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 Going Out For A Meeting The Day After Tomorrow, Requesting Leave Of Absence In Advance

It has been more than two months since the beginning of the Grand Competition, however, there were only a handful of matches that were truly noteworthy.

For example, the one on one fight between the top fighters of the two sides had yet to be held.

The reason for this was very simple, the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals had yet to have certainty in their victory.

For the complete single challenge, the rule was to win three matches in the total of five matches. Each side would put forward five people, and the fight was one on one. The first side to win three matches won the challenge. In such a complete single challenge, the score gained would be 500, which worthed more than a dozen ordinary matches, making it an important event.

However, the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals was difficult to find a group of five strong people to fight against the Earth Immortals each in the level of Jindan, Yuanying, Deity, and Supreme.

Take Supreme level for example. At the beginning of the Grand Competition, Daoist He Tu fought against Xuan Mo in Immortal One Area. Although He Tu won that fight, people with clear eyes could see that it was the other side who forfeited the victory. Purely in terms of strength, by showing that she could easily separate the Primordial Chaos into the two elements Yin and Yang, Xuan Mo had shown herself to be above that of He Tu."

Daoist He Tu was the number one person in Nine Regions, but Xuan Mo was by no means the number one Earth Immortal. Thus, the gap between the two sides in fighting was clear at a glance.

The only one who could win steadily was the Number One Jindan in Nine Regions from the Spirit Sword Sect. However, there was only one Number One Jindan in Nine Regions. Even her disciple, Wang Lu, who was now very well-known, had no assurance of victory against Earth Immortal in terms of strength.

In fact, in the warm-up matches before the start of the Grand Competition, Wang Lu once fought against Bai Ze. At that time, although he wasn't beaten, he ultimately didn't win.

If even Wang Lu couldn't win, it would be very difficult for anyone in Nine Regions who had the level of Jindan to win. Currently, the most famous and strongest people in Jindan Stage were: Qiong Hua, Zhu Shiyao, Xiang Liang, Zhan Ziye, Liu Li... had the same strength level as that of Wang Lu. According to the internal rating system of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, as well as some experienced veteran Jindan in other major sects, were classified as super-class, meaning the strongest in Jindan Stage. According to Wang Lu's point-based algorithm, his own strength was +10. If other factors such as equipment and props were taken into account, his overall fighting capability could even reach +15, meaning that he could steadily challenge those that were of higher stage than him.

However, it was clear that even the super-class Jindan would not be able to face the ancient Earth Immortals. According to the calculation of Supreme Tian Lun and Daoist Master Feng Yin, in Jindan and Yuanying Stage, a cultivator should have at least the strength of around +20, so as to have the chance to deal with the ancient Earth Immortal. However, how many people could achieve such an exaggerated value?

Below Jindan there might be various ways to create an abnormal warrior with the strength of more than +20, such as super magical treasure, or overbearing medicinal herbs. However, once one reached Jindan Stage, the strength of a cultivator would become more and more difficult to increase. At present, the only person in the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals who could have more than +20 strength was Wang Wu. Her real strength was at least +30, which completely shattered the common sense. And if Wang Lu could reach the Peak Jindan Stage in a fully comprehensive way, he could also reach the level of +18. In a match against the Earth Immortal, he could be regarded as a fighting force, with a winning chance of around 50%. In addition, Qiong Hua and Zhu Shiyao had the strength of around +17, and their odds of winning was around 30%. The others were weaker with the odds of winning less than 10%. According to the three of five rules of the competition, the overall winning chance of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals was less than 20%, which was not worth taking a risk at.

According to people's expectation, Wang Lu perhaps had to wait until these people had enough time training in Royal Soldier Sect to raise their fighting strength to an average of +18, which thus had the value of taking a risk at.

But now, it seemed that Wang Lu was unable to wait anymore. While most people hadn't fully completed their full set of training, he had already resolutely sent out a challenge letter to the ancient Earth Immortals.

Jindan Stage one on one challenge would be held at Immortal One Area in two days.

The news of the fight soon spread in the City of Immortals, so, while the enthusiasm brought upon by the five consecutive victories hadn't yet faded, a new upsurge swept through. The various areas of the City of Immortals began to discuss the match as if it could decide the outcome of the entire competition.

"Wang Lu is in such a hurry, is there any new card that will guarantee him the victory? I remember they said in the newspaper that Daoist Master Wang Lu's original plan was to at least delay this for a few months so that those Jindan and Yuanying Stage cultivators who were currently training could have enough fighting power."

"Humph, don't you understand that yet? I'm afraid Wang Lu already have no use of those people that are training in Royal Soldier Sect. The several people who were gathered by Daoist Master Non-Phase are all invincible people in their respective stage. With them here, I'm afraid it's not even Wang Lu's turn to come forward."

"Yeah, you're right. That barbarian woman You Jiu of Song could use her physical power to hold the Great and Mighty Original Stone. With this kind of power, she is simply unequaled in Jindan Stage and lower. With just one of her fist, even if the opponent has more magical abilities or more powerful immortal method, the opponent would still be torn to pieces."

