In this dark cuisine competition, the Food Immortal had eaten rotten insects, chewed rotten meat pies, and drank stone porridge... Wang Lu had mobilized the power of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals to collect exotic cuisines from various corners of Nine Regions. The Food Immortal had basically seen them all and experienced them.

This experience was unprecedented in the thousands of years of experience. Sometimes, after tasting the dark cuisine, the Food Immortal would think that if he were to find a successor in the future, he had to tell his successor about this experience, educating his successor to not be picky about food. At that time, he could say...

"In the dark cuisine match in the Grand Competition in the past, the food that I tried was much more varied than what you guys eat now. At that time, I and the host even talked cheerfully and wittily!"

Just thinking about it made him excited and passionate.

However, this pride disappeared the moment he tasted the delicacy from Aya's hometown.

"Is this still a fucking human food?"

The Food Immortal stood up angrily and wished he could drop the food on the ground on the spot-if not for the fear of the chef who cooked the dish was standing in front of him and who obviously had stronger fighting power than him.

He had explored the world of food for thousands of years, and this was the first time he ate the "food" that was so exciting!

When she heard the protest from the Food Immortal, Aya lightly asked, "Do you have any complaints about my dish?"

"This is no longer a matter of satisfaction or dissatisfaction, but... are you fucking a chef or a poisoner? This kind of sword-intent-filled thing is already qualified to be considered as a bomb, how dare you put it on the table?"

Aya was silent for a moment and then said, "I don't know what you're talking about."

"Don't play dumb!" The Food Immortal angrily slapped the table, and then reached out and directly dug out a piece from the fish-headed cake, and then infiltrated it with his immortal spirit qi...

The next moment, there was a muffled sound.

Between the two fingers of the Food Immortal, a small explosion broke out. The fish-headed cake exploded into millions of pieces of powders. Each of them was as dazzling as the stars in the night sky... Most of them were gathered by the Food Immortal using his immortal spirit qi. A few landed on the table, and with popping sounds, countless holes actually appeared on that thick round table!

"See that! Whose food would be so lethal!"

Aya tilted her head with some confusion. "That bowl of high-concentration sour soup not long ago could turn hundreds of people into pus, and its lethality was not low."

"... That's the problem with the ingredients themselves, but the sword intent in your dish is deliberately infused! Moreover, the high-concentration sour soup could be dissolved with cultivation base, but your sword intent almost blew up my head! My tongue was almost cut off by you!"

Aya nodded. "Yeah, but that's the culinary tradition of my hometown, don't you like it?"

"Whose hometown has such a tradition! Eating a meal is like fighting a war! What kind of mentality did you have when you cooked the dish!"

Aya went on to say, "Taking mission as a fight is what us, knight do. As for when I cook, I usually remember the situation in the battlefield when I went out on a campaign. Only by letting the soldiers not forget to fight while they eat could they keep alert and maintain the battle-ready state."

The Food Immortal was startled. Such a shameless lie seemed to have no flaws; what was going on here?

Of course, he didn't know that Aya was telling the truth. When she was still in Brettonia, when she went on numerous campaigns, she did indeed personally cook meals for her beloved generals and soldiers to boost their morale. Later on, she was betrayed and her country fell apart. It could be said that it was from that moment the foreshadows were laid.

Wang Lu faintly said, "In short, Senior Food Immortal, please do not waste time, don't let such a rare food turn cold."

"... Fine, you're indeed ruthless! See how I eat it!"

The Food Immortal hardened his heart, filled his mouth with immortal spirit qi, directly grabbed the plate, and then chewed and swallowed the Look Up at the Starry Sky. It was just that, every chew would be accompanied with thousands of times of sword qi explosion, and in each swallow, the Food Immortal would feel as if countless sharp swords rub against his throat, which was extremely painful.

After he finished that dish, the Food Immortal immediately took a cup of tea from his mustard seed bag, which he had kept for a long time and could also nourish the body of an Earth Immortal. Half a cup of tea later, however, he saw the edge of the cup was already stained with blood, which came from his lips... This Look Up at the Starry Sky actually hurt him.

After the tea soaked his throat and repaired all the tiny wounds, the Food Immortal sighed and thought that he had not eaten such a hard dish for more than ten thousand years...

"Okay, next!"

A moment later, Aya came over with another plate of fish head cake.

When the Food Immortal saw the dozen or so dried fish, he felt cold and immediately got up and protested, "Wait a minute, why is it still this dish? Didn't you say that the dish would not be repeated?"

Aya coldly said, "Why? Are you not good at math that you can't even count?"

"Count?" Upon hearing that, the Food Immortal was startled. When he looked at the cake closely, he could not help but cry out inwardly. The fish cake was still the same, but there was on more fish head inserted in!

"Could this be considered as a refurbished dish?"

"Quantitative change causes qualitative change." Wang Lu promptly interjected and explained, "For example, if you go to bed with a woman, it's called adultery, but if with multiple people, it's called gang bang, the two are different crimes."

"... What fucking nonsense explanation is that!" The Food Immortal shook his head. "Ah, forget it, if you want it to be fish head cake then so be it. But at least you have to guarantee that the dishes on the two tables are exactly the same."

