Chapter 525: Great Leap Forward

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Great Leap Forward 1

"Repair the array!"

Facing imminent disaster, Ouyang Shang remained calm. When the Dragon Palace shook and the array disintegrated, he managed to send out the true qi of the golden core from his throat and turn it into a majestic order that spread throughout the palace.

At the same time, more than seventy cultivators of Spirit Sword Sect at the main hall opened their eyes and took action in an orderly manner.

This situation had been discussed at the very beginning. When the situation was critical and the hidden danger of internal strife was no longer the biggest problem, Ouyang Shang directly ordered all the people to lift the restrictions and fully cooperate with his actions.

For example, right now, there was no greater crisis than the water that was pouring over their head-the water itself was not the problem, but the black material dissolved in it caused everyone to secretly feel a strong sense of crisis. After hearing the command from Ouyang Shang, disciples of Spirit Sword Sect immediately took steps to find their position within the array respectively, and then exported their strength to repair the palace.

This underwater palace was the crystallization of the flood dragon's lifelong effort. It had been honed into the existence close to the level of magical treasure. At this time, receiving the cultivators' magical power, the break in the dome began to slowly recover, and the shaken and loose sediment was also gathered together again.

The overall quality of the golden generation was very high, and the execution of their action was even smoother than those highly disciplined cultivators of Royal Soldier Sect. After Ouyang Shang sent out his order, taking only three short breaths, the more than seventy people had completely sealed the break of the dome. During this time, the water had flooded in, but it was only able to drown the people's ankle.

After a tea's time, the whole dragon palace had been completely repaired. Although it had some defects compared to its perfect state, the arrays had been restored, and its power continued to grow, so complete restoration was only a matter of time.

"Big Brother, what's wrong?"

After the completion of the array restoration, Cai Xia could not help but ask. She was particularly keen on the change in magical power, and just now was surprised by the change in the Dragon Palace. She was very clear that Ouyang Shang' inability to control the power cause the accident... But according to her understanding, this kind of mistake was simply unthinkable.

Although Big Brother liked to joke around a bit too much, in cultivation, he was perfect. He might be limited by his cultivation time, and thus many things could not be achieved, but to say that his failure in control caused this accident... it was really unbelievable.

However, when Cai Xia just got up to ask that question, suddenly, Yang Fei's exclamation came from behind, "Be careful!"

Be careful? Cai Xia was inwardly surprised and immediately turned around. However, with her Xudan Stage cultivation base, and her thoroughly tempered reaction, she only had time to see a faint shadow standing behind her.

Dark shadow? What is this thing? Where is it from?

The dark shadow was faintly visible, and it was in humanoid form. Cai Xia intuitively felt that if this thing touched her, she would be in a great trouble. In a hurry, she activated her body protection sword qi, yet it was not fast enough. And although the flying sword had been sent off from Yang Fei's palm, the one who first who noticed the dark shadow, it was still a bit too late to stop the shadow.

The dark shadow already touched Cai Xia's shoulder.

All of a sudden, the world around her stayed still, and everything seemed to stop. She knew that this was not really the time stop, but her primordial spirit being forcibly suppressed by an incomparably powerful existence, interrupting all her connections with the outside world. At the same time, the cold touch spread from the shoulder, and everywhere the cold touch spread, that place seemed to no longer be her own. With how fast this cold touch spread, in a flash, she would no longer be herself...

A-Am I going to die?

The next moment, the paused world was shattered, and everything resumed their movement. In her stunned state, Cai Xia only felt that her shoulder seemed lighter, and then came the excruciating pain.

Her shoulder was shattered. The sleek shoulder seemed as if it had been gouged out of life, revealing the pale bones and the spring-like gush of blood.

At the same time, on one side of the hall, Wang Lu lightly retracted his right-hand finger.

"Phew... Just in time, fortunately."

Needless to say, only Wang Lu's Primordial Chaos Heaven Splitting Sword Qi could be able to be quicker than Yang Fei's flying sword and even Cai Xia's own subconscious reaction.

The marvelousness of the immortal level method was something that even the golden generation could not attain.

However, this sword qi was brought out too suddenly, and the shadow just now only appeared in a flicker of time, so most of the people didn't even realize what just happened. Therefore, they were all stunned and puzzled. Some whose reaction was even slower showed a naked hostility toward Wang Lu.

"Idiot. Instead of baring your teeth at me, it's better to think of a way to heal her first. Although I have deliberately suppressed the lethality, in order to completely eliminate the toxin, and without leaving hidden dangers, there shouldn't be too many hands. The injury caused by the heaven splitting sword qi can't recover naturally."

Wang Lu pointed at Cia Xia who looked weak. At the same time, three or four cultivators who were good at medical treatment had already rushed to heal her. With the help of medicine pills, talismans, and magical tool, the broken shoulder began to slowly heal.

