Chapter 584: Reprieved

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The scene of a group of girls in tears made Wang Lu feel as if his whole skin tighten.

Why they cried, Wang Lu already had a rough idea. Those kisses and hugs just now, though filled with utilitarianism, every move and every action came from the heart. However, love is a kind of feeling that contained possessiveness, and sharing love with the others was not human nature. Wang Lu asked himself, even for the one he had the faintest feelings for, such as Zhu Shiyao, if he saw her being hugged and kissed by a strange man at this time, his heart would be unhappy.

And if it were Liu Li and the others... seeing him being affectionate with other people, they would naturally feel sad.

Even if they did not understand why they were sad.

"So? Is there anything else you want to say now?"

The cold question interrupted his thought.

The ancient Earth Immortal, who adhered to the feminist doctrine, floated over. Her proud face was in stark contrast to the sobbing females near her.

Seeing her victorious face, Wang Lu really admired her, not because of the other party's scheme, but purely because of the other party's shamelessness.

It was true that he had hurt people's heart by stepping on many boats, but the situation back then was simply involuntary. Every setting of the scenario induced him to do so-must have three rubies to get through, must give his heart sincerely to get the ruby, then what could Wang Lu do?

It was extremely humane to solve the problem with hugs and kisses. For those with slightly weaker willpower, they would've gone straight to sex to produce love. Thinking of this, Wang Lu had always admired his own willpower.

Moreover, from the point of view of Wang Lu's original intention, even the kiss on the forehead and the hug were superfluous. He never thought to have intimate contact with so many girls, at least not in such a situation where the freedom was not guaranteed. However, if he didn't do it, he couldn't solve the scenario. And if he didn't solve the scenario, then he couldn't defeat the ancient Earth Immortal whose mind had been twisted. Thus, Wang Lu had to be selfless and self-sacrifice.

Fortunately, those actions that he took happened in a one on one situation. At that time, Wang Lu also said that the setting of the scenario was not inhumane to the extreme, giving him a bit of room to maneuver. As long as he didn't let other women see him being affectionate to another woman, then there would not be a problem.

As a result, the bias or shamelessness of the ancient Earth Immortal was an eye-opener-she actually let everyone see everything that happened in the chamber.

At this point, he really had nothing to say. The other party's dislike of men had reached the point of ignoring reason and logic. Setting up a good trick in a scenario which, in turn, would always end up in the same conclusion, and then push all the responsibilities to the man... it was indeed the product of a split personality. For this kind of thing, saying any word would be a waste.

"You have nothing to say? Hehehe, this is what men are, after hurting one woman after the other, they couldn't even open their mouth to apologize or to reflect. You..."

Upon hearing this, Wang Lu finally could not bear it anymore.

In fact, from these two sentences, Wang Lu had vaguely caught a glimmer of inspiration. It was likely that this self-proclaimed ancient Earth Immortal was badly hurt by a famous man in the past, and even though she could understand that the opposite party had a reason for it, emotionally, however, she was always unwilling and only wanted an apology from the opposite party.

However, she hadn't been able to wait until the apology came and ended up in depression. Finally, her depression brewed for thousands of years in the group of immortal tomb until her personality split and became the comical example of a feminist.

However, even if he understood all of this, the anger in Wang Lu's chest could not be simply eliminated.

Damn, I didn't talk, yet you actually 'win an inch, want a foot'?

Moreover, it's fine that you directed it against me, but the person who treated Liu Li and the others as a source material for that boasting, don't you think it is worse than the men who you say hurting the people's heart?

As for me, I should blame myself for hurting people's heart carelessly. But just for this reason, as the chief culprit, how much anger you should bear from me?

Perhaps it should be like the old saying, shameless people are invincible , since your shamelessness had reached this point, then I'm not going to be polite anymore. My previous words and actions always adhered the bottom line, leading to my hands and feet tied, and being led by the result that others dare go further and further...

So you want to compete in shamelessness? That's simply displaying one's slight skill before an expert! Look everywhere in Nine Regions, except for Wang Wu, no one is qualified to show shamelessness in front of me!

Wang Lu's face turned solemn as still water.

"What a joke, why do I have to apologize?"

The 'what a joke' words immediately interrupted the long-winded talk of the Earth Immortal.

"You..." The Earth Immortal did not expect Wang Lu to dare to contradict her in defeat, and was at a loss for words for a moment."

"Y-You have hurt so many people, but you actually..."

Wang Lu sneered and interrupted the opposite party, "That they cried and weep, were all due to extreme happiness, what does it have to do with being hurt?"

"What did you say?"

