Chapter 530: Blind Date

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"I heard that this kid Zhang Sheng's state of mind is not quite right recently."

Inside the bedroom, while looking at the form submitted by Cai Xia, Wang Lu casually asked.

Cai Xia coldly snorted. "His personal flying sword is destroyed, of course his state of mind is not quite right."

"New ones do not come if the old ones do not go. His personal flying sword has already been contaminated by the gutter oil when he reached Jindan Stage, so after passing through this disaster, sooner or later, he would have to trade it. Moreover, haven't I delivered him a high-rank magical treasure? With his aptitude, he would be able to fully use it after refining it for a month. Not to mention that what he cultivates is Emotion Sword, meaning that he uses emotion as his sword, so personal flying sword is not important."

"Humph, you always have things to say, but obviously you two didn't look after..."

Wang Lu said with a smile, "Is your conscience also being contaminated by the gutter oil? When Zhang Sheng has an accident, it's just in time when the demon king invaded in. I and your Big Brother were busy saving you all so we didn't have the time, how could we not look after him? Let alone your Big Brother has already given him the life-saving trick... Oh yeah, the method of self-destructing flying sword was taught by your Big Brother, so even if you want to blame someone, you can't blame me for it."

Cai Xia curled her lips up and knew that she couldn't defeat the opposite party in arguing, so she was too lazy to respond.

"You have already gotten the form, and I still have to train, so no more chatting with you."

After sending Cai Xia away, Wang Lu turned around and saw Ouyang Shang standing behind him while holding another form.

As the controller of the Dragon Palace, Ouyang Shang also linked with the main array along with the rest. He was not an exception. As the most important part of the array, he could freely use the Dragon Palace like his hands and feet, so it was not surprising that he could appear and disappear like a ghost.

What was surprising was the form in his hand.

"Zhang Sheng's problem isn't over yet?"

"Yeah." Ouyang Shang nodded. "On that day, after he blew his flying sword and fled back in, he seemed quite different. At that time, the Demon King infiltrated in and caused a disturbance, and He Yue who was the nearest to him rushed to his side to protect him. According to her, Zhang Sheng's expression when he reunited back with his primordial spirit was not quite right. I'm afraid it was not as simple as due to losing his personal flying sword."

Wang Lu said, "It's not as simple indeed, the Demon King personally covered the ambush... You just came back from checking Zhang Sheng's condition, so how is it?"

"Everything is normal, except that he is somewhat weak."

"Weak? Physically weak or having a weak heart?" Wang Lu, at this time, also saw the form in Ouyang Shang's hand, which was the result of Ouyang Shang's comprehensive check up on Zhang Sheng. Among which, there were several interesting data.

"A combination of both." Ouyang Shang Said, "No need to say about physical weakness. As for having a guilty conscience... it's also inaccurate. His primordial spirit is highly active, especially his sword intent, which is awe-inspiring. It's almost as if his personal flying sword wasn't destroyed."

"When one cultivates Emotion Sword, one uses emotion as sword, when there is emotion, there is the sword. Looking at him now, it's like he's in heat."

Ouyang Shang said with a wry smile, "That's almost like the situation described by Junior Sister He Yue to me... After blasting his flying sword and merging back with his primordial spirit, his first breathing was particularly heavy, as if he was agitated, then he activated his immortal heart to control it. He Yue thought that he hasn't adjusted himself after the fierce battle, but in fact..."

"In fact, he was actually in heat." Wang Lu categorically made a judgment.

"The problem is, when I asked Zhang Sheng just now, he refused to tell me anything."

Wang Lu snorted. "When you have a wet dream, would you say it to the others?"

"... Isn't that why I'm here looking for you? Only you can deal with this kind of vulgar topic, not me."

"Humph, humph, you finally recognize the huge disparity between you and me?"



Two hours later, Wang Lu returned to the room and shrugged his shoulders. "It's like what we guessed."

Ouyang Shang gawked. "Is it really her? It's the 'soul of a deceased has not yet dispersed' thing."

Before Wang Lu looked for Zhang Sheng for a talk, he and Ouyang Shang had actually made a guess on who actually could make Zhang Sheng's emotion unstable. The final conclusion was-it was likely the poison extracting physician that had died in the desert.

For the person who cultivated Emotion Sword, the word emotion always rises abruptly and comes in strongly. Moreover, for a very long time, it would be hard to forget. Naturally, it was not easy to be like the predecessor who rose to immortality with one love throughout his life. Moreover, being recklessly involved with multiple girls were not unheard of, either. Love is love after all. Could it be that fickle love was not love? A man whose love was only for a particular person could have a sword that could destroy ten thousand methods, but so was a person with fickle love.

However, Zhang Sheng was at least not a promiscuous person. In the past more than two years, he didn't say anything, but everyone knew that he hadn't forgotten about the things in the desert.

At first, they left the place in a hurry and did not see the final fate of the desert demons. However, having their ancestor's power abruptly broke out through their weak degenerate body, they basically had no way to escape death. Moreover, there was still the monster wolf in the ground. Thus, no matter how one looked at it, it was basically a dead end for them. For this reason, when Wang Chenye came back, he got very drunk. However, Zhang Sheng, who had a more intense temperament, did not say a word, but since then, he who was originally outgoing and cheerful became more old-fashioned.

