The more someone was afraid of death, the more that someone had to think about not dying. Flesh Massacre was probably among the people most afraid of death within the Earth Immortal group, so his ability to survive was also formidable.

Therefore, he understood this truth more than that of other people: At the crucial moment, only by staking one's life could one's life be saved. No matter how strong the opponent's sword strike was, it was still controlled by someone. If he killed that someone in advance, the threat of the strong sword strike would naturally disappear.

Therefore, Flesh Massacre, who had always been afraid of death, at this moment, was no longer afraid of death. He forcibly resisted the fierce pain and horror of sword point entering his body and put his attention to his right hand which was gripping the Meat Cleaver.

However, just as he was about to swing the sword, he suddenly saw a blur in front of him and Zhu Shiyao suddenly disappeared without a trace! The three inches sword point that had entered his forehead also disappeared.

Flesh Massacre was shocked, unable to deal with this sudden change. He then waved his Meat Cleaver three times in succession, but the blade only took his own blood.

Because the opponent had disappeared from the fighting arena, Meat Cleaver could not cut Zhu Shiyao's flesh, so it could only cut its own master, much to the consternation of Flesh Immortal.

Could it be that... the opponent had admitted defeat?

At the same time, in the audience stand, people watched in surprise as Wang Lu lifted his hand high, announcing that they had forfeited the match.

And beside him, the blood-soaked Zhu Shiyao was looking at him very discontentedly.

But where would Wang Lu care about what Zhu Shiyao thought? She had already been pulled out, what could she do? Could it be that she wanted to swing her sword at him? She could, in any case, he had completely grasped her Stellar Divine Eyes, so in no way wouldshe be able to defeat him.

The key thing was, she could not die in the arena. Just now, the situation was at its critical moment, but Wang Lu could clearly see that the best final result would probably mutually wounded. Zhu Shiyao's winning chance was less than twenty percent.

The reason for this was not that Zhu Shiyao's strength was weaker than Liu Li, nor was Flesh Massacre was stronger than Little Poison Immortal... Zhu Shiyao simply didn't have a weapon that she could rely on. If she had Skybreaker, just now Flesh Massacre would've died with that one move.

Unfortunately, Zhu Shiyao had the peerless Sword Spirit Root, but not enough luck. Liu Li could find the Skybreaker in the ancient sword tomb, but Zhu Shiyao only had that Great Sun Golden Brilliant Sword which she had used all the way even now.

The Union of Ten Thousand Immortals was not without ownerless immortal treasures, but unfortunately, they were not suitable for her.

In the end, they lost the fight, Wang Lu shook his head deprecatingly. It was time for the next match to begin, but the Earth Immortal side was unwilling to let go. Especially the lantern female who was full of malicious sneer.

"Your previous words are really pretty, but in the end, you still cherish the life and not willing to stake it. Liu Li dared to fight because you guaranteed her life with a trick! Zhu Shiyao has no Same Body Insect, so you didn't dare let her stake her life!

This was actually a good response, but Wang Lu returned with a mocking sneer with double intensity. "You really don't realize how stupid you are. Just now, I gave up the match in order to save your compatriot's life. Although Flesh Massacre is a Slaughtering Devil, he has the strength to contend against the Fallen Immortal. As for killing one to warn the others, Little Poison Immortal is enough, so I sacrificed my own side's victory for the sake of the overall situation. With your IQ, I don't expect you to understand this, but I can't believe people around you also pretend to not aware, letting you bark out wildly here!"

This remark confounded many of the Earth Immortals. This was exactly the so-called distorting the facts and confusing rights from wrong! For the sake of the overall situation? Just now, it was obvious that both sides would end up mutually wounded and Zhu Shiyao's victory rate was even smaller, how could it suddenly become a show of leniency from the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals?

Regarding this, Wang Lu only said, "How could you guys be so sure that there's no Same Body Insect in Zhu Shiyao's body? Flesh Massacre had slashed her with his Meat Cleaver, but she didn't show any pain on her face, do you guys really think that's just because of her own skill?

Upon hearing this, the lantern female was stunned and then argued, "But you don't have any wound in your body!"

Wang Lu looked at her with contempt as if he was looking at an idiot. "Who told you that her pair of Same Body Insect is in my body?"

This argument was really reasonable, which stumped the other side into speechlessness. The lantern female was choked in her own words for a long time but didn't know how to refute it.

Fortunately, the embarrassment didn't last long, as the man in black promptly said, "Let's start the next match."

Thereupon began the next match.

Between Ravenous Wolf and Quan Zouhua, the strength gap seemed unprecedented. Of the four Earth Immortals that participated in this Jindan Stage challenge, Ravenous Wolf was the most powerful, while Quan Zouhua was obviously the weakest one in the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals camp. Her strength, wisdom, and fame were far behind those of others. The only thing worthy to mention of her was her singing ability, which had nothing to do with the fight. By sending her to the arena, this seemed like a straightforward give in.

However, after the previous two matches, no one dared to look down on Wang Lu's arrangement. Even if it was just a silly dog, if it came from Wang Lu's hand, it would be difficult to guarantee that it would not bite.

When Quan Zouhua entered the arena, she didn't immediately change into her primary form. Instead, she curiously looked around in a girlish attitude, seemingly curious about the arena. However, her attention was soon taken by the Ravenous Wolf who appeared on the arena.

Looking at this infamous opponent, Quan Zouhua coldly snorted. Then, with a slightly innocent voice, she spat out rude and straightforward words.