"I mean right now, they are very happy. And if you, who don't have eyes, didn't clamor here, it would've been a beautiful scene. You, this b*tch, continue to spout out long-winded words here, so do you think you can squeeze yourself in between me and them?"

The ancient Immortal glared at him in anger, but for a moment, she felt that she had no reply to such shameless words.

After a long time, she walked toward Liu Li and pointed at the girl's teary eyes.

"Do you want to say that she's happy?"

"Of course! She is very happy!"

"Do you really believe that yourself?"

"Why not? Men and women are different, so their expression of joy and sadness is also different. At the moment, they are expressing their joy in their own way. You are also a woman, yet unexpectedly, you can't see it.

Upon hearing this, Earth Immortal didn't know how to refute him.

"I know that you don't believe it. It's also hard to believe in empty words. So, today, I will make you clearly understand how you lose."

Wang Lu laughed and went straight for Liu Li. As he walked, he held his head high and strutted with an air of self-esteem. His imposing manner was unexpectedly somewhat not inferior to that of the Earth Immortal.

As far as strength was concerned, Wang Lu was less than one percent of the other party, but in opposition to each other, his momentum was actually almost able to stand up against her. Wang Lu knew that this was not due to the other party's tenderness, but that she was curious about his next words, so she didn't try to fully suppress him. At the same time, the source of chaos was also secretly supporting him.

However, the key to victory or defeat lied in his own performance. If he could not really convince the other party, then the current momentum was no more than a bluff.

Of course, Wang Lu's confidence in his victory was absolute.

"Liu Li, I want to ask you, why do you cry?"

Liu Li raised her head to look at Wang Lu. Her eyes were still red and her face, pitiful. She looked as if someone had wronged her, but mostly confused.

"I don't know. It's just that, when I was sent here, I saw Senior Brother and them... without any reason, my heart feels uncomfortable."

The ancient Earth Immortal sneered. "Ha, hear that, she's clearly uncomfortable!"

Wang Lu did not pay attention to her, but instead continued to ask Liu Li, "Your heart feels uncomfortable... so, do you hate me, your Senior Brother?"

Liu Li's eyebrows gently jumped as she whispered, "No, how could I hate Senior Brother?"

"Mm, it's good that you don't hate me, I always like you very much."

"Hehe." When he heard that Wang Lu likes her, from crying, Liu Li smiled instantly. "I also like Senior Brother the most."

"Humph, your use of sweet nothings to trick woman is actually pretty good."

Wang Lu continued to ignore the existence of that earth immortal and ask Liu Li, "Just now, when I was close to your Senior Sister and the others, you said that your heart is uncomfortable. Then I want to ask you, do you want me to have no more contacts with them from now on?"

Upon hearing this, Liu Li was surprised. "Have no more contacts?"

"Yes, no talking, no meeting, and not caring about anything that happens to them. Because your heart became uncomfortable when I was close to them, so I will not do it anymore. Do you want that?"

"No, I don't want that." Liu Li firmly said, "Although Liu Li knows very little, Master has taught me many times that we should be friendly to those that are of the same sect as us. Moreover, if you do that, wouldn't you feel sad, Senior Brother? I know what it's like to be sad, so I don't want you to feel sad."

Wang Lu could not help but become moved.

This child , is really too lovable...

Choosing you as the source material to prove my viewpoint is really not disappointing.

"Then, when I am being close to them, I will hide it from you, not letting you know. What do you think?"

"I..." Liu Li hesitated, and then firmly shook her head. "No, I don't want Senior Brother to hide the truth from me."

"Hehe, then when you see me being intimate with the others, what if your heart feels uncomfortable again?"

Liu Li said with a bright smile, "If I feel uncomfortable, I will just cry. When that happens, if Senior Brother can comfort me like this, and that would be better."

Wang Lu let out a sigh and then patted her head. His heart was deeply moved.

Fortunately, the first person that I chose is her, and the child's performance is simply perfect... Alright, now it's my turn.

After he finished talking with Liu Li, Wang Lu turned to look at the Earth Immortal. "Have you heard that?"

Earth Immortal sneered. "Loud and clear. It's nothing more than a despicable man taking advantage of a woman's tolerance with a sentimental story!"

"You're wrong again. I did give her all the power to choose. It is herself who wanted to see me being intimate with other women, it is herself who wanted me to continue to be friendly with other women, and it is herself who chose to continue to like me and stay close to me! Otherwise, she could've ignored me, alienated me, and never saw me again! Everything was her choice, thus, when her heart feels uncomfortable, naturally, it is also her choice. It is her who chooses to feel sad, chooses to feel sad, chooses to cry, because all of these are ways to express her like! So I said what's wrong with her cry?"

"You're... twisting words and robbing logic!"

