had turned into a self-digging grave!

"This is also just in time, you can use this reason to turn down that nuisance public lecture about your deed, in advance-I'm sure you're not interested in reading those reports like you're just a puppet, right?"

Luo Xiao swallowed down his saliva. "Yes, you're right, Master. But, in terms of reproduction, one hundred people are too..."

Four Element Supreme coldly snorted, "Doesn't God of War Blood requires you to be the first in everything? I think that fellow Wang Lu is extremely vigorous. Let alone a hundred people, he could take care even a thousand people. Do you want to admit defeat in this aspect? Are you still a man?"

Luo Xiao was shocked. "I heard that although Daoist Master Wang Lu has a lot of female confidants, he is not a lascivious person."

Four Element Supreme's cold snort turned into a sneer, "Does he want you to know that he is lascivious? Daoist Master Wang Lu is a trademark figure of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals. He is the model for thousands of people. How could he let rumors of immorality flow out?

Luo Xiao unbelievably said, "Master, you mean, Daoist. Master Wang Lu looks decent on the surface, but in fact he is... No, that's not right. When I came into contact with him, I couldn't feel it at all!"

Four Element Supreme continued to sneer. "If you can see through him, what qualifications does he have for becoming a high-level figure in the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals that could stand side by side with so many Supremes of Unity Stage?"

Luo Xiao's mind was thrown into confusion. He could not believe what his Master said about Wang Lu, that Wang Lu was a lascivious and lustful person. It was not that he liked Wang Lu, rather it was his objective evaluation of him. Wang Lu never showed too much interest in women. Having several female confidants was not an issue, but to have thousands or even tens of thousands of female was really a stretch.

However, on the other hand, Four Element Supreme was never a person who liked to talk nonsense. In his capacity, he should not deliberately make such a nonsense lie to deceive him... After all, they were Master and disciple, and he knew that his Master was sincere to him. If he asked him to reproduce in his capacity as his Master, he couldn't really oppose it... probably.

Of course, Luo Xiao didn't think that Four Element Supreme didn't like to order indiscriminately, but this was only because there was no need to. When necessary, in order to continue the great undertaking, he never cared about personal face.

"... Very well, I got it. I'll try to do my best as per your arrangement."

Four Element Supreme was very pleased. "Very good. Luo Xiao, you are indeed very reasonable, much better than those good for nothing people from my sect. I did not use my authority to accept you as my Successor Disciple in vain."

"Thank you, Master..."

With that, Four Element Supreme moved his hand and reached out his mustard seed bag to pull out a bowl of soup with a lid.

"What is that?"

Four Element Supreme gently looked and said with a kind smile, "This is the soup for body nourishment that I personally cooked. I prepared it a long time ago, but I never had the chance to let people taste it, what a pity."

"..." Luo Xiao silently took the pot of old soup. He knew that the mustard seed bag of a Supreme had this fresh-keeping function, that even if the food was kept for thousands of years it would not stale. As a matter of fact, the pot was still warm in his hand. However, Luo Xiao's heart was still a bit uncomfortable.

However, the next moment, when he lifted the lid, the previous bit of discomfort could actually be ignored.

Luo Xiao fell into great shock that shook his immortal heart.

Looking at the numerous p*nises that floated in the soup, Luo Xiao felt that his throat had turned dry and his head, dizzy.

He reached out to pick up one of them and stutteringly asked, "W-What is... this..."

Four Element Supreme looked at it and casually explained, "Tiger p*nis."

"T-Tiger p*nis? Then what about the one next to it..."

"Dog p*nis. Next to that is sheep p*nis. Rest assured, they are all spiritual beasts that grew on spiritual plants. They are all absolutely extraordinary. In addition to these common ones, there are also p*nises of monsters. For example, there's the Full Moon Roar p*nis, Four Winged Fox p*nis. The one that looks smaller than the others is actually..."

"Wait, I don't need them to be explained in detail. I just want to ask, what exactly is this... soup?"

"This pot of medicine soup was created by me exclusively to strengthen the ability of inheritance and reproduction. There should be no precedent in the world before, so there is no name for it. But since you asked..." Four Element Supreme touched his beard and thought about it. After a while, he clapped his hands.

"Just call it a hundred p*nis soup."