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 "Em, who are you...?"

Seeing this blonde girl, Mo Xiang was very surprised.

She was born in Heavenly Book Building and had been following her master for many years. Therefore, she recognized that a blonde, blue-eyed person was a person from the Western Continent-as a matter of fact, there were indeed more than just a few people of the Western Continent who were doing business in the City of Immortals.

However, a Western Continent person with such a peculiar trait was unprecedented.

The girl's stature was not high. In the Western Continent, she should be considered as a bit petite. However, her posture was quite straight and imposing, especially her deep eyes, which exuded cold raw power, making her quite intimidating. After Mo Xiang opened the door, she subconsciously retreated a few steps back. Then she realized that she was the personal maid of the master of Heavenly Book Building, which made her words and deeds also related to the reputation of her master. This made her straighten up her back and calm down.

However, the Western Continent girl was gentle and courteous. Upon seeing that the other party was shocked by her momentum, she restrained her sharp gaze, and her eyes became soft and warm, which made Mo Xiang finally felt relieved.

It seemed that this Western Continent girl meant no harm...

However, the next moment, when this Western Continent girl's words were spoken, Mo Xiang felt cold all over her body, and her face changed dramatically!

"I am Aya. I have been entrusted to come here to fight with your master."

Aya, she was actually that Western Continent Knight King!

Actually, Aya's story seldom circulated in Nine Regions. Many people had never heard of her name at all. However, previously, the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals went to the Western Continent to search for the key to the group of immortal tombs, which also brought back many local customs of the Western Continent.

Among which was the story of the Knight King of Brettonia.

The Heavenly Book Building collected books from all over the world, and the contents were all-encompassing. And while Mo Xiang followed by her master's side, she had also studied the story of the Western Continent diligently. She knew that in the Western Continent, there was a young, petite girl whose real identity was blessed by the dragon race and possessed the strong power level of Holy One, the legendary Knight King.

It was just that, why would this legendary King from the Western Continent come here to fight with her master?

Moreover, it was said that the Knight King was a petite girl who looked no more than a budding beauty, but the one before her seemed to be a young lady around sixteen to seventeen years who was about to gradually shed her maiden... what was going on here?

There were too many puzzles in Mo Xian's heart, but as the personal maid of the master of the Heavenly Book Building, her Jindan Stage cultivation base allowed her to see that the strength of the girl before her was very strong. Just a few seconds ago when they first met, the opposite party's uncontrolled momentum was not much inferior to that of her master... At least, it was stronger than Deity Stage, which should not be taken lightly.

And she said... she was entrusted to fight with her master? Could it be that she heard it wrong? The Heavenly Book Building rarely involved with the people of the Western Continent, so how could it attract a challenge from the Knight King? Or could it be that... the rumor that said she had a dubious relationship with Wang Lu was true? Then that meant she came here for Wang Lu!

Considering that her master's article that denounced Wang Lu was still in her hand, Mo Xian suddenly realized the intention of the other party and knew that she must not be allowed to enter the hall.

Mo Xiang didn't worry that her master would lose-although this large hall in Immortal Seven Area was made by the Earth Immortal, the inner hall had already been operated by the Heavenly Book Building, and thus had already long been fortified. Other than someone the likes of He Tu, Ku Qin, or Tian Lun, those top-level Supremes came, no one could break this hall at all. In addition, the Immortal Area was the core area in the City of Immortal, so the amount of golden armored puppet was at its maximum here; the total number of golden armored puppet perhaps exceeded one hundred. In case a Supreme level fight was to break out, they would surely flock to it immediately.

However, this kind of fight could not be fought at all. Once the fight started, it would inevitably lead to the gathering of many parties. At that time, when all the parties in the City of Immortal gathered, the secret of the Heavenly Book Building would be difficult to hide... the master of the Heavenly Book Building considered himself a wise man who 'devised a battle plan in a tent', never wanting to charge at the front line. At least not yet. At least, this article was not published in the name of the master of the Heavenly Book Building.