"Of course, after I have robbed the logic, the logic would be on my side, and on the contrary, your logic has been robbed by me, so it means you have no logic. As a matter of fact, laughters and tears always coexist in the relationship between man and woman. If a woman still chooses to be with a man despite knowing that she would be miserable and be wronged, this only means that she likes it-it is in her nature that she enjoys sadness and pain."


"Absurd? Aren't those popular novels that depict tragedy mostly read by women? It is your nature to enjoy tragedy whether you admit it or not. If you are dissatisfied with this, you should blame it on the woman's strange nature, what does it have to do with men?"

"Shut up!"

Wang Lu sneered. "Even if I stop talking, can you prove that you won? Then why don't you just kill me and be done with it!"


"It's not surprising at all that you refuse to accept, not believing that women love pain by nature, so I'll make it even clearer to you!"

Wang Lu said, extended his arm, and made a hooking gesture with his finger to someone who had been in a watching-good-show state all the time.

"Wang Wu, I want to ask you, do you naturally want someone to whip you, abuse you, and trample you? The more painful your body and mind are, the happier you are, and every day if it is without breaking several of your bones, you just can't sleep?"

Hearing this, the blue veins on Wang Wu's forehead popped out, and in her mind, words that were ten times as vicious flocked toward Wang Lu.

Nevertheless, she, after all, knew how to prioritize things. Right now, Wang Lu needed to establish a victory, and this victory was not only about Wang Lu, but about the safety of everyone. Thus, she must cooperate with him until the end!

"Yes." Wang Wu clenched his teeth as she clearly said the words one by one, "You're right, it's in my nature."

Wang Lu then said to the ancient Earth Immortal, "Have you heard that clearly? Women's nature is indeed so. If you are still not satisfied, I can continue to ask. I have absolute confidence that I can prove that all of them are crying tears of joy. I just don't know whether you would like to hear it or not."

The other side was, of course, reluctant to listen. Because the more she listened, the more touched she was, and the belief that had been persisting for many years gradually loosened... However, she was even more reluctant to admit defeat. However, before she could speak, Wang Lu promptly took one step ahead of her. "The rules are yours. Now that I have satisfied your conditions, if you want to blame others and try to wrangle, you might as well pull out your sword. In any case, I have never expected you, women, to know how to admit defeat in a bet."


His voice had just fallen when the laughter of the source of chaos exploded in this world of whiteness.

"She doesn't admit defeat out loud, but the line of defense at the bottom of her heart is crumbling. Right now, even if she doesn't want to admit defeat, she has no other way!"

With that, the whole world burst with numerous fine black cracks, and the world that belonged to Heaven broke in an instant.

"I've been waiting for you to show your flaws for a long time."

Wang Lu vaguely saw that when the world of Heaven was broken, two shadows, one black and one white, gradually entwined and merged, becoming one.

This process was very intense, but its plane of existence was actually higher than the reality. Thus, for Wang Lu whose cultivation base was only Jindan, he could only see the scaled claw, and moreover, it was only vague.

No matter what, at least Wang Lu knew that the source of chaos had finally seized the opportunity to merge with her long-standing enemy and devour her. And thus, with this, the quest of 'ask the Heaven' seemed to have finally come to an end.

It was barely a brilliant victory. A Jindan directly facing an Earth Immortal, facing a paranoia that did not speak logic and reason but could actually crush her heart's defense and sway her conviction, perhaps no one in the world could do better than him.

Although in the end, the victory was not accomplished by a sword in the hand, which was contrary to the aesthetic of the sword cultivator, a victory was still a victory, and Wang Lu would not care too much about how he got it.

The only problem right now was...

Wang Lu closed his eyes and did not want to look back at the scene behind him.

Yue Xinyao, Bai Shixuan, Lady Boss... These people's faces... he really did not want to think about it.

Thinking about it would be like having a split headache because someone had used an extinguisher sword to strike his primordial spirit.

The previous strong argument was only good to apply to Liu Li. If he had asked the same question to Yue Xinyao: Do you mind if later on, I would be affectionate with the other girls, the answer would be a slap on the face...

Therefore, although he had solved the problem regarding Heaven, his own problem had not yet been solved. And not only had it not been solved, but it had also turned even more serious instead.

Because when he spoke eloquently in front of Heaven, the others were not deaf, so of course they clearly heard it all!

"Wang Lu, are you serious about what you said just now?"

The voice of Lady Boss Feng Ling came from behind with a thinly veiled suppressed anger.

"Women are naturally miserable wretches, if they don't feel the pain, they would feel unwell... I didn't expect you to have done such a deep research on women. When there's a chance later, let us have a good exchange."

Exchange what, bodily fluids?