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 Chapter 564: I Think the Ranking System is Imperatively Required

Translator: Subudai11 Editor: Chrissy

For many people who were doomed to live a lonely life, Sura Field was actually a kind of happiness-worry.

However, in the Sura Field, Wang Lu was not happy at all.

Because of an unrestrained joke from those several Yin and Yang School's girls, he mistakenly received hostilities from a group of his own Sect's Junior Sisters. The stupid cat picked up from Grand Cloud Mountain looked at him as if looking at those men from Beast Master School who fuck horses----namely a pervert. And Bai Shixuan, though always smiling like a spring breeze, was keeping a distance of a few more steps away from him than usual.

Even Liu Li, who was the most obedient, had been pulled away by Feng Ling, saying that she should keep a distance away from the scum. Liu Li certainly didn't want it at first, but after the Lady Boss of Spirit Creek Town took out a box of snacks, she quickly followed suit.

Wang Lu looked at this scene with narrowed eyes. He had worked hard to guard little Liu Li while she was entering Jindan Stage, but in the end, she was bought by a box of snacks!

However, not long after, taking advantage while Feng Ling was unprepared, Liu Li strolled over to him and offered to share him that box of snacks. "Senior Brother, have a taste, Sister Lingling's crafts are excellent."

Wang Lu was so touched that he reached out and touched Liu Li's head. "Really hasn't cared for you, this child, in vain."

Unfortunately, among them, only Liu Li was still standing on his side. Wang Wu, the b*tch, who could be called as the culprit, and who was enjoying the pleasure in other people's misfortune, was too lazy to pay attention to his plight-instead, she just watched the scene with glee from the side.

But when Wang Lu asked her to express objective remarks to explain the situation, she just laughed and said, "I still have much work to do, so I can't accompany you. You all play nice, okay? Don't hurt your own team members, hahaha!"

Then, just before leaving, she affectionately threw a kiss.

This is f*cking evil!

At this time, Wang Lu remembered the parting kiss of Ouyang Shang and Wang Wu when he was in the time travel dream. Thinking of that kiss which seemed to be a promise for lifelong love, he now only wished he could iron his own lips straight!

"Alas, it's hard to communicate with those who are not intelligent enough... F*ck it, I'm done with this, let them waste time on an insoluble or insignificant problem. Little Liu Li, let's go and find opportunities to push down a Harmonious Heaven."

In the face of this messy situation, Wang Lu decided to withdraw. Rather than having to reason with several throwing-a-temper women, he thought it would be simpler to push down a Harmonious Heaven. Moreover, it was also more in line with their objectives.

Of course, the so-called simpler was just relatively speaking. Wang Lu and Liu Li succeeded in ambushing an ascetic nun who came to Sky City from afar in accordance with the map left by Wang Wu. Although with the success of this ambush they managed to occupy the advantage, in time and position, the battle was still exhilarating.

Looking at the person, who was tied up like a dumpling by a bunch of immortal ropes, Wang Lu sighed with emotion.

Deity Stage Harmonious Heaven was really extraordinary... Even though they used hidden technique to abruptly launch their combined assault using Skybreaker, which inflicted serious damage to the opponent at the first moment, they still had to experience a bitter battle before being able to subdue this ascetic nun who had never been engaged in any real fight for more than one hundred years.

The gap between Jindan Stage and Deity Stage was really outrageous... From the result of this fight, Wang Lu thought that even if his cultivation base was peak Jindan Stage, and the level of his Non-Phase Method had at least reached the peak seventieth layer, he, at most, would only have the power to defend himself in front of a Deity Stage opponent-moreover, it was only limited to a low-level Deity Stage. If he encountered an opponent like Moonless, even if Wang Lu had a peak Jindan Stage, he could only escape, and fighting head-on was impossible.

Thinking of that number one Jindan in Nine Regions who merely used her Telepathic Finger to easily subdue Moonless, Wang Lu felt that the path of cultivation was really boundless...

"Who exactly are you? Attacking Temple of Heaven's nun without provocation, don't you want your lives?"