As the main maid of the building master, her improvisation and reaction speed were even more impressive than her cultivation base. With an apologetic smile, she said, "My master is not here..."

Upon hearing this, Aya shook her head with a hint of smile of 'as expected' on her face.

The next moment, she gently opened her mouth, but her voice was clear and so loud that even the deaf could hear.

"Ting Feng, you dare to stab the back of your own side during this Grand Competition, yet you don't even have the courage to face everything out in the open? Are people like you even worthy to be the master of Heavenly Book Building? You also want to take the opportunity to occupy the leadership of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals?"

Aya's tone was gentle, but her words were getting fiercer and fiercer. Moreover, she spread her voice with the power of real Supreme, which shocked the entire Immortal Seven Area. The people who lived here were not the cultivators of high-rank sects. At this time, hearing the voice, they came here one after another.

As a result, the resident gate of the Heavenly Book Building was soon opened. And then, the gentle voice of the master of Heavenly Book Building, Supreme Ting Feng, came from within.

"I don't know who has deceived her majesty the Knight King, but you have misunderstood my Heavenly Book Building. However, there are often misunderstandings in this world, so this is not surprising. But, your majesty didn't take the opportunity to clear up the misunderstanding with my Heavenly Book Building, and instead directly came to issue a challenge, and even uttered harsh words, I don't know what is the reason to that? Could it be that you want to block my Heavenly Book Building's mouth with the sharpness of your sword?"

Upon hearing this, Aya was at a lost for words.

And right at this time, Mo Xiang, the maid who stood at the door, quietly destroyed the article in her hand with a spell, leaving behind no trace. She had already predicted what her master was about to do next, so she must not leave anything that could be used against her master for the opponent!

The master of the Heavenly Book Building then continued, "Your majesty Knight King is not a person of Nine Regions, nor a member of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, so the matter of the Grand Competition has nothing to do with your majesty. Your Majesty also said that your arrival to my humble abode was because of being entrusted by another person. If my expectation is correct, then the person who asked you should be the chief planner of this Grand Competition, Supreme Wang Lu. Since he came to power, the top management of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals became rampant and unreasonable; whenever they see someone not pleasing to their eyes, they would immediately suppress that someone with unreasonable reason. Today, Heavenly Book Building is probably also the victim of this iron-handed policy. I, Ting Feng, asked myself, I have always been loyal to the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals; I have worked hard for the Grand Competition and never had even a little bit of selfishness. But now, I am being slandered as a backstabbing scumbag, which is really chilling!"

After those words from the master of the Heavenly Book Building, the surrounding cultivators began to have a change of opinion and started to question the domineering behavior of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals. Most of the inhabitants of the Immortal Seven Area were from the people of the second and third rank sects, and in this Grand Competition, they have the most awkward situation. They had always considered themselves as high-rank sects and thus decision makers in the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals. However, in this Grand Competition, in order to enhance the efficiency of implementation, the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals deliberately reduced the number of speakers to such extent that nowadays, except for the Five Uniques, only about a dozen of sects who could participate in the decision-making. Other sects such as Heavenly Book Building were at most only qualified to be in attendance and listen, but they had no voting rights and thus difficult to decide their own destiny.

This kind of contrast made most of them had a knot in their heart. At this time, hearing this mentioned by the master of Heavenly Book Building, Supreme Ting Feng, they seemed even sadder.

Aya herself, upon hearing it, could not help but sigh.

It was just as what Wang Lu predicted, the opponent was a guy who had a glib tongue that confused right and wrong. In just a few sentences, he had shifted the focus of attention, a truly first class debater.

It was really difficult to condemn such a man unless she really had a piece of practical information that could be used against him. And this master of Heavenly Book Building was very careful in his works, so how could she obtain any practical information that could be used against him? He hid behind the scene and incited others to charge ahead. By the time he was ready to stand up, confess, and be caught, it was highly likely that the public opinion situation had long been rotten the victory and defeat had already been decided!

