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 With those two words from Youyou, the match officially began.

Although there was still more than an hour to go before the official time and many spectators had yet to arrive, since both contestants were already present, there was no need to waste time. After all, it was not a commercial match, so there was no need to accommodate the audience's feeling.

The Strong Power Competition was relatively low in confrontation. It did not require fierce confrontation and fighting. After each side was positioned, the ground would continuously generate heavy objects of condensed essence, which would then fall on the hands of the contestants.

The contestants needed to catch those heavy objects while maintaining their standing position. Over time, the heavy objects would continue to stack, and as long as they could hold on longer than the other side, the victory would be theirs.

In the last match, the King of Ten Thousand Beasts played against Du Xiaoxiao. In the beginning, he persisted in holding the objects, from the beginning five hundred kilos bluestone and up for an hour. At that time, it was no longer bluestone that fell from the sky, but rather the Kun Stone that weighed millions of kilograms each.

Under the pressure of these millions of kilograms of weight, the King of Ten Thousand Beasts persisted for three breaths before gradually becoming exhausted. Seeing that the opponent remained motionless, he had the intention to surrender.

However, at that moment, Du Xiaoxiao smiled and looked up to the sky. "More."

Thereupon, a dark and round meteor fell from the sky, carrying with it an enormous amount of momentum. Du Xiaoxiao held one of his hand up, as if his hand was a pillar of heaven. The next moment, the meteor landed on his hand. Du Xiaoxiao's face remained still, like his hand. However, there was a loud bang at his feet.

The ground of the arena was strengthened by immortal method, which could withstand the strike from an Earth Immortal without taking any damage. On that day, although the meteor was powerful, it was still limited to the level of Yuanying Stage, which could not harm the ground.

However, it could still make the ground greatly deformed. The hard slate became like waves of water, stirring up several feet high ripples that went to the distance. The King of Ten Thousand Beasts was the first to bear the brunt. He felt that an irresistible force was coming up at his feet, wanting to throw him up into the air. However, the millions of kilograms of weight above him were making him miserable...

Being pressured by the two forces, the King of Ten Thousand Beasts fell down on the spot. Under the crushing weight of giant force, his bones were fractured and he almost lost his life.

On the other hand, Du Xiaoxiao was still holding the meteor with one hand. When the flame was extinguished, everyone found out that the meteorite was not big, only the size of his fist, and it even looked undistinguished in his palm... However, they soon recognized that it was the 'Great and Mighty Original Stone', which had the weight of a mountain each.

In Yuanying Stage, Du Xiaoxiao could move mountains. With this analogy, although in Jindan Stage his strength would be reduced by more than ninety percent, he was still far beyond any Jindan in the world. Even the abnormal Number One Jindan in Nine Regions admitted that pure strength was not her strong point and thus could not compete against Du Xiaoxiao.

Then who else could possibly stand up to him now? Was this barbarian woman from a remote tribe?

In people's anticipation, from the endless void, two square bluestones, each with one-inch square size and weighted more than half a tonne, slowly fell down. These were the product of highly condensed earth and stone, specifically used counterweight.

Youyou's figure was slightly taller, so she was the first to receive the bluestone. When it landed on her palm, her arm didn't move, and even the skin at her palm didn't show any change, which showed an unusually high physical strength.

Du Xiaoxiao closely followed after her. A pale hand appeared from inside the black cloak and held the bluestone. It was similarly looked light on him, and similarly, there was also no change in her palm skin.

Although this was only the first round, the audience had already begun talking.

"Are these two people really in Jindan Stage?"

"Mm, You Jiu of Song obviously is. As for Du Xiaoxiao, it is said that he used the time-back method to recall his body in its peak Jindan Stage, so I think it shouldn't be a fraud... But, they're both powerful. Although it's only half a tonne of bluestone, even the skins on their palms didn't change a bit. This kind of strength, I'm afraid it's already beyond the Power King True Body. Du Xiaoxiao is an ancient Earth Immortal, and has mastered many lost methods of ancient body training. While this You Jiu of Song, perhaps has a special barbarian bloodline?"

