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 Chapter 572: Sorry For Being Late Again

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If it weren't for the quality of a professional adventure which allowed Wang Lu to promptly calm down, he would've almost forgotten what the current main plot mission was.

From the point of view of the past live's lover, taking her as the Master in this life was only a branch line, although the weight of this branch line was too heavy compared to ten main lines.

However, in the current immortal dreamland, there must always be an end. Moreover, the next thing to do was actually very simple.

Ask Heaven.

Asking Heaven was the route that Wang Wu advocated and insisted on sticking to the end. Previously, Wang Lu had asked her a few times but still failed to change her decision. Therefore, he no longer persuaded her and, for the time being, considered that she had the necessary ability to do it. Although Wang Lu was not sure what she was sure of, she would never harm herself... right?

Of course, this issue would be even less of a problem now. Through that save the adult or save the young test, Wang Lu had successfully won the goodwill of Heaven. Thus, their next meeting would likely usher in an excellent start.

According to the records of Temple of Heaven, for thousands of years, Heaven had never shown its personification side, but just previously, it had broken the rule for Wang Lu. So, what did this mean? This meant that it was possible that in the mind of Heaven, Wang Lu's position was higher than that of Temple of Heaven-this was not inconceivable. For the brain-damaged Heaven, such logic was normal.

After the goal was determined, the two of them no longer wasted time. They directly returned to their home base to recuperate, ready to find an opportunity to capture a Shentian level nun.

After returning to the home base, the two of them attracted a lot of attention from their teammates.

Of course, the focus of their attention was not on the relationship between the two. Both Master and disciple of Non-Phase were very good actors. A moment ago, they were still being tender and sweet to each other, but in front of the people in their home base, they had already adjusted their treatment of each other to that of the old mutual disdain and contempt. With this attitude in place, people completely could not see that the relationship between the two had undergone some qualitative changes.

The reason for their interest was that, obviously, they were still in the post-fight atmosphere, and Wang Lu had advanced from middle-level Jindan all the way to peak Jindan. In just a short period of time, he had advanced by leaps and bounds, such that Zhu Shiyao, who had always been indifferent to the interpersonal relationship, could not help but come over.

"How... did you do that?"

As she said that, this Big Sister of Spirit Sword Sect had unconsciously put her hand on the sword on her waist, as if at any moment she was ready to make her move. However, Wang Lu did not care much about this. After several contacts with her, he knew that this person's characteristic was like this. Except for cultivation, she did not pay any attention to other things. Her degree of dedication was even beyond the reach of Liu Li-at least little Liu Li had a soft spot for food, and moreover, under the guidance of her Master, she was very polite in her interactions with others. However, Zhu Shiyao was something else entirely. Although Feng Yin had taught her the principle on how to conduct herself in the society, she was even too lazy to remember it, thinking that it was just a waste of time. And after the formation of her golden core, she became even worse.

It was said that one of her most exaggerated antics was that, when she was submerging herself in cultivation on the mountain, she accidentally heard that the Second Elder Liu Xian had cultivated a new flying sword method, so she directly flew to Misty Peak, directly pushed open the door of Liu Xian's room, and then, in the face of the inexplicably startled Liu Xian, directly thrust her sword at him.

Of course, the result was she was completely subdued by Liu Xian in one move. When Liu Xian, who at the time did not know whether to laugh or cry, asked her what was all that about, she stammeringly said, "I want to experience the flying sword art."

Later on, Daoist Master Feng Yin, of course, had to come over to apologize, and then went back to teach her well. Later on, according to people, Zhu Shiyao's condition had greatly improved. However, with her current gesture, it seemed that it was just a temporary solution. Because Wang Lu felt that Zhu Shiyao might make her move at any time, to personally experience the power of his newly attained peak Jindan Stage.

"Alas, this sudden skyrocketing of cultivation base is a long story. If you want to try it out, let's wait until we get back to the mountain, and I'll happily accompany you to play."

"Okay, it's a deal!" Zhu Shiyao's pair of eyes seemed to emit light, and even her voice was filled with interest.

