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 Chapter 581: For Love, I Already Thrown Caution to the Wind

Translator: Subudai11 Editor: Chrissy

"Hahaha, Little Lulu, I'm here to play with you."

Before the person arrived, the laughter came first, and a cheerful atmosphere swept over his face like a heatwave. However, when Wang Lu heard the laughter, he felt his heart ache and that he might die on the spot at any moment.

He did not choose Wang Wu's sign in order to sleep with her. Under the current scenario set by Heaven, even if Wang Lu had the intention, he couldn't possibly have any interests in making love in front of others. He asked Wang Wu to come naturally in order to discuss countermeasures.

Although he was a professional adventurer, right now, the problem was not about the power of one person. Especially in the face of too many unknown factors, Wang Lu naturally thought of seeking help from his teammates.

Although Wang Lu was reluctant to admit it, Wang Wu was undoubtedly the most trustworthy among the several others. Whether in terms of strength or intelligence, she was at the top.

However, when he heard her happy-in-other people's-misfortune laughter, Wang Lu felt that he had chosen the wrong person. Maybe Wang Wu was smart enough and strong enough, but when she was on the other side, it was that smart and strong characters of her that were going to greatly enlarge the current problem.

And now, she came in exactly with such performance and look that seemed to tell that she was coming to cheat!

Therefore, when Wang Wu joyfully bounced into the room, Wang Lu could only look at her with incomparably mixed emotions. He then tried to suppress the tide of regret that continued to surge in his heart.

You picked her sign on impulse! You deserve it! If you pick her sign again next time, chop that hand!

Then, before he could even speak, he heard Wang Wu's laughter. "Hahaha, why are you looking at me with that wilted face? Is it because you can't get it up even though you're still young? That is indeed extremely tragic... Well, you might as well turn from being the thruster to being the receiver and enjoy the avant-garde pleasure."

Wang Lu was silent for a long time, and then resolutely rushed over to the other side to give the middle finger.

"Hahaha, are you using that finger to indicate the size?"

"F*ck! If you say nonsense again, I'll burn your sign and confiscate all the stick-shaped thing in the palace. Moreover, no cucumbers, eggplants, and other similarly shaped vegetables are allowed to be served. You'll never be satisfied for your entire life!"

"... Okay then, let's get down to business." Seeing how fierce Wang Lu's counterattack to her flirting game was, Wang Wu shrugged and restrained her smile.

At the same time, Wang Lu let go of his anger and asked, "What do you think about the situation now?"

"What is there to think about?" Wang Wu said, walked forward, and spread out her palm. "Before saying anything else, give me the ♥ first."

What Lu was startled. "What ♥?"

"You don't know? No one told you about it?" Wang Wu also found it strange. "It's the ♥ that symbolize the emperor's favor for the concubine. At present, you should have three of them."

Wang Lu gawked for a moment, turned around, and found three ♥-shaped rubies from the bedside pillow. "You mean these?"

"Yes. Give it to me." Wang Wu reached out to get it, but was blocked by Wang Lu.

"Let's make it clear what are these first."

"... You really are so troublesome. Don't you understand the function of these things? Each of them symbolizes the favor of the emperor toward his concubine, and is a necessity of life for the concubines in the harem."

"Necessity of life?" Wang Lu carefully observed the rubies in his hand and felt that they seemed to contain some mysterious power. If he could just analyze it...

"I advise you not to try it. That gem is a hundred percent Earth Immortal's device, so it's not easy to crack it. If you try it, it would only cause you unnecessary trouble," Wang Wu warned, and then explained, "simply speaking, the rules of this scenario are built around those rubies. Each of us concubines needs to consume one ruby every day. If not, we will receive a penalty. If we accumulate three penalties, we would be eliminated from the game..."

"Wait a minute, plus you, there are seven people playing the palace concubines, so every day, seven rubies need to be consumed, but I only have three here."

"That's right. Only three. Moreover, only three would automatically be generated each day, and that is the crux of the problem." Wang Wu said, "Not only that, the more troublesome thing for us is that, a gem is only the lowest consumption. To end this game, we have to accumulate three gems for each of us."

"Even one for one is not enough, how could they be accumulated?" Wang Lu frowned and gradually the difficulty of this scenario.

This ancient Earth Immortal was really vicious enough to give a completely unsolvable difficult problem all of a sudden. Moreover, the problem was out in the open and aboveboard that it was clear it was intended to make trouble for him.

Anyone with basic mathematical skill could figure out at the earliest possible time that, regardless of how, the number of rubies was absolutely not enough. It was inevitable that the happiness of a few would be based on the pain of the majority.

According to the needed three gems per person to end the scenario, even without considering the daily consumption, the seven people needed twenty-one gems, which was the total of the daily generated gems for Wang Lu in a week. Which meant that the last person to leave had to withstand six days of misery...

Needless to say, he knew that this was not feasible.

"This scenario is really a pain in the ass." Wang Lu sighed with emotion. "A harem, by design, values men over women. The harem of ordinary mortals has three thousand beauties, some of who have never even been blessed by the presence of the Emperor in their entire lives. This is basically an unsolvable problem. Not to mention that the imperial harem has always been filled with sinister intent, there are no good man or woman there. Wanting to find a beautiful romantic love between man and woman here, only she could come up with this idea."