Nine Regions was vast. In some barren areas, many tribes, in order to survive and multiply, more or less had blood relationships with monsters, and thus possessed magical abilities power different to that of ordinary people.

In the arena, they stood in opposition to each other while holding the bluestone. A moment later, another two square bluestones fell from the sky. They had the same one-inch size, but the color was now a bit darker, and moreover, their weight had increased by several percents. The two of them received each of the bluestones and remained motionless.

A moment later, the third stone fell and its weight doubled compared with the first one. Then there were the fourth, and the fifth... After a meal's time, they each had more than ten square stones in their hand. Although the weight of fifty thousand tonnes was still far below the load-bearing capacity of Jindan Stage cultivator, it was impossible for ordinary Jindan to hold them with one hand for such a long time.

Like an ordinary adult man, lifting tens of kilograms of weight was mostly possible, but it was hard to hold it with just one arm. And to maintain it in one meal's time was basically impossible.

However, You Jiu of Song and Du Xiaoxiao each held fifty thousand tonnes of heavy objects with one arm, and were entirely still!

Moreover, by this time, every stone falling from the sky had already weighed more than thousands of tonnes, which, if added with the impact of the fall, could already be categorized as an effective strike for ordinary Jindan. Yet, they still used their hands steadily. Their potential was clearly bottomless!

However, if one looked closely, one could see the subtle differences between the two.

Although You Jiu of Song showed no signs of fatigue, it could be seen that the skin and the flesh of her palm were sagging and the muscles were tense. Clearly, she had used a lot of strength. However, on the other side, Du Xiaoxiao still took it easy, there were no visible signs on his body.

"... Is this guy really in Jindan Stage? How could there be such a strong Jindan Stage body?"

"This guy is definitely cheating! How could the physical strength of Jindan Stage be that powerful? He claimed to use time-back method to recall his body in its peak Jindan Stage, but who knows if he still retains some of his current strength?"

"Previously, they lost three matches in a row in the hands of Wang Lu, so do they now don't even want face?"

The audience at the spectator stands raised their doubts. Some people were even indignant and began to yell at the ancient Earth Immortal.

In this regard, the ancient Earth Immortals who were also watching in the audience stand responded with a sneer, "Your Number One Jindan in Nine Regions have already been recognized by us, but now, seeing this scene, you guys want to scream continuously?"

Thereupon, the cultivators who were questioning them were all speechless.

Wang Wu, the Number One Jindan in Nine Regions, was already well-known. However, when the ancient Earth Immortals lost to Wang Wu, they readily accepted the result. Now, this Du Xiaoxiao apparently a special way to enhance his strength, but as long as his physical power and magical power were still on the level of Jindan, there was nothing that the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals could do.

"... Are we going to lose just like that?" In the audience stand, a strong audience unwillingly clenched his fists, hoping to be able to transfer his strength into the arena to help You Jiu of Song.

That person was Jiang Lu, the one who was replaced by You Jiu of Song before the match, and now could only sit among the audience.

However, he did not have any dissatisfaction. Because he had seen the match with his own eyes. He was very sure that had he the one who participated in the match, he would already be close to his limit and thus could not compete with the opponent any longer. The power of You Jiu of Song was way far above him, but the problem was... it seemed that she couldn't win.

And when the next piece of stone fell and the contestants grabbed it, You Jiu of Song's arm slightly shook, while Du Xiaoxiao remained still. The gap in power had become more and more obvious!

"I can only pray that this barbarian woman has long endurance and thus could outlast the opponent." Jiang Lu gritted his teeth, but he knew that this guess was unlikely to come true. Although Strong Power Competition was also part of endurance test, with the weight of the falling stones increasing, ultimately, the advantage in strength was the most important one."

"Do something, barbarian girl. You're the rescuer sent by Wang Lu, you can't just lose like that!"