"What exactly... happened just now?" Cai Xia asked while holding out the pain, "What is that black shadow just now?"

Wang Lu shook his head. "In short, it's not a good thing. It ought to infiltrate from the polluted water. Everyone must be careful."

As soon as he had finished speaking, Wang Lu immediately blasted the dark shadow that had just formed behind him with his sword qi backhandedly.

"The other party can appear and disappear unpredictably."

"... What about Big Brother?" Cai Xia asked.

Wang Lu said, "Fully using his power in running the array to prevent the water from pouring down. He can't get away from his post right now, so I'm fully responsible here... What, do you want to protest against this arrangement?"

"No... Although I don't like you, I know how to prioritize things, so please give us the orders."

"The first is to clean up the sewage." Wang Lu said, "All the sewage must be cleaned up, including the contaminated area. Don't miss a spot."

"And how should we clean up?"

"Exorcise. Treat this thing as if it's a demon race. You should've been taught the way to exorcise, right? Although it has been two millennia since the last great war of immortal and demon, I have the impression that this should be a compulsory course in the Teng Cloud Hall. I just don't know if this is also important a hundred years ago..."

"Do you mean what happened just now was demon race's doing?" Cai Xia didn't hear the latter part when Wang Lu talked to himself. She was already surprised when she heard the first couple of sentences. "Haven't they all died in the desert?"

"The soul of the deceased has not yet dispersed. In short, I'm afraid we have to spend a long time to deal with the demon race."

Wang Lu said, bent down, picked up the sewage with his palm, and then swallowed the sewage in front of the horrified eyes of everyone.

"Tsk, it's indeed a familiar taste."

We meet again... Black tide.


"Sure enough it's the black tide... I can't believe that guy can still move the black tide in his remnant soul state."

"The reason why he tried to delay us through various means is just to create this black tide besieging a city scenario. Fortunately, it's only a small black tide that has shrunk more than ninety percent of its original. If it's the big black tide that we saw in the desert, even if it is not enough to eliminate Fenrir, at least it could completely destroy our group easily."

"Yeah, fortunately, the big black tide has been sealed off by you."

In a simple bedroom, Ouyang Shang was sitting cross-legged with his eyes closed, sighing with emotion when he said those words. His body was brimming with a trace of immortal spirit aura.

This was a small uncontrolled energy dissipation when he was fully operating his golden core. Since Ouyang Shang couldn't even perfectly control his body's magical power, it could be seen how difficult the current situation was.

Wang Lu asked, "How is the situation outside?"

"Not very good. Blessed Fountain has been completely polluted by the black tide. Fortunately, the source of the pollution is above the water surface, and the repair array is activated fast enough. Otherwise, if more water pours down, things will not be as simple as it is now."

"I have already mobilized them to clean up the place. This could also be considered as letting them warm up... So, do you want to rush out?"

Ouyang Shang pondered for a moment. "That's difficult. By the present situation, only the two of us could rush out. The others will find it very difficult to withstand the black tide... Unless the circumference of your Non-Phase Sword Defense can maintain its highest intensity while expanding to the area of over a hundred feet."

Wang Lu said, "After I reach peak Jindan Stage, I may be able to do it... In short, we can only hold this place first and think of other ways later. But, this could turn into an unprecedented protracted war. The place is being completely wrapped by the black tide, how long do you think can it last?"

Ouyang Shang was silent for a while before he spoke, "Up to three years... After all, this dragon palace was just hand built by a wild flood dragon who hasn't received systematic training, and our arrival time is too short to make a comprehensive transformation. Now, even if I overdraw the foundation of the dragon palace, I can only push it to persist for up to three years, under the premise that no such accident can happen again."

"Rest assured, I will be responsible to make it up if an accident happens again, and it will unlikely to go so far as what happened just now where the roof is overturned."

"Hmm, if you aren't here, I wouldn't have dared to give out the three years guarantee."

"In three years, in order to reverse the situation, the key here is the people outside. You know them better than I do, so what do you think?"

"Regardless of what, being trapped in a dead end, three years is not enough. But since we have this dragon palace and if we regard this black tide as a nutrient, perhaps it can be done." Ouyang Shang said, "It's just that, it would be a bit hard and dangerous."

When it came to this, even Ouyang Shang himself broke into laughter.

Compared with the horror that befell the Spirit Sword Sect in Wang Lu's timeline, what was a mere hard and dangerous effort?

This was already a very good outcome... The power of the black tide was a tenth of its original power, and the demon king that came from an unknown origin only has a remnant soul left. In the face of such a situation, what else was there to complain about?

"Humph, since that devil didn't drag my defense line down at the first moment... In the next three years, I will let him see the potential of the golden generation."

"In three years, I want everyone in this Dragon Palace to reach Jindan Stage!"