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 Chapter 534: The Person in Heat is Unreliable

Translator: Subudai11 Editor: Chrissy

In designing the double array strategy, it was not considered how to cope with the situation when encountering an equally matched opponent. Relying on the combined sword array, the cultivators of Spirit Sword Sect could obtain the combat power of a Daoist Master of Deity Stage for about an hour. This two-stage increase in power was really awe-inspiring. In order to achieve this goal, the cultivators of Spirit Sword Sect had paid a painful price for the past three years.

Everything was in order to obtain the crushing everything power of a Daoist Master of Deity Stage-Deity Stage was perhaps not the top cultivation base in Nine Regions, but it was more than enough to face the remnant soul of Demon King.

Of course, if the opponent was strong enough that it was hard to win even when having cultivation base of Deity Stage, then it was indeed their fate, and they had nothing to say.

However, unexpectedly, although the real Demon King didn't have the power of Deity Stage, he had a group of demons who formed an array with strength comparable to that of Deity Stage. Almost the same idea as the combined sword array, the Demon King relied on a group of desert demons in which the highest cultivation base was only peak Jindan Stage, and actually blocked the combined sword array of the golden generation.

Right now, the one hour time was about to pass, and the seventy-two great killing array had begun to falter. From those with the weakest Jindan, some couldn't keep up with the change in the array-Not because they lost their fighting intent, but after being frequently squeezed out of power, their golden cores were on the verge of collapse, and it was difficult to meet the minimum demand of a large scale array; at any time, they might possibly be repelled by the array.

Once the seventy-two great killing array collapsed, even if Wang Lu and Ouyang Shang have greater ability, it would still be to no avail-the three individual sword array would be like still water... However, even until this time, the golden generation still failed to break through the defense of the demons.

"It seems that I win this game." The voice of the Demon King quietly came, the smirk on his face was particularly irritating.

The combined sword array had not been completely disintegrated. At present, it still had a striking force left for one blow, it was just that it was on the verge of collapse. Once they send out this last blow, a little bit of lax would immediately cause the sword array to disintegrate! Before the disintegration of the array, the perception shield of many disciples would be removed, making them able to be disturbed from outside matters, and the mental resistance of Jindan was also the weakest. In just that one as light as a feather sentence, the Demon King had already wavered many people's heart.

However, just at this time, from the center of the great killing array, Fei Ying said in amazement, "There's a flaw in the demon array!"

With that, relying on the contact between the great killing array and three individual sword array, the girl uploaded her discovery through the primordial spirit link.

In the twinkling of an eye, in Zhang Sheng's vision, there was a little red dot within the demon array, which was the mark locked by Fei Ying.

The point marked by Fei Ying was a short demon whose performance average in the previous battle. At this time, nobody knows why it actually drifted away from the array, which immediately a big flaw in the array.

After pointing out that dot, Fei Ying's voice spread throughout the mind of every Spirit Sword Sect disciples, "Don't listen to his savage words, actually, they're also almost spent. They can't maintain their own array, so it begins to show a flaw! As long as we rush to shatter that point before they regroup, we can take the opportunity to break their defense line to directly destroy the root of the problem!"

These words immediately stabilized their mind.

"Understood." Zhang Sheng took a deep breath and then fully operated the golden core in his Jade Mansion, and in his immortal heart, there was the killing intent of dying heart.

At present, Zhang Sheng's strongest assault, the dying heart sword, was ready to go.

Time was short, so Zhang Sheng had no time to swap position with any of his two Senior Brothers, while Wang Lu and Ouyang Shang also had no intention to compete for the main position. Judging from the situation, Zhang Sheng's emotion sword obviously had the most restraining effect on the demons. Although the principle of why it was so was unknown, now was not the time to study the principle.

The fruit of this victory, I will take it.

Zhang Sheng silently said this in his heart, and then went all out with his dying heart sword!

In a split moment, the combined sword array burst out an astonishing power, the disciples of Spirit Sword sect had already ignited their innate vitality, supplying the power for the array at all cost. Under this full force explosion, this dying out sword met no resistance. In an instant, it was about to break into the core of the opponent's array and then pierce the chest of that small in stature demon.

This sword strike was so fierce that the entire demon array was swept by its shockwave. That short demon was the first to bear the brunt. Merely affected by the shockwave, most of the heavy armor on its body disintegrated. The helmet that covered the face fell off, revealing the true face of that demon.

It was a delicate but pale face.


Instantly, Zhang Sheng trembled slightly.

"Lu, it's you?"

Zhang Sheng gently spat out a questioning voice.

Unfortunately, the other party was no longer able to respond to him anymore. Stabbed in the chest by the dying out sword, in the blink of an eye, this poison extracting physician lost her vitality. She had a stunned look on her face, and didn't even have the time to say her last words.

A pity... Zhang Sheng's heart sneered.

If I hadn't met with you six months ago, at this time, I might have been hit hard, and then implicate everyone else... As an Emotion Sword cultivator, Lu is indeed my life gate, unfortunately, you guys have revealed this card too early!

