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 After Wang Lu signed his pen name signature, that Earth Immortal immediately showed off that jade piece to his companions. "Hahaha, I got his signature!"

He then ran back and said, "Please make sure you finish this fantastic Starting from Scratch novel!"

"Em, now I am a little bit..."

"It's okay, we understand that you need to take a break after working continuously for so long. Nevertheless, we would always look forward to it!"

Wang Lu held that jade piece in his hand and watched him go away.

At the same time, he also vaguely felt that a fanatical belief was building up outside this rostrum... Wang Lu was the founder of the Wisdom Sect, so he was very clear that this was the legendary power of belief. The problem was... where did this power of belief come from?

His status as the founder of the Wisdom Sect had gradually faded away and the power of belief was not very important to him... then this force that was not coming in, did it come from the readers of his novel? He had been writing the novel for many years in the fighting arena and not only it resulted in the delaying of time, but it also gathered many fans? This was an unexpected surprise, but the most important thing right now was not this.

Wang Lu frowned and noticed the unusual atmosphere there. "Tsk, no wonder I feel that something is wrong, how could you still be here? With your patience, you couldn't possibly have the patience to wait for me to write a novel for many years right? How long has it been?"

Wang Wu showed the pained expression of being doubted by the closest relative. "A month."

"Tsk, just a month? It doesn't fully reflect my persistence and tenacity. I feel like I have been there for five or six years. But, from another perspective, I have achieved five or six years of cultivation in one month, it is indeed a blessing in disguise."

"Hey, it sounds like you are quite confident about your cultivation. After these five or six years of cultivation, how long is your 'dagger'?"

"..." Being maliciously mocked, Wang Lu narrowed his eyes and was ready to start a fierce counterattack. Speaking of which, it was actually quite a while since the last time this pair of Master and disciple engaged in a fierce quarrel. Did this wretch think that after being distorted in time for five or six years, his skill in arguing and cursing had been neglected?

However, before Wang Lu could open his mouth, Xuan Mo had coldly interrupted, "Have you guys done with the gossip? Is there any performance after this? If not, this farce could end right?"

Wang Lu quickly said, "Of course not, the performance list has been handed over to you, there's still another one called group of comic monologues. Please be patience."

"... Then hurry up!"

Wang Lu immediately made a gesture and called the last group to appear. Speaking of which, this group of people had actually gone through a hardship. Because Wang Lu was not sure how long his calligraphy copying performance could be delayed. If he was lucky, he could delay it for a year and a half, if not he would be stopped by the Earth Immortals not long after he started. Thus, the next group of people must stay alert from the start at the backstage.

Although the backstage lounge was spacious, the hardships of living in a closed space for a month were also conceivable. After they came on stage, they all looked distressed, as they had suffered constipation for many years. Fortunately, they were at least dressed in accordance with Wang Lu's requirements.

A simple monochrome long garment, with a seemingly insincere grin, was the look of the performers of this group of comic monologues. When they walked from the backstage to the stage, there was a great outcry on the outside. Many people suspected that this was Spirit Sword Sect trying to perform the art of driving the corpse, a folk art of the Blue River Region.

If there was anything worth mentioning about this group of comic monologues performers was that, there were many of them.

One by one, the performers lined up and entered the arena. Just the entrance alone took them the time to eat a meal to complete it. In the end, there were around six to seven hundred performers who stood on the stage. As long as there was ten percent of them whispering, there would be a lot of noise on the stage, and outsiders would only hear a chaos that they did not understand. Although the performance listed was said to be group of comic monologues, who had ever heard of a group of comic monologues of six or seven hundred people?

"Hey, little Lei, have you ever heard of group of comic monologues?"

The Earth Immortal called little Lei smiled bitterly and said, "Sister Xuan Mo, I've heard about it, but it was when I was still an ordinary mortal. At that time, I was occasionally interested in it. If you ask me more details about it, I could not say much. I have listened to many group of comic monologues, but most only consisted of around three to five people, so the scale of this one is simply unheard of. Perhaps after sixteen thousand years, there have been great innovations in the art form."

Upon hearing this, Xuan Mo immediately made her judgment. She thought, what nonsense art innovation, this is bound to be a new machination of that kid Wang Lu!

Thinking to this, Xuan Mo was startled: is Wang Lu already considered my time warp means such that he arranged such a performance? Although ninety-nine percent of these six to seven hundred people were ordinary mortals, most of them even lacked the strength to kill a chicken, the number of people was so large that it was impossible for her time warp to work at all. Therefore, no matter what tricks the other party would play, it would be impossible for her to do anything about it.

While she was still at a loss, the performance officially began.

"Hello everyone, today we will perform a piece of group of comic monologues for you all."

