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 "Definitely win?"

Hearing the words of the man in black, the Food Immortal Bai Lingpo didn't quite understand.

Not to mention Wang Wu, the two barbarian women and the witch doctor, any of them was the top figures of the outer path, their strength could not be judged with their power level in normal immortal cultivation path. If the Earth Immortals could go all out, naturally, they didn't need to be afraid. However, if confined to Jindan Stage level... let alone Earth Immortals, even if True Immortals descended down to earth, they were by no means their opponent.

Or could it be that the man in black, who had created many miracles, was ready to make his move himself? But in that case, it would mean that the Earth Immortal side would overpower the other party, which seemed quite different from what he wanted to express.

Toward this, the man in black simply explained, "Those several outside path cultivators won by using unexpected winning moves, but they only have one specialty. If we slightly counter that, we would prevail over them. For example, against that barbarian woman, as long we use the void body, regardless of how strong her physical strength is, what could she do about it? Remember, outside path cultivator is by no means invincible. Except for Wang Wu, we don't need to worry about the rest."

After a moment of hesitation, the man in black continued, "... However, Wang Lu should be clear about this point, so he has no reason to walk into a trap."

Xuan Mo said, "But if he doesn't send out these outside path cultivators, he basically has no other people to use! Or does he want to send those who are training in Royal Soldier Sect?"

The man in black shook his head. "They're not able to catch up. After several months of training, they're still far from being on par. Even if they use medicinal drugs to burst out their power for a while, it's still not enough. They would need at least another two months if they really want to go to battle. Which means that Wang Lu shouldn't send out the challenge letter so early."

Xuan Mo said, "But in two months time, the five consecutive wins that he painstakingly built would become worthless."

"Yes, Wang Lu really doesn't have a way to continue the winning streak. The huge gap between our two sides in strength is not easy to wipe out... Biechen, what do you think?"

Lu Biechen, who was known as the Calculation Immortal, said, "Someone from the other side has blocked the mystery known only to heaven, so I can't calculate the future for you guys. But, if I push my calculation, we should have at least eighty percent chance to win this challenge, I don't see any pitfalls in it."

The man in black closed his eyes and meditated, and then slowly said, "Heaven asks for Firmament while Earth asks for Nine Regions... It is reasonable to say that we, Earth Immortals, are the darling of the Nine Regions continent, and thus the results of our calculation should not be mistaken. However, relying on being the darling as well as pride is the way to defeat. Let alone the darlings of the Nine Regions are not only us. If I remember correctly, since fifty years ago, there has been an endless stream of geniuses in Nine Regions."

Lu Biechen said, "I have also calculated this point, so I have deduced the winning chance again."

"And the result is?"

"We will win." Lu Biechen categorically said, "We will certainly win."


At the same time, in the Immortal Four Area, above the white clouds, there was a towering palace that overlooked all living beings, and inside its hall, two cultivators were sitting on both sides of a slightly unique chessboard. They were concentrating on the change on the chessboard while talking quietly from time to time.

"Fellow Daoist Tian Lun, Wang Lu, this chess piece, could you see any positive result out of it?"

"Fellow Daoist He Tu, you're joking, right? No one could completely see Wang Lu's chess piece. Otherwise, there wouldn't have been so many people that fall head first in his hand."

With that, Supreme Tian Lun moved the piece on the chessboard, which caused Daoist He Tu to slightly frown.

"Even you can't see through it, Wang Lu's chess piece is really intriguing..." After a moment of meditation, He Tu asked again, "Couldn't he be counted through the worldly affairs?"

Supreme Tian Lun shook his head. "Calculating the worldly affairs is for all the living beings, but cultivators go away from the worldly affairs to be near the immortal path. Let alone Wang Lu is one of the chosen ones. Like Qiong Hua from your sect, Ten Thousand Arts Sect's Zhan Ziye... these people are already beyond the worldly affairs."

Daoist He Tu moved a chess piece. "Everything under the heaven is counted as worldly affairs. No one could really jump out of this cage before they fly to immortality. If Fellow Daoist Tian Lun were to regard the worldly affairs calculation was still in its infancy, then your words just now would've been more convincing. But now, it sounds a bit evasive."

Upon hearing this, Supreme Tian Lun laughed but also reached out to the chessboard. "Sure enough, one really can't hide from Fellow Daoist He Tu. It is true that after the completion of the worldly affairs calculation, even the cultivators could be calculated. Let alone the younger generation like Qiong Hua and Zhan Ziye, I could even calculate the fate of a Supreme level cultivator. Although it's hazy, I could still have a limited view. For this point, I have to ask Fellow Daoist to keep it a secret, otherwise, I'm afraid it would cause unnecessary misunderstanding. Besides... from the beginning to the end, I still can't see through Wang Lu, as if he's not from this world from the beginning."

Daoist He Tu kept his silence for a long time. "... It's not necessarily bad."

"Oh? Fellow Daoist He Tu has great faith in Wang Lu."

"Even those from Spirit Sword Sect believe in him, why should I question him out of nothing? If it doesn't belong to heaven and earth, then it doesn't need to be restricted by heaven and earth. It's just that this time, Wang Lu seems to have taken a great risk."

Supreme Tian Lun said, "The greater the risk, the greater the reward. That's what Wang Lu always believe in. Not to mention that this time, Wang Lu put on all his gambling chips on the gambling table. We have no reason to stop him."

Upon saying that, Supreme Tian Lun moved his chess piece again and Daoist He Tu apparently fell into an extremely disadvantageous situation. His two long eyebrows were almost connected to each other.