And right at this time, there was a change in the arena.

The always silent You Jiu of Song finally opened her mouth.

"Sheesh, it's so boring to wait like this. My saliva is coming out of my mouth when I think about little Wu's wine... Why don't we speed up the pace and finish this earlier?"

Upon hearing this, Du Xiaoxiao gave her a glance and then sneered, "Okay."

However, the next moment, before he opened his mouth to ask the arena, Youyou had already loudly said, "Give me the Great and Mighty Original Stone!"

Du Xiaoxiao was stunned at first, and then revealed an incredibly shocked expression. He quickly raised his head to speak, but it was still a bit late.

In the dark sky, a fiery meteor cut through the darkness and came crashing down.

Half a month ago, Du Xiaoxiao defeated the King of Ten Thousand Beasts with this Great and Mighty Original Stone! The pressure of the stone, which weighed hundreds and millions of tonnes, was enough to tremble The King of Ten Thousand Beasts who was at the Peak Yuanying Stage!

At the same time, You Jiu of Song suddenly shouted and her delicate and pretty face suddenly looked fierce, and her eyes become bloodshot. Immediately, there came a burst of dense bone stretching explosion inside the barbarian woman, as if firecrackers were set off during the Spring Festival, but the sound was tens of millions of times louder. A circle of visible soundwave spread around her body. The barbarian woman's body was then suddenly elongated, all her muscles swelled up, and in a twinkling of an eye, she became a monster giant with high stature and burst muscles.


Having transformed into a giant, it was as if Youyou's reason had also gone away. Her right hand swung, and a dozen pieces of the highly condensed stones was actually pinched into one by her hand! Then she raised her arm and directly welcomed the falling meteor!


The crashing sound of the Great and Mighty Original Stone was deafening. The huge shockwave spread across her arm and into her body. Youjiu of Song's whole body trembled. From time to time, blood oozed out from her swelled muscles and skin. The bones in her arm continued to fracture, and were about to completely break shortly.

Thereupon, her left hand, which had been idle for a long time, was suddenly lifted up and supported the other hand. Finally, she was able to hold it steady!

The stone that frightened even the peak Yuanying Stage was really held up by her.

However, before the audience was able to process what just happened and cheer, they saw a ripple of the ground's deformation bloomed from her feet and instantly rose to more than ten feet high. It was as if the raging sea was rushing toward Du Xiaoxiao.

Du Xiaoxiao's face greatly changed, but he was helpless...

The next moment, a great force surged up at his feet. Du Xiaoxiao snorted, but seemed unable to suppress the rushing force and was lifted up to midair.

When his feet were off the ground, his whole bearing changed. The originally as-deep-as-still-water, motionless-as-mountain temperament was completely swept away, becoming dejected. A moment later, blood even began to appear from the corner of his mouth.

You Jiu of Song still maintained the shape of a giant, with both hands holding together, barely able to the Great and Mighty Original Stone. She laughed fiercely at Du Xiaoxiao and said, "Your turn next!"

Du Xiaoxiao was silent for a long time. "You've already seen it?"

Youyou smiled crazily. "Of course I can't see it, but don't forget who I am with! You use your trick to increase your power by stepping on the ground, Wang Lu had already told me that! As long as the connection between you and the ground is broken, you would definitely lose!"

"Very well, I admit defeat." With that, Du Xiaoxiao held out his hand and threw more than a dozen stones on the ground, which then fell to the ground with a series of muffled sounds. At the same time, Du Xiaoxiao's right hand continued to tremble. Obviously, he had already lost his strength for a long time.

After admitting defeat, Du Xiaoxiao lifted up his arm, and the black cloak rolled up into a shadow and then disappeared without a trace.

Youyou put down the stone and let out a sigh, and then her body shrunk rapidly. Bathed in blood, she involuntarily fell backward.

However, before she fell to the ground, a slender arm had held her.

Wang Wu held Youyou with one hand and, with the other hand carrying a bottle of wine, floated away.