Wang Lu's thoughts were interrupted by the ashamed and angry voice of the wandering nun. Looking down, he saw that this ascetic nun, who due to her peaceful mind and ascetic practice seemed to appear just like a 26 to 27 years old woman, was struggling feebly under the bound of the immortal ropes.

"You all... will suffer the wrath of Heaven!"

Most of the ascetic nuns of Temple of Heaven were stubborn but mild-tempered people. Many of them did not even flinch even when the sword was upon them. They believed that all their suffering was a test from the Heaven, and that their step on the immortal path would be more firm following the suffering.

Therefore, this woman must have experienced quite a painful ordeal for her to struggle or even curse. However, Wang Lu thought that, in the previous fight, from the beginning to the end, he and Liu Li were always in the defensive position. Only after the injury caused by the ambush could no longer be suppressed that this battle came to an end.

From the beginning to the end, he was the one who experienced a painful ordeal. Maintaining the Non-Phase Defense from breaking under the full counterattack of a Daoist Master of Deity Stage to give the opportunity for Liu Li to launch her attack, such a task for a Jindan Stage cultivator was simply a fantasy. Even though her actual strength was only below peak Yuanying Stage after suffering the sneak attack, from the total of two hundred and six bones, more than one hundred of Wang Lu's Non-Phase Sword Bones had to break before he succeeded.

And now, he, the one who was struggling to recover from the injury, hadn't even uttered a single complain, so what was she complaining about?

Was it all because he had used a tortoiseshell bind 1 when he tied her with the bunch of immortal ropes? It shouldn't be a big deal, right?

But the truth of the matter was: Although Wang Lu knew how to use the magical treasure immortal ropes, he was not good at tying them. Were it not that by chance coincidence he saw the drawing for this tortoiseshell bind in his Master's bedroom... when he needed to tie people, he could only tie them into a bundle of cocoon.

And what was wrong with tortoise shell bind exactly? To be able to perfectly display the beautiful posture of a woman, it should be considered as an art. As a captive, she could enjoy this artistic treatment, so Wang Lu really couldn't understand the reason why this ascetic nun had to be angry. Nevertheless, there was no need for him to understand it. After he captured her, he just needed to take her back to their secret hideout outside Sky City and let her be trained by Wang Wu, and that was it.

Although it was a tough fight, the benefits were extremely rich. His Non-Phase Sword Art directly rose by two levels, and even the golden core inside his Jade Mansion, under the heavy pressure, vaguely revealed signs of further transformation, meaning that this fight was worth several months of bitter cultivation. This was a very big gain for him.

Although he had to admit that the amount of gain was a bit odd...

Under normal circumstances, in cultivator's cultivation, there was no theory of using battle to raise battle. If a cultivator is warlike, they would certainly end up dead. The simple conclusion of the ancient saying was as such-the fight itself was unlikely to provide enough revenue to pay for the cost. The breakthrough in the fight was in fact built on the basis of a large amount of early accumulation and releasing in a sudden inspiration. Even those evil cultivators who were good at refining blood and flesh for their own use would take a long time to really digest their enemy after the fierce fight, and the efficiency might not be much improved.

However, Wang Lu had recently realized the taste of using battle to raise cultivation battle theory. After each hard fight, he could feel his own strength increasing in a visible range, completely breaking the common sense of the immortal cultivation world.

In fact, since he entered Jindan Stage, Wang Lu vaguely discovered that his cultivation path had diverged from its initial stage. His golden core, physical body, primordial spirit... all of them were very sensitive to the stimulation of the battle, which would then transform them. In other words, it was easier for him to gain benefit in the fight.

After he carefully thought about it, perhaps when he condensed his golden core, during the combination of primordial chaos heaven splitting sword qi and Non-Phase Method, it also incorporated some other things. A cultivator's golden core sustained not only his power but also his life, and a brilliant cultivator would put everything he experienced on the path of immortal cultivation into his core. And Wang Lu's path of cultivation... was undoubtedly a risky adventure after a risky adventure.