This emotional journey was very complex, and there was no need to say it. In short, on the surface, Zhang Sheng at least never said anything. In cultivation, he remained conscientious, so everyone tacitly avoided talking about it. A cultivator must cultivate their mind and heart, so after a period of time, Zhang Sheng would naturally be able to adjust. However, time waited for no one.

Ouyang Shang said hesitantly, "If that is the case, the other party has really grasped a weak link. Zhang Sheng's talent is impeccable, and his heart is more determined than ordinary people. But the Emotion Sword is double-edged, it can hurt others and also the self. The Elders originally wanted him to pass the emotion tribulation once he achieved Jindan Stage-with his temper, he should've already experienced the emotion tribulation early."

"Hey, this is a purely wrong training policy. You guys have made him too ignorant that he fell madly for a local girl... Since you guys have already considered this emotion tribulation, you either keep him on the mountain until he reaches Jindan Stage, or arrange for an attractive girl in the sect to marry him..."

Ouyang Shang said, "Who can imagine that there's a local civilization in the Savage Land..."

"Without a local civilization, there's still a fox spirit... Moreover, when it becomes so lonely, even a wild dog or a goat is a source of risk."

"Hey, you really think Junior Brother Zhang Sheng would..."

"Honestly, do you prefer him to fall in love with a pure and innocent goat or with a demon girl who is a natural enemy of human?"

"Good question..." Ouyang Shang gawked, then really began to think about it.

"To tell you the truth, when you put it that way, I think a beautiful goat is also a good choice... At least we can teach her cultivation, then wait until she transforms into human form, that..."

"... Big Brother, you really have a hearty appetite."

Ouyang Shang hastened to explain, "I'm just speaking academically... Back to the topic. How are you going to solve the problem of Zhang Sheng?"

"The best way is to let him fall in love with somebody else, which will allow him to keep the edge of his Emotion Sword, and also resist the lure of the demon..."

Ouyang Shang said, "But this one is very difficult. In the past two years, we have thought about ways to match him with one of the Junior Sisters in the golden generation. From He Yue, Fei Ying, Cai Xia... All of them had partnered with him, but his immortal heart remained unmoved."

Here, Ouyang Shang had many complaints. Zhang Sheng the little b*stard rarely had his heart moved, but once he was moved, he was moved by a demon, this was a rare achievement.

"I think there's a problem with the previous way of partnering." Wang Lu said, "Let them take turns on duty two at once, which could foster feelings between colleagues. He was already on the mountain for many years, so he should've had a close friend."

"Then what do you think?" Ouyang Shang asked, slightly narrowed his eyes.

"... You really want me to say it, don't you? The simplest way is of course to find a volunteer to give up her virginity to him. Zhang Sheng this kid was clearly starting his love with the physical body so to speak. Since he could be able to have so much fun with that local girl, if it changed to one of our cultivator girls, he might probably play until his kidney burst. Two years ago, he has already tasted the flesh, and after two years of doing it alone with his hand, it is time for him to find a partner."

Ouyang Shang said, "Actually, I think a lot of Junior Sisters like him very much."

"A genius will shine wherever he goes. Moreover, in the past two years, his infatuated look can really lure young girls. Those Junior Sisters were previously cultivating in secret on the mountain, they don't have many experiences, thus naturally they are easily attracted to him."

"Who do you think is better suited to match with him?"

"Well, we can arrange all the Junior Sisters according to the size of their bust, and then, in turn, match them with him one by one."


"Or on the size of the hip? I'm not quite sure about his preference, but as a Big Brother, you should be familiar with him, so you should know quite a lot of his sexuality."

"You're the f*cking one who should know that!"


Just as Wang Lu and Ouyang Shang were trying to decide which girl they would choose to pair up with Zhang Sheng, Zhang Sheng himself was also confused.

Just now, Wang Lu came to his room to ask him about his experience after his primordial spirit went out of his body. But when he saw Wang Lu, he knew that his secret could not be kept.

In fact, he did not intend to make it a secret because the priority of the matter was clear. It was true that the beautiful figure of the poison-extracting physician always lingered in his heart, but compared with the momentary affection, the feelings for his sect and fellow disciples that had been developed for decades were, without a doubt, much heavier.

He had been cultivating Emotion Sword for many years, and had learned to use all kinds of emotion. Otherwise, was Emotion Sword powerless prior to him meeting with the poison extracting physician?

But he didn't want to explain it using those words because anything spoken through his mouth would always almost ineffective-nothing could prove better than living up to the plan. Moreover, rather than letting Big Brother and the others worry about trivial things like this, it was better to solve the problem by himself. The two of them were already busy enough, so they should not be bothered by his feeling.

Wasn't the purpose of the management trainee program to develop the ability to solve problems independently?

Of course, this problem was not easy to solve... Love has always been the most intense of emotions. A person can have a number of relatives and friendships, but the true love is usually only one. Deep in his heart, he always remembered that there was always this hidden danger, so in regard to the demon race, he had made sure of it.

Unfortunately, they were too stupid. Do they think I could turn my back on them just because of this trick? What a f*cking joke!

The experience two years ago was like a dream. But since it was just a dream, there was always a day to wake up.

Zhang Sheng gently stroked the brand new flying sword in his hand-he already had a plan in his heart.