A Wu had always been mysterious. Among Wang Wu's friends, her origin was the most mysterious one

The others basically had a reasonable origin. For example, the barbarian girl Youyou came from Song tribe in the distant Red Wave Lake in Min Region, Xiao Qi was a loose cultivator, but in her early years, she was once a member of Zen cultivators under Baita Tantric Temple at Eastern Border Region. Zhang Miao was also a loose cultivator, but her cultivation method was inextricably linked with the Ten Thousand Arts Sect... Only the mysterious A Wu who no one had ever heard of before. She seemed to jump out of nowhere and established a strong friendship with Wang Wu.

If it hadn't been for the slender old man who uttered the term Dark Witch Race, perhaps even until now, people's understanding of A Wu would still be a blank.

With this 'Dark Witch Race' term as a clue, many sects with a rich collection of books quickly dug out more information. In the history book inherited from ancient times, it was very difficult to describe it. During the Age of Desolation, the Dark Witch Race had great magical abilities that could 'call the wind and summon the rain.' Reading between the lines, it was clear that it was written in fear.

Unfortunately, the clue ended there. After the end of the Age of Desolation, the Dark Witch Race disappeared along with it, and the things that appeared after that could not be verified at all.

The Age of Desolation itself was a big mystery for the present day Immortal Cultivation World. Many cultivators who were obsessed with archeology felt fascinated and regret toward that Era. Every few decades or hundreds of years, an accidental archeological excavation and the discovery of the ruins from the Age of Desolation could make people in that circle dance with joy.

As for the emergence of A Wu, the bloodline successor of the Age of Desolation, it was simply a legend in the archeological circle. If A Wu hadn't been following Wang Wu and Wang Lu, Master and disciple, perhaps she would've been snatched away and be made as a specimen by those archeologist enthusiasts.

And now, this living fossil of Nine Regions was sitting quietly in Wang Lu's bedroom. She was holding a round beetle while staring seriously at Wang Lu without speaking.

After Wang Lu sent his Master away, he just breathed out a sigh of relief before going into a shock when he turned around and saw the beetle in A Wu's hand. "I think I'm fine now, thank you very much."

A Wu tilted her head, showing him a look of puzzlement.

Wang Lu immediately explained, "I think my condition is good now so I don't need any special treatment anymore. Little Poison Immortal is dead, and the residual poison in my body could be eliminated with my own immune system."

A Wu tilted her head even more and then wrinkled her nose. "Are you showing off?"

Wang Lu was startled. "Miss, where did you get those words?"

A Wu replied, "Little Wu told me that if you don't have the ability but you say you have one, then that's called showing off."

Wang Lu was silent, feeling that it was difficult to explain the problem to this Miss A Wu.

Thereupon, A Wu no longer said anything but just forcibly lifted Wang Lu's quilt and threw the beetle into it.

"What the hell!" Wang Lu was startled. The next moment, he felt cold in his abdomen. The beetle had rushed over and directly pierced in with its dagger-like mouth.

At this time, inside his body was extremely poisonous. His Non-Phase Method had almost lost against the poison, so his defensive power was only a tenth of his perfect state... Even so, he was still immune against Xudan Stage level attack and lower. However, in front of this ordinary beetle, his strong physical defense seemed to be nonexistent.

Fortunately, the beetle didn't harm him. After it penetrated Wang Lu's belly, it began to suck the poison in his body. In just a moment of time, Wang Lu's greenish countenance had been reduced by half.

It was just that, with Wang Lu's natural resistance against the beetle, naturally, some sort of side effect would occur. After a cup of tea's time later, Wang Lu's poison had nearly gone away and he seemed to have lost some weight. Although the muscles in his face didn't seem to move, his expression was obviously stiff.

"What, are you uncomfortable?" A Wu frowned. "In order to paralyze the host, this sperm sucking should vomit out secretions that stimulate pleasure. Don't tell me that it's ineffective to you?"

Wang Lu bit his teeth and said, "You're overthinking it, the effect is very good."

It was just that, mysteriously feeling a sense of pleasure in the lower abdomen, no normal person would feel relieved enjoying it. Instead, they would feel weird. The only thing that could enjoy pleasure anytime and anywhere was, of course, something like bonobo monkey.

However, after feeling Wang Lu's reply, A Wu's brows wrinkled even tighter. "Don't you like pleasure? Or do you like pain instead? What a strange person."

"... I now know why the famous Dark Witch Race was exterminated, your race is really good at chatting."

A Wu tilted her head and thoughtfully said, "Really?"

After a while, seeing that the poison in Wang Lu had almost disappeared, A Wu said, "You need to take a good rest in the next three days. Don't just casually use your true yuan, let alone fight with others. The side effects of this poison repelling insect are very strong, and you don't have my race lineage, plus your Non-Phase Method can only offset a part of it."

"I understand." Although the process of receiving the medical treatment was somewhat unsatisfactory, Wang Lu at least knew how to respect the doctor when the other side was treating him seriously.