So, why was she asked to deal with it then?

Because it was a very accurate judgment. For this kind of eloquent villain, she was the best person to deal with it.

Aya was not good at sophistry, and she didn't like to make an unnecessary argument with people. For people like the master of Heavenly Book Building, she always only had one way to deal with it-with the sword in her hand.

The next moment, no less than one hundred cultivators in Immortal Seven Area were shocked to see this scene-with a determined face, the blonde girl took a step forward.

When the person moved forward, the sword followed. The golden sword light was like a tidal wave, cutting out the sea and the sky.

All the people around were shocked!

"She... actually did it?"

"Tsk, people often say without exchanging words the sword would not be drawn, yet she directly made her move without even saying a word!"

"She actually dares to make her move openly in Immortal Seven Area? Is she not afraid of the Golden Armored Puppet?"

"... What a powerful sword intent, even a true Supreme level sword strike could not be more powerful than this! This Western Continent woman is so strong! No wonder she's not afraid of the Golden Armored Puppet!"

Just as the people continued to voice out their surprise, the Heavenly Book Building in the Immortal Seven Area had completely melted into the ocean of light.

In that ocean of light, the magnificent building, as well as the great hall that had been fortified by the Heavenly Book Building for several months, all melted away and disappeared. A moment later, there was only one lonely figure standing in the ocean of light, looking incredibly astonished.

"W-What just happened?" The master of Heavenly Book Building, Supreme Ting Feng, incredulously looked at the girl in front of him and the brilliant sword in her hand, which made people unable to look directly at.

She actually made her move? She actually made her move?

After feeling dismayed came the ecstasy, Supreme Ting Feng didn't think that the opponent would be so foolish! How could she dare to make her move openly? Even Supreme He Tu would not be that barbarous and unreasonable!

He was the master of Heavenly Book Building, the leader of a second rank sect in the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, with Supreme level cultivation base-he had a respected status!

Although Heavenly Book Building only had a second-rate method, even though he relied too much on external support for his cultivation, and even though his real strength was not as good as common peak Deity Stage cultivator...

But after all, he was a Supreme of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals! In the beginning, he destroyed his future by way of spoiling things by undue haste to break through Unity Stage, in order to enjoy the title of Supreme as quickly as possible! With this title, he could join the Heavenly Sage Hall, becoming a member of the highest authority body in the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals-even if it was just a marginal member, he could still enjoy all kinds of inviolable privileges.

However, Supreme Ting Feng's triumphant feeling didn't last long, as he was frightened to find that he was actually disappearing.

No. To be precise, something inside him was being forcibly seized. And the process was so rough that his consciousness was torn apart and immortal heart shook. Countless of thoughts in his mind were stirred up like crazy, as if someone had forcibly inserted an iron rod and stirred everything up.

As the master of the Heavenly Book Building, he was very knowledgeable and soon found the answer in a remote area of memory.

"The sword of judgment, this is the sword of judgment! This was the sword that would cut off all the confusion and misconceptions of human beings and extract the consciousness of the source by force! At the appointed time, the source would face the trial, and all the crimes would come out into the open! Because when asked, the source of the consciousness would give the most honest answer. Because one could not lie to one's own source of consciousness..."

"No wonder she is not afraid of the Golden Armored Puppet. This sword strike is not intended to destroy. It would not hurt the buildings in the Immortal Seven Area, nor cause any casualty. Therefore, the Golden Armored Puppet would not be dispatched at all! However, a sword strike that could make a grand Supreme stand on trial must be the sword of the immortal family, and she is actually able to take it out!"

"And after this sword strike, all my plans would come out in the open! At that time, I would lose my reputation and be ruined!"

"No, I must stop this sword strike. I must not let things go to worst!"

However, just when Supreme Ting Feng managed to rouse his sense of resistance, an unspeakable pain engulfed him and plunged him into a pitch of darkness.