Chapter 557: Overwhelming IQ

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Six rounds of fighting took place on the first day of the tournament, which resulted in six winners and six dead bodies.

The death rate of the losing side reached an astonishing one hundred percent rate, which was far beyond the expectation of many. Prior to this, people thought that although this tournament was a matter of life and death, everyone was, for the most part, good sister with one another, even if there had been harem infighting for many years, friendship would eventually grow, thus they ought to not go so far as to kill each other.

However, the reality turned out to be that, the friendship in the harem was totally untrue. Those good sisters who were usually smiling, on the martial tournament platform, all cleanly killed any of their opponent.

Before the tournament, two people would even gossip, recalling the lovely time that each other spent together, and even tasted the craftsmanship of the cook of Moon Capital during the tournament... However, in the blink of an eye, the mask of goodwill was torn off and one side took the life of the opposite party in an unprecedented brutal method. And then looked at the dead body on the arena with hatred, feeling that the opponent's fate was richly deserved. Even more, it revealed the dark secrets of the harem in the public, as if they finally could vomit out their years of frustration.

The cruelty and indifference of these concubines made the bureaucrats under Moonless feel horrified. Even Moonless herself deeply frowned, and her killing intent gradually condensed.

She was deeply disappointed with her harems-not in their failing-to-see-the-bigger-problem. In fact, the principle of harem management of Moonless was to make the cultivators who once had independent personality, over the years, become deaf and blind in the cramped harem, and finally become stupid and ignorant. In general, it was not wrong to fail to see the bigger problem. However, their mistake was that, they had been unable to please their own masters.

Moonless sat on the high throne and watched the six matches with cold eyes. In addition to the first match between Wang Lu and Xiao Murong, where the combination of Non-Phase Nameless Sword and Primal Chaos Heaven Splitting Sword Qi looked bright in front of her, the remaining five matches seemed tedious and dry-as-dust. From her perspective as a Daoist Master of Deity Stage, fighting between Jindan Stage cultivators simply not worth to even smile at. What she wanted was something else.

She wanted to know how the concubines, who she had been keeping as her pets behave in the martial tournament. She looked forward to all kinds of complex human nature to blossom out in that narrow stage. However, in the end, all she saw was a disappointment after disappointment. Those unfathomable hostilities, nonsense gratitude-and-grudge-like complaint, none that wasn't extremely boring for her.

The next day's competition was still the same. The concubines on the stage slaughter each other in the ugliest way, exposing their darkest side under the threat of life and death.

On this day, the audience had already been reduced by half. From the beginning, Moonless' face was covered with frost, which caused the music performers to stay silent from the start. It was not until the fifth match began, when a girl named Liu Li appeared on the stage, did Moonless showed some interest.

Liu Li had not yet reached Jindan Stage. Although everything was ready, now she was still just in peak Xudan Stage. And her opponent was the right-hand person of head concubine Xiao Yun, the former genius cultivator of Jade Cold Pond, Chi Qiongying, who had cultivation base of peak Jindan Stage, and a personal magical treasure that refined by herself-Solidifying Jade Bottle. In that bottle, there were three rivers and five seas, which was the accumulation of Chi Xiongying's lifetime cultivation. In terms of fighting ability, Chi Qiongying could be ranked as among the top five in the entire harem of Moonless.

For Liu Li, drawing such an opponent seemed extremely unfavorable, yet she seemed very excited. Her eyes were without fear, and her lips slightly arched upward, revealing a clear smile. Chi Xiongying just sneered at this. This time, she had heard that among the two newcomers, the taller one was treacherously astute, and moreover, with superior strength, far beyond the level that normal cultivators were supposed to be measured at. However, this one with a more buxom figure was a pure idiot, who, except for when she ate, was mainly giggling foolishly all the time.

"Tsk, still giggling... She really thought that just by relying on her Xudan Stage she could survive the tournament? What a joke!"

