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 Chapter 561: How to Explain the Meaning of Difficult Birth to Her?

Translator: Subudai11 Editor: Chrissy

Sister Wu, I fucking miss you to death!

Wang Lu said those words as he sent out his kick. His strike was fast and ruthless, and also imbued with the power of his primal chaos heaven splitting sword qi, no less than the full power strike of a middle-level Jindan Stage cultivator. Even for peak Jindan Stage cultivators, if they suddenly got attacked like that, only less than half of them would be able to deal with it.

However, Wang Lu believed that with the power of Sister Wu, she could deal with that kick even with eyes closed. Thus, the key problem here was whether he could take the opportunity to escape.

When it came to fleeing, Wang Lu was far from being an expert. His speed was average, his mastery of concealment spell could not be regarded as proficient, and thus, solely relying on countershock to escape from the number one Jindan in Nine Regions was nothing more than a fantasy.

Therefore, just as Wang Lu sent out his kick, he also quickly passed a message through primordial spirit to disturb the opponent.

"Little Liu Li is having a difficult birth! I'm going to look for hot water, you stay here and take care of her!"

Generally speaking, any normal person would be greatly shocked when they received such information, and thus they could not respond effectively for a short time. Moreover, Wang Lu deeply understood that the lower limit of Sister Wu was quite deep, and thus, when he sent that information through primordial spirit, he also attached a powerful attack power along with that.

If it were any other people, this was simply a lethal two-pronged attack. However, Wang Lu knew that even doubling his attack might not hurt her, so he could only hope that there was a slight bit of delay in her reaction, which would give him a little bit of opportunity.

As a result, in the next instant, Wang Lu experienced the power of the number one Jindan in Nine Regions.

The attack from primordial spirit was like a stone thrown into the sea, completely without any sound, as if the object impacted by it was a solid rock rather than a living person. His vicious kick was stopped by an invisible energy wall. The energy wall that possessed absolute defense force coldly smashed Wang Lu's primal chaos heaven splitting sword qi, and his five toes broke under impact.

Of course, Wang Lu also borrowed the counter shock force, but before he had the time to merge this power with his Sword of Mount Kun, he felt a light tap on his shoulder.

All of a sudden, all of his body's magical power collapsed and no longer obeyed his command. The illusion that allowed him to hide from Moonless was also broken. His tempered body became weak, causing him to involuntarily go down, seemingly beyond help. However, as a Non-Phase cultivator, the unyielding spirit had penetrated into his bone marrow so that the moment when he was about to land on the ground, Wang Lu forced himself to rotate his golden core and squeezed out some remaining magical power.

Although it was just a trace of magical power, it was enough for a Daoist Master of Jindan Stage to cast a simple spell.

Wang Lu's body continued to fall down and directly blended with the earth. The neat stone floor was soft as water to him as he forcibly crammed himself in.

This was the earth escaping technique.

Wang Lu's adaptability to change was extremely fast. After he sank into the ground, he quickly sorted out his magical power and further controlled the earth escaping technique, trying to travel underground at the fastest speed. After experiencing two trips across the three thousand worlds, he was no longer a person blessed by the Nine Regions, but the earth escaping technique... was like a magical seed which was rooted in his Jade Mansion.

He was confident that his accomplishment in earth escaping technique was better than the vast majority of cultivators with earth element Heaven Spirit Root. As long as he could catch a break, he could escape dozens of miles away.

Unfortunately, this time, he failed to do that.

After he sank to the ground, the next moment, the ground trembled and cracked. Large pieces of soil and gravel were flung upward by the shock, and the surrounding spiritual energy became chaotic and in disorder. Wang Lu's Jade Mansion was violently impacted, so much that the magical power he worked hard to gather was immediately dispersed. Once again, he felt an unprecedented sense of emptiness and powerlessness. The next moment, with a plop sound, he tumbled in the pit.

This time, he could no longer run away.

Wang Lu had no choice but to turn around and face the person he didn't want to face.

"Yo, long time no see." He waved his hand and sent his greeting.

"Humph, it's indeed long time no see."

Wang Wu coldly snorted. On her face was something akin to a smile but not a smile, and her gaze flickered, which caused Wang Lu to feel pain in the ass upon seeing it.

In theory, this person should know nothing. However, Wang Lu always felt that, after coming back this time, she could probably notice something... One hundred and fifty years ago, Wang Wu was an introverted and sluggish young girl, but in the battle against the Fallen Immortal, she inherited a legacy from the most astute and wise person at that time.

In any case, this was a different place and a different time, so Wang Lu felt that if it was him, he would've long seen that there was a problem with him-even if he didn't see it, he could pretend that there was a problem and then use it as a blackmail material.

So... what should he do? There were many thoughts in Wang Lu's mind, but he couldn't think of any solution. Finally, without any other option, he decided to play dumb, and then act according to the circumstances.

On the other side, after Wang Wu looked at him for a few moments, sneered, took something out of her mustard seed bag, and then threw it over. It was a boiling hot kettle!

"This is the hot water that you want."

Wang Lu directly dropped the kettle, thought about it, and then said, "The temperature is wrong."

As a result, Wang Wu directly jumped into the pit, slapped him on the head, and then pulled him up by the collar.

"The temperature is wrong? You, rebel disciple, want to rebel, aren't you? After a few months of not seeing each other, your cultivation base has gone up by a level, so you already don't put me, the number one Jindan in Nine Regions in your eyes, right? Do you think just because you usually lent me money you can jump on top of me? Let me tell you, money is not everything!"