Wang Lu shook his head while saying 'interesting' inwardly. This Zhu Shiyao was really a rare breed. In the past, the golden generation of Spirit Sword Sect had more than one hundred people, and it could be described as a rare meeting of talents. Yet, none of them were as unconventional as her. Moreover, in terms of talent and perception, Zhu Shiyao's potential in cultivation was actually higher than that of the original Ouyang Shang, and in the present age Nine Regions, it could even be said that she was almost the number one person-he just didn't know from which corner of Nine Regions Feng Yin dug her out. Previously, for a long time, Wang Lu faced a lot of pressure whenever he had to face Zhu Shiyao. From among his peers, only when facing Zhu Shiyao he never had the absolute confidence to win. And even after he had made great strides in strength after he had gone through several adventures, whenever he turned around, Zhu Shiyao would always not be far behind him, and even close at hand. Considering the unfathomable Stellar Divine Eyes, unless there was an absolute crushing-power strength, who would dare to say that he could win against her?

However, that was all things of the past. After his time travel dream experience, after getting the memory of his previous life, Wang Lu's vision had become entirely different, and could look at his young generation peers from a commanding position. Let alone no matter how strong Zhu Shiyao was, at this time, she was still at low-level Jindan, definitely not an opponent for a peak Jindan Stage level. Therefore, when he said he would happily accompany her to play, it was in the firm belief that it would be Zhu Shiyao who would end up in pain, and Wang Lu quickly acquiesced her intention.

However, there were too many secrets involved in the story of leaping toward peak Jindan that Wang Lu really didn't want to say much. And after realizing this, other people also no longer asked him about it. It was just that, Lady Boss Feng Ling had clearly noticed something. Her suspicious eyes gazed back and forth between the two Master and disciple of Non-Phase.

Just as Feng Ling was about to open her mouth, Wang Wu promptly interrupted her by clapping and began to shoo people out. "Okay, I have to prepare to make my move to capture a person for the Ask the Heaven ritual. Because this is such a high-level matter, several other things can be postponed to other dates."

As a result, Feng Ling naturally jumped three feet high. "What the, summon and dismiss us at will? You treat us as dogs?"

Without finishing her words, she turned around and saw the stunned awkward look on Bai Shixuan's face who seemed to not know whether she should open her mouth or not.

Feng Ling's anger melted away. "I'm sorry, Little Bai, I'm not aiming at you..."

Once Feng Ling's anger melted away, no one could rival Wang Wu, and her instructions were quickly implemented. There was no objection from Zhu Shiyao as she had already been satisfied with the good fight in the past several days. Liu Li had always been obedient, a box of snack could make her pledge to fight to the death to repay it. Bai Shixuan didn't have any special desire in coming here. It was the sect Elder who took a liking to her Jindan Stage and immortal beast physique and asked her to come here to help. Now that she was not needed here, she was also very happy to leave. The cat girl Ling Yan simply had no room to talk her opinion. As for Yue Xinyao, although she was somewhat reluctant, the Fifth Elder had already spoken, so what could she do?

In fact, their tasks were indeed over. In the past few days, under the command of Wang Wu, they had repeatedly attacked and defeated opponents whose realm was much higher than that of them. And they had received quite generous rewards-not one of those Open Heavens and Harmonious Heavens was easy to deal with. Although in theory they must serve Heaven wholeheartedly and ought to have no desires for external things, any one of them could be considered as a wealthy person. After being swayed by Wang Wu's Telepathic Finger, they willingly gave up their wealth and enriched the mustard seed bags of the people of Spirit Sword Sect.

This kind of harvesting was rough and direct, but the efficiency was very high. For those the likes of several young girls of Yin and Yang School who worked hard under Li Yan, although the works were simple and safe, they, at most, would only receive several pieces of equipment used by Li Yan, with not that much high of a value-of course, for young girls of Xudan and Foundation Establishment Stage, equipments for Jindan Stage level local boss could also be considered as a good harvest.

After having the experiential learning and the harvest, the next matter about the Ask the Heaven ritual really had nothing to do with them. Let alone other matters, to personally go to the high-level assembly meeting of Temple of Heaven to perform the Ask the Heaven ritual under the encirclement of a group of Yuanying and Deity Stage expert, if something were to happen, Wang Wu did not have the confidence that she could protect everyone.

After most of the team members were sent away, the two quickly laid out the array in the home base, and after they had recuperated most of their magical power, they went out to catch their target.

In cooperation with Moonless, they quickly locked their target: Ping Xiwang who was known by the seniors in Temple of Heaven as A Sword to The West because of her achievement of wiping out a group of demons. This person has the lowest qualification among the seven Shentian rank nuns. She rose through the ranks the fastest, and because of her unconventional methods, she managed to offend other people the most. This election ritual was an opportunity for other Shentian rank nuns to compete for the highest position, but for Ping Xiwang, there was a danger of being unable to defend herself.