Thinking of this, Chi Qiongying gradually turned angry and got enveloped by killing intent. She and Liu Li had no gratitude nor grudge but the ten corpses as the results of the previous ten rounds of martial content made her tacitly approve that the rule of this harem tournament fight was to fight to the death.

Moreover, from her point of view, killing one person with child-like face and huge boobs, a newcomer who was likely to threaten her status in the harem, was only natural.

Thus, when the match officially began, she immediately tilted down the Solidifying Jade Bottle, and the waves from the three rivers and five seas surged out of the mouth of the bottle. The momentum of the tide was not inferior to that of Han Yu. For a Xudan Stage cultivator, being caught in that flood meant a dead end.

Liu Li was good at offense but bad at defense and if she was really trapped in the flood, it would not be easy for her to escape. However, the keen intuition given to her by the brilliant sword heart made her intuitively aware of this from the start.

Just as Chi Qiongying tilted down the Solidifying Jade Bottle, Liu Li immediately flew out twelve flying swords from the cuffs of her sleeves, and then stabbed them straight into the mouth of the Solidifying Jade Bottle, as if she was trying to destroy the mouth of the bottle, so that the flood would be stuffed back in.

Chi Qiongying secretly praised her opponent with the word 'clever,' but then followed by the word 'fool.' Clever because the other side could see that the biggest problem of the Solidifying Jade Bottle was at its mouth. Calling her fool because as the owner of the Solidifying Jade Bottle, how could she not know about this defect? The most vulnerable spot on her bottle had been laid by her with the most powerful trap, so by sending the flying swords into the mouth of the bottle, the opponent had fallen into a trap.

Although Liu Li still had her strongest sword, the Skybreaker, the twelve flying swords were obviously not ordinary, they must be her important magical treasure. Thus, she would first take these twelve flying swords before slowly dealing with her!

Chi Qiongying's hand at the bottom of the bottle retracted slightly, and a powerful suction force came out from the mouth of the bottle. Immediately, the twelve flying swords lost control in mid-air, lost contact with their owner, swayed and then sucked into the bottle. Chi Qiongying smiled slightly as she felt the abundance of spiritual power inside the Solidifying Jade Bottle.

The next moment, her smile froze, the energy in the Solidifying Jade Bottle skyrocketed, and in the twinkling of an eye, broke the safety threshold of the bottle.

She tried to release the seal on the mouth of the bottle, but it was already too late. With a loud bang, the Solidifying Jade Bottle exploded in front of her eyes. The water of the three rivers and five seas flooded out and drowned her. Chi Qiongying didn't even have the time to feel the pain of her palm being shattered, and had no time to suppressed her crushed Jade Mansion with her primordial spirit. She only felt as if she was a duckweed a huge wave, and then huge flood along with primal chaos sword light 1 directly assaulted her, taking away her last ray of consciousness.

Outside the arena, the head concubine Xiao Yun suddenly stood up and looked at the training arena incredulously.

In her line of sight, Liu Li stood on her immortal sword as it flew, evading the fierce mountain-like flood explosion.

The training arena of Moon Capital had been tempered by a Daoist Master of Deity Stage, so its space was extremely malleable. From the outside, it seemed like it was only about three hundred meters square, but the actual space inside could even accommodate a mountain range. However, at this time, most of it was actually submerged by the flood. Liu Li was hovering above the vast ocean, giggling, and then waving her delicate hand. Suddenly, a simple sword flew out of the water and came to her side.

That was Liu Li's Skybreaker!

Concubine Xiao Yun immediately focused her gaze on her and suddenly found out that the sword under Liu Li's feet was actually not Skybreaker, but merely her Strong Wind Sword.

With the strength of Concubine Xiao Yun's Yuanying level primordial spirit, she immediately began to trace back every scene that she had just seen and soon discovered that, at the critical moment when Chi Qiongying released the water of the three rivers and five seas, then sucked in the flying swords, the magical ability bestowed to her by her brilliant sword heart swapped the position of her Skybreaker and Strong Wind Sword.