From among the six to seven hundred people, an old man in the middle said in a trembling voice. He had grey hair and an emaciated body. His thin figure was very much in contrast with his protruding joints. It was unknown whether this was because of the strength of his character as an artist performer, or simply because of the growth of his bone.

However, it was obvious that the old man had a lot of prestige among the actors. A moment after he spoke, someone from the side came forward and said with a smile, "The theme of the group of comic monologues is New Year's greetings."

Then another man came forward and said with the same smile, "The so-called new year's greeting is our long-standing cultural tradition in Nine Regions."

... And then, one by one, the actors of the group of comic monologues quickly explained the origins and developments of the tradition of new year's greetings. Some audience who were not aware of the ins and outs felt like they understood but actually not. They vaguely felt that they had learned something, but there were more who were baffled.

Xuan Mo asked in a low voice to the one named little Lei, "Is group of comic monologues really like this?"

Little Lei said, "It's totally not. The group of comic monologues that I'd heard was basically a few actors amusing each other. Sometimes they also sang a few lines. This kind of explanatory lines... perhaps there were, but they weren't deliberately divided into sentences and a different person saying a different sentence like this."

"Just now we explained to everyone what is new year's greetings, but why do we need to explain it?"

Hearing this, Little Lei immediately said to Xuan Mo, "Sister Xuan Mo, listen, they are going to explain it."

As a result, when just as Xuan Mo turned her gaze to look, the speaker had changed to another person.

"Because if you don't understand this thing, it's easy to make things into jokes."

Then another person turned his head. "What do you mean?"

The other person immediately picked up, "For example. I know a person, named Zhang San. He didn't know what new year's greetings is. As a result, he made things wrong."

There was another person from behind who immediately asked, "What did Zhang San make wrong?"

A new person came forward and said, "One day, this Zhang San went out to visit a relative..."

Next, more than one hundred people completed the story of Zhang San in the form of a dialogue. The gist of the story was that when Zhang San spoke the wrong words during his visit to his relative, everyone laughed at him. Then an Elder came forward to point out Zhang San's mistake and educated him to seriously study the excellent traditional culture and become a useful person for the country and society. Ashamed, Zhang San excitedly said that he would follow the instructions of his Elder.

In the course of the story narration, Xuan Mo's whole body was in discomfort. This chain narration, as well as their stiff smile... it was as if there was an invisible will that moved these six to seven hundred people like puppets.

This feeling made her hair stood on end. Let alone laugh, Xuan Mo felt that it was like the wind from the ninth hell was blowing toward her, which froze both her primordial spirit and physical body.

After staying silent for a long time, she asked, "Little Lei, what do you think about this performance? Is it because I just can't catch the funny part?"

Little Lei considered it first and then said, "I always feel that this story should not be for entertainment purpose."

"Then can you explain what happens to those two?"

Xuan Mo stretched her finger and pointed to the side where she saw Wang Lu and Wang Wu were unscrupulously rolling on the ground laughing out horrible waves of laughter.

The two people had been laughing all this time, so much that they even tear up. Hearing the chain narration on the stage and then hearing the heartfelt laughter of the two, Xuan Mo had to start wondering that there was something wrong with herself that she could not laugh out like them.

"I..." Little Lei was tongue-tied. He wanted to say that the brains of the two were wired differently than the average person, so it wasn't unusual for them to behave differently. However, listening to their exaggerated laughter, he wasn't able to say it.

"I don't quite understand."

Other than Little Lei, the other Earth Immortals did not understand either.

What was so funny about the story just now? Was it true that the art form of the later generations had evolved to the extent that they were unable to appreciate the art anymore? Was there anything in that story narration that only the later generations could understand?

But then again, except for the two of them, Supreme He Tu, Red-robed Old Ancient and the others were also sitting upright and still, not showing even half a smile.

Where was the problem then?

In the midst of the confusion, these comedic performers had begun to carry out a deeper analysis of the previous story. From the analysis of why young people did not know the fine traditional culture, they quickly talked about the attitude toward foreign cultures.

It was quite nauseating for the audience to hear. Finally, they felt relieved when they found out from the dialogue that this six to seven hundred people performance was about to finish.

As a matter of fact, they had to finish it. From the beginning of the performance to now, each of the six to seven hundred actors had at least spoke once for a total show of an hour. Some of the old performers were almost unable to stand up. They had to be supported by two people at the same time to stand up still.

Xuan Mo turned her head and looked at Wang Lu, unexpectedly he did not delay time in this program...

But then she saw that as the people on the stage began to exit in an orderly fashion, from the other side, another group of plain-dressed people came to the stage, smiling and waving to the audience.

The hell! There are actually substitutes!