Chapter 576: Below

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"Phew, it really is an eye-opener, like the scene of hell..."

Standing on the peak of a dark, withered mountain, Wang Lu looked at everything around him, taking a broad view of things. What he saw was a dull suffocating darkness that covered the land. Millions of deep cracks cut the land into numerous islands, and within the cracks burned the purple chaotic fire, which burned all the creatures near it, which cut off the exchange between the islands.

Looking up, the sky was completely covered by a dark barrier, and not a single ray of light passed through it. Instead, from time to time, the stench of filth further polluted this dark world.

This was the chaotic world of the lower realm, a cursed world. Legend has it that since Heaven established the Heavenly Earth, the chaotic world had been completely abandoned. This was the gathering place of all evil in the world and also the absolutely forbidden place for Human Immortals. For thousands of years, there had never been any upper realm creature entering this world. Even in the innumerable resistance to invasion wars, the cultivators of Heavenly Earth only annihilated and expelled the chaotic creatures, but never tried to counterattack into the lower realm.

However, at this time, finally there were visitors from the upper realm.

This was the fifth day of the chaotic invasion war.

Five days ago, Wang Lu and Wang Wu successfully enticed the high ranking nun of Temple of Heaven, Ping Xiwang, to sacrifice herself and initiate the ritual of Ask the Heaven. As a result, although Heaven was successfully invited to descend, it caused instability of the structure of the Heavenly Earth and broke the barrier between the Heavenly Earth and Chaotic World. Taking advantage of the situation, the chaotic creatures launched an invasion of an unprecedented scale, and thus began the bloody war.

Over the past five days, the Heavenly Earth had undergone tremendous changes. Because the whole barrier with the lower realm was destroyed, the scale of this invasion was unprecedented. The gap between the two realms might appear at any corner of Heavenly Earth, meaning that chaotic creatures might appear anywhere, and there was no way to block them. The Heavenly Earth was thus forced to enter a total war situation, in which tens of thousands of cultivators were mobilized to join the battlefield, turning the whole world into chaos.

In the midst of this turmoil, the experiential learners from Nine Regions suffered heavy losses. In this kind of battlefield, even self-protection was a luxury for those Xudan and Foundation Stage cultivators. Some of them were decisive enough to cut their losses and try to get out of here as soon as possible at all cost. But there were also many who even had not have the chance to cut their losses...

Fortunately, the people of Spirit Sword Sect were safe and sound amidst this chaotic situation.

Although the outbreak of the change was very sudden, and Zhu Shiyao and the others have yet to finish their withdrawal preparation, but after the outbreak of the war, under the lead of Moonless and the others who was still being under Wang Wu's control, they managed to evacuate into Moon Capital and remained safe there.

The chaotic invasion was brutal, but Moon Capital was a heavy fortress that had been operated for many years by Moonless, so it was not so easy to fall. After experiencing several wars, it stood tall, and for a moment, seemed impregnable.

After her worry was temporarily relieved, Wang Wu, along with her disciple, took a risky move in an unconventional gambit.

They followed the passage between the two worlds and arrived at the chaotic world, witnessing the scene of that world.

Wang Wu remained silent for a while and then voiced out her opinion while clicking her tongue, "No wonder the chaotic world holds a mortal grudge to the Heavenly Earth... The Heavenly Earth clearly used the world under it as its chamber pot, if changed to anyone, they also could not bear it."

Wang Lu also thought the same and secretly scolded the ancient earth immortal as abnormal.

When he first saw the corpses of the chaotic creatures in Moonless' Moon Capital, Wang Lu was also amazed by them. Many ugly features that distinguished them from human could be included in the encyclopedia of strange ugliness. He thought that the unique styling designs were because the creator of the immortal dreamland had never really seen a man, and after hearing a lot of negative words, a lot of the negative assumptions were created. Later on, the extreme action of Heaven at the child bestowing ritual also confirmed this fact: That earth immortal had never seen a man, thus it could not even give an accurate description of a man.

But now, it seemed that those seemingly inhuman chaotic creatures were simply the product of their extremely harsh environment, where they mutated into half human and half ghost!

No wonder when the chaotic creatures invaded the upper realm, their anger surged forward uncontrollably. Being made to live in a dung pit for thousands of years, how could they possibly not get angry?

Wang Lu sighed. "After seeing the situation of the chaotic world with my own eyes, I have great admiration for these chaotic creatures. They have been in such a harsh condition for thousands of years and countless of generations, but they never gave up their obsession. On this point, they are actually much more advanced than the seemingly civilized Heavenly earth."

In his field of vision, he could see many tall towers that ran from the ground to the upper level.

The base of a tower was usually set up on some large isolated islands with a circumference of tens of hundreds of miles. It was made up of thick and solid huge rocks, which were piled upward... all the way until it pierced the sky and reached the dome of heaven.

Even in Nine Regions, such a tower could be considered as a small miracle. And in this chaotic world, there were several hundreds of such small miracles. No one knows how many generations of chaotic creatures that have exhausted their efforts to accomplish such a feat in such an extremely harsh condition.

"This is not the time to be filled with emotion. We have been staying here for a long time, we should get started."

Wang Wu said and patted Wang Lu's shoulder. Wang Lu understood her intention thus reached out to hold his Master's arm. The next moment, the scenery in front of him suddenly became blurred as it continued to fly backward, fast as lightning.

For the first time, Wang Lu experienced the full speed of his Master's flying sword... It was far faster than what he imagined. In the past, on Non-Phase Peak, he often ridiculed her Non-Phase Method as Tortoise Divine Method, and Wang Wu also confirmed that speed was her shortcoming. But now, this shortcoming seemed to be only relative to her against the heaven defense.