Wang Lu nodded. "Naturally. All the dishes on your table would, of course, be presented on the other table."

The Food Immortal frowned, feeling that something seemed to be wrong. According to reason, if even he found it difficult to deal with the dish, then this Supreme-level-sword-intent-filled fish head cake would undoubtedly be very deadly to a Jindan Stage cultivator. Perhaps, even Wang Lu, this Non-Phase Method cultivator, would burst to death after eating the cake that he had just eaten. Liu Li was strong in attack but weak in defense; if she ate it and even digest it, could it be that she had the secret recipe to aid her digestion?

At this time, he needed to eat at least two hundred more points to reach the five hundred target. The Food Immortal asked himself if every dish henceforth had this level of Look Up at the Starry Sky, perhaps he would not last until the end... Aya's strength was indeed above him, and he really couldn't bear the food infused with sword intent of such a sincere swordsman. The only way to win was that the opponent insisted on lowering the limit and he also needed to persist more than her.

The problem was, from the beginning to the end, every step was in Wang Lu's calculation, so would he leave such an opportunity for him? Could Liu Li cope with Look Up at the Starry Sky?

But, how would she deal with it? A Jindan Stage cultivator eating Supreme level food was suicidal, unless...

While thinking, the Food Immortal insisted on eating more than twenty Look Up at the Starry Sky until he coughed up blood due to his internal organs being hurt by the sword intent. Fortunately, he possessed a lot of medicine, but he could barely hold it.

Liu Li also took this opportunity to catch up and finally reached three hundred points and began the Western Continent cuisine.

It was the same Look Up at the Starry Sky. Aya did not go soft in the slightest. Moreover, compared with the Food Immortal, it seemed that the amount given to Liu Li was slightly larger.

The Food Immortal stared at his opponent, observing her and the dish through all his senses. Even at a distance of a few feet, he could feel the sword intent buried in the cake of the opponent, which was more severe than that of his.

Aya really didn't show mercy. Then... how could Liu Li possibly digest such a "dark cuisine"?

The next moment, in the horrified eyes of the Food Immortal, Liu Li giggled, smiled, and, accompanied by a naive and unrestrained smile, dug a large scoop of fish head cake and sent it into her mouth.

The next moment, the sword intent burst, and the girl's colorful dress swelled like a balloon, and tens of millions of sword qis burst out from it, as if to tear the dress into pieces and revealed a lewd scene.

However, the sword qis that left the body were like arrows that lost their arrowheads, powerful but completely without their sharpness. The sword qis swelled the dress, but they could not cut it as their force was spent. A moment later, Liu Li gradually controlled those sword qis and pulled them back into her body, completely without any leakage.

And when Liu Li opened her eyes, her eyes seemed to have been washed clean, her body showed off its ability just like a sword, and her aura seemed to have a subtle flavor of the Knight King.

The Food Immortal was startled: It's... done?

A bite of Supreme-level-sword-intent-infused fish head cake had been digested just like this? By a mere Daoist Master of Jindan Stage?

How could there be such a thing in this world? Liu Li was not an abnormal Jindan like Wang Lu. She did not cultivate on the outer path, but cultivated Brilliant Sword Heart, a method that had been passed down since the ancient times, and Brilliant Sword Heart...

Thinking to this, the Food Immortal was dumbfounded. "Brilliant Sword Heart?"

This cultivation method, whose origin was hard to verify, was a top-notch cultivation method even in the most glorious era of immortal path. However, on the other hand, cultivators who could actually successfully cultivated Brilliant Sword Heart had always been rare, even for tens of thousands of years.

Because the requirements for the cultivators were too strict. Those who could cultivate this method must have a clear and dirt-proof body and an equally clear and pure heart. It didn't seem difficult, but in practice, it was hard to find even one even in tens of thousands of years.

Therefore, although people had long heard of Brilliant Sword Heart, they didn't know the detail. They didn't know that once someone had a minor accomplishment in the cultivation of Brilliant Sword Heart, that someone would possess many magical abilities.

The greatest characteristic of Liu Li was her strong explosive power, which was unparalleled among cultivators of the same stage. In addition, although there were many kinds of magical abilities, such as strong endurance, extremely high poison resistance, etc., there were many methods with similar magical abilities to that of Brilliant Sword Heart, so very few people really paid attention to them.

However, now it seemed that the biggest advantage of Brilliant Sword Heart was not its explosive power but rather its tolerance of sword had reached an unimaginable situation. The King King's fierce sword intent was actually eaten raw by her in Jindan Stage!

After a long silence, the Food Immortal finally sighed. "What a hearty appetite indeed. The younger generations would surpass the old in time; this old saying is not wrong."

In the traditional sense, Aya's Look Up at the Starry Sky did not have any good taste. The taste, color, smell, all three were lost, which truly made it a dark cuisine. However, as long as one could digest her sword-intent-infused extraordinary treasure ingredients, one could sense the many experiences of a Supreme level swordsman.

It was just that, there were very few people who could digest this grand feast.

"Let's end the match here, this old man admits defeat."(excluding the sixteen thousand years of sleep period)