That's right, until now, I still can't put down my love for Lu, but I also know that the real Lu had already died three years ago, and now she was just a walking dead controlled by the Demon King. Because if it's the real Lu, she would never stand on the opposite of me at this time. And I will never waste my feelings for a pile of meat! That is a disrespect for the real Lu!

After somewhat severing all their relation, the power of Zhang Sheng's dying heart sword went up a level. He thrust through the corpse of Lu and swept the defense line of the demon, pressing toward the Demon King!

As long as this sword reached its target, this battle would be considered as over!

At the last moment, Zhang Sheng found out that time seemed to slow down... It might be that when he unleashed his dying heart sword with all his might, due to overwork, his primordial spirit had already surpassed its limit, or perhaps this was the final struggle of the demon king-although he was just a remnant soul without flesh, after all, his primordial spirit was on the level of Supreme, that he might be able to influence the perception of others.

But this was just a senseless struggle. No matter how he tried to interfere, Zhang Sheng's dying heart sword would not be shaken.

"A pity." The voice of the Demon King faintly sounded out, "She is the sole survivor whose soul is left intact by me. Originally, I wanted to tell that if you can beat me, I would help you two to be together. Unexpectedly, my painstaking effort was ruthlessly smashed by you."

"..." Hearing this, Zhang Sheng was stunned, and his mind began to tremble uncontrollably.

"Don't listen to him." Wang Lu shouted. "This is 'dead men tell no tales' matter, not worth wasting the energy!"

"Dead men tell no tales? Hahaha, that's just self-deception! If she doesn't have feelings for you, how could she break the order six months ago and go to meet with you privately? It's true that I should've kept this card until the end~ She loves you so much that she disdains everything, she would rather abandon her own tribe and also want to impede the array. Otherwise, how could just now my perfect array turn from good to bad? If you have eyes, don't tell me you couldn't see the problem with the array position at that time? Unfortunately, you guys are still too weak that even with her effort to impede the array, you guys still can't win, that's why at the last moment, she had to take the initiative to break away to become the flaw! From the moment she regained consciousness three years ago, she made up her mind to sacrifice herself to help you! But you, the man who once made a solemn pledge of eternal love with her and willing to live and die together, finally stepped on her corpse to get to me!"

"Y-You..." Zhang Sheng's whole body shivered fiercely, and his sword qi scattered uncontrollably.

"That's right, you won. My perfect array has been broken. No one can stop you. So enjoy your fruit of victory human, the fruit poured by the blood of the beloved must be especially, fucking beautiful!"


Zhang Sheng's state of mind was in a chaos and his dying heart sword came crashing down.

"Damn it, I knew people in heat can't be trusted..."

At the crucial moment, Wang Lu came forward and took the main position in the three individual sword array despite the repulsion. The primal chaos heaven splitting sword qi turned into a giant vortex that sucked Zhang Sheng's sword qi to turn it into its own use, and then continued the sword thrust for the victory.

Regardless of whose corpse he stepped on or whose blood that poured the fruit of victory...

Zhang Sheng might have fallen for your trick, but I will not!

However, without the full cooperation of the three people in the three individual sword array, Wang Lu's action was tantamount to controlling the energy of the combine sword array with his own strength. Suddenly, the overloading operation caused a huge shock to Wang Lu's golden core, and crack began to grow everywhere, the bones in his body began to issue a crackling sound, and from his seven orifices, wisps of blood continued to spill over! Inheriting the majority of the power of the dying heart sword, the primal chaos heaven splitting sword qi had already become as heavy as a mountain, such that, for a moment, it could not be wielded out!


Raising his last energy vigorously, Ouyang Shang stepped on the 'human' position and forcibly replaced Zhang Sheng whose mind had already collapsed. However, on his original 'earth' position, there was still another Ouyang Shang who was maintaining the array!

This was the five element secret technique that he was supposed to not be able to use in his current stage, the Dirt Land Reincarnation. In theory, to perform this secret technique, one has to have the Deity Stage cultivation base. However, in this fight, Ouyang Shang had staked his life and went all out. He fully exerted his identity as the son of providence. From under his feet, the ground suddenly burst forth a trace of power that supported him in perfectly releasing this secret technique.

The so-called great providence in the body was thus shown to the max.

After Ouyang Shang stabilized the three individual sword array, Wang Lu immediately felt an endless supply of energy, and the sword qi in his hand became more comfortable to wield.

"Oh, this providence in the body again?" The Demon King sneered. "I've been waiting for this for a long time. Ridiculous providence, break for me!"


When the voice of the Demon King had just fallen, Ouyang Shang felt his golden core suddenly jump, and then the Dirt Land Reincarnation was loudly smashed into pieces. Immediately, the 'human' position became vacant, and the three individual sword array directly broke. Simultaneously, the violent backlash came crashing down on Ouyang Shang and Wang Lu, and the two men spurted out blood at the same time! Wang Lu even clearly heard the sound of the disintegration of his own golden core.

In this circumstance, the disintegration of golden core would almost certainly lead to death. However, in this last moment, Wang Lu still maintained an unusual calmness, still very much in control of his own action. Although there was not much time left, it was enough for him to complete his mission.

At the last moment, Wang Lu vigorously rose his last bit of energy and directly detonated the already out of control primal chaos heaven splitting sword qi.

Let's die together!