"Ancestral secret recipe, Liu's braised meat, one spirit stone for one jar."

"The best flying sword transformed by an immortal, reluctantly part with the treasure, get it now before it's gone!"

"Secret cultivation law personally passed on by Daoist Master of Deity Stage for five thousand spirit stones!"

On the wide squares in the B3 Area, all kinds of people were running a variety of businesses. From the spiritual treasure and secret method down life's daily necessities. Everything was there. Enthusiastic merchants, passing pedestrians, and spectators waiting to see the even... All kinds of people especially lived up the previously empty area created by the Earth Immortals.

It had been three months since the opening of the City of Immortals and tens of millions of people had entered this dream city. Then, like seeds, they took root and germinated here, and then their branches and leaves flourished. The B3 Area was just a small miniature of that huge background.

Of course, for many people, this B3 Area was already vast enough to be worthwhile for them to spend their minds to explore.

"Little Mouse, have you found the three golden vine leaves?"

"The earliest one will arrive in the afternoon... okay, no need to hurry. I can't produce you the golden vine leaf even if you force me to death. Moreover, where do you want to find me the golden vine leaf in half a day?"

"Humph, don't forget you still need me to boil you the Eight Desolation Six Directions Soup. If you delay my matter, don't expect you would become an immortal cultivator for your entire life!"

"I-I know, you don't have to repeat it every day, you dead face. Why didn't I find that you are actually so wordy when we're still in the suburbs? Okay, I'm going out to clean some goods while you can take care of the house. Also, don't you think it's time for you to take a bath? Your smell stinks the entire house."

"Get lost!"

After escaping from that dark and damp semi-basement, the teenager took a long breath and felt fresh air filling his lungs again. He then made a flip and showed a cunning and clever smile.

He was exactly Shu Si, the teenager that was prompted by his impulse to enter the city three months ago.

After being rescued by Wang Lu, he lived in the City of Immortals. The residence in A17 Area provided enough daily supplies of necessities of life. The teenager who had been hungry for a meal in the outskirts of Plentiful City now had no worry about food and clothing. However, soon he found out that the outside was more interesting than eating and sleeping in the room.

There were immortal fates everywhere in the City of Immortals. Those high and mighty cultivators could be seen everywhere there, and with more density than that of Plentiful City. Shu Si had been fantasizing about being accepted as the last disciple by one of the immortals with noble character and high in prestige and embarked on the path of immortal cultivation.

However, after several days of wandering in the City of Immortals, he realized that his idea was simply too simple. At first, he failed to meet his immortal fate in Plentiful City, and now, it was as difficult as that in the City of Immortals. There were many immortals with good moral standing and reputation, but none of them were interested in him. The red-and-white-robed cultivator that he met on the first day was undoubtedly a good person, but he soon knew that the red-and-white-robed cultivator was very far from him and that they would probably never meet each other again in his life... Moreover, that person had quite a big reputation, but he also had a similarly big controversy; His personal enemies were everywhere. If he rashly said he had a relationship with him, he might be hurt.

Shu Si spent a few days in the City of Immortals looking for immortal fate to no avail. Instead, what he found was the amiability of the cultivators. Many cultivators were willing to deign to speak to an ordinary mortal like him, and their words were generally along the line of: "Get away, you stinky kid!", "Ordinary mortal should not get in the way, be careful you might get killed!", "Look where you walk!", "Hehe, there are a few souls left for my Ghost Staff, I wonder if you're interested to come and play with me?"

Perhaps he really should have accepted his fate long ago-he was not fortunate enough to be blessed with spirit root.

In desperation, Shu Si had to swallow his pride and find the nearest person to the immortal cultivation world-the dead face whom he sold his stolen goods to. Although the identity of the dead face was mysterious, he was undoubtedly a cultivator with magical spells. Shu Si found him and, after using the soft and hard method, finally got the dead face to point out a way: artificial spirit root.

If someone without spirit root wanted to cultivate to immortality, the only way was through artificial spirit root. Perhaps this was not popular in many top rank sects, but it was an indisputable fact that nowadays artificial spirit root was becoming more and more popular in Nine Regions. However, artificial spirit roots that were worthless to many cultivators were still too expensive and too rare for ordinary mortals.

Fortunately, the dead face happened to have the Eight Desolation Six Directions Soup that he happened to acquire recently. It was a middle-rank artificial spirit root, used to acquire middle to low-level spirit root. If the person was talented, that person could expect to reach Xudan Stage in his lifespan. And if that person happened to have a rare encounter, that person could even break through to Jindan Stage.

This soup was not cheap. At least for Shu Si, it was such a sky-high price that he could not hope to attain in his life. Fortunately, he also had a sky-high price prop-the compass used for looking for a person that Wang Lu gave him.