"Because he kept all his chips hidden, I, instead, hesitated... If he's worried that by putting forward such a lineup he wouldn't be trusted, that's not really necessary. This is a matter of great importance to the entire Nine Regions. There's no reason for any sect to walk alone. If he needs support from other sects, we should spare no effort. There's no reason for Spirit Sword Sect to take such a big risk."

Supreme Tian Lun said with a smile, "Fellow Daoist worry too much. Right now, even ordinary people in the City of Immortals know that Wang Lu is the 'adopted son' of Supreme He Tu and thus could do whatever he wants."

At this point, Daoist He Tu could not help but laugh. "It seems that Wang Lu has his own considerations. Since that is the case, I won't fuss over it anymore but just wait and see."

Supreme Tian Lun nodded and said, "Although I can't figure out Wang Lu's future through the worldly affairs calculation, but by inferring from the words of the people around him... this time, we will certainly win."

With that, Supreme Tian Lun threw out the dice in his hand, and a six-point appeared on the chessboard. With a gentle chuckle, Supreme Tian Lun moved the chess piece six squares forward in that handcrafted board.

"Fellow Daoist, looks like I won this game. My four flying messengers have returned to the spring."

Daoist He Tu shook his head helplessly. "You're still too good at this Flying Chess, Fellow Daoist."


A day later, the list of the contestants from the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals was officially announced.

Since the start of the Grand Competition, this was the competition that received the highest attention. This Jindan level battle seemed especially serious. The schedule was announced three days in advance, and the list of contestants was announced two days in advance, all of which were the treatments that had not been enjoyed in hundreds of previous matches.

At this time, however, after seeing the list set by the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, many people in the City of Immortals were all shocked.

"Is Wang Lu crazy?"

"Has he begun to belittle the enemy after five consecutive victories? This shows that he doesn't put the opponent in his eyes at all!"

"Setting up such a lineup... does he want to make a name for his Spirit Sword Sect? He needs to be careful, playing with fire and one would burn oneself!"

Even many of Wang Lu's brain damaged fans, who had always been the most optimistic, could not help but question Wang Lu's decision when they saw the list.

Because the list was truly unexpected.

Wang Wu, Liu Li, Quan Zhouhua, Zhu Shiyao, Wang Lu... This was the entire list, unexpectedly, they were all from Spirit Sword Sect.

The appearance of the Non-Phase Master and disciple on the list was not unexpected. Wang Wu had a convincing victory against the Illusionary Child several months ago, so this time, no one doubted her at all. In the previous five consecutive victories, Wang Lu always played a third party or a bystander. This time, he finally came out personally, which was as expected.

But what about the remaining three? Zhu Shiyao and Liu Li were well-known cultivators in Nine Regions. This time, they were classified as super Jindan, but they were still young. In terms of strength, they were far from the best choice in Jindan Stage level-Kill Immortal Sword wielder Qiong Hua, or the veteran Jindan from some top rank sects were more suitable for this challenge. Furthermore, even if they were really talented and could break out beyond their normal state in the battle, they at least should finish their training in Royal Soldier Sect first. It was still too early for them to go into battle right now. As for that Quan Zouhua, it was more like a joke-even a dog was sent to the stage, was this insulting the opponent or to themselves?

If this list was a joke, then it must be the worst joke ever made by the Grand Competition. However, when people realized that Wang Lu really set that list as final... they would rather choose it was just a joke.

The betting houses in area A and B were also greatly shocked by this. The odds of Wang Lu's victory in this Jindan level challenge had dropped sharply, which showed that although many people had their brain damaged by their fanaticism, they were very sensible in treating their wallets.

Unlike the inexplicably amazed Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, the ancient Earth Immortals were extraordinarily serious. Xuan Mo once again organized a rally to gather many of her companions to discuss the countermeasures.

Because Wang Lu's move was even beyond the calculation of Calculation Immortal Lu Biechen. Wang Lu did not send Seventh Madame, Youjiu of Song and others outside path cultivators, nor did he send some veteran Jindan. Even if the selection was only from the younger generation Jindan, only Wang Lu and Zhu Shiyao that could be considered as meeting the requirements. Liu Li and Quan Zouhua were obviously not qualified, both Qiong Hua and Xiangliang were stronger than them.

"... What does Wang Lu want to do?"

This was the most important issue faced by everyone. If it was other people, the Earth Immortals couldn't care less, they could crush them with absolute strength during the battle. However, in Wang Lu's hand, they had suffered too many losses, and nobody dared to carelessly prepare for the match.

"I think he's being deliberately mystifying." Du Xiaoxiao said, "It's designed to do the very opposite, making us waste extra energy. It's probably this."

Xuan Mo said, "It doesn't make sense. Even if we waste some energy for this, would we lose the battle? This is simply underestimating our psychological quality."

Luo Xue speculated. "Or perhaps they have some secret weapons?"

"Is it Immortal Treasure? Immortal Elixir? Or perhaps Immortal Method? We have more of these things than them."

Thereupon, all the Earth Immortals fell into silence. Only the Calculation Immortal Lu Biechen was still calculating from time to time. However, the results of his several calculations were all different. Victory or failure was indefinite, making the calculation completely meaningless.

"That's enough, there's no need to get entangled over it." At the critical moment, the black-clad Earth Immortal said, "No need to care what their means are, in the end, we are stronger than them."

"Besides, since they announce their list first, let's have a frank and sincere talk." The man in black said, stretched out his hand and pointed at the several people among the Earth Immortals. "Little Poison, Flesh Massacre, Voracious Wolf, and Bai Ze, the four of you come forward."