Chapter 599: The Speech Spell of Big Sister

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The Speech Spell of Big Sister 1

On the training field, Zhu Shiyao's unexpected appearance, as well as the tit for tat imposing momentum, made the crowd stupefied.

Among these people, it was Zhan Ziye who was surprised the most.

He even had to use his hand to close his slackened jaw before he could speak.

"Junior Sister Qianqian, I'm sorry that I have previously misunderstood you. I thought that professional managers like you are just a bunch of vampires who just took the money but didn't work. Unexpectedly, you do have some skills. You have long expected that Zhu Shiyao would jump into the stage and thus push me to challenge him... I see what you mean. I can't win on my own, but if I join hands with Zhu Shiyao, there's a chance that we are able to step Junior Brother Wang Lu under feet..."

"Shut up!"

Qianqian unceremoniously pierced the lightning rod needle into Zhan Ziye's thigh, which caused the latter to immediately roll on the ground in pain.

At the same time, the full-of-curiosity spectators, who had previously surrounded Zhan Ziye, this lead disciple of Ten Thousand Arts Sect, quietly retreated at a distance-mainly based on the fear of Qianqian. It was best to stay away from a woman who could torture to death the experienced lead disciple of Ten Thousand Arts Sect.

Qianqian herself turned a blind eye to all of this. She was a professional manager, and her only task was to assist Zhan Ziye to walk on the right path. Today was a good opportunity-although Wang Lu was strong, he was by no means invulnerable. His offensive and defensive attributes were indeed unsolvable, but he did not have an absolute advantage in speed. As long as Zhan Ziye could fully display the flying thunder technique, he could at least stand on an invincible position. Although Zhan Ziye would end up losing in a protracted fight, in the current time constraint, the two could not possibly fight a protracted fight. And during this limited time, it would not be possible to determine the winner and loser, and thus, naturally, it would be counted as a draw.

The result of the battle with Wang Lu would be very beneficial to the current Ten Thousand Arts Sect. Unfortunately, all these were destroyed by Zhu Shiyao.

Two against one, not to mention the possibility of not being able to defeat Wang Lu-even if they could really win, what fame would Zhan Ziye get from that? What would Wang Lu and Zhu Shiyao think of Zhan Ziye who rashly disrupted things?

It was indeed a pity. No one knows when such an opportunity would present itself again...

Qianqian shook her head and sighed, and then she pulled Zhan Ziye by dragging his right foot, pulling him from the scene under the countless people's gaze.

At the same time, the situation on the stage was also very awkward.

Wang Lu looked at his Big Sister for a long time and then sighed.

"Big Sister, are you here to praise me for my cultivation base advancement and divine swordsmanship?"

While speaking, Wang Lu once again lifted his Rouge Tears. The whole muscles in his body tensed up as he prepared for another fight.

He was very clear on what kind of person his Big Sister was.

Strictly speaking, Zhu Shiyao was a pure, kind-hearted, and helpful girl. Her nature was undoubtedly good after being educated and nurtured by Daoist Master Feng Yin. The problem was, apart from being a pure, kind-hearted, and helpful girl, she was also a swordsman that would focus on no other thing when it came to sword art.

And in her eyes, everything in this world was related to the sword. Therefore, basically, when being together with her, one could not see her pure, kind-hearted, and helpful girl being, but only a cultivator who was crazy with sword arts.

Once Zhu Shiyao entered her crazy-for-sword mode, she might not even acknowledge her family. And right now, in front of him, her crazy-for-sword mode was really obvious.

"Very well, Big Sister, I know you're in a sword heat again. After you saw my three sword attack combos, you couldn't help yourself, right? Alas, I know that it's useless to scold you for not recognizing the time and place. Then come and feel it, so that we can take a break."

With that, Wang Lu directly launched his primal chaos sword qi.

This sword qi was like a grey dragon that split the heaven and earth apart as it pounced on the opponent. The imposing might of the sword terrified many of the spectators outside the arena.

This was not an attack that could be blocked directly with strength. Fortunately, although the sword strike itself was powerful, it was slower than normal. If one wanted to dodge it with all of one's might, one should be able to do it, not to mention a super elite cultivator like Zhu Shiyao.

However, the next moment, Zhu Shiyao's choice surprised many of them. She raised her sword forward, aiming the sword tip at that primal chaos sword dragon for a direct confrontation, unexpectedly wanting to break this irresistible sword strike toughness for toughness. And just when people thought that the girl would be swallowed up by the sword dragon, there was a shining starlight on the training field, and that thick sword dragon disappeared without a trace in that starlight.

Wang Lu helplessly shrugged. "What a formidable stellar divine eyes."

The full blow of an immortal sword should be flawless in the eyes of anyone in the same stage, and even beyond the imagination. Unfortunately, in Zhu Shiyao's eyes, it still had a lot of flaws. She aimed at those flaws and used only ten percent of her strength to break that all out attack.

If they continued to fight under this exchange ratio, the one who would lose would be Wang Lu... Although he had the advantage in cultivation base, it was not absolute. During the recent time, Zhu Shiyao's advancement in cultivation base was equally astonishing. She hadn't been completely left behind by him. Right now, his strength was about twenty percent more than her.

