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 Chapter 632: You All Need to Get Electrocuted!

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"What... are you guys talking about?"

Xuan Mo spent two long breaths of time but was still unable clear up her thoughts-even her rushing water immortal spirit could not wash the haze that clouded her mind. After twenty days, the scene in front of her didn't seem to have changed. On the field, Wang Lu's body had turned into a phantom as he incessantly wrote and wrote. Hundreds of thousands of manuscripts had been written and covered the lawn neatly like a vast expanse of white, like a winter snowfield. On the rostrum, the Supremes of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals were still quietly watching. On the other side, the Earth Immortals were concentrating on the scene and discussing with each other endlessly.

Hearing Xuan Mo's question, the several Earth Immortals answered her without turning around, "Of course we're discussing the story. Oh, the battle with the three Holy Spirits has finally started. The protagonist side is indeed really strong, they steamrolled their opponent all the way... ah, the great Holy Spirit has sent out a hidden consummate skill. The villain's strength is really also not a small matter, they would not just wait helplessly for death."

Xuan Mo asked, "... Are you guys reading 'Starting from Zero'?"

"What else could it be? Such a wonderful novel is rarely seen in my entire life! Hey, Xuan Mo, you have woken up?"

Xuan Mo angrily replied, "Hah, you guys found out only now? I asked you guys to help me watch Wang Lu and not let him play any tricks. But now, what are you guys doing instead?"

After being scolded by Xuan Mo, the Earth Immortals finally came to their senses. One of them then smiled helplessly and explained the ins and outs to Xuan Mo.

On the same day when Xuan Mo fell asleep, the rest of the Earth Immortals began to pay close attention to Wang Lu to prevent him from playing any tricks. According to their expectation, with ten times or tens of times acceleration, it would take Wang Lu no less than one or two days to finish writing the novel. As a result, after three days, the story still continued. Wang Lu was so immersed in his writing that he could not stop himself.

At that time, they thought, "This guy wouldn't try to deceive them by writing random nonsense characters, right?"

That thought seemed to make sense, though. No matter how long a novel was, it couldn't possibly be forty or fifty million characters long, right? That being the case, what was he writing now?

Thus, the Earth Immortals began to take a serious look at his newly written words, trying to find any inconsistency. As a result...

"When we came to our senses, that was only a few moments ago."

Xuan Mo simply accepted their explanation. "You guys... are all magnificent Earth Immortals. Your immortal heart is valiant and pure, so much that it is no less than that of the True Immortal. Yet, you guys were captivated by a novel which he conveniently wrote down?"

The Earth Immortals anxiously argued, "Of course not, but when we first read the novel from the beginning, we found that the plot was really coherent, there were no plotholes, so there was no way for us to stop him halfway. Hence, we have to continue to see it until he exhausted his skill. Who knew that the could still maintain the story quality even at the speed of more than ten million characters a day!"

Xuan Mo was also startled. "Even with ten million characters a day, his story has never crashed yet? How is this possible? Common novels are usually just several hundred thousand characters in length even for the long ones. Up to now, he had written more than one hundred million characters, so what on earth is he writing about?

"The storyline itself is simple, it's nothing more than upgrade and killing. It's just that, after a certain period of time, there would be something like 'new expansion pack open', which would suddenly strengthen the depth of the story. And when there is really no more new expansion packs to be opened, he also designed a 'server restart', which is to let the protagonist return to the initial state and the plot starts again..."

Hearing this, Xuan Mo hurriedly interrupted, "Is this rude plot processing not worth stopping? This is clearly a malicious plot delaying!"

The Earth Immortals wryly smiled. "But the server restart is to save one of the protagonist's lovers. Although all the levels have returned to zero, the people who are bound to die survived, and even the destiny has been changed. Moreover, they, after all, have experienced the path of 'Starting from Zero'... the price is entirely acceptable."

"So, is that okay? If this goes on, how long until it ends?"

The Earth Immortals said, "We are also guessing when this Starting from Zero would end. According to the result from those who are good at deduction,t it would take at least a year..."

"... A year? This is already a hundred times acceleration. Does that mean if no one stopped him, he could keep writing for a hundred years?"

The Earth Immortals nodded in admiration. "Yes, this kid is really amazing."

Xuan Mo could not help but sigh with emotion. "T-This is ridiculous..."

With that, she stood up, ready to gather the energy ball once again.

However, right before she began, her companion stopped him. "Don't be impulsive, if you do it again, your immortal spirit will collapse."


"You've done enough, no one could criticize you anymore. Let's just wait for him to come out."


Xuan Mo, of course, knew that once Black came forward, any problem would no longer be a problem. It was only because she was uncertain about the length of the novel that she became anxious.

Since their defeat against the Fallen Immortal, the attitude of this black-clad person, who considered himself as a sinner, toward Earth Immortal was that of detached. Sometimes, even when the undertaking of the Earth Immortals encountered a huge setback, they did not see him appear to help him.

That was why, since Xuan Mo wasn't sure if Wang Lu would continue to delay time indefinitely and that if the black-clad person would come forward to stop it, Xuan Mo initially spared no effort to make her move.

Then, did she have to resign herself to fate?

While Xuan Mo was still undecided, the several Earth Immortals had begun to re-immersed themselves in the magnificent world of starting from zero.