According to the knowledge of Moonless, there were at least two, or even perhaps three Shentian nuns who wanted to fight her. And no one seemed to want to protect her. With one against three enemies, she was indeed really in danger.

Therefore, at this time, if someone took the initiative to extend the olive branch, even if she had a suspicion, she would not let it go... Let alone the master of Palace of Heaven was a top-level Harmonious Heaven and could be classified as relatively powerful, and relying on Ping Xiwang's own strength to strive for the position would be very difficult. Her foundation was not enough-she was blocked from allying with other upper-level ranks, thus, she could only rely on the support from the lower ranks, and the power of the vassal lord of Palace of Heaven could definitely be counted as a very strong card.

Sure enough, after Moonless issued the invitation, Ping Xiwang only hesitated for a moment before she accepted it and then agreed to meet with her at a manor outside Sky City. After receiving the address, Moonless was amazed. "I thought that manor was a private property, unexpectedly, it is a secret holding of Ping Xiwang outside of Sky City."

The matters that were contrary to expectations were already too many. When Moonless brought Wang Lu and Wang Wu at the manor, Ping Xiwang had already been waiting for a long time. Beside her, a sharp-eyed woman stood quietly in the shadow. All over her body emitted out pincushion-like baleful aura.

Using primordial spirit, Moonless introduce that woman to Wang Wu, "Sister Wu, this is the number one fierce general under Ping Xiwang. In the past, in the Red Capital, she was the leading figure in slaying monsters and getting rid of the devils. Her strength is exceptionally fierce. At least... I'm not her match. I thought she already had a falling out with Ping Xiwang, but unexpectedly, they were actually in the same team. We may have trouble this time. I thought that after she left, there was no one else around Ping Xiwang. If she was alone, we would have a chance to win, but now..."

"It doesn't matter, leave Ping Xiwang to me. You two just need to drag down the bodyguard, don't let her get in the way."


There was no time for "but" as Wang Wu had already deftly and cleanly made her move. Taking a step forward, she immediately used Non-Phase Sword Defense to suppress everyone. This move came all of a sudden that even with Ping Xiwang's strength, unexpectedly, she was too late to react. Sitting in a chair, she was suppressed, caught off guard by that move.

However, her bodyguard reacted very quickly by shooting three secret projectiles at Wang Wu. Seeing the projectiles, Moonless knew immediately that they were hidden weapons quenched with ancient strange poison, which was very vicious. With Wang Wu's normal cultivation base, these were nothing to her. However, right now, all her focus was placed on a Shentian level nun and might not be able to divide her attention to defend against those secret projectiles.

Therefore, in desperation, Moonless had to put herself as the meat shield by summoning her original spiritual treasure to block those three secret projectiles in their tracks. As a result, although those three secret projectiles were successfully blocked, her original spiritual treasure was also damaged, and under the strong blowback force, she suffered blackout on the spot.

And exactly during this blackout, that bodyguard made her all out move. In a flash, she arrived right beside Moonless. On theory alone, she was just low-level Deity Stage, so there was not that much gap compared with Moonless. Even if her actual fighting ability was above Moonless, she would not be able to decide the outcome of the fight in a short period of time. Therefore, she did not intend to fight against Moonless.

As long as she could obstruct the woman in white, Ping Xiwang would be free from the pressure, and the full power strike from a Shentian rank nun would be enough to decide the outcome.

However, just as she was about to approach her opponent, there was another person in front of her.

The position and the timing of the man's appearance were really good that it must've relied entirely on pre-judgment, which resulted in that person reaching her intended path of movement ahead of time. However, since the power of that person was way below her, she did not intend to change course.

The full charge of a Daoist Master of Deity Stage could cause landslide on the mountain and ground to crack-a mere Peak Jindan Stage would just be like a mantis trying to stop a chariot.

However, the next moment, a sword tip appeared in front of her eyes. The opponent had actually stretched out a sword, as if it was waiting for her to hit it. This quaint sword contained an extremely threatening aura, which unceasingly alarmed her heart.

This was not something that could be crashed head on by her body... After making this instant judgment, she swung her right arm out, banging it against the sword from the side to swing it aside. However, just as her arm touched the sword, she felt that her mind sank, all her original fighting plan actually fell apart, and only chaos and confusion were left in her heart.

At the same time, Wang Lu promptly relaxed his hand and took a step back, then looked at the opponent's confused look with a smile.

Hehehe, as an ancient immortal sword, not only is Skybreaker incomparably sharp, it also has a tremendous side effect.

How do you feel about this retarded aura?