Upon hearing this, seeing the sternness and righteous expression of Wang Wu, Wang Lu suddenly felt that the cloud that had been troubling him since the beginning finally disappeared.

Those hesitations and uncertainties about the reunion were actually unnecessary.

Although it was a bit difficult to be really prepared to face the past and the present, there was no need to run away from it... In short, just keep everything the way as it was.

Compared with the relationship between big brother and junior sister, it seemed that he felt more comfortable with this scene just like fish meets water. Therefore, Wang Lu sighed, tidied up his red and white robe, and said to Wang Wu, "Since money is that useless, in the future, I will not insult you with that useless thing."

Upon hearing his words, Wang Wu was startled and became a bit nervous. She then continued with her righteous and stern words, "If I don't go to hell, who will? So, please insult me."

"... In short, how come you're here?" Wang Lu asked, "Are you looking for me?"

When Wang Wu saw that Wang Lu no longer mentioned money, she heaved a sigh of relief and then said, "Who has the leisure time to care for you? I am here to explore the immortal dreamland at the request of the sect. Sect Leader Senior Brother told me that this immortal dreamland only allows beautiful women to enter, and no one in Nine Regions is more suitable than me."

Wang Lu thought for a moment, "I believe that the key point Uncle wants to emphasize here is the Jindan Stage and lower."

"In short, you may rest assured, I'm not here for you, nor will anyone come for you."

Upon hearing this, Wang Lu felt a bit uncomfortable. Not to mention anything else, but as the lead disciple of one of the Five Uniques of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals being missing, why didn't it cause a stir?

Although the decision to leave was made by himself, it was disappointing that the sect did not give out any response.

Alas, I must have been implicated by a certain unscrupulous Master.

Wang Wu seemed to be able to see through what was in Wang Lu's mind as she shrugged her shoulder and said, "A few months ago, you disappeared in the demon world, and the sect had indeed almost become crazy about you. But later on, we heard by accident that you have appeared in Southern Heaven Region, so those old guys in Heavenly Sword Hall who were long crazily worried about you held a welcoming party for you right in that evening. But unexpectedly, you actually didn't come, and moreover, since then, you went into hiding. In fact, your absence was completely out of their expectation. Tsk tsk, at that moment, the inconceivable, hard to believe look of that group of people was so impressive. It is still so fresh in my memory. Hmm, I even conveniently recorded it with a spell, preparing to save it for later so that I can extort them to pay it back with a high cost.

"..." Wang Lu didn't know whether he should feel moved or guilty.

"At that time, there were all sorts of rumors on the mountain. The Elders also began to look for your traces in various ways because they were worried that you were kidnapped. However, there were also a few people with ulterior motives who guessed that you have betrayed the sect and changed side. However, at the crucial moments, I bravely stepped forward to bring order out of the chaos and help you win your innocence. I told them that if you were the only one missing, then the problem was indeed complicated, but since Liu Li who had been sent to Southern Heaven Region for experiential learning has also not come back, then there was only one possibility."

After hearing until this point, Wang Lu had simultaneously thought out the most realistic possibility of what had happened.

During the turmoil, the Elders of Heavenly Sword Hall must've come to Wang Wu to ask her to find Wang Lu based on the connection between Master and disciple. But Wang Wu must've been too lazy to move, so she just told them that Wang Lu had betrayed the sect to join the enemy, and how about treating Wang Lu as if he had never existed, just like in the beginning. But then, under the stream of expletive words from Disciplinary Elder and Sect Leader, she finally thought seriously about the whereabouts of Wang Lu.

However, seeing her like this, Wang Lu really couldn't imagine what was the result of her pondering in Spirit Sword Mountain.

"I told everyone that you have finally started to feel in love, so you eloped with Liu Li. And then you two probably have already pledged to be married, otherwise, how could it be so easy for Liu Li to run away with you."

"..." Wang Lu kept his silence but regretted that he didn't use more force in his previous kick. Wang Wu's reputation as the number one Jindan in the Nine Regions was indeed well deserved, but as the same cultivator of Non-Phase Method, if he tried his best, it wasn't impossible for him to be able to find any of her flaws.

Wang Wu, with congratulation-to-your-happy-s*x-life smile plastered on her face, patted Wang Lu on the shoulder. "Tsk-tsk, you, this kid, is really fast and agile, such that you easily took away the most attractive, baby-faced, big breasted girl in Spirit Sword Mountain... But, you don't need to worry much. These days, under my strong persuasion, the Elders of Heavenly Sword Hall didn't oppose to this. After all, they always had good impressions of you-except for Senior Brother Zhou Ming. The old man is so stingy, I only asked him for several dowries, but he threatened to have a fall out with me, his face is really thin."

"..." On this key point, you asked him for dowries, oh Sister Wu, for you to not be beaten by Uncle Zhou's brilliant sword heart is a testament of his excellent self-control.

Wang Wu then continued, "So, you really don't have to be embarrassed. It's just eloping, not a big deal for Spirit Sword Sect. Moreover, even if you don't think about yourself, you ought to think about little Liu Li, right? She is, after all, a genuine Successor Disciple of one of the Five Uniques, so she doesn't deserve to just follow you without a name for life, right? Moreover, tsk, you took her and caused her to have a difficult birth in her critical time of entering Jindan, which makes others look down you."

Before her voice even fell, the training room suddenly trembled, and the door was opened from inside. A young and curious face then appeared.

"Fifth Aunt? Who did you say have difficult birth just now?"

Liu Li stood in the doorway with a clear and refined bearing, her cherry lips slightly opened. The Jindan Stage magical power fluctuation emanating from her was undoubtedly obvious!