"What a cunning little girl!" Concubine Xiao Yun glared at her as she gnashed her teeth.

With the strength Peak Xudan Stage, in coordination with brilliant sword heart's driven Skybreaker, Liu Li could indeed cause great trouble to Chi Qiongying, and even inflict heavy injury. However, Solidifying Jade Bottle was indeed worthy to be the original magical treasure of a Peak Jindan Stage. Once the water of three rivers and five seas flooded out, Chi Qiongying could basically recover after meeting the water, basically invincible, while Liu Li, with her power consumption, could not afford a protracted fight.

In a full power head-on confrontation, as long as her sword was not able to kill the opponent with one strike, Liu Li would definitely be defeated. In fact, before the fight began, Concubine Xiao Yun once told Chi Qiongying to try to use her higher cultivation base advantage to firmly destroy the opponent, so that she would have a very good chance of winning. However, she did not expect that the opponent is actually able to fully see through their calculation and come up with an unusually treacherous little trick and directly kill Chi Qiongying... It made the opponent fail to perform well even with so many great magic spells!

It was indeed a good calculation. If it was a full head-on fight based on cultivation base, even if Skybreaker was strong, its power would still be limited by the strength of its owner, and Chi Qiongying could completely deal with it. However, Chi Qiongying inadvertently sucked the opponent's Skybreaker into her Solidifying Jade Bottle.

The level of Solidifying Jade Bottle was just a bit above spiritual treasure level, but it was forced to contain another ancient Immortal Sword in the situation that it already had three rivers and five seas inside. Besides, it was totally unprepared.

Chi Qiongying thought she had sucked in twelve magical treasures of flying sword, thus there was still more than enough capacity in the Solidifying Jade Bottle. However, unexpectedly, hidden inside was an immortal sword Skybreaker, how could the Solidifying Jade Bottle bear it? Naturally, it instantly exploded.

Regardless of whether Concubine Xiao Yun or Chi Qiongying, both thought this would be a one-sided battle. Regardless of cultivation base or wisdom, Chi Qiongying was far superior to that of the opponent. However, although they were correct in their estimation of cultivation base, they misestimated the IQ.

"You hid it well, little girl, but the competition has just begun. In the future, we will definitely meet in the arena." Concubine Xiao Yun coldly said to Liu Li, "I hope your little cleverness could save you at that time."

With that, Concubine Xiao Yun turned around and walked away, not even saying goodbye to Moonless. Moderate arrogance was her privilege as the head concubine. And Moonless herself didn't mind it. Instead, her eyes were still focused on Liu Li. Just now the move that decisively determined the victory greatly aroused her interest, especially that Skybreaker...

However, Liu Li did not realize that her immortal sword had aroused the interest of a Daoist Master of Deity Stage, she was still immersed in the great joy. The girl turned to look at Wang Lu outside the arena and shouted, "Senior Sister! Just now she praised me for being clever! Hehe, Liu Li is actually being praised as clever."

Wang Lu did not know whether to laugh or cry.

Clever? Perhaps that sword swap just before the final blow was indeed a clever move, but it had nothing to do with IQ. What really happened was that Liu Li's instinct was keener like wild animals.

With brilliant sword heart, the girl would not miss any chance, even if she did not realize that chance herself, her subconscious reaction could do the deadly move for her.

In fact, this was the terrifying point of brilliant sword heart. Compared to the invincible attack power, the intuition that could bring this attack power to the limit was the key!

With this kind of judgment, even if Liu Li was still in peak Xudan Stage, it would still allow her to be successful in every endeavor in this harem martial tournament.

However, the real test had yet to come. Judging from the reaction of Moonless, it might be hard to finish this farce of a harem tournament... It was time to consider when to withdraw.