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 Chapter 532: So Annoyed That it is Still Wednesday

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So Annoyed That it is Still Wednesday 1

The sky was as dark as ink.

Not seeing the sun in three years did not end with the launch of this double array.

The world above the water surface was still in total darkness. In the past three years, the black tide had been deeply rooted and grown stronger in the Savage Land. After leaving Blessed Fountain, cultivators of Spirit Sword Sect saw more and more powerful spirits of the dead. Thousands of armies of skeletons spread along the vast land all the way to the horizon. It was especially thicker in the direction of Spirit Sword Mountain. The road toward Spirit Sword Mountain seemed to be an impassable pass.

"... My goodness, just out of the dragon's pool and into the tiger's den."

In the three individual sword array, Ouyang Shang spoke out with emotion what was in Wang Lu and Zhang Sheng's mind.

Under the influence of the array, the three guys' primordial spirits were closely connected, each mind interlinked with the others.

"Nonsense, if there's such an earth-shattering scene, the black tide should've long alarmed Shengjing Sect, and Daoist Master He Tu should've sent his people to stop it. Do you take the Nine Regions map of Shengjing Sect as fake? This is just an illusion! Everybody stay close! We're coming home!"

The seventy-two cultivators of Spirit Sword Sect below the three individual sword array were silent. When they activated the array, they have converged their primordial spirits and handed everything over to the three individual sword array above them, not caring about the outside world. Where the three individual sword array pointed at was where they would go.

Wang Lu occupied the sky position within the three individual sword array and had the absolute dominance in the critical moment. As soon as they broke out of the Blessed Fountain, he immediately locked the direction they would go. The sword pointed to the east, in the direction of Spirit Sword Mountain!

Toward this, Ouyang Shang hesitated a little but did not oppose it. He just remembered the other Junior Sisters who entered the Savage Land together... Three years ago, before black tide blocked the Blessed Fountain, there were more than twenty people scattered around the Savage Land. He wondered whether they were still alive?

However, now was not the time for a rescue operation. The explosive power of the double array was unparalleled, but it couldn't last. At most, the sword array would last for an hour before it completely disintegrated. And after the double array disintegrated, everyone would be exhausted like a dried oil lamp... When they initially planned this move, it was intended as a 'succeed or die trying' move. They did not have any extra time to waste.

"Break! Break! Break!"

Wang Lu commanded the sword array to advance triumphantly. He continued to urge the primordial spirit to issue the order. Each 'break' sound, a wave of devastating primordial chaos heaven splitting sword qi broke out, shattering everything that blocked their path.

After three consecutive waves, the sword array had rushed dozens of miles away from Blessed Fountain. The place that they went through did not have a single enemy as countless of departed spirits had been turned to ashes by the sword wave. The black tide had also been scattered by a lot. The dark clouds in the sky above gradually turned loose, revealing the dusky sunlight.

However, after three rounds of sword wave, the resistance on the road ahead of them was getting bigger and bigger. The departed spirits that had died previously were just cannon fodders. At present, there were more and more elites in front of them, trying to stop the sword array at all cost.

"Break! Break! Break!"

Wang Lu did not stop but just sent three consecutive orders. Its momentum became even more astonishing, prompting sword waves with more powerful destructive force.

The huge mountain of rotting flesh cracked under the sword wave, the sinister malicious spirits vanished like smoke in thin air, and untold numbers of skeletons crushed into bone powder... It was an unparalleled crushing attack, and the sword array was unimpeded. They once again rushed forward for dozens of miles. This was equivalent to taking a big step on their journey home.

At the same time, the enemy at the front gradually also became more and more formidable. The monsters of Savage Land that had been corrupted by the black tide, and the ancient demon spirits were draped in a layer of heavy armor that previously appeared in the demon spirit dream...

"Break! Break! Break!"

Wang Lu roared and the primordial spirit madly spurred the power of the sword array. The seventy-two golden cores of the great killing array burst frantically with each of Wang Lu's breath. Each contraction would squeeze out waves of golden core true qi into the three individual sword array, and then transform into primordial chaos heaven splitting sword qi that was equal to heavenly tribulation, which would then explode ahead of them.

The ancient demon spirits were torn and smashed in anger and pain, and the monsters were dying in ignorance. And the ghost king who had just appeared melted and disappeared...

However, after that one vigorous effort, exhaustion flooded in. Although the magical power supply from the seventy-two great killing array was still abundant, the actual situation of Wang Lu's primordial spirit, after nine rounds of explosion, became uncertain and started to flicker.


Ouyang Shang took a step forward in the sword array and replaced Wang Lu as the controller of the entire array. With Ouyang Shang on the stage, the movement of the sword array slowed down. At the same time, it lost the power to float in mid-air and began to fall down. In a short moment, everyone in the sword array fell into a mountain. Meanwhile, in the mountains, the power of the black tide was ubiquitous. Countless monsters and spirits of the dead began to poke their head.


Ouyang Shang let out a cold humph. The huge power of the array was no longer concentrated into a sharp sword but suddenly sank into the ground.

The next moment, the sword array suddenly moved forward, rushing with an alarming speed. Their feet and legs did not move, but instead, it seemed like they were flying, and also unstoppable... Because the ground under their feet frantically surged, pushing them forward according to Ouyang Shang's order.

Ahead of them was a mountain range, so Ouyang Shang shouted, "Separate!"

The ground shook and the mountains in the mountain range separated. The peaks that have stood for thousands of years voluntarily cracked under that command, separated into a slender canyon, which became the passage for the sword array to pass through.

