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 Chapter 628: Super Girl Voice

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After Wang Lu delivered a speech that aroused people's enthusiasm, more enthusiastic cultural performances began. In this regard, not only the Earth Immortal team was full of curiosity, but many of the Elders from the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals side were also leaning forward in anticipation.

On the whole, the opening ceremony of the Grand Competition was not the key focus. Thus, people had not paid attention to this. Before this, it was basically handled by Wang Lu alone, and Wang Lu only reported the situation to Supreme He Tu. Other Elders had not paid attention to it, thinking that it was a dispensable and over-detailed formality. It was only now that they remembered that Wang Lu was someone who was good at doing things unconventionally, coming up with unusual things from usual things. This opening ceremony seemed ordinary, but since it was directed by Wang Lu, there must be hidden surprises.

It was just that, what would those surprises be?

Not long after, the program officially began. The first to appear was a simple and elegant woman. She walked into the warped space and stood straight in the middle of the stage. She appeared slightly embarrassed, with reddish cheeks and nervous look.

If one knew that one's actions were being watched by millions of people, feeling tension was inevitable. Talking freely and at ease under the glare of countless eyes like Wang Lu was an innate skill, something that could not be forced.

At the same time, the audience was also carefully examining the woman on the stage. They saw her in a simple dress, with delicate and pretty facial features, and tight pursed lips that still showed a bit of underripeness. The woman's magical power stage was probably around Yuanying, which, in this City of Immortals, was actually not worth mentioning. That beautiful and delicate face was also completely unknown. So why did Wang Lu arrange such a rookie as the first performer?

However, when the woman finally opened her lips and made a sound after the long silence, people no longer have any doubt.

It was very difficult to describe in words. It was truly the sound of nature. A long drawn-out single syllable singing voice that attracted everything around the stage.

The moment the woman opened her mouth, she discarded her shyness and immersed herself in her own world. One melodious sound after another came out smoothly and freely, without the least bit of tension. As the song progressed, her singing also penetrated this world.

The first was the birds and the beasts, then gradually extended to the leaves and flowers and even the mountains and rivers. With her singing, the world resonated, and the woman introduced the most profound and marvelous realm to the common people.

"Who is this woman?"

After listening for a moment, a Supreme on the rostrum could not help but ask.

"I have never seen... such talent and qualification. Even far above those from several successors of the Wonderful Sound Sect. That voice could penetrate people's hearts." Another Supreme sighed.

"Yes, this kind of voice, I heard that only some ancient legacy families might possess such a voice. Unexpectedly, the bloodline of those legacy families has actually spread until today..."

"But what song does she sing? Although we could feel the emotional resonance in the song, which seems to describe the nature, the language of the lyric is unheard of."

"Daoist brother Tianlun, your knowledge is the most extensive, what do you think?"

In the front row of the rostrum, the Sect Leader of the Ten Thousand Arts Sect smiled slightly. "This is an ancient language. The ancient language used before the Age of Chaos. It was usually used when conveying respect to someone of higher standing. It has a very complicated grammar, which could be called language with the most over-detailed formalities. Now, it has been lost for quite a long time. I was finally able to decipher the language when I found a lot of classics in the ancient ruins a few years ago. In my opinion, although her singing is smooth, her ancient language is a bit jerky... but, with the tediousness of that language, it's already not easy to achieve this. It's enough to show our friendliness and sincerity."

On the other side of the rostrum, the reaction of the Earth Immortals was quite different. Many of them lost their initial calmness and rose up from their seat. Some of them were looking on the field with an incredulous look.

"How could she use this language..."

"Moreover, the song is so clear, so unlike the sound from the world of mortals. This qualification is hard to find even in our time. Unexpectedly..."

As the leader, Xuan Mo nodded and sighed. "The Union of Ten Thousand Immortals really shows their etiquette and sincerity."

The Earth Immortals who were intoxicated with the song nodded their heads in agreement. The song enormously aroused their favorable impression, and their looks toward the Union of The Ten Thousand Immortals on the other side were also softened by a lot.

Only Bai Ze remained unconvinced. He forcefully shook his head but did not refute, merely showing the look of someone who was looking at a good show.

Before long, the woman on the stage finished her song, but the lingering sound reverberated for a long time. The woman took a long breath, opened her eyes, and became the previous nervous woman. After a while, she hurried off the stage. At this time, the birds that landed on the grass were still intoxicated with the song and refused to take off.

After a long silence, there was a thunderous applause in the arena. Both the cultivators of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals and the ancient Earth Immortals were amazed by this heavenly voice.

Wang Lu, who was standing and waiting in the backstage for a long time, patted the shoulder of the woman who had just given her performance.

"Well done Huahua, you are indeed worthy to be the monster wolf. After the transformation, you have awakened your sound-of-nature talent. The song went straight into the people's heart and shocked the world. From now on, you would be given the name 'Heavenly Howl'."

"Cut it, who wants that name."

The woman named Huahua shook her head and then curled up. Her body returned to the shape of a grey, dumb dog. She then curled up in the corner of the backstage, lied down, and then made a long yawn.

"Don't forget what you promised me before. When I wake up, I want to have the best meat, and little Bai must have a date with me!"

With that, the stupid dog closed her eyes and her snoring sound began to rise.

Wang Lu sighed.

Things in the world were indeed difficult to predict. Who would've thought that the stupid dog that was originally picked up from the Savage Land actually has a real body of a girl who possessed the sound-of-nature singing voice.