"There's also that desolate era witch doctor A Wu, that seven tailed insect of her is incorporeal and colorless, it could even make the Little Poison Immortal nosebleed, much less the other people!"

"So, aren't we sure to win?"

"Humph, if there's no certainty of victory, how could Daoist Master Wang Lu make his move? As long as he makes his move, when was it not turned out to be a big win?"


At the same time, the ancient Earth Immortals were also discussing about the Jindan Stage fight challenge.

"Looks like Wang Lu's acrobatics are over." The Earth Immortal Bai Ze held tactics written in Wang Lu's hand and sneered. "He has exhausted his limited abilities."

Before his words fell, a huge and fat Earth Immortal couldn't help but laugh and say, "Bai Ze, you mean to say the exact opposite right? He has just won five straight matches, so he has the momentum behind me, but on the contrary, we are the one that has exhausted our abilities!"

With that, he conjured up a steaming hot roasted pig leg and took a big bite, with a bold and unconstrained eating manner. Who else but the Food Immortal?

"Humph, dead fatty, you still have the face to talk to me? So far, you lost all the matches that you played, you've lost all of our faces as Earth Immortal!"

While he was still munching, the Food Immortal sneered and then retorted, "If you want to talk about losing face, when you were in the warm-up match, you were fooled like an idiot by that kid Wang Lu, that's more than just losing face!"

"Enough, stop arguing!"

A woman appeared in time to stop the quarrel. Hearing her words, the Food Immortal and Bai Ze immediately stopped.

Because the speaker was Xuan Mo, the initiator of this assembly.

Xuan Mo said, "Bai Ze is right, Wang Lu's challenge letter shows that he is out of tricks already. As a matter of fact, the so-called five consecutive victories is not worthy of such a big fanfare. Compared with the prior more than twenty consecutive defeats of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, the five consecutive victories are not worth mentioning at all. Right now, the enthusiasm in the City of Immortals is entirely instigated by Wang Lu, but if he really has enough cards up his sleeves, he could increase the number of consecutive victories. After five consecutive victories, he personally sent a challenge letter, which only shows that he has no confidence to continue to win."

With that, Xuan Mo looked at her companions. Everyone had different expressions. Most people believed her explanation, but a few people had some doubts, such as the Food Immortal. While munching on the pork leg, his face was filled with doubt.

Thereupon, Xuan Mo further explained, "Among those five victories, the Patriarch of Giant Tree School prevailed over Chen Geng because when Chen Geng saw Wang Lu entering the venue, he went into a trance missed the chance to win, which was an accidental mistake. In the other four matches, Wang Lu relied on the strength of the outer path, not on the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals' own ability. Those foreign cultivators are indeed good, but they are, after all, only a few, and had basically gone on the stage. Except for them, Wang Lu simply couldn't find more ways to win, so he tries to issue the challenge today, to try to gain morale advantage on the base of the previous five consecutive victories, and win this crucial Jindan Stage Fight Challenge. Imagine if he really has confidence with his own team, how could he try so hard to build this momentum?"

After hearing this, the Food Immortal nodded. "Very well, what you said just now do make sense."

With that, he bit a few more meat from the leg and then lightly asked, "But on the other hand, if you really have the confidence that we will win this Jindan Stage Fight Challenge, why would you call us to gather here? During the previous few months of the competition, our participation followed the schedule given by the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals. We seldom meet each other because there was no need to say anything anymore, let alone to explain so much just for these five winning streaks."

Upon hearing this, Xuan Mo's eyes turned sharp. "Bai Ling, what are you trying to say?"

As he licked his greasy fingers, the Food Immortal lightly said, "Maybe it's because I lost too much that sometimes it's hard to avoid thinking too much. For example, I'm thinking that if I was not so confidence that day when I went to Human Five Area to participate in the food tasting competition, if I could have a little bit more attention and focus before the match, be a little more careful... how could I lose?"

"The same principle applies to all of you. It's just that you were lucky enough to not meet Wang Lu. And this time, Wang Lu took the initiative to challenge us, which shows that he has the assurance that he would win. But here we are saying that he has lost his tricks, that's an even more foolish than I was before." Food Immortal shook his head. "Let's not talk about anything else, if in this Jindan Stage Fight Challenge the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals gives out the line up the likes of Wang Wu, Barbarian Girl, and the Witch Doctor, just these three people are enough to give their side the victory. I don't see any chance for us to win."

With that, all the other Earth Immortals went silent. Because they have seen with their own eyes the performance of You Jiu of Song and With Doctor A Wu... In Jindan Stage, these two people basically had the same power level as that of Wang Wu. They were the outstanding cultivators of the outside path. In the strength limiting situation, even the Earth Immortals could hardly win.

At that moment however, a voice came in.

"If Wang Lu really put them in the lineup, we'll definitely win this battle."

The speaker was clad in black. He called himself a sinner, and he was the true leader of this group of Earth Immortals!