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 Chapter 592: Congratulation For Easy Money!

Translator: Subudai11 Editor: Chrissy

"Is this your plan? It's simply a joke!"

Inside the group of immortal tombs, after he finished reading the proposal submitted by Wang Lu, Bai Ze directly threw it on the ground.

Wang Lu didn't care about the outburst and simply picked up the proposal form the ground, wiped off the dust, and said, "I won't stop you from laughing like an idiot, but this is the final plan of our Union of Ten Thousand Immortals."

Bai Ze said in a sinking voice, "It seems that you have no sincerity at all."

"Sincerity?" Wang Lu chuckled. "Do you mean sincerity or follow your wishes? The advantage of you guys, ancient Earth Immortals, is that you grew up in a good environment and your individual strength is strong. As such, if we have to fight one on one with you head on, then we would all lose, and we have to hand over the resources that we have accumulated for thousands of years to you. If we can't do so, you would accuse us of being insincere. This bandit logic is indeed used skillfully."

Bai Ze sneered. "If you lost and are badly beaten, you guys can only blame yourself for being incompetent."

"No more incompetent than the dog barking of you guys who grieved into sleep for ten thousand years!"

"What did you say?"

"I said, since you insist not to cooperate, it would be better for both sides to just throw everything away and fight to the death. I remember a bald-headed Zen master elder who once said that the house must be put in order first before resisting foreign aggression 1 . I think it makes sense. We would find it very difficult to sleep and eat if there are still people like you who don't know good from bad while in the face of the enemy."

Bai Ze broke into a laughter. "Good, I have long been unhappy seeing an arrogant younger generation like you!"

"Wait a minute, there's no need to be aggressive."

Seeing that a fight was about to break in the group of immortal tombs, Xuan Mo appeared in time, interrupting the war that Wang Wu and Bai Ze were about to ignite.

"We have the same interest, there's no need to fight each other. We agreed to settle the leadership problem and tomb inheritance with your alliance through competition, but your plan is too childish. If the competition is about the theory or writing of immortal path, then so be it, but you guys even include poetry recitation, zither and Go playing, as well as doing calligraphy and painting in the competition, what's the purpose in all of those? Moreover... you guys even want to compete in the skill in bed, that's too ridiculous! This kind of competition method is entirely beneficial to you! What's more, even in martial competition, you guys want to divide the fight into Jindan, Yuanying and other stage, restricting the stage of the participant, which is too unfair to us."

Wang Lu said, "I don't think there's anything wrong in dividing the competition into martial and literary, and dividing several sub contests into according to different stages. You think that Go, painting, and the likes should not be included in the scope of the competition, this only shows that your visions are narrow. In this world, there are three thousand main paths to reach immortality, how would you know that such things are useless? If people only look for the path of killing, then sword cultivation is enough, what's the use of the so-called Yin and Yang School, Beast Master School, and many other sects? What's more, you guys ancient Earth Immortals were all great masters who had accomplished great things in your respective specialty. For example, you, senior Xuan Mo, are a master of the religious study, why do you have no confidence in competing with us in the outer road?"

Xuan Mo was rendered speechless by Wang Lu's rebuttal. Indeed, as the ancient Earth Immortal, they should've occupied the advantage in the competition regardless of whether they were immortal paths or crooked paths. However, she always felt that there must be a hidden plot behind this plan.

"... At least it's too unfair to compete based on Stage restriction."

"Fair?" Upon hearing this, Wang Lu smiled and swept his gaze around him. In addition to Bai Ze and Xuan Mo, all the other Earth Immortals seemed to feel the same way.

"Unexpectedly I have to explain this concept to others once again. it really has been a cliche already"

"Listen, before you take into account the concept of fairness, can you give me your clear definition of what is fair?"

Xuan Mo hesitated. "Fair, isn't it impartial?"

Wang Lu smiled. "What nonsense, impartial? Then let's just draw lots impartially? It's absolutely impartial, everyone has the same winning probability, whether it's the ancient Earth Immortals or the beggars on the street, it's all the same. Do you think that's fair?"

"This..." Xuan Mo suddenly froze, and then shook her head. "Drawing lots is unfair, because..."

Speaking to this, Xuan Mo was suddenly stuck. Why drawing lots was unfair, she actually couldn't say it. Was considering the beggars and Earth Immortals as the same unfair? But wasn't it the biggest unfairness to differentiate because of class and look?

"The answer is very simple. Because the result in drawing lots is not helpful in solving the problem." Wang Lu sighed and explained, "The prerequisite of fairness is efficiency. If one thing fails to achieve the goal, it could not be called as fair. The purpose of the imperial examination system in the mortal world is to select people who are erudite and capable. Therefore, it is fair to be an official through study, and it is unfair to spend money to buy an official post. But if it is in the auction, it is fair for the one who bid the highest get the item. In the same way, the purpose of our competition is not simply to separate the winners from the losers. Separating the winners from the losers is only the method. The true purpose is to choose the right people to inherit the inheritance and command the whole situation. So, ask yourself, do you think it could show that you guys are more appropriate simply by relying on your stage advantage and use force to overwhelm us, younger generations?"