From his experiential learning in Small Clear Sky Peak during his body forging period, to founding the Wisdom Sect during his Qi Cultivating Stage, to competing with the Ten Thousand Arts Sect during his Foundation Establishment Stage, and then the magnificent adventure in Grand Cloud Mountain as he entered Xudan Stage where he created his footprints there, and finally in the Ancient Sword Tomb and the Western Continent where he even became a legend.

Unfortunately, after each of those battles, Wang Lu's gain in immortal cultivation was lackluster. Although his talents were extremely good that he could quickly make up for his deficiency in immortal cultivation, after all, all of those battles seemed to be just a waste of time... But unexpectedly, after reaching Jindan, this defect seemed to have been remedied.

It was often said that the cultivator's golden core hurdle was often boundlessly mysterious. That even those Supreme level cultivators had never completely solved its mystery. Therefore, Wang Lu also failed to analyze what mystery lied within his own golden core, but... in short, it was a good thing, so he just accepted it as it is for the time being.

On the other hand, Liu Li seemed to have also enjoyed similar treatment. Although the girl was exhausted and most of the magical power in her Jade Mansion had been consumed, but her vision became sharper instead. Obviously, her sword art had leveled up in that fight, which meant that she also achieved that using battle to raise battle thing.

"Now that I think about it, little Liu Li has also experienced a lot of things with me, is she also affected by this..."

While thinking about it, Wang Lu quietly walked toward Wang Wu's hideout while bringing his loot with him. After two hours, he saw Wang Wu in a common people residence fifty kilometers outside Sky City.


"Wow, that's so fast?" With a surprised look, Wang Wu saw Wang Lu as he pushed open the door. "As a man, your speed is unexpectedly fast."

When she saw the ascetic nun on Wang Lu's shoulder, Wang Wu's vision turned even brighter. "What a good bundle! It's actually an ascetic nun, a top material! This time, I'll make the best meat slave out of you!"

With that, Wang Wu got up and strolled toward that ascetic nun and put her finger on her forehead.

The next moment, the ascetic nun, known for their tenacious will, shivered. Her closed eyes were suddenly opened, incredulously looking at the woman in white in front of her.

The slender finger was still on her forehead, and in just a few moments, the skin this Deity Stage cultivator began to redden and sweat bullets, and her eyes became erratic, seemingly in a daze. The woman's lips opened slightly, and in a trance, she unconsciously let out a moaning sound, seemingly experiencing a great pain.

But what pain that could make an ascetic nun lose their control?

Wang Lu only took one look at it and couldn't help but take a deep breath.

What could make an ascetic nun unable to resist is, of course, not pain, but pleasure, extreme pleasure.

Damn, so this is the real Telepathic Finger? It really wastes people's expectation for this scene.

However, in summary, Sister Wu, you really do have a skill. Using Telepathic Finger to deal with an ascetic nun who had never tasted flesh before, the effect is likely to multiply. No wonder you said that she is the top material...

As time went by, the moaning sound of the ascetic nun grew louder and louder, and Wang Lu was mesmerized by the scene in front of him. However, suddenly, a young girl's voice came from behind him, "What is Fifth Aunt doing?"

Upon hearing this question, Wang Lu was startled. "Little Liu Li? Why are you here?"

Liu Li was puzzled. "I came here with you, Senior Brother."

"... But I didn't let you enter the house. This scene is not suitable for children, so you should..."

Before he could finish his words, he heard a high pitched sound coming from the ascetic nun. Her whole body violently trembled, and a part of the robe between her legs revealed a distinct wet stain.

"Ah, Senior Brother, look, she actually wet herself!" Liu Li pointed at the woman on the ground in surprise, and then sighed thoughtfully, "Deity Stage cultivator can actually have urinary incontinence."

Wang Lu thought for a moment, and then, taking advantage before the smell in the air came into full play, explained it to Liu Li, "It's because your Fifth Aunt had used a long lost skill, the Bladder Finger... Which used to torment prisoner. It's very dirty, and there's nothing good to look at. So you better go out and play."