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 Chapter 611: Winning While Lying Down

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Winning While Lying Down 1

The second confrontation between Jindan group and Deity group was set by the Organizing Committee to start at noon.

However, from the early morning, the valley had become crowded with people. Most of these people have extraordinary origins and have big influence in their respective region. Right now, they came from far away ahead of time in order to seize a favorable spot to explore the cheerleader team's seductive secret.

Then there was a long wait. For cultivators who had lived a long life, their concept of time had long been different from that of ordinary people. When they met a roadblock, it was easy for them to do a seclusion training for several years. However, today, after only waiting for a little while, they were already somewhat impatient.

Two cultivators from Eastern Border Region talked softly behind their sect elders.

"Ai, it's almost noon already, why hasn't anyone come yet?"

"Is it really noon?"

"Of course, how could those army heads of Royal Soldier Sect open the valley to let us in? If you rush in not at the appointed time, you would die for sure."

"Then how come there's not even one here? Is there a sudden change in the schedule?"

"Impossible, the Elders of Shengjing Sect are still sitting at the front row. If they change the schedule, wouldn't those at the front row know about it?"

"Then... are they late? Tsk, a popular idol indeed, the arrogance is even bigger than the leader of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals!"

"Hehe, don't forget the identity of this popular idol. Let alone letting go of small birds like us, she could even do more outrageous things!"

"If that is like what you say, then it seems that her previous reputation is not that good, but..."

The younger cultivator said and then frowned. A moment later, his eyebrows relaxed as he seemed to realize something, looking fascinated. "But, she is so beautiful."

His companion nodded. "I didn't think so when I first heard about the number one Jindan in Nine Regions. At that time, I only saw her from afar and thought that she was quite pretty, but far less soul-stirring as now."

"Speaking of which, since she is so beautiful, I wonder if she's already married or not, does she already have a daoist companion?"

"Pft, are you stupid? She's now a popular idol, and no idol is married. If she has a man, her charm would drop by a lot."

"The problem is, she might not have a man, but she probably has many women..."

"T-That's true."

Just as they began to enjoy their imagination, more and more people began to get impatient. The fight should've started right at noon when the sun was scorching hot, but the person who should appear was very much late, making people wait impatiently!

Outside the training field, when people's anxiety gradually accumulated to their limit, which might erupt at any time...


Around the valley, flames and lava burst toward the sky like orange-red fountains, followed by billowing hot waves and a thrilling female song.

The song that lingered in the flame and lava seemed to be scorched by the heat and appeared to be filled with enthusiasm. A moment later, accompanied by the singing, a group of beautiful young girls stood out from the sea of flame.

They were in mid-air along with the smoke. They wore dazzling dancing attires that exposed large parts of their skin. Under the burning high temperature, they began to be wrapped in sweat along with their dancing.

Their graceful dance made the audience's mouth thirsty, and the lava and flame as the unique background made it even more dazzling. Finally, the song gently fluttered into the training field and into the hearts of the people and rippled in their minds.

"I-Is this the cheerleader team?"

Looking at the performance in front of him, a Deity Stage Elder who sat at the front of the training field was stunned.

As the only successor of the Dry Ghost Creek, it had been many years since anything managed to move Daoist Gui Ku (.Daoist Dry Ghost). However, he had to admit that when the volcano erupted around him and the young girls sweated under the heat from the flame, his already-dried-up heart suddenly had a faint vitality. Especially when a beautiful girl with a curvaceous figure who passed right in front of him threw a smile at him.

That smiling face blew up his mind and his memories surged out like raging tides.

At the same time, the girls also showed their youth and beauty. Coupled with the careful dance choreography, each of them had the ability to charm all the sentient beings. Their sexy dance suit wasn't too revealing, and the vital parts were even tightly covered. However, as they moved, it was as if there were invisible hands provoking the thoughts and desires of the audience. Halfway through the dance, some of the cultivators who were well-known for being old-fashioned and rigid could not help but begin to dance along.

This enthusiasm quickly spread among the crowd, and soon, even some Yuanying and Deity Stage cultivators joined in.

At the climax of the singing and dancing, Daoist Gui Ku, who many people secretly called as dead face, even went so far as bursting into loud laughter, singing along loudly. Hundreds of female ghosts came out of his body along with his song and then sang along with the cheerleader team in mid-air.

Although one side was as brilliant as the sun and the other side was as gloomy as the ghost, the combination of the two was inexplicably seamless. This unexpected scene stunned the crowd in the valley, which followed by their laughter and thunderous applause. Their enthusiasm pushed the climax to the peak.

Finally, after the song was finished, the volcanoes around the valley went quiet again. Daoist Gui Ku was silent for a while, and then, with a long sigh, he withdrew all of his female ghosts. His expression became as rigid as a corpse, as if nothing had ever happened before.

After ending their dance, the cheerleader team stood in a row in mid-air. A woman in white, as if walking out of the void, stood in front of those girls, smiling beautifully.

It was the legendary idol of Nine Regions, Murong Icy Bling-Night Glamour Phoenix-Stellar Oriole-Wu Er.

Just now, the singing voice came from this famous idol. Unfortunately, as the head of the cheerleader team, she didn't change into sexy clothes like the girls. She still wore her simple and elegant white clothes, which made many people secretly disappointed.

However, after seeing the performance just now, even those nitpicky people felt that their trip was worth it. They were indeed worthy to be called idol group; they perfectly showed their beauty to the people. However, it looked like today's show wasn't yet finished.