"Really? I think her logic is not difficult to understand." Wang Wu said, "For you men, the highest ideal of life is nothing but being a king that lord overs everyone. Ordinary mortals have their mortal Emperor, immortal cultivators have their own lead cultivators. Even in the upper realm immortal land, most likely there is also the immortal king or immortal emperor... Then, setting you up as the emperor is to make you the best man in the world. If even the best man can't prove himself to be good, then naturally, there is no good man in this world."

"... This logic, is formidable."

"Because this logic is correct." Wang Wu chuckled. "You resent being the emperor because the harem beauties are too many and thus difficult to coordinate. But, if it is replaced by a mentally retarded person, it is true that he does not need to worry about the affairs of men and women in his entire life, and therefore he would also not hurt any girl's heart. So, can you say that a mentally retarded person is instead a good man?"

"Hahaha." Wang Lu could not help but laugh. "So that's how it is. When you say it like that, it does make sense. Looks like in the past, that female Earth Immortal fell in love with a hero of her time. At least, in her opinion, he's an emperor-like heroic character, but unfortunately, she was hurt by that person. Thus, she thought that even her beloved big hero could inflict great pain and suffering to her, not to mention the rest of the men."

With that, Wang Lu retracted his smile and said, "Unfortunately, it's meaningless to understand this thing. Right now, the problem is unsolvable, the amount of rubies is not enough, even for the half of daily consumption."

Wang Wu promptly said, "That's right, but it's like the saying hurting ten fingers is no better than breaking one finger. Since you can't divide them evenly no matter what, why don't you just give me all of the three gems and free me, what do you think?"

"Hehe." Wang Lu gave him an incomparably sincere answer.

Wang Wu sighed. "To be honest, there really is no good way to solve this. In this world, I woke up earlier than all of you, so I saw the arrangement beforehand. The means of the Earth Immortal are extraordinary that it is difficult to have the possibility of a short cut."

"How about crashing head-on using Non-Phase Method?"

"Best not to try it. Although that Earth Immortal said that it doesn't matter what tricks you want to use, that is just to say she doesn't mind you cheat on the gambling table, however, violently flipping over the table means that you don't want to play. And you and I still don't have the qualification to flip over the gambling table of an Earth Immortal. Don't forget, there are more than just the two of us on the gambling table."

"Tsk, so troublesome." Wang Lu frowned and then was lost in thought.

Wang Wu also didn't speak, let alone disturb him. It was just that her eyes continued to arrive at the gems in Wang Lu's hand, as if she was planning to seize them.

After a long time, Wang Lu suddenly opened his mouth.

"In fact, this matter boils down to 'increasing the input and throttling the output' problem. I haven't come up with a processable idea in throttling the output aspect yet, so right now, I might try to do something about increasing the input."

"For example?"

"For example..." Wang Lu said, gritted his teeth, and then made up his mind. He then took out a pink porcelain bottle from his mustard seed bag, poured out two blue pills from it, and then swallowed them.

The next moment, Wang Lu felt as if a fire had lit inside his body. It was not an ordinary fire, but rather a devilish fire that caused his blood vessels to widen and his reason hazy. This fire spiraled in the stomach for a moment and then swiftly turn downward before gradually concentrating in the lower abdomen.

Soon, Wang Lu was glad that he had put on a large robe before he summoned Wang Wu. Right now, with the correct sitting posture, his robe barely covered his supporting-heaven pillar, thus it was unlikely to make a fool of himself... It was just that, with his flushed face which even his Non-Phase golden body was unable to cover, how could he hide the truth from Wang Wu?

"... Little Lu, have you becomeone someone who is already unable to get it up at such a young age? Do you really have to rely on drugs to maintain your dignity? However, calculating from your current sitting angle and the angle of your covering clothing, your hardware is pretty good."

Before she finished her words, her eyes were opened wide as she incredulously looked at the extra ruby that were on the side of Wang Lu's pillow.

"That-that could work?"

Wang Lu let out a sigh of relief. "Sure enough... although the design of the rules of this world are ridiculous, but in fact every detail has its implication and the possibility of further expansion. For example, since this ruby symbolizes the favor of the emperor, if the emperor can try harder and dig out more of his potential and divide out more favors, more gems should be formed... In fact, I suspect that this is the real intention of the ancient Earth Immortal in designing this scenario."


Wang Lu sneered and said, "She wants to know whether I, the surnamed Wang, have the ability to dig up enough potential to give every woman happiness or not... Heh, she really looked down on me. If there are really three thousand beauties in the palace, I might be at a loss of what to do, but here, there are only seven people!"

Wang Lu impassionately said, wiped out the blood from his constantly bleeding nose, and then poured all the pills in the pink porcelain bottle into his mouth!

The next moment, a fountain of blood that came out from the nose rose to the sky as Wang Lu looked up and fell.

Before he lost his consciousness, he vaguely saw a flickering of red light on his pillow side.

Hahaha, sure enough, I did it...