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 Less than two hours after the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals announced the list, the ancient Earth Immortals also announced their own list.

This was undoubtedly a new thing for the ancient Earth Immortals who loathed syncronizing things with the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals. On the other hand, this also proved that after the five consecutive victories, Wang Lu had obtained enough attention from the other party.

However, the more the ancient Earth Immortals valued this thing, the less likely that the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals would win.

"Little Poison, Flesh Massacre, Ravenous Wolf... they're really serious!"

After the ancient Earth Immortals posted the list on the billboards used to broadcast the matches on top of each area, the woeful sigh of the cultivators could be heard everywhere in the City of Immortals.

Of the four people on the list, any one of them was like thunder reverberating in one's ear by now. In the previous two months of competition, they had already made illustrious achievements-all built over a large number of corpses of the cultivators of Nine Regions.

Because of the words of the man in black, the scenes of the Grand Competition were very brutal in its first two months. The ancient Earth Immortals were relentless and often killed the cultivators of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals in the fight. Although killing was inevitable in this Grand Competition, many of the killings were intentional. For example, when the Little Poison Immortal confronted Senior Red Blood Poison-even after the Senior Red Blood Poison already had the idea to give up and admit defeat after his blood venom attack was nullified-before he could open his mouth to say it, Little Poison Immortal had already melted his throat that it had practically disappeared and thus he was unable to say it.

This was clearly a deliberate killing, and the death of Senior Red Blood Poison was terrible. Previously, it was because of this point that the Master of Heavenly Book Building Supreme Ting Feng began to question Wang Lu's decision making...

The ancient Earth Immortals acted in such a way to suppress the morale and fighting spirit of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, to plant the seed of fear in their hearts... As a matter of fact, this tactic was successful once. Many cultivators of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals didn't even dare to look straight at their opponent upon entering the arena and that they could only muster fifty to sixty percent of their ability. And that was until Wang Lu came forward and boosted the morale of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals with five consecutive victories.

However, when people saw the names in the list were Little Poison Immortal, Flesh Massacre, Ravenous Wolf... they still felt a bit cold.

These few people were probably the cruelest and murderous of the ancient Earth Immortals, especially those first three names.

Before joining the ancient Earth Immortals group, Little Poison Immortal was once an out-and-out evil cultivator. In order to study the poison method, he spared no effort and sacrificed tens of millions of lives. In today's Nine Regions, it was regarded as the most valuable thing for the evil cultivators, Ten Thousand Spirit Blood Beads-a demonic treasure made from the refined souls and corpses of tens of thousands of innocent people. There were at least a hundred of this thing in the hands of Little Poison Immortal.

The Flesh Massacre was basically a madman. Although he cultivated immortal cultivation, he actually ate flesh raw and drank blood, and he was more like a savage than a human. But what he loved the most was human flesh. The higher the cultivation stage a person had, the more he liked that person's flesh. This time in this Grand Competition, he once defeated a Yuanying Stage cultivator, and then, in the eyes of tens of thousands of audience, he directly swallowed the soul of his opponent and then skinned his opponent's body. That match almost triggered a riot, and the friends and relatives of the deceased rushed into the arena despite the obstruction from the Golden Armored Puppet. Fortunately, they were stopped by the direct appearance of the Pure Golden Armored Army. Although they were inevitably put into the dark room, their lives at least could be saved... In that fight, Flesh Massacre and his apron, which was sewn from the scalp of ten Yuanying Stage cultivators became known to everyone. At the same time, he also declared his intention to create a new apron.

As for Ravenous Wolf, he was a bit cleaner than the first two. He never butchered or mistreated his opponents, but in the three matches that he had participated so far, none of his opponents survived... Even when the match was relatively low in confrontation, he could still trigger this and that "accident" and reasonably killed the opponent. If the Little Poison Immortal and Flesh Massacre were demons from hell, then the Ravenous Wolf was like a ghost hidden in the shadow, low key, but equally deadly.

According to the match list, the opponents of those three people would be Liu Li, Zhu Shiyao, and Quan Zou Hua... As long as people thought that these three lively and young girls were likely to die in the hands of several homicidal maniacs, the chill in the people's heart became more unendurable.

Some enthusiastic cultivators even wanted to find Wang Lu on their own initiative to let him think twice before acting so as not to cause irreparable losses due to a moment of anger.

However, these people's efforts were of course futile. Once Wang Lu made his decision, how could he easily change it?


Amidst the worry of the audiences, the competition's day finally arrived.

On this day, the Central Arena of Immortal One Area had enough seats to accommodate a million people. The cultivators from all parts of Nine Regions gathered here to watch the competition that would determine its fate.

Although the Grand Competition had only been held by one-third of its total matches, everyone knew that this competition would determine whether the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals would turn the situation around or fall into the abyss and completely lose the entire Grand Competition.

On the rostrum, more than one hundred Earth Immortals and more than one hundred Elders of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals had been seated. The Earth Immortal side was silent, while the side of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals was filled with a lot of discussions.

