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 Chapter 498: I Actually Want to Experience the Awesomeness of the Poison-Extracting Physician

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The team eventually didn't leave.

Zhang Sheng stubbornly insisted that he should stay here and die with the poison-extracting physician. Even when Ouyang Shang came forward, he could not persuade him.

Regarding this nail householder 1 , Wang Lu was deeply impressed and was ready to give this nail householder a special package, which was the forced teardown, forced tear down, and forced teardown: You f*cking lovebirds don't want to break up? Believe it or not, I'll burn you two dogs?

However, soon Ouyang Shang gave him an explanation and Wang Lu had to regretfully put down the torch in his hand.

It turned out that Junior Brother Zhang Sheng has a unique talent-he was born with extreme temperament, and cultivated a matching method... Emotion Sword. This Emotion Sword was a sword art found by chance by an Elder of Spirit Sword Sect. The legend was that, this was an inheritance from an ancient immortal. In the glorious years before the Age of Chaos, there was a sword cultivator that ascended to immortality to build a whole immortal cultivation system based on this Emotion Sword.

The so-called Emotion Sword was a single-minded devotion to emotion and the sword-only with extreme emotion could this sword go to the extreme. If this set of sword art was cultivated by a person with extreme temperament, the sword power could be called as earth-shaking. Based on cultivation time, this Junior Brother Zhang Sheng was lacking, so he was fairly low in seniority within the golden generation, yet his cultivation base has reached peak Xudan Stage. This cultivation speed was even comparable to that of Ouyang Shang. If Wang Lu didn't have his rare encounter at Grand Cloud Mountain and his cultivation base boosted by the thousand years ripple of Grand Cloud Fairy, it was likely that his cultivation speed would be similar to that of him.

Of course, a talented disciple was not worth cultivating if he refused to obey the rules. But Zhang Sheng has always been diligent and conscientious, coupled with good talent that allowed him to cultivate fast enough, and his personal connection within the sect was quite good. This was his first incident of stubbornness in the decades that he joined Spirit Sword Sect.

Moreover, a character was stubborn because of emotion, and this was something that a person who cultivated Emotion Sword basically couldn't prevent. At this time, even if he was torched, he would remain stubborn till the end. Therefore, Wang Lu also felt a bit hesitant whether it was necessary to make such a decision. Although merciful people could not command a troop, and a team leader should act rationally and decisive, but a qualified leader could not be rough and simple. And Zheng Sheng's situation was complex, which did not allow it to be handled swiftly and quickly.

But just as Wang Lu was considering how to subtly make Zhang Sheng give up this absurd feeling, Zhang Sheng had already taken the initiative.

He bent his knees and prostrated himself in front of Ouyang Shang. "Big Brother, you are always able to do anything, please help them!"

"Junior Brother Zhang, you!"

All of the people present were stunned. Zheng Sheng cultivated the Emotion Sword, so his personality was also icily arrogant like a sword. Even in front of his Master and Uncles in the sect, he would appear neither arrogant nor servile. But now, unexpectedly, he willingly prostrated himself in front of other people to ask for help. This was simply unthinkable! It was clear that regarding a cultivator of Emotion Sword, to be able to bend the knee of this sword-like man, the power of love was enough to bend a straight man 2 ... At the same time, Zhang Sheng's kneeling caused the conviction of the present people to begin to waver.

Some time ago, they were really happy to get along with the desert demons. The temperament of these demons were gentle, generous, and warm, which completely dispelled the cruel and unruly stereotype from the time of the great war of immortal and demon. The Spirit Sword Sect wasn't strongly attached to the separation between immortal and demon, and these disciples would not treat the others as if they could not live under the same sky just because the others were demons. Compared to the enmity two thousand years ago, they were more concerned with the simple kindness that they felt in the short time that they lived among each other... Let alone in many ways, these demons have saved their lives. Now that they knew their situation, they had to leave and run away... This was really not the act of a gentleman.

Of course, for these ordinary disciples, it was enough to take this step into consideration. After all, they didn't have enough intelligence. And for the two people who could truly decide whether to stay or not, they had to consider the matter more thoroughly.

"Junior Brother Wang Lu, what do you think of these desert demons?"

"... In the present situation, it is impossible to see them as the culprit of the tragedy. I have experienced many things in my dozens of years of cultivation, so I do know some things. But the thing is... They are demon race."

"You're right, they are, after all, demon race." Ouyang Shang nodded. "If it's just me alone, without you, a time traveler, giving me clues, I would've chosen to stand by. Actually, since Junior Brother Zhang Sheng cultivates Emotion Sword, the sect already had long thought that we may have to let him go one day. The other Junior Brothers and Sisters have yet to experience wind and waves, so they are soft-hearted, but it wasn't the first time for me to act as the villain."

"In other words... leaving, would more likely bring us back to my historical line?"

"Junior Brother Wang Lu, have you ever thought about a possibility, perhaps because in your timeline, I have simply walked away, thus I let go of a certain risk?"

Wang Lu answered, "You mean like the invisible devil?"

"Yes. Otherwise, based on these demons... I don't think they can push me to a dead end, even if the people in the whole city are in disguise."