Xuan Mo was silent for a long time before finally shaking her head in silence.

"The superiority of the Fallen Immortals in terms of stage is absolute. They are immortals who have already soared to immortality. Our chance of winning is, therefore, to use the limited stage to complete the overstage challenge. Thus, the tone of the competition should also be based on this point, competing with the abilities under the same stage."

Before Wang Lu could finish his words, Bai Ze sneered and said, "That's ridiculous. According to your logic, if there's a Jindan Stage cultivator who is invincible in the Jindan Stage, will all of us Earth Immortals who are already in ascendancy stage have to bow down to that person?"

"If you are in the ascendancy stage but fails to defeat a Jindan in Jindan Stage, then you really should be the one who bows down. Because this Jindan Stage cultivator's ability to control power is even higher than you guys, Earth Immortals. What's more, with many of the secret treasures left by you for sixteen thousand years in this group of immortal tombs, it's not difficult to make breakthroughs in stage right?"

Xuan Mo softly said, "Indeed, if you take out all the secret treasures in the deepest part of the group of immortal tombs, even a mortal with no cultivation base could make a rapid progress to Mahayana Stage in a short period of time. Stage indeed could not explain the problem. In terms of fairness, it is more appropriate to divide the competition according to stages."

Bai Ze peevishly said, "Xuan Mo, which side are you on exactly? It's clear that they're acting shamelessly!"

Wang Lu leisurely said, "Now it's clear that you're afraid, right? Losing your Stage advantage, you simply don't dare to face us, the younger generation. Speaking of which, your despicableness is exactly the same as those Fallen Immortals."

"Fart!" Despite his impatient character, Bai Ze's opposition toward the Fallen Immortal was also the strongest. Thus, Wang Lu's words was a great shame to him.

"Then do you have the guts to try it out yourself? Try to see if you can overcome your younger generation under the circumstance where you suppress your stage. We might as well make a bet. If you win, then our plan will be canceled and everything will follow your rules. If we win, you, the temporary leader of the Earth Immortals team, will accept our proposal on behalf of every one of you. How about it, do you dare to make a bet?"

"What a joke, why not?"

As soon as he said that, Bai Ze immediately froze on the spot. And then he angrily glared at Wang Lu. "You're using the goading someone into action on me, aren't you?"

"Hahaha, otherwise, do you think it's teasing dog technique? In short, since you've agreed to the bet, you wouldn't immediately go back your own word, wouldn't you?"

Bai Ze coldly snorted. He, of course, would not go back on his own word. If the earlier recklessness could be attributed to his personality, then going back on his own word was a matter of moral character.

The Earth Immortal team could follow a reckless leader through fire or water, but it was impossible for them to follow a despicable person.

Therefore, after he calmed down, Bai Ze no longer cared for the goading methods of Wang Lu. Because even if the other party was successful, the difference between an Earth Immortal and a mere Jindan cultivator could not be erased.

Even if the Earth Immortal completely suppressed their power to that of Jindan Stage, their profound understanding of power and the application of many subtle skills made the Earth Immortal completely capable of crushing a Jindan.

"Boy, since you want to die this much, then I'll grant you your wish-ut don't tell me even in the stage restriction fight, it has to be completely safe."

Wang Lu let out a laugh. "Of course not. Death is acceptable. If we don't even have the courage to face death, how could we talk about cultivation?"

"Then that's good."

With that, Bai Ze's eyes flashed, and suddenly, there was a change in the group of immortal tombs. The huge Feng Shui line veins were controlled by his primordial spirit, creating a spherical space with a radius of more than hundred kilometers in the void. It had land, mountains, rivers, and so on... It was a comprehensive arena that could meet any need.

"You have no opinion of such arena right?"

Wang Lu looked at it for a while and then sighed. "The ancient Earth Immortals are indeed the ancient Earth Immortals, creating a separate realm is as easy as pie... Alright, that's it then."

"Then let's go in, what are you waiting for?"

Wang Lu shook his head. "You seem to misunderstood. The person who will fight with you is not me. But this one."

With that, Wang Lu took a step to the side, revealing a beautiful figure in white clothes.

"It's you?"

Upon seeing Wang Wu, Xuan Mo lightly covered her mouth and could not help but softly exclaim.

This female cultivator who was mere Jindan Stage was actually capable of withstanding the thunder strike from Heaven, which had left a very deep impression on her. If it was a battle with her in Jindan Stage, not to mention Bai Ze, even if their Boss was ressurected, there was a little chance of victory!

"Hahaha, it's me, the super-high-salaried hired fighter of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, the ten million spirit stones per fight number one Jindan in Nine Regions. Afraid, aren't you?"

Although Bai Ze had not seen the power of the number one Jindan in Nine Regions with his own eyes, seeing how Wang Wu was still in high spirit and arrogant in front of the Earth Immortals, he knew that she must have an amazing skill.

However, no matter how amazing she was, she was still in Jindan Stage...

Thinking so, Bai Ze sneered and then stepped into the arena first.

Wang Lu stood on the sideline, shook his head, and smiled. He said to Wang Wu, "Millionare, don't forget my commission, it's not easy to introduce you to this mission."