Chapter 589: Necrophilia

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"The Fallen Immortal's hand... looks like Zhong Shengming's high regard of you is not entirely because he became insane as being too old."

After seeing the spoil of war that Wang Wu took out with his own eyes, even the haughty Bai Ze was shocked into silence.

A physical object was better than a thousand words. Even though Bai Ze didn't believe that the two Jindan Stage cultivators in front of him-who lived post Age of Chaos where the later generations of cultivators had been weakened-could be better than his team of Earth Immortals, but who caused the fact that his group of Earth Immortals to not have this kind of perfect spoil of war?

However, Bai Ze would not easily admit defeat after all. After a long silence, he said, "I understand, let me admit that you guys do have some strength, but this does not explain anything. After all, it's just the remains of the Fallen Immortal, just a part of the remains."

"Well, I didn't expect to use this thing to convince you," Wang Wu said and lightly put the hand of the Fallen Immortal back. "After waking up from your ten thousand years of sleep, it's not unrealistic for you to be willing to step down from the stage of history. However, there's no reason for us to give up the treasure we have unearthed with great difficulties just because of your words."

Bai Ze knitted his brows. "These are not just treasures!"

"I know that it also means the survival of the Nine Regions. But in the same way, we and the other contemporary cultivators of Nine Regions have no reason to entrust our lives to you, these strangers. No matter what you say, we simply don't know each other very well."

Bai Ze said with a cold smile, "Then what are you to do?"

Wang Wu said, "Since we both could not be convinced with each other, it is better to compete on a fair basis. We will use real talents to determine who's better or worse, and compete for the inheritance of this group of immortal tombs and the future leadership."

"Compete on a fair basis?" Bai Ze was astonished to find that the other party had actually come up with this kind of absurdity. "You want to compete with us?"

Wang Wu laughed and said, "Yes. On the specific method, it could be fighting on a platform or running a league. In short, both sides will fully demonstrate their strength to determine who is more appropriate for the inheritance and leadership. In this way, regardless of which side, the result would be accepted wholeheartedly."

Bai Ze was at a loss for words. After a long time, he angrily said while waving his arms, "Fight on a platform? Running a league? The crisis of Fallen Immortal is imminent! They might come to Nine Regions at any time, so we don't have time to play games with you!"

Wang Lu faintly said, "Then you guys can choose to give up everything and be willing to be the pawn of us, the later generations of cultivators. Since you don't want to delay time, then you have to be willing to compromise."

"Compromise to all of you, these incompetent generations?"

"Otherwise, it would be a fair competition." Wang Lu said, "In short, don't expect us to bend over backward to give in to your demand."

Before Bai Ze exploded in anger, Wang Lu said in a sinking voice, "We are the cultivators who lived after the Age of Chaos. Since we set foot on the immortal path, we have been living in a resource-poor environment. If we want to reach the peak of immortal path and breakthrough into immortality, we can't make any mistake and miss any chance. Even if it's just a petty profit, we must haggle over every penny, let alone a rich treasure like the group of immortal tombs. This is the way of survival for us weak later generations of cultivators.

"No matter how great you, senior cultivators, are, right now, from today's point of view, you guys are just a group of leftovers who refused to die. In terms of the total strength, you guys are absolutely no match for the present's Union of Ten Thousand Immortals. Even if our individual strength is not as good as yours, you guys can't offset our numerical advantage, let alone fight against the Earth Immortals. If you guys sincerely want to protect Nine Regions, the only choice is to make full use of the existing power, and to use our strength, respect for us is a necessary condition."

After that magnificent speech, everyone present went into silence. Only Wang Wu forcefully repressed her laughter and secretly gave a thumb up to her disciple.

He was indeed an eloquent orator who could say any preposterous arguments and harmful teachings, the way of survival of weak cultivators? How could he not feel shame to say words like that? This kind of speech could only work for this group of old antiques who hadn't gone out of their tombs for more than sixteen thousand years.

When they later come out of the group of immortal tombs and witness the wanton and luxurious living of people of the present time, particularly the luxurious way of cultivation of the Shengjing Sect... Wang Lu's 'survival' speech would be like a fart.

However, after all, Bai Ze and the others didn't understand these things, let alone the argument about giving respect was not wrong. Therefore, after that high sounding speech, Bai Ze and the others had nothing to say.

"How in the world are you guys going to compete for this? I have to remind you once again that we don't have much time to waste!"

Wang Wu said, "Of course, we don't want things to drag on for too long, but this competition is a matter of vital importance in the survival of the entire Nine Regions, so it must go through the collective decision making of the Union of Ten Thousand Years... Ah, stop harping on us, okay? We know that the time is tight, but if we do everything recklessly just because the time is tight, then it would only take us an even longer time to correct our mistakes."

Bai Ze asked in a deep voice, "How long will it take for your collective decision making?"

"One month is enough."

"Too slow!"

Wang Lu interrupted, "Let's make it two months then. To be honest, I think you're a very strange person. Even if the crisis of Fallen Immortal is so urgent, it has been more than sixteen thousand years since the last major outbreak. Are you that eager to solve a sixteen thousand years old crisis in just two months? And more importantly, since you guys have chosen to take a deep sleep and give the burden of saving the world to the future generations, then you should have no regrets, regardless of what happens afterward. The time that belongs to you is over, and everything that happens after that is our business. Since we are not in a hurry, what are you being hurried about? You... are not like someone who had just woken up."