They commented on the current situation, on the opponents, on Wang Lu, and on Supreme He Tu... Toward this, He Tu completely ignored them and just closed his eyes. In this competition, he gave Wang Lu his full trust and let Wang Lu do whatever he wanted. Even though the list that Wang Lu gave him was a bit puzzling, He Tu still didn't change his original intention.

In supporting Wang Lu, he spared no effort.

Seeing that He Tu refused to even comment, the people's focus naturally fell on Spirit Sword Sect-which was also the protagonist of today's competition.

"Daoist Master Feng Yin, does your sect's Lead Disciple really have the confidence to win, or he's just bluffing? His list is a bit too much, don't you think? The names are all from your Spirit Sword Sect, and moreover, they're all from the younger generation disciples! If I remember correctly, there are still some survivors from the catastrophe in your sect, and they are all very powerful. Don't just hide them, call them out here to fight!"

The Red-robed Patriarch had always been straightforward, so much that even some information about Spirit Sword Sect not available to public was subconsciously said by him. Upon hearing those words, Feng Yin could not just ignore it and close his eyes like He Tu. The Red-robed Patriarch had no close relationship with Shengjing Sect, but he had a deep friendship with Spirit Sword Sect. Thus, Feng Yin couldn't just alienate him for no reason.

"Wang Lu naturally would not fight a battle that he isn't sure about, so please rest assured."

Upon hearing the assurance from Daoist Master Feng Yin, Red-robed Patriarch felt relieved. However, after a moment of reflection, he still didn't feel assured. "Even if your sect's little Liu Li and Zhu Shiyao are very talented, their cultivation time is still too short, isn't it? I know about the rushed training in Royal Soldier Sect. At that time, Kuqin sought help from ten individuals to help him perfect the training program, and I was among those individuals. Even if little Wang Lu has the ability to improve the training program, the improved efficiency would still be limited. At least at this time, they still couldn't defeat Little Poison Immortal and Flesh Massacre!"

Feng Yin shook his head helplessly. "Fellow Daoist Red-robed, even if Liu Li and Zhu Shiyao couldn't win, it doesn't mean that we would lose the challenge."

Upon hearing this, Red-robed Patriarch was stunned. "... Don't tell me you're pinning your hopes on that dog?"

Unfortunately, just as his voice fell, the clear bell that signified the start of the challenge had already been sounded in the center of the arena.

Suddenly, it attracted everyone's attention. Even the curious and frank Red-robed Patriarch put down his doubt and waited for the change in the arena.

The first was the entrance of the contestants.

When the bell rang, the contestants from the ancient Earth Immortals collectively appeared in the center of the arena. The lean and small child-like figure of Little Poison Immortal, the buffed body of Flesh Massacre, the semi-transparent phantom-like figure of Ravenous Wolf... As well as Bai Ze with his twelve golden stamps.

When the four appeared, they had suppressed their strength to the level that of Jindan with one percent the original strength of their primordial strength and physical body. However, even so, it still made the million audiences feel suffocated.

This oppression did not come from their overbearing strength, but from the mountains of corpses of their brutal killing. The massive slaughter made the natural enemies of the cultivators so that people felt the natural fear of one in the low rank of food chain toward those in the high rank of the food chain.

"... Are we really going to fight against that kind of opponent?"

An old cultivator suddenly shivered.

"This kind of massacre demon is not something that we could compete against at all. Unless Great Ancestor Desheng is reborn, they are invincible!"

"Massacre demon? What are you talking about?"

That old cultivator said with a nearly collapsed expression, "You guys haven't experienced the Great War of Immortal and Demon, so you guys could not understand the horrors of these demons at all! We are all wrong! We thought they were human, but they are actually demon race!"

"Demon race!?"

When this remark came out, it immediately caused an uproar. Although the old cultivator's cultivation base was not high, only Yuanying Stage, he had actually experienced the last Great War of Immortal and Demon and survived. What he saw and heard were precious treasures, which were far more valuable than his Yuanying Stage cultivation base.

Although he was old, his mind sometimes was not clear, his judgment about the demon race had never been missed. Thus, so when he revealed the opponent's identity as the demon race, the shock in people's heart was self-evident.

"Daoist Master Feng Yin... is this revelation also expected by Wang Lu?" The Red-robed Patriarch was tongue-tied. The existence of demon race among the ancient Earth Immortals was naturally known by him as one of the Elders of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals. However, no matter what, he did not expect there would be so many who were demon race! Moreover, even Bai Ze himself was a demon!

No wonder they had always been merciless before, which even made people wonder whether the ancient Earth Immortals really had the sincerity to cooperate against the Fallen Immortals. Now, the answer was self-evident. The intense and deep-seated hatred between cultivators and demon race was not inferior to that between them and the Fallen Immortals.

However, a burst of leisurely laughter rang in the ears of Red-robed Patriarch.

"Patriarch doesn't have to worry, this is all already within my expectation."

Hearing this voice, Red-robed Patriarch gaped. "Wang Lu? Why are you here?"

"Because this spot has the best view."