In this ten to one strength ratio fight, he could not afford to take it slow.

"Heh, to deal with women, I only know that madly charging forward is not good..."

However, when it came to skill, what skill could be more exquisite than stellar divine eyes that could clearly see the future? Non-Phase Sword and primal chaos heaven splitting divine sword had reached the pinnacle in the immortal cultivation world of Nine Regions in terms exquisiteness and complicatedness, but they were still not enough in Zhu Shiyao's eyes.

Especially after the fight against Zhong Shengming in the ancient sword tomb-at that time, Wang Lu got the inheritance of the sword demon, but Zhu Shiyao's harvest was not small, either. Not only did she obtain direct teaching from the sword demon, but by chance coincidence, her purple mansion was also expanded to such an unimaginable scale.

For the present Zhu Shiyao, her golden core, magical power, jade mansion, and physical body were not as good as Wang Lu, but her primordial spirit was actually above him. Thus, the primordial chaos heaven splitting divine sword appeared dull and rough in her eyes... The strengthening of primordial spirit actually further enhanced her special ability to the level that was against heaven.

However, at this moment Wang Lu had already anticipated that he couldn't compete with Zhu Shiyao in terms of skills, meaning that he was unable to not reveal any flaw-if he was only by himself.

There were only two ways to defeat an opponent. One was to use absolute raging damage output-which was to consecutively use his three sword attack combos indefinitely to overwhelm Zhu Shiyao that she would gradually be unable to maintain that ten to one ratio. However, the virtuous way was a sure way to victory, but this way of defeating an opponent really lacked the aesthetic. Moreover, Wang Lu believed that his Big Sister intentionally jumped into the training field not to see such a crude tactic.

"Stellar divine eyes is indeed formidable, it could even see the card that I have hidden, right? Very well, I'll let you see it."

Another way to defeat Zhu Shiyao was to use some external help.

"Autumn Beam, lend me your hand."

When his voice fell, the new sword spirit in the Rouge Tears appeared. A perfect and flawless white hand was placed on Wang Lu's wrist. A trace of immortal spiritual energy then poured out from her fingertips, causing the immortal sword in Wang Lu's hand to become illusory.

Then, a primordial chaos sword qi burst out from the tip of the sword. In mid-air, the trajectory of the sword qi changed several times, drawing a zig-zag line.

Zhu Shiyao's face changed, revealing an inconceivable look. Her dark pupils quickly enlarged, rapidly changing their shapes... At the same time, the sword in her hand was unsteady, swaying in the air uncertainly.

She couldn't lock the trajectory of the primal chaos sword qi and couldn't find the flaws in it. Her stellar divine eyes had gleaned into the future countless times, but every time she saw the result, she would always end up being defeated by that sword strike.

There was no possibility of any victory.

The final result was indeed just like what she predicted. Although Wang Lu's sword strike didn't erupt with all of his power, she had no other choice but to parry it using brute force. And since Zhu Shiyao was unable to withstand it, she was pushed back by a trace of soft force within the sword qi.

When she regained control of her body, she had already fallen off of the arena. According to the rules, naturally, she lost the fight.

This was Wang Lu's second method, attacking together with the sword spirit. Autumn Beam was able to make up for the flaws in the primal chaos heaven splitting sword qi by dynamically adjusting it so that the sword qi could maintain its flawlessness at any point. This form was named as mending-the-sky sword.

Although it seemed that using sword spirit as a helper did not conform to the one on one rule, generally speaking, sword spirit was considered as an accessory of the immortal sword, not an independent creature, even though the current Autumn Beam was no different than a living creature.

Just like the cultivators of Beast Master School who would surely fight alongside their spirit beast in a one on one fight. Thus, sword cultivator using spirit sword was also understandable.

Moreover, when Autumn Beam fought alongside him independently, because she was not able to stay in Rouge Tears anymore, the difficulty in controlling the immortal sword was greatly increased. And thus, the power of Wang Lu's sword qi was weakened by at least eighty percent... It was just that, at the same time, it became perfect and without any flaw, which completely restrained Zhu Shiyao's stellar divine eyes.

"Big Sister, this sword strike is dedicated to you. Let me ask you a question, are you satisfied?"

Outside the training field, Zhu Shiyao was stunned for a while. Instead of being frustrated by the defeat, a smile gradually bloomed on her face and her cheeks became a bit ruddy, seemingly elated and excited.

That was exactly the thing that she wanted to see... After many times of witnessing the victory from her stellar divine eyes, she actually yearned for a failure. She wanted to say thank you to Wang Lu, but she didn't know how to say it.

Junior Brother Wang Lu, I have long been looking forward to this sword strike, thanks!

" Wang... Lu... long... thanks 2 ."

With that, Zhu Shiyao nodded and then floated away, looking very tired.

On the training field, looking at the countless horrified faces outside the arena, Wang Lu felt that he was about to black out.

Big Sister, in the future, you'd better not speak at all!