Although the compass had an extraordinary meaning for him, the teenager who grew up in the suburban alleys understood the truth about how to bend the rules. He mortgaged the compass to the dead face, and then promised to work for him and redeem the compass with his own wages. The dead face took a long time to consider it before finally decided to agree to him.

Sure enough, he did not misread that person. Although the dead face looked cold and indifferent, his heart was still quite good.

However, Shu Si, who was used to idling since childhood, had a difficult time to have a perseverance in a job. In the first few days, he was still diligent, busily attending the small shop of the dead face. After several days, however, he began to slack off in his job.

For example, right now he was supposed to go to the marketplace of the B3 Area to sweep up some goods, which was to take some advantages. However, he quickly went to the central signboard to watch the broadcast.

This was also one of the important entertainment activities of many residents of the City of Immortals in recent months.

"Today it is supposed to show the relationship between

Zheng Shiliu


and his lover... Zheng Shiliu's show is the most exciting show in recent days, it would be a pity if you miss it."

While talking about it, Shu Si sat down under a tree in the square and then looked up at the signboard.


"If you don't believe it, I'll tell you a joke about the new year's greetings of the Western Continent people and you'll know what's going on."

"I really don't believe it! Tell me, what exactly is going on!"

In the middle of the square, the huge signboard that originally showed the words B3 Area was now replaced with the magical spell of water curtain projection. Shown in that water curtain, hundreds of performers in plain robes performed a show called group of comic monologues.

This group of comic monologues had been performing continuously for two months, day and night.

In these two months, the number of comic monologue comedians who appeared on the stage was more than thirty thousand. All of them were unsuccessful performers collected by Wang Lu from all parts of Nine Regions in the shortest time with the help of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals. Most of these people used to live on the poverty line, but now they had the privilege of participating in the opening ceremony of the grand competition. There were fifty groups of these performers, each consisted of around six to seven hundred people, which would perform on the stage on rotation with a complete rotation took about three days. Thus, for these performers, the work intensity was not difficult to maintain.

The group of comic monologues show itself was very boring. It was full of educational significance but without any laughter, it was more like a torture than a comedy. However, apart from the group of comic monologues itself, the stories that reflected the life of the performers were particularly attractive.

It stood to reason that this kind of performances that lacked originality and no sincerity would soon be strongly resisted by the audience. However, with Wang Lu's artistic touch, he transformed the super boring group of comic monologues into a super popular show.

Every time a group of comedians came on stage, countless pictures emerged to show bits and pieces of their lives, and one of them would be highlighted. In the first round, it was Old Zhang who enjoyed this key treatment. He was followed by a simple-hearted and reserved young man.

This young man's story was different from Old Zhang. He was not a group of comic monologue, it was his younger brother. His younger brother was talented enough that he could make people laugh whenever he opened his mouth. Unfortunately,

heaven is jealous of heroic geniuses


. His younger brother died of acute illness at the age of twenty. The biggest regret when he died was that he loved doing comic monologue so much, but his fledgling career had already ended. From then on, he would never hear the laughter of the audience, nor see their sincere smiling faces, and moreover, he still had a lot of ideas and topics for the comic monologue. He had created many of them, but he could no longer show it to everyone.

Later, the young man buried his younger brother, sold his family property and then began to study to become a comic monologue. Although it was far less effective since he didn't have his younger brother's talent, he persisted, hoping that one day he would personally tell these stories to the world and continued to live in the place of his younger brother.

The young man who lived in the shadow of his younger brother received many people's sympathy. Although he was simple-hearted, his eloquence was average. He had a handsome face but melancholic eyes. Moreover, the feelings between him and his younger brother were sincere, especially the intimate fragments of their lives-for example, they used to rub each other's back and huddled together to warm themselves under the rustling of cold wind... This even made countless female audiences go crazy. And the audience rating for that batch of group of comic monologue was also quite good.

A story like this had been continuously emerging one after another in these two months, and their form was also rapidly evolving.

At first, the show simply played a clip of a person's life. Later, it was found out that some complicated stories were difficult to explain in just an hour. Thus, a serial form was born. If a story wasn't able to be played out till the end in one round, then it would be continued once that batch performed again three days later. This provided a more abundant space for the performance of the story, hence there were more bizarre stories with twists and turns...

Gradually, the group comic monologue became popular in the City of Immortals. No matter which area, the most important method for people to entertain themselves was to look up at the signboards and watch the stories of those performers in the group of comic monologue.

The story for the current batch was about Zheng Shiliu, which was also the most popular story in recent days.

(Zheng Sixteen)

(Those whom the God loves die young)