Chapter 565: I Have An Amazing Spear

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After sending Liu Li away, the training in the small house began again.

Wang Wu's Telepathic Finger really had a miracle effect on the nuns of Temple of Heaven. The ascetic nun who in theory could endure ruthless tortures without batting an eye actually, on the second round of Telepathic Finger treatment, lost her resistance completely and her awareness began to turn dim.

After the third and the fourth round, the poor nun lost herself completely. Her eyes markedly changed, gradually softening from the initial steadfastness, and soon transitioning to confusion and intoxication... This whole process only took about an hour.

When it was over, Wang Wu got up and withdraw her finger. The ascetic nun, whose whole body had already been soaked, was unexpectedly reluctant to part. She leaned against Wang Wu's leg, looked up, and gazed at her with a desperate look.

"You want it?" Wang Wu asked.

The ascetic nun nodded without hesitation.

"Hehe, if you want it, wait until tomorrow."

The ascetic nun immediately showed an unable-to-bear-it expression. "Whatever you want, I will give it to you! Please don't leave me alone."

Simple pain was tolerable for this ascetic nun, but the feeling emptiness after bliss was more unbearable than any pain.

Wang Wu shrugged her shoulders. "Unfortunately, today's share has been used up."

"Impossible!" The ascetic nun quickly judged. "That is not an unbearable consumption for you!"

"Yes, I do have a lot of spare, but I also have a lot of people to take care of. I have no reason to waste too much of my precious energy on a prisoner of war, do I?"


Wang Wu laughed. "My Telepathic Finger is only open without restriction to my people. If you want it, you have to give up your position and become my people. But, can you do it?"

"I..." The ascetic nun did hesitate.

Despite the collapse of the will after being tortured by the Telepathic Finger, but the hundred years of cultivation and the hundred years of faith was like an iron wall erected around her heart.

Seeing her hesitation, Wang Wu pointed at Wang Lu near her. "If you become my people, in addition to Telepathic Finger, you can also enjoy The Ultimate Divine Weapon whose effects are far above that of the Telepathic Finger. Unfortunately, since you wholeheartedly serve the Heaven, you probably have no chance to see it."

Having heard that, Wang Lu was startled. "You perverted thief dare to drag me into bad ways?"

Wang Wu gave him a glance, and goaded him, "Are you lacking confidence in your own Ultimate Divine Weapon?"

"..." After a moment of silence, Wang Lu turned to look at that ascetic nun and said, "My ultimate divine weapon is also known as Piercing Dead Brier Spear, which has the ability to penetrate all things and reverse cause and effect. Once used, it is enough to make a torrential rain fall during the clear sky, and sun and moon c*m shot. Unfortunately, it is only open to my people, so you have no chance to see it."

After these words came out, not only the ascetic nun revealed a dreamy wishful look, even Wang Wu herself was startled.

"Can't believe you're also a fierce fighter in the field of tooting one's own horn."

Wang Lu shook his head. "I'm telling you the truth. If I don't have my piercing spear, do you think I could have so many female followers? Why did the spirit of Grand Cloud Mountain help me achieve Xudan Stage even with the cost of her own life? Why did Aya abandon the throne of the Knight King and return to the mountain with me? Qiong Hua is a proud lead disciple of Shengjing Sect, why did she admit her defeat to me for several times?"

Hearing this, Wang Wu could not help but stare at him with eyes opened wide. "After you explained it in this way, somehow it does seem kind of reasonable!"

Wang Lu glared at Wang Wu. "If you don't believe me, you can try it out yourself, but you'd better be mentally prepared!"

And just as Wang Wu was in consternation, the nearby ascetic nun who had been listening to all of this, gritted her teeth and secretly made a trade-off.

"I-I understand, please let me follow you."

The hundred years of faith collapsed just like that.


"... Tell me the truth, what's going on with your Telepathic Finger exactly?"

After seeing off the ascetic nun, who had been completely reduced to being a slave of Sister Wu, Wang Lu could no longer hold back his curiosity.

"Don't understand it yet? It's actually just a variant of primordial spirit skill."

"Primordial spirit skill?" Wang Lu recalled these words from when he listened to the Elders when he was in a class in Teng Cloud Hall.

The so-called primordial spirit skill was usually a skill that was directed at the opposite party's primordial spirit. Because the existence of a cultivator basically lied in its primordial spirit, once the primordial spirit was injured, no matter how gargantuan its magical power, it could not be used. However, the primordial spirit was hidden in the purple mansion and was protected by the Jade Mansion and the physical body. Thus, it would be better to just directly crush the opponent with overwhelming power than trying to attack the primordial spirit by infiltrating the purple mansion.

Of course, common sense was just common sense. In the tens of thousands of years of immortal cultivation world, there were always people who could find another way to bypass the outer layer protections of purple mansion to directly affect the primordial spirit. Such skills have now spread among the big sects in the form of primordial spirit skill.

A lot of cultivators from evil sects seized the soul to bewitch the person, turning a stranger into their puppet. Some women could charm everyone, high official and noblemen being reduced to a servant under a woman's skirt. All of these skills could be regarded as a kind of primordial spirit skill. The cultivators from the righteous sect naturally have similar means, but they did not use them easily. First, they would receive a bad reputation. Secondly, over the years, too many people have suffered from this primordial spirit skill, so the relevant defensive technique had already been well developed and improved. Thus, it was becoming increasingly difficult to pierce through other people's primordial spirit while they were unprepared.

