Chapter 560: Touching Reunion Story

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Sister Wu?

This familiar appellation and tone of voice caused the experienced Wang Lu to feel his blood run cold in a split second. However, at the same time, he forced himself to calm down. On the surface, he maintained his composure, while his heartbeat and muscle reaction were also controlled perfectly.

Regardless of how much information was behind the two words 'Sister Wu', right now, it was not a good time to process that information. Moonless was right before him, so he must at least survive through this before he could consider other things.

Right now, the smiling Moonless in his bosom had a face brimming with happiness. It was hard to imagine that, just ten days ago, this was a half living half dead terrifying face, which could cause countless people to tremble in fear with just a slight raise to her eyebrow. However, Wang Lu didn't dare to be careless at all. After all, in just a few days, she had changed from a half living half dead person to a beautiful girl, so it was difficult to guarantee that in the blink of an eye, she would not return to her old ways.

Right now, she called him Sister Wu cordially, but the next moment, she might sneer coldly and possibly turned the opposite party to ashes.

Therefore, Wang Lu had to handle his reaction good, not only for himself but for the girl who was in her last stage of achieving Jindan Stage in the room.

However, in the face of a sudden embrace like this, what kind of reaction that could be regarded as the correct one? Were Moonless throwing herself at his arms expressing her real feeling, or was it just a realistic pretense? After all, this was still in Sky City-if she did things too presumptuously here, she might not necessarily be able to afford its consequence.

Too many unknown variables made it difficult for him to decide. Should he smile and return the hug, should he coldly reject her, or should he pull out his Sword of Mount Kun for a desperate fight? Every choice seemed reasonable, but there was also a big danger within...

Within a split second, Wang Lu made a trade-off in his mind and decided to respond with the golden means.

Thereupon, he let out the so-called universal response.

"Hehe." 1

Neither salty nor weak, neither servile nor overbearing. Regardless of all variables, he merely let out a "hehe" laughter. It was not a very elaborate response, but it was a great weapon to delay the conversation and lead it to the next stage.

As expected, after listening to this, Moonless didn't care much, but merely dawdled in Wang Lu's arms like a spoiled child, making a lazy nasal sound.

There was another worry in Wang Lu's heart. Right now, he was wearing his Master's appearance, which relied on a wonderful illusion spell. And although this was a fine illusion, and it could even perfectly simulate the tactile sense, letting Moonless experience a very good tactile sensation, but an illusion was still an illusion after all. And being so close to a Daoist Master of Deity Stage, Wang Lu didn't really have the confidence that it would be seen through by the opposite party.

Fortunately, Moonless seemed to have no wariness for the other party. After rubbing herself on him for a while, she looked up and said, "Sister Wu, I'll come looking for you again tonight okay?"

"Hm..." Wang Lu deeply pondered, not eager to give out a definite answer.

In fact, he really wanted to firmly nod and say: No problem, you can come again tonight, I'll take my leave this afternoon! However, if he was too eager, he might reveal a flaw, so he must make an effort to keep her in suspense.

Sure enough, this hesitation caused Moonless to worry. She vigorously hugged Wang Lu's arm and swayed back and forth. "Tonight, okay? It's rare for me to come to Sky City."

Wang Lu could not even have the mind to enjoy the touch on his arm as his whole mind was used to analyze the next step.

Judging from the present dialogue, the question about which one of Moonless and Sister Wu is more powerful... Or which one was the 'man' or 'woman', was so clear. That majestic and awe-inspiring vassal lord of Palace of Heaven was guided by Sister Wu with an unclear method to become a weak little girl like this. In other words, he had a lot of room to maneuver this time. As long as he did not reveal any obvious flaw, he still had the initiative.

"Tonight, huh..." Wang Lu deliberately knitted his eyebrows, and then slowly lowered his head to look at the anxious eyes of Moonless. "Maybe. I currently have something important to do, so you should go back first. If I have the time tonight, I'll come looking for you."

And then, to Moonless' surprise, Wang Lu showed a little smile, and then shook his finger a bit, vaguely making a telepathic finger gesture.

Moonless let out a gentle 'ah' sound, looking so happy as if she was about to pass out. Her face turned full red as tears of joy welled up in her eyes.

"I-I am so happy..." With that, she covered her face and said, "You asked me to give up my half-dead body, which would wash away my dozens of years of cultivation advancement in Deity Stage... But you gave me tons of happiness. Thank you, Sister Wu."

With that, she turned around and walked away. "Sister Wu, this time, I came to Sky City to participate in an interim meeting, so I will be in Morning Sky Hall in the next few days... I'll be waiting for you to come."

In the last moment before leaving, her eyes still locked on Wang Lu's outstretched fingers, very reluctant to part ways.

When Moonless body finally disappeared, Wang Lu really wanted to poke his own eyes with that outstretched fingers.

This play was really... too beautiful to look at. In all honesty, the picture of a young girl falling in love was indeed quite pleasing to the eyes, especially when she was a beautiful girl. But as soon as he remembered she was a half living half dead person, no matter how beautiful the face was, it would be greatly reduced. Let alone the other party was essentially a vicious and merciless Deity Stage vassal lord, which was like a difference between life and death compared to a pure and innocent young girl, as opposite as yin and yang.