"You dare to question me?"

Xuan Mo hastily exhorted, "Bai Ze has always been impatient and he has always taken the position of opposition in the team, so it is inevitable that his speech will irritate others, but you do not need to doubt his character. He had lived and died together with the rest of us as our partner."

Wang Lu sneered. "This kind of person is a partner? Then no wonder you guys lost so badly."


Seeing that the contradiction was about to intensify, Wang Wu knew that she should come forward to end it all.

The cooperation with Wang Lu lied in backing each other's argument. Wang Lu was young and had low cultivation base, thus, as a younger generation disciple, he could open his mouth to provoke at will. However, she had to take advantage of the situation in the negotiation to occupy a favorable position to resolve the contradiction as an opportunity to lead the topic to the direction that was beneficial to her.

Then, Wang Wu clapped her hands and said, "That's settled then. After two months, we'll organize a formal team to come and discuss with you all about the rules of the competition. Then we'll decide the winner and loser in the quickest possible time. I know that everyone is anxious, but only by doing things step by step that we don't waste time. What do you guys think?"

While speaking, Wang Wu didn't pay attention to Bai Ze, her eyes were only locked at Xuan Mo.

Xuan Mo hurriedly nodded. "Okay, that's settled then."

Wang Wu smiled and said, "Good, then we'll take our leave... Oh, by the way, there are still those children."

Xuan Mo said, "Do you mean Liu Li and the others? I've already sent them out... We are not that mean, we won't threaten you with hostages."

"Really? Then that's good."

Then, without waiting for Bai Ze and the others to speak, Wang Wu took Wang Lu's hand and then, in a flash, disappeared from that vast white world.


When he left the group of immortal tombs, Wang Lu felt a faint chill on his back, and before he knew it, his clothes were already heavy with sweat.

After stepping out of the group of immortal tombs, he followed his Master with a slight stiffness and walked slowly down the streets of Plentiful City like a zombie. He turned a blind eye to the strange sights all around him, for at this moment, even when he tried to open his mouth, he felt his throat dry.

For a Jindan Stage cultivator of Non-Phase whose physique had already been tempered a long time ago, this was simply an unimaginable embarrassment. However, after confronting the group of Earth Immortals, it was a hard to imagine miracle that he only had such slight problems as the side effects.

After a long time, Wang Lu finally got rid of his shock toward the Earth Immortals, and then took a long breath. "... That was really a thrilling stimulation, causing one climax after another."

"Really? I was only a bit thrilled, you were the only one who had one climax after another."

Next to him, Wang Wu lightly teased him. The pressure from Earth Immortals was almost fatal to ordinary Jindan Stage cultivators, but for the number one Jindan in Nine Regions, it was the breeze after the rain.

As for Wang Wu's teasing, Wang Lu immediately sneered and shot back, "Tsk, you, this necrophiliac, actually have a face to tease me?"

"What the hell, you're the one who is a necrophiliac! When I said it benefited me greatly, it referred to the understanding of cultivation that I got from the immortal spirit aura of the Fallen Immortal! Do you think that I used it as a carrot?"

"Then swear to god that you have never done anything shameful with that hand in more than one hundred years!"

"... Do you really think I did something with that hand?"

Wang Lu said, "With your moral integrity, everything is possible."

"..." Wang Wu stopped and stared silently at her disciple for a long time.

"I think you should carefully reconsider it. If I really did something with that hand... don't forget, although that hand originally belonged to you, it was once occupied by the Fallen Immortal, that is to say, the emerald crown on your head was entirely controlled in my hands..."

"Enough. I understand, it was my slip of the tongue. Master, you are a pure, immovable steel virgin. I could, at most, question your moral integrity, but I should not question your virginity."

"Your words can not make people happy at all! What you said made it seem like I'm an old leftover woman!"

"It is also not the time to be happy right now, right?"

With that, Wang Lu also stopped.

"Seriously, the Earth Immortal, Fallen Immortal... the situation is too sudden, and the pressure is really heavy."

Wang Wu laughed and said, "Come on, don't say that you really didn't expect this day. When you and that Fallen Immortal Mr. Feng Yue died together, you should've known that there are still other people behind him, right? Moreover, even if there's a pressure, it would not be on a little Jindan like you. The Union of Ten Thousand Immortals collects such high fees from the union sects every year, so it should be the time for them to do something. So, I'll go back to the mountain first to report the situation to the Heavenly Sword Hall, while you stay here..."

"Wait a minute, toward this kind of thing, it's obviously more appropriate if I go back. In terms of credibility, I'm much better than you!"

"... Credibility? Yes, you are young and energetic, the time when your sexual desire is the strongest However, you still have things to do here, so it's not that easy for you to go back to the mountain, right?"

"Have things to do? What things?"

Before he finished his words, Wang Lu could no longer say it.

In the distance, the beautiful figures of Liu Li and the others were clearly discernible.

"Damn, when is the end of this shura field..."