Of course, for those top rank sects with rich collections, the so-called difficulty only depended on how willing their cultivators to meticulously study it. Within the Five Uniques, there were no shortages of cultivators who had primordial spirit skill as their core method, and their strength was not necessarily weak either.

It was just that, Wang Lu had never heard of his Master learning such a skill.

As far as the Elders of the Five Uniques, the several Elders of Spirit Sword Sect were all younger than average, around two hundred years old, most of whom would still have the disciple status if placed in the sects like Shengjing Sect. Even if they inherited the legacy of the golden generation, allowing them to have amazing achievements in a short period of time, and that their strength was not weaker than that of the Elders of the other Five Uniques, but in terms of comprehensiveness of their methods, they ought to be relatively lacking.

Fortunately, Spirit Sword Sect was dominant in the sword cultivation. Their cultivators used all kinds of sword art as their core, a sword to destroy everything. Thus, it didn't matter if they were not strong enough in every other area. For example, Wang Wu who, besides her Non-Phase Sword, practically had nothing else that she was good at, but the title of number one Jindan in Nine Regions was so awe-inspiring that nobody dared to provoke her.

But now, it seemed that Wang Lu had underestimated her?

After he carefully thought about it, after inheriting Ouyang Shang's legacy, she now possessed plenty of best aptitude and perceptions in Nine Regions. And since she couldn't break through the bottleneck between Jindan and Yuanying after one hundred and fifty years of cultivation, through lateral advancement, she should've become the most versatile, all-around cultivator.

However, in Wang Lu's impression, to say that she was versatile, his Master indeed had master level accomplishments in the areas like eating, drinking, and gambling, but when it came to the proper business, she was simply a waste. As to primordial spirit skill and other high-end stuff, she was not at all good.

"... I know that you must've been slandering me in your heart, but I have to say that you have too many misunderstandings about me." Wang Wu revealed the lonely-master posture.

Wang Lu simply said, "Hehe."

"... Don't forget, when I taught you your Non-Phase Method, guarding against primordial spirit skill was one of the most important points. Initially, I was afraid that you would be taken as a f*ckboy by those s*x-addicted immortal cultivation girls, so I had earnestly improved your method for you... If there's no deep enough understanding of primordial spirit skill, how could I be able to develop the defense against it? Let alone Telepathic Finger is not some high-end skill, it just has special effects on a few kinds of people." Wang Wu explained, "The first kind is like those several little sisters from Yin and Yang School, who had no resistance to this and wholeheartedly sought after it, completely like fish in the water. The most important thing is to guide them to use their power to tap the source of happiness. The second one is religious fanatics like those nuns of Temple of Heaven, who usually follows their commandments, and each time deliberately suppresses their desire. But, they do not know that the harder they suppress it, the stronger the rebound would be..."

"Wait a minute. The ascetic nun just now had not tasted meat for a very long time, but Moonless had countless concubines in her harem, so she had no shortages of debauchery as a vassal lord."

"Her?" Wang Wu snorted and dismissed it. "She's actually worse than those ascetic nuns.. She seems extravagant and lives in debauchery, but she always takes herself as a politician. Everything she does have a clear and strong purpose. Everything is illusory, so she never enjoyed it from the bottom of her heart... The suppression of desire for people like her is actually stronger."

"Well, that make senses."

"Therefore, Telepathic Finger is not really a great skill. The list of names that I gave you was carefully selected. As long as you can catch them, I can bring them to our team using my Telepathic Finger. As long as there are enough people, we would be able to seize power in one fell swoop."

Wang Lu nodded and said nothing. He simply thought, not really a great skill? If it's that simple, considering the thousands of years of political strife of the nuns of Temple of Heaven, someone should've already invented a similar method and unified the whole world. But...

Just as he was thinking about it, he then heard Wang Wu ask, "Now that we've done talking about me, it's my turn to ask you. Kid, we haven't seen each other for several months, you should've experienced a lot of things, right?"

Wang Lu's heart sank. How could she suddenly talk about this? This... was really a sensitive topic.

I haven't thought out of how to deal with this past life problem, yet you suddenly start to become aggressive... You, this Master, are really considerate! Are you sure you want to know the truth?

The next moment, he heard her say in a serious tone, "But without those experiences, I'm afraid you wouldn't have seen me here either."

"..." Wang Lu let out a sigh of relief. The turmoil in his heart was finally forcefully restrained by him.

Yes, he could not simply avoid this problem forever. After one hundred and fifty years of wandering and then returning to this land, he couldn't always turn a blind eye to everything in the past. And since she wanted to talk about it, then let's talk about it.

"Um, I..."

Before he could continue, Wang Lu noticed that his Master's expression had turned from serious to playful. "A man who was once strong and brave with indomitable spirit, for him to be able to appear in this women world, your lower region must have suffered a lot of pain."

"..." Wang Lu inwardly exclaimed damn . In a flash, a trace of emotion that had just been brewed disappeared. This sudden one hundred and eighty degrees turn was simply intoxicating.

While Wang Lu was still stiffened, his Master had come close to him to put her hand on his shoulder and comforted him with a soft voice, "But it's actually not bad to be a woman. Losing Piercing Dead Brier Spear is indeed a loss, but I can teach you Telepathic Finger. Once you practice it to its highest level, using ten fingers simultaneously, winning by quantity would not necessarily be inferior to a Piercing Dead Brier Spear. You need to have an open mind."


Wang Lu almost found it impossible to suppress the impulse to nail her on the wall with his Piercing Dead Brier Spear.