Of course, what made people want to poke their own eyes were her delicate and intimate tone of voice when she said the words Sister Wu.

There might be millions of Sister Wu in this big world, but there could be only one Sister Wu that was able to turn a Deity Stage vassal lord into an entirely different person in a few days.

Even Wang Lu himself, at this time, had to sincerely profess his full admiration for the all-resourceful Sister Wu.

Dear Sister Wu... in front of such a person, how did you have the mood to do it? Do you use your telepathic finger on anything without any screening? So much that you even did it with a half living half dead person, your taste has truly broken through the center of the earth. Moreover, what was your intention to cultivate this kind of skill? Seducing rich women to earn some allowance?

Tsk, no wonder among the Heavenly Sword Hall Elders, Elder Hua Yun is on a very good term with you. It seems that your sisterhood is really "deep". As for Elder Ao Guanhai who is also on a very good term with you, it is probably because of the people-of-talent-appreciate-one-another feeling between the people in the same big-tool-good-skill club.

Oh, Sister Wu, when your brother Ouyang Shang gave you all his inheritance at that time, including his amazing wisdom and perception, it was not so that you invent this brilliant lewd skill. Moreover, when your brother, I asked you to live happily, the original intention was not to make that simple girl who was infinitely devout to immortal path become like this, a woman who used all the zeal to develop "happy" skills!

As he thought of this, Wang Lu could not help but feel pain in the butt.

Sister Wu... alas, unexpectedly, I could meet dear Sister Wu in this kind of place, how the hell could you appear and disappear unpredictably like this? Why did you come here instead of just quietly stay on Spirit Sword Mountain and do nothing every day? No matter in which aspect to look at, you shouldn't be the kind of person who is diligent in going into instance dungeons.

Even stranger was that, that group of old guys in Heavenly Sword Hall actually dared to let her out? Moreover, they allowed her to come to the group of immortal tombs in Plentiful City! Were they not afraid that she would create a scandal that would shame Spirit Sword Sect in the eyes of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals for a hundred years?

... For a time, Wang Lu's thought was a bit jumbled. However, after thinking about it for a while, he could only deeply sigh...

To put it bluntly, he panicked because now he was still not ready to meet with Wang Wu again. He had planned to calm down his mood through a period of practical training, and then find a suitable opportunity to meet with Wang Wu in the proper way... Of course, what consisted of a proper way would have to be determined later. Regardless, right now, it was definitely not the right time.

Unfortunately, whether Wang Lu was ready or not, Sister Wu was already fast approaching. And it was likely that she had learned of his existence and might appear in front of him at any time.

Since he used Wang Wu's appearance in this Heavenly Earth, Wang Wu would surely realize that someone was acting on her name once she met with Moonless.

And considering that the presence of Liu Li had also been exposed, then, merely with this simple reasoning: Who would walk with Wang Wu's appearance while being followed by Liu Li?

The answer to that was very clear.

Thinking of this, Wang Lu couldn't help but feel a bit more anxious. Wang Lu didn't feel this kind of anxiety even a few days ago when he entered Sky City with Liu Li, when the situation had yet to stabilize, and when they were still likely to be chased by Moonless.

"Alas... Little Liu Li, you better finish you Jindan quickly, we need to go away from here, as far away as possible..."

Back in the training room, Wang Lu softly sighed.

However, the next moment, a sneering sound came from behind him.

"Go? Where are you going, little Wang Lu?"

Wang Lu's entire body instantly froze.

Even when Moonless threw herself into his arms like a young girl in love just a moment ago, he did not feel this shocked.

However, Wang Lu was indeed Wang Lu-he possessed one of the very best mental states among Jindan Stage cultivators. Without the need for him to instruct, his immortal heart had begun to operate wildly, controlling all of his emotional fluctuations.

Calm. Must be extremely calm. That person's strength is far superior to me and moreover, mysteriously appearing behind me right now, completely seizing the initiative; In this kind of situation, to escape is as difficult as ascending the heaven.

Much of his skills came from her teaching... Thinking about the rich inheritance that she inherited in the past, and the one hundred and fifty years long cultivation time, Wang Lu didn't feel that he was qualified to compete head-on with the prestigious number one Jindan in Nine Regions by virtue of his present cultivation base of middle-level Jindan Stage.

Therefore, the only way to win was by using an unconventional move. Moreover, it must be an unconventional move that made the other party shake.

In the twinkling of an eye, Wang Lu had thought out a lot of things and had decided on which response he would take.

He turned around, with a face brimming with a smile, and then directly threw himself into the arms of that person.

"Sister Wu, I miss you to death!"

Then, in the instant Sister Wu was stunned, Wang Lu lifted his foot and sent a kick, trying to use the counter force to escape. His primal chaos heaven splitting sword qi was also contained within this kick, which showed that this kick was more like I want you to die rather than I miss you to death .