However, as a doctor, A Wu indeed did not have a doctor's heart. After dealing with the poison problem, she immediately changed the topic.

"The things that were promised to me, take them out."

Without hesitation, Wang Lu took out several things from his mustard seed bag.

A slightly stinky porcelain bottle, a piece of dried leather, a piece of blurred flesh, and a handful of golden residue.

"Here are the spoils of the four matches: the poisonous blood of Little Poison Immortal, a fragment of the skin-apron of Flesh Massacre, the remains of the Ravenous Wolf, and the residue of negation seal. Any of these things are invaluable, irreplaceable treasure."

There was certainly a reason for this.

The three props used in the challenge that was provided by A Wu were priceless treasures. It was not that A Wu spent incalculable effort to cultivate them, but that their role was irreplaceable. Without Same Body Insect, Golden Silkworm Insect, and Five Element Soil Mate, the brilliant victory under Wang Lu's leadership would've been impossible. And what was the value of the props that could bring victory? Simply incalculable.

For such a victory, perhaps the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals would even sacrifice immortal treasures. Unfortunately, even if they were to sacrifice immortal treasures, the results wouldn't necessarily be favorable. Let alone the number of immortal treasures in Earth Immortal camp was also quite large. Thus, these three items that could bring victory certainly was worth more than immortal treasures.

Since A Wu even took out those priceless treasures, it was, of course, natural for her to request some compensation.

However, the value of the loot was also equally good. Thus, Wang Lu repeatedly emphasized their value to show his great sacrifice.

Nevertheless, A Wu actually didn't care much about them. She merely cast a glance at them, nodded, and then said, "There's more."

Wang Lu asked, "More what?"

"We have agreed that in exchange for my Same Body Insect, Golden Silkworm Insect, and Five Element Soil Mate... all of the loot would be mine."

Wang Lu said, "Yes, and they're all here."

"There must be more than these. Take out the rest of them."

Wang Lu was immediately shocked. "Why would there must be more than these? Where's the rest!"

A Wu shook her head. "Little Wu told me that since you are her disciple, therefore, you inherited her mantle."

"Yeah, so?" Wang Lu was not sure how much close Wang Wu was to these friends of hers, so he didn't say that the relationship between Wang Wu and Wang Lu was more complicated than just Master and disciple.

A Wu also wouldn't have thought that much, hence, she naturally said, "Since you have inherited her mantle, you must have also inherited her despicable shamelessness as well."


"Usually, when Little Wu divided the loot, she always hid a part of the loot, therefore, you must've also hidden a part of the loot. And if someone sees through all these, you will divide the hidden loot with her."


With that, A Wu stretched out her hand. "And I've seen through everything, so take out the rest."

Wang Lu didn't say a word. After a long silence, he took out another porcelain bottle from his mustard seed bag. "This is all of it."

A Wu nodded, picked up everything on the table, and then said, "You need to take a good rest. I won't bother you anymore... But, I haven't tested the authenticity of those things yet. If there's any problem, I will come for you. Your injury is still not completely healed, there's still a trace of poison in your body, so don't always try to cheat me, I won't be fooled again and again."

With that, this incomparably-sincere-looking witch doctor put all the trophies in a skull at her waist, and then left at a brisk pace.

Lying at the bed, Wang Lu had incomparably mixed feelings.

Since he made his debut, Wang Lu repeatedly won the challenges thrown at him with his wisdom. The opponents that he played in the palm of his hands were too numerous to mention. However, what happened just now... was really a tragedy.

A Wu had very little experience in facing the world-there was no shrewdness in her at all. To put it bluntly, she could even be comparable to Liu Li. However, in a single glance, she could see that Wang Lu did hide a bottle of poisonous blood-not for anything else, but for the sake of thinking that it might be useful in the future competition. But in the end, it was ultimately a hidden loot.

If it was Wang Wu, after piercing through Wang Lu's act, she would've uttered some sneering words. However, A Wu said nothing, but merely picked up her things and left. Toward Wang Lu, however, this action hit him even more because the conscience that he thought he had dried up for many years had just apparently received a denouncement.

In fact, A Wu's straightforward attitude was also not very good. However, the words that she said, "I won't be fooled again and again," would only make the listener feel sad and pity, unable to be angry. Wang Lu thought that the culprit who fooled this innocent girl again and again deserved to be struck by lightning.

Just as he thought about it, he heard a relaxed voice coming from the outside.

"Hahaha, Wang Lu you cheap, you only gave trinkets to me. Fortunately, I'm a quick thinker, just now, I suddenly had a bright idea and managed to exchange that pile of rubbish to A Wu as real. A Wu is indeed a treasure bag, the skeletons at her waist had all kinds of things, hahaha..."

Wang Lu sighed, and, ignoring his wound, used his true yuan to cast out a spell.

"What the, you rebel disciple, you actually dare to strike me with lightning!"