No one could be as fast as her in Jindan Stage and lower! Not to mention Jindan, even amongst Daoist Masters of Yuanying Stage, there were not many who could have such a flying sword speed, let alone, Wang Wu was currently carrying a person.

Were a pair of golden cores this awesome? Hm, should he consider developing double golden cores the same as her? However, the price of multiple golden cores was likely to be hopeless to reach Yuanying Stage for his entire life, which was not worth it.

While he was thinking about this, Wang Wu had already brought him to their destination.

It was a giant more than ten meters high and with the whole body covered abscesses and tumors. His body had three arms on his left side, and each with varying sizes and lengths. There was only one arm on his right side, but it was completely stunted that it fully lost its coordination. Destructive toxin brewed inside his body, and when the thick green liquid flew down when the abscesses broke, it could directly corrode the blackened ground.

With many years of experiential learning, Wang Lu judged that the giant had at least the power close to that of Daoist Master of Deity Stage. And it was also a junior leader in the chaotic world, which controlled a huge island independently and had hundreds and thousands of subordinates.

The abscessed giant was stunned to see the two people burst in and then, with his shortest left arm, waved out a poisonous mist.

However, just as the poisonous mist began to diffuse, it was dispersed back by a fierce sword wind. Wang Lu slowly withdrew his shivering right arm and bared his teeth.

At this time, he was already at peak Jindan Stage, and with all his strength, he used his primal chaos heaven splitting sword qi with his Sword of Mount Kun, for which his arm was slightly bitten back by the blowback. However, as a result of this, he was barely able to dispel the poisonous mist from that abscessed giant. Just now, after the sword qi blew back the poisonous mist, it slammed into the skin of that abscessed giant. The sharp sword qi that could open the mountain and crack the stone was actually absorbed completely by that thick and elastic skin!

These chaotic creatures which were mutated from men were really the sh*t, and this was just their little leader. In combat alone, he was not his opponent.

Fortunately this time, the main force in coming to this chaotic world was another person.

The abscessed giant had quite a lot of weapons. And his small left arm was just one of his many inconspicuous weapons. If he was serious... however, he had no time to show how serious he was.

Because he had one more hand on his head, a slender white and delicate, like a jade palm.

Wang Wu's right hand was not like a swordsman's hand. There was not a single blemish in her palm, let alone calluses. Her skin was more delicate and smooth than any porcelain. However, this right hand contained a power that was not to be underestimated.

"Kneel down for me!"


With a loud bang, the ten-meter giant fell on his knee. His heavy stature even cracked the ground.

"Tell me, where is your leader?"

The question asked by Wang Wu was supposed to be a secret that the chaotic creatures must keep with their lives. However, the abscessed giant trembled and then thoroughly succumbed to the will of Wang Wu. His four arms were pointed at one place while his fingers simultaneously bent downward.

Wang Wu took a look and found that the place pointed by the abscessed giant was a blank, or darkness, in the middle of countless islands.

There seemed to be a huge void in which there was a thick black vortex that swallowed everything that came close to it, and its bottom was bottomless.

"Tsk, this immortal dreamland is not really creative. The leader of the upper realm is in the ninth heaven, while the boss of the lower realm is the ninth hell... Looks like it's really what you said, these two worlds are simply a unified whole."

Wang Wu said and shook her head somewhat in disappointment. However, she didn't rush toward that vortex.

Because it was at that moment-the short confrontation against the abscessed giant had completely shocked the entire chaotic world-Wang Wu saw, from numerous islands around them, chaotic creatures of various forms had begun to leave their islands and flew toward them. Most of these chaotic creatures were just cannon fodders, but the number of the strong ones was not small either. If the two were to deal with them with brute force, they would definitely be intercepted by numerical advantage of the enemy, and then they would get bogged down in the endless battle quagmire.

Although double golden cores were powerful, it could not go against the world. Therefore, Wang Wu had to change course.

"Little Lu, we're going down, hold me tight."

With that, she flew away. In the darkness of the chaotic world, her white dress was like a white lightning. In the blink of an eye, she flew from the middle of that island to the edge of the crack that split the islands, and then, under the horrified eyes of countless chaotic creatures, jumped into the abyss.

The next moment, a blazing purple flame erupted from the abyss, which completely submerged her and Wang Lu's figures.

The chaotic creatures stared with mouth opened wide at the purple chaotic flame as it grew more and more hot, as if it was igniting something inflammable-as a matter of fact, whenever a powerful chaotic creatures fell into the abyss for various reasons, when they were swallowed by the chaotic fire, it would appear just like that.

And all those who dared to challenge the chaotic fire had never survived.

... Were those two intruders from the upper realm, died just like that?


At the same time.

"Oh sh*t, so hot!"

In the envelope of the chaotic flames, Wang Wu's Non-Phase Sword Defense no longer had its perfectly round shape. Right now, it was somewhat distorted by the high degree of heat. The boundary of the sword defense was rubbed into an incandescent state by strong energy impact... However, the sword defense still stood, so the two people in it were not really burned by the flame.

"... Now, there's no need to worry about being attacked by the crowd, the fear of the chaotic creatures toward the chaotic flame is deep into their bone marrow, so no one would dare to surround us here, although the taste of being torched is no better than being besieged." Wang Wu said, but still tried to fan some cool breeze to herself using her left hand.

Wang Lu scolded, "If you still have the leisure time to make some wasteful cute actions, you'd better make use of this time to hurry to the vortex on this trail!"

The chaotic world was divided by countless cracks, and this countless cracks looked like a dense network, which extended in all directions.

Of course, it would also lead them into the whirlpool in the center of the world.