Chapter 506: whosyourdaddy

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Generally speaking, Wang Lu and Ouyang Shang were both well-mannered and decent people. Even if occasionally their moral integrity was mysteriously hidden, they always had their bottom line in doing things. Otherwise, it was difficult for them to bear the reputation of the sect.

However, it was precisely because each of them respectively shouldered the heavy responsibility of the sect that when they needed to do something by any means necessary, they would never hesitate.

The great elder of the desert tribe had no enmity nor quarrel with the two, and he also had no character defect. The two of them did not have a reason to deal with him with a heavy hand. No matter from which perspective, what they did was a completely evil act. However, at this time, Wang Lu and Ouyang Shang were facing the problem of survival and death of the whole Spirit Sword Mountain. When presented with the choice of being a wicked person or a dead person, it was not difficult to choose.

Under the spell threat of the two men, the great elder didn't hold on for long before divulging the secret of the tribe.

It wasn't that he wasn't really strong-willed-the fear of soul searching technique was of course natural-but more importantly, he saw that, to know the secret, the two cultivators were really willing to put down all pretenses, and they would do anything necessary to accomplish it. If he were to insist on not saying anything till he die, they were likely to turn to the rest of the tribe members. When the time came, this great tribe that had lasted for two thousand years in the difficult situation would be destroyed. Thus, he had no choice at all.

There was indeed a legend about the dreamland in the desert tribe.

"In the legend, every warrior who died fighting the invisible devil will enter the demon spirit dream."

"The demon spirit dream?"

"I also don't know what it is. For me, the demon spirit dream is only a legend that has been circulated within the tribe many years ago. So far, no one has ever seen it, and no one actually knows what exactly the demon spirit dream is. However, this legend is a secret that has been passed down orally generation after generation of tribal elders. Such a precious and heavy secret, there must be a meaning behind it. I think, it should contain the secret to defeat the invisible devil."

"Very good."

With that, the green light in Wang Lu's hand flashed, and the great elder of the demon race fainted to the ground without making any sound. Wang Lu did not destroy his soul, but rather turned the soul searching technique into a shocking thrust to make him unconscious.

"I think I've already guessed the answer."

Beside him, Ouyang Shang also touched his chin. "He said that the dead warrior will enter the demon spirit dream, right? This setup is somewhat interesting."

"There are two explanations for this. The first is a religious doctrine, which has no practical significance. Its role is to guide the tribe members to fight bravely and not afraid to die. But the legend does not describe the content of the demon spirit dream in details, and it also has limited ability in guiding the tribe member. Moreover, for a withering tribe, too much contempt for the threat of death is tantamount to suicide."

Ouyang Shang nodded. "And the second possibility is the dream building technique."

Wang Lu said, "It should be the second explanation. I really too underestimated this last demon king who personally led millions upon millions of creatures to build the new demon world. Unexpectedly, he was able to plant this idea into the dead person above... Yes, his strength alone is limited, and the tribe has fallen into the hands of Fenrir, so the scale could never be expanded to carry a formidable dreamland. Even when the tribe was at its strongest, the population had never exceeded that of ten thousand. But if all those who died in the past two thousand years are also counted... Why didn't I think of this before?"

Ouyang Shang said with a smile, "According to the dream building technique in the secret chamber inside the mountain of corpses, there is no way to use the dead people to build a dream. It means that this is a miracle caused by technique innovation, so it's not your fault that it's beyond calculation."

"So, the question now is, what is the real appearance of that demon spirit dream? Junior Brother Wang, for this dream building technique..."

"Haven't studied it thoroughly. But I think cramming study should be about the same. We don't need to build a dreamland, we can just participate as an observer."

Wang Lu said, spread the scroll where he copied the murals on the secret chamber. Numerous complicated secret lines and figures swayed along with Wang Lu's fingers and floated on the scroll. The secrets of the dream building technique were thus presented before him one by one.

While continuing to swing his fingers to change the image, Wang Lu said, "I remember having seen a similar technique that could be used to spy on private dreams, I think it's called inside peeping technique right?"

"Inside peeping technique... Are you sure it's used to peep into the dreamland?"

"Em, this is it." Wang Lu said and then reached out toward the scroll. The rapidly changing image suddenly stopped. "You can perceive the existence of dreamland, which is just right for the present situation."

Although the legend of the demon spirit dream had already been known, no one in the desert tribe had seen it in two thousand years. It was clear that the last demon king had hidden himself in the dreamland, but without the corresponding skill, they wouldn't be able to see it even if they wanted to.

Fenrir suppressed the demon king for two thousand years but did not know the existence of the dreamland, clearly it was related to this unique skill. In those years, the dream building technique could be considered as a rare secret. Were it not for Wang Lu stumbling upon the demon world and recording the dream building technique into the scroll, at this time, there was nothing he could do.

The skill to perceive the dreamland was not complicated. With the ability of the two Daoists Master of Jindan Stage, before long, they completely mastered the spell and cast it on the spot without hesitation.