On both sides of the canyon, big and small spirits of the dead-eyed them covetously, and in front of them, a number of wisps of ghosts dropped from the sky to block their path.

The spirits of the dead in the black tide would not obey the order of Ouyang Shang, so he once again commanded the mountain range.


The ground collapsed and the mountains cracked. Cracks burst out on the ground as if the mouth of the ground behemoth swallowed up the spirits of the dead. The broken mountains and stones rolled down, crushing the spirits of the dead under their weight.

Ouyang Shang ordered the land for his own use to clear the way ahead. Now, there were no enemies that blocked their way on both sides of the canyon, and their momentum forward was unstoppable. After making sure the road ahead was clear for a hundred miles, Ouyang Shang felt his primordial spirit had turned hot, nearly reaching the limit.


Zhang Sheng stepped forward to replace Ouyang Shang. As he occupied the main position, the power of the sword array suddenly fell down a level-although in the sword array they shared each other's power and their primordial spirit mingled with each other, the gap between him and Wang Lu and Ouyang Shang was undeniable.

Feeling that the momentum of the sword array had gone down, those spirits of the dead who were previously scared shitless began to stir up.


Zhang Sheng unleashed his Emotion Sword. The Emotion Sword qi was invisible, and it quietly infiltrated. After a while, the sounds of fierce battles could be heard everywhere. The spirits of the dead within the black tide were affected by the sword qi and began to kill each other frantically. The cultivators of Spirit Sword Sect who were surrounded in the middle by them, however, were not affected.

Zhang Sheng lightly smiled and commanded the sword array to move forward. Although they were not fast, it was smooth and relaxed.

After going on like this for dozens of miles, Zhang Sheng gradually felt his primordial spirit shook, his heart irritated, and the seven emotions and six desires began to dance chaotically. It was difficult for him to sustain the Emotion Sword any longer.


At this time, Wang Lu was already well rested and had been waiting for his turn for a long time. However, when he took over the main position and ready to fly upward and clear all the spirits of the dead with the primal chaos heaven splitting sword... This battle to return home had finally ushered in a full-fledged powerful opponent.


"Good array, worthy to be called the golden generation indeed."

It was the familiar voice and the familiar figure. Ahead of them was someone with the red skin, the fierce fangs, and the heavy armor. Though the body was small, it was majestic. Fire burned from his feet, and every step that he took left behind burning footsteps on the ground.

The last long-lost demon king finally appeared.

"You have guts, you really dare to show yourself. A mere intangible remnant soul, without even a physical body, do you come here to die?" Wang Lu narrowed his eyes and analyzed the opponent's reality with his insight.

However, even with his sharp eyes, he came up with nothing... The opponent rank was after all too high. The complete state of the demon king was the same level as the monster wolf Fenrir, his stage was probably higher than a Supreme. Even if he was just a mere remnant soul, he still could not be analyzed by a Jindan Stage cultivator.

However, a remnant soul was still a remnant soul... If he had even just one percent of his original ability, he did not need to be so enthusiastic in mobilizing the hundreds of thousands of spirits of the dead in the black tide to obstruct them from returning to the mountain. By relying on so many minions, it just showed that his noumenon power was seriously lacking. At least not enough to withstand the sword array of the cultivators of Spirit Sword Sect.

"Outbound visitor, go back to your home!"

Just as his voice fell, Wang Lu fully unleashed his primal chaos heaven splitting sword qi. The heaven splitting sword qi was omnipotent and had absolute lethality against the intangible soul. When the sword qi came out, the Demon King remnant soul immediately appeared shaky.

However, just before the Demon King was split by the sword qi, a thick shield suddenly blocked in front of him. The sword qi that was powerful enough to break the sky bombarded that shield, which set off a terrifying shockwave. After the ripple spread out and dispersed, the shield, however, remained as strong as ever.

"... Oh?"

The shield was held on a thick and powerful arm, and the arm belonged to a tall and burly, heavy armored demon. Underneath the helmet was a familiar face.

"Desert demon? He's not dead?"

More than three years ago, Wang Lu saw that face in the desert. It was a strong and hardworking blacksmith but simple and honest. Later on, with the cost of his life, the power of the ancestor was triggered in him by the Demon King, becoming the complete form of the royal family of the demon race along with skyrocketed power.

However, setting aside that drawing the ancestor power would overdraw the vitality... Even after returning to his ancestor's form, with his peak power, the blacksmith would not have been able to resist the primal chaos heaven splitting sword qi.

The full power strike of primal chaos heaven splitting sword qi with the backing of two great sword array, let alone Jindan or Yuanying... even Daoist Master of Deity Stage, if not yet reached the middle level, would not be able to meet with this sword strike head-on. And that blacksmith was at most at the level of Jindan... Could it be that in three years, he was able to rise from Jindan to Deity Stage?

However, very soon, Wang Lu's doubt was answered. Behind that blacksmith appeared dozens of royal families. All of them were desert demons that should've died a long time ago, with power far exceeded that of three years ago. At the same time... their breaths were linked with each other, a sign that they were vaguely connected by an unknown array.

It was not the blacksmith who blocked the primal chaos heaven splitting sword qi just now, but rather the synergy of these dozens of demons. Despite that... even if dozens of them joined together, they should not be able to match the power of the sword qi.

"It's not just you who knows array."

Demon King said with an irritating smile, "It is true that I'm just a remnant soul of an outbound visitor, and I can't even withstand your one sword strike. So, if you have the ability, just pass through my loyal bodyguards and kill me if you can."