"Hey, the three Holy Spirits have been knocked down. Then, the protagonist could finally get the mirror of nirvana to restart the world line so that the women of the earth could be rebor,n right? Ah, the plot that we have been expecting for one hundred million characters is finally starting!"

Hearing this, Xuan Mo was terrified, restart the world line? Moreover, it was intentionally restarted by the protagonist himself? What has happened to this story? Moreover, it took one hundred million characters just to restart the world line? Could... Wang Lu really be stopped after one year?

Speaking of which, during this time, the guy could temper his sword qi and, at the same time, could write ten million characters a day. And from his point of view, he has been sitting still on the field and working hard 1 for several years! This guy's resilience was incredible!

At the same time, there were several other Earth Immortals who were deeply worried about this. Not everyone could immerse themselves in the plot of the novel like those Earth Immortals in the front row. The more wonderful Wang Lu's novel was, the more anxious they were.

This Grand Competition hadn't even officially started, yet merely the opening ceremony itself already had many twists and turns, making the situation completely go beyond their control. What should they do next then?

On the rostrum, there was another unbearable silence.

Time went by bit by bit. One day, two days... the black-clad person had never appeared, and some of the Earth Immortals who watched from a detached point of view like Bai Ze also hadn't shown any indication as like expecting to watch a joke. When Xuan Mo began to have somewhat desperation about the current situation, things suddenly changed.

Because on the field, Wang Lu suddenly stopped.

His stop was so sudden that many people were caught off guard.

"What's wrong? Why did he stop?"

"Yes, he's going to do double cultivation for forty-seven times with the Seventh Heaven Xuan Nu 2 , how could it stop?"

Xuan Mo also widened her eyes, puzzled by the situation on the field. Because Wang Lu seemed to be in a good condition, his sword intent had accumulated to a swift and fierce state, his sword qi contained both strength and gentleness, and his immortal heart has also become refined after a prolonged time of distracted exercise. It was the time when his cultivation entered the state of 'to his heart's content', and his Starting from Zero had just completed its forty-seventh world line restart a moment ago, the storyline was right at the climax, so why did he want to stop?

From any point of view, he had no reason to stop, but he did.

But, why?

At this point, they suddenly listened to the number one Jindan in Nine Regions who jumped up from the side of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals and said, "The heck! Wang Lu, you wretched is too addicted to being a eunuch 3 ! Every time you are about to write the bed action, you give me this move, now, you finally ate your own bitter fruit! When the protagonist is about to bed the Ninth Heaven Xuan Nu, you subconsciously become a eunuch, hahaha!"

What kind of logic was that? Xuan Mo was puzzled. However, she didn't want to lose the opportunity. Immediately, she stood up and said, "Enough, now that 'Jiang Lang has exhausted his talent' 4 , the performance must stop here!"

As soon as her voice fell, she heard her fellow companions said, "It must not!"

"Yes, Sister Xuan Mo, the plot is at the critical point, you just can't stop it like that, it's too tantalizing!"

"I would have no appetite! From now on, I would always think about this plot. In the future, I would definitely meet a hindrance in the path to immortality!"

Xuan Mo scolded, "If just reading a novel could cause you a heart demon, you don't deserve to cultivate the immortal path!"

"The logic should not be like that, it was not myself who determined to choose this immortal path at the beginning..."

Xuan Mo had a headache, this group of mischievous people! If saying in a good way, they have pure immortal hearts without any worries. If saying in a bad way, they are purely funny idiots that, although their strength was good, they were very difficult to control...

However, there was no need for Xuan Mo to feel a headache. On the field, after a moment of hesitation, Wang Lu took the initiative to jump out.

Since the performer had left the field, this month-long calligraphy performance was naturally over. When he came to the rostrum, Wang Lu seemed to have seventy percent of 'wishing the performance to continue', twenty percent of self-mockery, and ten percent of frustration.

With Wang Lu's character, there were not many things that could frustrate him. It could be seen that the abrupt stop of this Starting from Zero novel was not his original intention.

The Supremes of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals immediately asked, "Wang Lu, was there an involvement of external force, which interfered with your creation... oh, I mean copy?"

Wang Lu helplessly sighed and then shrugged his shoulders. "It's my own brain that has gone wrong, nothing to do with outsiders. Everything was well prepared beforehand, but I didn't bring enough paper..."

"What? Not enough paper?"

Wang Lu said, "Yes, isn't that an idiotic reason? I had put millions of sheet of paper in my mustard seed bag, thinking that no matter what is going to happen, it should be enough. Who would've thought that, in the end, I was forced to stop because there wasn't enough paper..."

Before he could finish his words, he saw there was an Earth Immortal holding a large stack of paper who rushed toward him. "I have enough papers here! Please continue to write the novel!"

His enthusiasm shocked Wang Lu. "You are?"

That Earth Immortal's face was filled with enthusiasm as he said, "I am your loyal reader!"


He then saw that Earth Immortal take out two pieces of simple jade strip rich in spiritual energy. "This is the revised version of Starting from Zero. Not only did it integrate all the chapters that you have so far written, but it also corrected the occasional typos, oh, I mean professional word choice. I made two copies, one for you, and another for me, please put your signature on it okay?"

Wang Lu nodded in silence and then signed his pen name on one of the jade strips: Six Meters Iron Baton 5 .