Both of them had very strong crisis awareness, so they did not want to waste any moment. Even if there were still many problems that had to be dealt with right now, such as what would they do when the attack on the great elder would be discovered... Previously, they didn't give Feng Yin and the others any prior notice, so what would they reaction be when they found out... But right now, they could only put that matter down.

To put it mildly, even if things developed toward the worst direction, it would be worth it if they could stop the recovery of the demon king.

A moment later, the spell came into effect. The two people felt a bit of a heat for a moment, and then a whole new world appeared before them.

The dreamworld created by dream building technique did not have a fixed position. The dream lies where the heart lies. When they were aware of the existence of the dreamland and observed it in the right way, they could see the dreamland built by the person before them.

The scenery around them gradually turned dim and transparent, the light of the new world had replaced everything.

A vast expanse of battlefield was presented before their eyes.

At one end of the battlefield there were countless demon warriors, seemingly like a red tide. They were armed with excellent weapons as they shouted out loud. Their imposing manner was like a rainbow, and their prestige shook the sky. These warriors had the complete posture that the desert tribe dreamed of, each one of them was exactly the same as the royal family who ruled the demon world two thousand years ago, with heavy armors and high-spirited fighting intent.

The army of thousands upon thousands of royal family warriors who once stood undefeated in the demon world. According to the history of demon world, the first generation of demon king unified the demon world with such a powerful army; even the proud army of Flaming Valley had to express fear of such a power. In the eyes of Wang Lu and Ouyang Shang, perhaps because it was limited by origin, these demon spirits incarnation of the desert tribe could not completely replicate the posture of their ancestors, so their average rank was still a lot lower. Most of the warriors were only the equivalent of human cultivators of Qi Cultivating Stage, a tenth had the strength equivalent of that of Foundation Establishment Stage, and very few Jindan Stage level.

However, their number advantage made this group of warriors not to be underestimated. As far as the eyes could see, there were at least hundreds of thousands of demon race. With hundreds of thousands of Qi Cultivating Stage level cultivators... even the Five Uniques of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals must think twice to face such force.

However, in this battlefield, the demon race was actually under pressure.

Because their opponent was too powerful. It was a colossus that occupied half of the battlefield-A darkness that obliterated everything everywhere it goes, and even the light of the blue sky was engulfed by it. The warriors of demon race, using their weapons and their natural magical ability, unceasingly united their strength to attack the darkness, or launched flaming attack, called out for thunderbolt, or threw out blazing spears. A few of them with high cultivation base could integrate the power of tens of thousands of demon race warriors and were able to refine huge puppets or perhaps launch an astonishingly powerful witchcraft.

But none of these could reverse the situation. The darkness steadily expanded while the army of the demon race retreated in defeat again and again. Even the most elite warrior, if touched by the darkness, would turn into miserable bones in a moment, and then to ashes, not leaving anything.

Wang Lu and Ouyang Shang watched from a corner of the battlefield for a moment and there were already at least tens of thousands of soldiers that died tragically.

"This rhythm is a bit weird. If this goes on, it would not be long before these demons all die. How could they persist for two thousand years? Did we accidentally come when both sides decided to fight to the death, or..."

Just as he spoke, Wang Lu saw on the side of the battlefield that belonged to the demon race, the sky suddenly opened and countless demon race warriors descended from the sky and joined the battlefield. The joining of the new force finally allowed the demon race to stop their declining trend and began to move forward slowly.

During this time, Wang Lu could clearly see that this batch of fresh warriors was clearly the ones who died before.

"... What kind of science is this, it's so cool!"

If this was just ordinary dreamland, let alone coming back from the death, even more bizarre things weren't worth making a fuss about. But this demon spirit dream was clearly built on a complete and self-consistent rule system, but what rules could be used to explain this resurrection scene?

The same question also existed in Ouyang Shang's mind. However, before the two of them could come up with any explanation for this, they suddenly saw in a distant place a high level demon with close to Xudan Stage level strength was struck by a huge invisible force, and came down from the sky like a meteor. As it happened, that demon fell down at the feet of the two men, creating a huge pit.

That demon was actually tenacious. After spitting out a mouthful of blood in the pit, he struggled to get up, completely disregarding the fact that this would only aggravate his injury. When he got up and saw Wang Lu and Ouyang Shang, he was taken aback. "Are you guys new here?"

Wang Lu froze for a moment, and then said, "Yes, this is...?"

Upon hearing this, that demon let out a laugh, "Hahaha, you should've guessed it, this is the demon spirit dream! Wuah!"

Before he had finished talking, he began to vomit blood. No matter how hard he tried to stop it, it just wouldn't stop. A moment later, he died due to loss of blood.

Wang Lu and Ouyang Shang looked at each other in blank dismay, thinking that this interlude was somewhat inexplicable. However, in just half an incense later, they saw a person flew from one side of the sky and waved at them.

It was the one that had just died. Wang Lu looked down and saw that the man's corpse was still on the ground.

"Hahaha, are you surprised that I'm still alive? Very simple, it's because this is the demon spirit dream! A place where demon will live forever!"