"Thank you, everyone, for your applause and cheers. I feel that all of our previous preparations have not been wasted. However, today's main characters are not us, we are just the warm-up. And now I present you the main characters that would bring us more wonderful performances!"

With that, the legendary idol stepped aside and stretched her arms sideway. And then, along with the direction of her arms, a group of cultivators flew out flew out of the volcanic canyon.

It was the fighting group of Jindan Stage cultivators who cultivated in a harsh environment. The leader was Wang Lu, followed by Qiong Hua, Zhu Shiyao... as well as more than a dozen peak Jindan Stage cultivators from various sects.

The rule for the official competition was best of five, so the maximum number of people in Jindan group was five. However, considering the substitutes and other factors, there were currently a total of seventeen people in the team in accordance with the selected specifications for the training. Those who entered the stage today were also those seventeen people.

Then, it was the Deity Stage turn to appear. Unlike the Jindan group who trained hard in the lava volcano, after entering the Deity Stage, it meant that they had become one of the top experts in the Nine Region. Whether they wanted it or not, their every action and every move would affect tens of thousands of people, and thus would always receive an entirely different treatment.

Letting these people gather in one place to train together was simply a fantasy. Just by the fact that each of them walked on different immortal cultivation path made it difficult for them to coexist. This time, it took the Organizing Committee a lot of effort and cost to gather these Daoist Masters of Deity Stage here.

"Are you done?"

Among the Daoist Masters of Deity Stage, an extraordinarily tall and brawny man with skin full of tattoos growled in a low voice.

"Previously, when you called me to participate in the Grand Competition, I told you that I'm not interested, but you insist on me to come. Fine, since my Beast Master School owe you a favor, I complied with your request and come here. You wanted me to fight against Jindan, I also complied, but my patience is limited! If you want to play a game, then play it yourself, I'm not here to waste my time!"

The King of Ten Thousand Beasts of Beast Master School was not the strongest among the Daoist Masters of Deity Stage, but he had 666 types of beast spirit in his body, which was equivalent to having 666 lives and gave him an edge in the fight. Previously, Qiong Hua had already fought with him, but she was unable to beat him without summoning her Kill Immortal Sword. Moreover, even if she managed to summon her Kill Immortal Sword, it would be difficult for her to kill all the 666 beast spirits in one go. Among the beast spirits, there were some breeds who were good at 'hiding to maintain life' and possessed an especially strong survival ability. Therefore, she took the initiative to admit defeat.

For a long time, Qiong Hua had been recognized as the number one among the younger generation. After advancing to peak Jindan, she became even more compatible with her Kill Immortal Sword that she managed to overshadow many of the older generations. Except for the number one Jindan in the Nine Regions, which was completely beyond any specification, Qiong Hua basically represented the limit of Jindan Stage cultivator. And since the King of Ten Thousand Beasts could overcome the limit of Jindan, it seemed to him that this kind play was just a waste of time.

This thinking was not unique to the King of Ten Thousand Beasts alone. Most of the Daoist Masters of Deity Stage were not interested in this cross-stage confrontation.

Toward this, as the leader of the Jindan group and the chief planner of the whole event, Wang Lu smiled and said, "Then allow me to put it bluntly. This time, we asked you to come here because we are sure of our winning."

The King of Ten Thousand Beasts burst into laughter. "Win? Based on trashes like you guys?"

Wang Lu narrowed his eyes. "If you are afraid, then you can just say it. As the chief planner of the Organizing Committee, I am broad-minded and would never laugh at you. I just want to ask, among the 666 beast spirits in your body, is there a chicken there?"

"Go f*ck yourself!"

The King of Ten Thousand Beasts roared like thunder. When this violent and easily angered Daoist Master of Deity Stage said he wanted to make his move, he really made his move. However, as soon as this able-to-tear-people's-heart-and-split-the-lung roar came out, it was immediately blocked by an invisible thick wall.

With his beastly instinct, the King of Ten Thousand Beasts locked his gaze on one person.

A beautiful-as-snow white-dressed woman with a lazy face.

Not long ago, she stood in front of the group of young girls, and her legendary idol temperament and manner caused many people to be flushed with excitement. However, this time, although she still wore the same white dress, her facial feature seemed to have greatly differed, no longer that of the beautiful idol, but...

The number one Jindan in Nine Regions that had made countless people fearful and apprehensive!

The King of Ten Thousand Beasts was stunned and his heart turned cold. "Is this your chance of winning? The number one Jindan in Nine Regions?"

Wang Lu smiled and inwardly thought, Of course not. She's just here to help me block a move. How could I shamelessly use Wang Wu in the confrontation? The key to the victory is the cheerleader...

However, before Wang Lu had the chance to say those words, he saw the King of Ten Thousand Beasts' face twisted, as if he seemed to be deeply entangled. He then violently stamped his foot. "I admit defeat! Your beauty contest group is located in Shengjing Sect, right? I'll see myself there! Motherf*cker, it's just being a cross-dresser, right, what am I f*cking afraid of, I'll show you how I look like in the bikini!"

With that, a pair of dark wing suddenly grew from behind his back. Flapping the wings, he soared into the air and disappeared in the direction of Shengjing Sect.

Wang Lu stared dumbfoundedly on the spot. The fight hasn't f*cking started yet, and it has already been won? This lying down winning is a bit too easy!

But, if a brute like you do wear a bikini, we would really be afraid...