The number of demons in this desert oasis was more than a thousand. But the strength per person of this more than a thousand demons was just mediocre livestock-type. Even if they were to use the swarm tactic, it was impossible for them to stand against Ouyang Shang, much less wipe out the golden generation and the sect elders.

Throughout the Savage Land, no known existence could do this. Hundred years ago, when an Elder of Spirit Sword Sect picked herbs in the Savage Land, legend has it that he encountered an unusually strong monster, but it was also at most only at the level of Supreme of Unity Stage. Although the elder could not resist the enemy, he could withdraw safely. There was no absolute gap in strength.

Only the invisible devil might have such power.

Wang Lu said, "The invisible devil is indeed the biggest questionable point, but do you think that it's a problem that a mere Jindan Stage like you and I could solve?"

Ouyang Shang said, "Of course not... If it can be solved, there's no way I can't solve it in your timeline."

"So do you want to consider calling for reinforcement from the sect?"

"In the original timeline, the sect elders were completely annihilated, right? If they could solve the problem, how could they be annihilated?"

"So we expand the scope of the helper, for example... Inform the existence of these demons to Shengjing Sect, those demon hating people will surely use weapons of mass destruction to raze the entire desert.

"But it's also possible that those that would end up being completely wiped out is not only limited to Spirit Sword Sect... It is important to know that the current elders of those sects aren't easy.

"Moreover, in my timeline, in the end, the Savage Land is occupied by the black tide, which is an existence that no sect could withstand alone.

"Therefore, we should not get away from this and request help from the sect to solve the problem. Moreover, it could make things worse...

"For example, perhaps the key to solve this invisible devil is in the desert demon tribe. After all, by sacrificing flesh and blood, they have delayed the invisible devil for two thousand years... But if we call for help to make other cultivators involved and they start nonsense killings at the first glance at those demons, it might cause the result that we lose our only hope and end up with the tragedy."

Wang Lu and Ouyang Shang talked to each other like they were just one person, no one knew who asked and who answered. It was more like a person talking out loud about an issue.

And the result of that talk was to stay there.

"Since no matter what choice is taken there's no security insurance, it's better to stay here and seize the initiative."

Thus, after the discussion, they jointly made a judgment, which was to stay.

When the news was told to Feng Yin, the ensuing cheer was deafening.

"Big Brother, I knew that you're the best!"

"Hahaha, with Big Brother here, that invisible devil will die for sure!"

Seeing the bright atmosphere among his Junior Brothers and Sisters, Ouyang Shang could not help but smile wryly, not for anything else, but because... just how much favorable impression was raised by these demons in such a short time? These people were clearly standing on the side of the demon race!

After a long time, the cheer finally subsided.

"Let's go back to give Big Brother a welcoming reception. Oh, yeah, for Senior Brother Wang too."

For Wang Lu's identity, Ouyang Shang didn't explain too much to the others. He only said that Wang Lu was sent by the Sect Leader to participate in the Management Trainee Program... With top of the line strength and talent, future hope of the sect, and so on. Although Feng Yin and the others were half believing half doubting, seeing the serious look of their Big Brother when he said this, for the time being, they accepted this background explanation.

But after hosting Ouyang Shang and Wang Lu, the team found out that there seemed to be a person more there, a person with an exceptionally thin existence.

"Hey, Junior Sister Wang Wu, you're also here?"

Hearing someone call her name, Wang Wu opened her eyes gently and stopped the continuous circulation of magical power in her Jade Mansion. She let out an affirmative 'hmm' sound somewhat impatiently, closed her eyes, and continued her training.

This persistent dedication to cultivation was outrageous. And the cultivator of Spirit Sword Sect who asked this question wasn't surprised either. That person merely smiled wryly and shrugged, not minding it too much.

Ouyang Shang then took the initiative to explain, "I brought her here with us to open her eyes."

"Oh, it turns out Big Brother personally took care of here, Junior Sister Wang Wu really has good fortune." The young cultivator who said this let out a tsk-tsk sound, looking at Wang Wu with envy, as if she was envious that Wang Wu got the favor of the Big Brother.

Seeing this, Wang Lu also couldn't help but click his tongue, thinking that the affair between his Master and Ouyang Shang seemed to have started for a long time~ He also wondered what could be her positive point that allowed her to win over the favor of someone who was on par with him in terms of exceptional talent.

The current Wang Wu was not the number one Jindan in Nine Regions like the Wang Wu one hundred and fifty years in the future. At this time, regardless of her figure, appearance, temperament, or even cultivation base, all were obscure and unknown, which, compared to the dazzlingly radiant Ouyang Shang, was simply two opposite sides extremes. To say that she could attract the attention of Ouyang Shang was simply the plot of literary works.

As a matter of fact, Wang Wu has long had the capital to make a fortune-she could completely adapt the experience of her early years into a novel, with the novel title of "Overbearing Senior Brother Falls In Love With Me." Using the Cinderella-like love story to attract an audience and finally use the black tide to build a tragic end. This would be a perfect love story that would certainly become popular in the Nine Regions. The royalty gained from this would even result in menstrual imbalance.

With such a wild imagination, Wang Lu pulled Wang Wu up and followed the others to enter the city built by the demon race at the desert oasis and began the new quest.

Invisible devil... Let me experience your true self!