"Wang Lu! You previously said that as long as I kill him, you will give little White to me, right?"

From the audience stand, Wang Lu laughed. "Yes. As long as you kill him, I will help you hook up with Bai Shixuan."

"Really? If you dare to deceive me, I'll bite you to death!"

Wang Lu lightly said, "If you dare bite me, Little White will not care about you in this life."

"Damn it. Wang Lu, you're so despicable!"

"Really? Then go ask someone else to help you."

"Ahhh, how could Little White possibly look up on you!"


When a man and a dog began to quarrel, Ravenous Wolf still maintained his semi-transparent spirit body, silently sizing up the opposite party. Gradually, he started to reveal a ravenous look.

"Good stuff, really good stuff... You are mine!"

His name was Ravenous Wolf, so, like his name, his most important characteristic was ravenous. Ravenous for everything and ravenous at all times.

Ravenous for food, for beauty, for previous things.

And Quan Zouhua in front of him was undoubtedly an object worthy of his ravenous.

The Western Continent Monster Wolf was a top-level divine beast from a different continent. Its flesh and blood essence was undoubtedly the world's top food. The sweet taste wafted into the nose along with the wind, making the index finger of Ravenous Wolf to greatly twitch. In addition, although the girl in front of him was not as bright as Liu Li, nor as cool and flawless as Zhu Shiyao, she was still elegant and beautiful. Her pair of slender legs and heart-stirring waist were particularly attractive. This human form Western Continent Monster Wolf was valuable everywhere. Ravenous Wolf believed that she could even be priced as high as an immortal treasure!

Regardless of which aspect, this Quan Zouhua was a target not to be missed. Thus, Ravenous Wolf made his mind to put the opponent in his bag. Of course, it would not be easy.

Little Poison Immortal and Flesh Massacre that went to the stage earlier were also greedy, especially Little Poison Immortal who proclaimed at the beginning of the match his desire to turn Liu Li into a poison sac and her primordial spirit into poison woman. In the end, he died a tragic death. Flesh Massacre was better but still couldn't get the opponent's flesh. In the end, a sword pierced into his forehead, and if he didn't have a quick response, he would've ended up dead.

Ravenous Wolf didn't want to die, because, among his many rapacities, rapacity for life was the first. Thus, he kept his silence and just waited for Wang Lu and Quan Zouhua to finish their quarrel. Finally, the girl, with a crimson cheek, turned toward him.

"Hey, you, wash your neck clean and prepare to die!"

Then, the girl pounced and opened her mouth in mid-air, revealing a pair of sharp, shining small canine teeth.

In the face of this reckless and tactless attack, Ravenous Wolf was not careless. He resolutely chose to retreat. He had a ghost body, so with a thought, his body had flashed several miles away.

However, after that, Ravenous Wolf was surprised to find that, the pair of slightly playful small canine teeth were not far away from him!

Ravenous Wolf then flashed away again for thirty times in a row. Each time, the distance was more than ten miles, and each time, it was in the blink of an eye. Because of this move, the fighting arena space suddenly expanded to more than five hundred miles in radius, but it seemed that it was still not enough.

Yet, even after thirty times of flashing away, there were still that pair of canine teeth in front of Ravenous Wolf!

The seemingly random attack by Quan Zouhua was like a maggot on the tarsal bones, unable to be thrown away. This was far from what Ravenous Wolf initially expected. He didn't want to make the first move in the beginning, but he also didn't think that he would lose the opportunity at the start. Right now it was like he was being chased and beaten so hard that he couldn't fight back.

Therefore, he finally stopped flashing and instead turned his ghost body into real body before throwing a heavy punch.

The heavy punch from Ravenous Wolf was heavier than anyone imagined. Because halfway up, it had become as big as a mountain.

In the audience stand, countless people were amazed because very few people could make their body so huge in Jindan Stage.

However, Ravenous Wolf was, of course, different. His biggest trump card was not the sinister curse that many people guessed, nor the silent assassination, but rather his powerful physical strength.

He was greedy, and when he became ravenous, he wanted to eat continuously for a year, hence he needed a huge stomach.

He was lascivious, wanting to see all the beautiful things in the world, hence he needed a pair of sharp eyes.

Once he was so overwhelmed by lust, he gathered one hundred thousand beautiful women together. With that many beautiful women, it was obvious that there could not be just one 'golden cudgel.'

So much greed created so much demand, and when so much demand integrated into a body, the physical strength of the body was self-evident.

Ravenous Wolf was also not born demon race. He turned himself into a Slaughtering Devil because it didn't have a natural limit of physical growth, and the result did not disappoint him. The semi-real ghost body was just a disguise. If he showed his true body, even if it was just in a Jindan Stage level, it would still be enough to shock the entire audience.

Right now, Ravenous Wolf only released a fist, but it was like releasing a mountain. This was the most direct and crude method, but it was enough to make the vast majority of Jindan Stage cultivators scared shitless.

The top Jindan Stage Sword Sword Cultivator could split open a mountain with a sword strike, but few could withstand it.

In Jindan Stage level, Quan Zouhua didn't seem to be particularly strong. Except for that mysteriously appearing and disappearing attack just now, there was absolutely nothing special about her. Thus, he believed that after this fist, at least one of her canine teeth would fall.

However, the next moment, Ravenous Wolf felt a sharp pain in his fist. When he hurriedly withdrew it, he saw that only half of the mountain was left.

Quan Zouhua's small canine teeth were still sharp, but the tip of the teeth was stained with a trace of blood.