Since bringing her to Spirit Sword Mountain, she spent most of her time eating and sleeping. The Seventh Elder said that this spiritual beast was still growing up, and that it was natural for her to sleep for a long time. It was said that once she finished this growth period, there would be an astonishing leap.

The words of the Seventh Elder were indeed not empty, Huahua's leap was indeed stunning... Before this, who would've thought that she was actually a b*tch? At that time, when she was with Bai Shixuan, she frequently wound around little Bai's behind to the point that the quiet girl could not put up with it any longer. At that time, Wang Lu even thought of giving her a manual sterilization, but he was unable to carry it out due to the diversion from external matters. If he had a serious observation at that time, he should be able to detect that there was no little spirit between her hind legs.

A young woman was truly very different from the little girl she was after growing up!

In the beginning, she was just a stupid dog with a rapacious appetite and inability to talk smoothly in human language. However, after a long hibernation, she suddenly learned how to transform her form and then became a beautiful girl after her cultivation base increased sharply! Afterward, she even possessed the sound-of-nature immortal voice!

Of course, in addition to that, Huahua was still that Huahua, the stupid dog who has a simple, uncomplicated mind, who harbored evil intention toward little Bai and possessed... voracious appetite.

However, for Wang Lu, regardless of whether Huahua was a male or female, stupid or clever, it was actually not that important. Even her origin as the monster wolf was not important-although her talent was good, it would take decades or even hundreds of years before her origin would be important. Wang Lu could not wait that long. On the other hand, her singing voice was very useful and could be used in many ways.

Looking at the sleeping dog in the corner, Wang Lu slightly narrowed his eyes and began to plan deeper.


"Phew, sonorous and resounding, three days uninterrupted. Ancient people's words, I take it as a personal favor."

On the rostrum, an Earth Immortal who looked in his early twenties shook his head vigorously and then sighed. "Feels like my entire jade mansion has been sublimated."

Upon hearing this, Xuan Mo said with a smile, "You're exaggerating too much. Although the child's singing is wonderful, you have never heard Luo Xue sing."

"How could Luo Xue be the same? In this world, there are two kinds of singing voice, Luo Xue and other than Luo Xue. It's too unfair to compare Luo Xue with other people, so I never thought about Luo Xue when I praise other people's song."

Xuan Mo said, "Oh, it's indeed a bit too unfair to compare people with Luo Xue, but if there's no mishap, the child would be the main force in the singing group of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals."

That young looking Earth Immortal shook his head. "That's just courting disgrace. I just hope the child won't be hit too hard after the event... I really like her singing. Ah, the next show is starting, it seems to be a dance!"

"Mm, it looks unique. It's probably the result of people's thousands of years of innovation... I hope they could have the same standard as the previous show. Let's wait and see."


After the song delivered by the little monster wolf, a dancing team composed of twelve outstandingly beautiful women and taught by Daoist Master Miao Yan appeared on the stage.

The content of this group's performance was exactly the dance performed by the girls as cheerleaders during the fight between Daoist Master Wu Xu and Three Rivers Scholar. It was just that, many details have been optimized, and there were also a few substitutes. Thus, the overall quality was far beyond that of the previous.

However, compared with the singing of Quan Zouhua, the second show seemed flat, and the response from the Earth Immortals was not particularly strong.

The strong response actually came from the audience of the Nine Regions side, especially those with low cultivation base who were less determined. When they saw only fifty percent of the show, they were already swayed by the girls' snow-white thighs that blood poured down their nose like spring.

However, this provocative dance was much less effective for the Earth Immortals. Except for a few who gesticulated with joy, the others seemed very calm.

"Ai, they even bring out this kind of show... aren't they too fast in exhausting their limit? Do they expect us Earth Immortals to lower our guard just for this level of enticement? What a joke... Hey, Jia Lan, wipe your nose, it's disgraceful!"

"What do you know? The immortal path that I uphold is exactly this kind of lewdness, so having nosebleed is perfectly justified. Moreover, my semen and blood are exuberant, losing a bit of blood is nothing..."

As the leader, Xuan Mo ignored the quarrel behind her, frowned slightly, and said to herself, "What's the meaning of this show? Wang Lu shouldn't make a useless arrangement. Always feel that this opening ceremony is not that simple, and there's a big conspiracy behind it."

While Xuan Mo was speculating about her suspicions, one show after another appeared on the stage. Some of them were ingenious, while the others were unremarkable. However, in short, there was no more shock as that of the first performance. The patience of the audience finally began to fade away amidst the singing and dancing.

The performances were wonderful, but compared to the Grand Competition, these appetizers were unavoidably a lot boring.

"Seems like the opening ceremony is more or less like this, my previous hunch is mostly wrong..." Xuan Mo said to her parters behind her, "Let Black get ready."

However, at this time, the previous average performances finally ended. The performers stepped down from the stage, while Wang Lu, as the person in charge, stepped on the stage.

"Next, please enjoy the calligraphy and copy performances, 'Starting from Zero'!"

Wang Lu's appearance on the stage attracted many people's attention-previously, there were many performances on the stage, but they didn't see him on the stage announcing even once. Was there any mystery in this calligraphy performance? But, what was there to see in the calligraphy performance?

However, the next moment, many people widened their eyes with mouths opened wide.

Because after the announcement, he personally rolled up his sleeve, lifted his writing brush, dipped it in the ink, spread the paper flat on the desk, and then began to write!

It turned out it would be written by yourself!